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And it was a great eBook I spent countless days to compile. However, by divine privilege, I felt my die hard readers deserve the best.

I hope you make value out of it.


Okay, we know that

The first thing a true crypto trader or enthusiast does is;

1. Every morning, he wakes up to check the charts.

2. He garrisons the crypto communities to instantly find out what’s going on in the markets.

3. He gets happy over the market trends or even tense.


The big question?

Do you want to be like such a crypto trader who wakes up being tensed or happy?

If your response is the former, I will suggest a way out.


If the latter, be prepared to take over the crypto trading success market using the about to mentioned crypto tools and bots.



First things first. It is all about you.

I don’t want you to lose money this time. This is not a time to lose your money – crypto assets!!!



I know vividly that every potential successful cryptocian has to start his crypto analytics from somewhere.

While starting out is one thing, another is knowing the right primary tools to help, cuddle & cement his convictions.

Therefore to help out on that term, I shall be pointing you to the BEST CRYPTOCURRENCY TOOLS (ANDROID & IOS) wherefore, you can have a good crypto success.

But before that, there is something you probably have not known, and I will you show you now.


You may not be told, but if you are a crypto beginner, always go here first. And if you want the true story of Bitcoin since 2017 before the top Bitcoin Billionaires invested in it, see the complete history.



If you want to invest in top Crypto/Blockchain projects, never fail to see this guaranteed investment failure path.

Again, you want to see the best qualities of the best crypto exchange suited for you.



Should you want to overcome fear and buy bitcoin on your own, then see this, and see the recommended safe places to buy crypto/blockchain projects in your country.



Anytime you are bored, see these 7 Bitcoin/Blockchain Billionaires that will motivate you, and also, see if your country is among the top 35 Crypto/Blockchain friendly countries by ranking.



If you want to be hacked or scammed, see how I was scammed and what lead to this site, and see how Cody Brown was hacked wherefore he lost $8,000 cryptocurrencies.



I was once beaten, and yet again twice shy; don’t ever make my mistake while building your projectLearn from my mistakes.



Lastly, if you want to know the Bitcoin Gangnam style major corrections against loss + updates, you can join others, and lastly, look out for our top 7 monthly Crypto/Blockchain projects to buy.



If you want to build your online project, use this service, and I will work it out for you.




You can get a free checklist of the 100 tools box.





As a beginner, a great way to start your crypto trading journey is not to lose money on a crypto trading site, no, nor to be hacked.

But yet, if hacked or scammed, you might put your seat belt properly.

It amazes me when a crypto guy of 2 weeks or 1 month runs to advanced trading places like Kucoin or Binance, or even Bittrex to do day trading when he does not know how to copy common Transaction ID from the blockchain to a requester. Mischief, I guess.

And by all means, as a beginner, you don’t have to run to any of the above crypto places as far as simple cryptocurrency exchanges like CEX, Coinbase and CoinSwitch are there.



Why CEX, Coinbase, and CoinSwitch?

First of all, I hate dictatorship because I need my own space to function well.

And by dictatorship, I mean not giving me a guarantee that I can trade on your platform and be safe.

Must I be hacked to tell the world how I safely lost my last bitcoin on a crypto exchange?

So, without mixing words, Coinbase is safe, CEX as well knows how to handcuff some regions out of her crypto place, and CoinSwitch is protected with a dynasty security foil to make sure you are covered.

All these places are simple enough to start on day 2 after seeing how it goes on day one.



Coinbase is one of the best if not the best crypto exchange in the world. However, they have so many reasons you want to do business with them.

First, they are insured, many partners, backers, recognized by the country’s government and has a great security community to hack the security base.


Visit Coinbase or Trade up to 4 Altcoins using a credit card.


Tutorials: The Beginners Guide to Using Coinbase in 2018.



Not only flexible with credit card purchase. One beautiful thing you might not have known is that when you use Trading platform to buy cryptos, you pay lesser than using the navigation box.

If you want a tutorial on that I have done already, but let’s go on and see some options why you should use CEX as a beginner.

At CEX, you can pay a considerable amount of 0.1% fee schedule by direct withdrawal. The identification verification is very simple and straightforward (which you will see a tutorial below). has a simple and intuitive design having redesigned it recently to make beginners purchase simple enough.

CEX Provides services in 99% countries around the globe, including 24 states of USA as well.

One of those beautiful factors why I recommend CEX is the security option it guarantees at 0% users funds’ theft.


Visit CEX or Trade up to 8 Altcoins using Credit card.


Tutorials: The Ultimate guide to CEX. How to Use the Trading Platform and pay lesser fees.



Recommending as well because of the security options this platform gives, CoinSwitch is one of the Altcoin houses you can get 300+ cryptocurrencies across all exchanges at the best rate.

Coming in the form of Changelly beginners place, the platform has made available up to 45000+ possible cryptocurrency pairs from all major exchanges.

And lastly, even with a great interface and advanced options, the coin place has a unique option of listing newer and top Blockchain projects; all for the accessibility of users.


Visit CoinSwitch or Trade up to 300+ Coins on CoinSwitch



As a pro trader, you can’t talk about scaling crypto trading without the best tokenized exchanges and the best centralized exchanges to help.





The two tokenized exchanges we can use wherefore you are guaranteed a 50% slash on trading fee are Binance and Kucoin.

The multiples coin pairs at Kucoin.


As for Binance, its coin was one of the 7 recommended for August must buy.And as we speak, there is a massive support for the crypto exchnage, so,we can expect more growth and surging of her Blockchain project; BNB.

Start Advanced Trading at Binance


Other reputable Advanced places I would personally go for which I have used some are,, and even Bithumb.



If you want a safer and flexible place to keep your cryptocurrency while trading on the flip side, I highly recommend Coinbase.

I wouldn’t want to repeat myself all over again. But, having used Coinbase for some years now, I think, they are a place to keep some of your funds.

Others say Binance wallet is good enough for that as well. Be it as it may, I wouldn’t keep anything like $2,000 on Binance wallet.

So, I find Coinbase the best option here. Even though I would go for it, nothing will make me keep $4,000 there as well.

Why? What would have been wrong with my physical wallet? Sleeping, or taken a yonder?




Blockchain Wallet is one that supports about three (3) cryptos; Bitcoin, Ether and Bitcoin Cash but expect more to be added in the coming months.

Managed by the same entity that owns the universal Bitcoin explorer, Blockchain wallet has the simple and intuitive interface to use.

Visit Blockchain wallet.



This is an integrated payment gateway tool for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more than 440 altcoins to manage.

This Online wallet is so important that I was moved to make a review on it.

No just that, I went as far as making a tutorial on how to use it. See how to use CoinPayments as a pro trader.

Let’ see more about it.


CoinPayments Fees/Charges

The regular wallet users are charged very little amount of money. But for the merchants using the checkout feature and API’s are charged a small percentage of 0.5 – 1.5%.

For other add-ons. If merchants or users wish to convert coins on the platform, e.g. BTC-LTC, the conversion rate will be established by the following formula – coin X fee + conversion partner’s fees.


What Makes CoinPayments Special?

Same question I would love to ask. But fortunately, before our very eye, through CoinPayments, we can manage up to 440+ cryptocurrencies.


Security options

CoinPayments from what I have seen, are so curious and concerned about security. This is how.

Firstly, they weighed the negligence of some crypto users, and said, with or without your approval, email two factor authentication is a MUST. These are just the genesis of CoinPayments.

See More CoinPayments Options



MyEtherWallet and Metamask are both great Ethereum based token wallets. Probably, you might have heard of ERC20 coins. Such coins can easily be managed using any of these two wallets.

The good thing is that they are both free to use. And if you are thinking of which to go for, I mean, the easiest, it is Metamask.


About Metamask


Metamask is the easiest way to bring all ya ethereum to your browser. The crypto tool allows you to run Ethereum dApps right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node.

What makes MetaMask special is the secure identity vault, providing a user interface to manage your identities on different sites and sign blockchain transactions.

Why you should use MetaMask above MyEtherWallet?

MyEtherWallet was once hacked, so, you might just want to stay with Metamask. I prefer it as well.

Visit Metamask




This is the great tool for beginners and advanced users to manage their digital assets. Exodus is sleek and comes with a multi-currency management option.

But, you want to look out because Exodus works on the Desktop.

Check out Exodus



Popular and useful, Jaxx is another multi-management digital asset wallet you want to check out.

With options for Web and Desktop management, this tool is just one of the bests when it comes to software wallets.

Check out Jaxx

(However, I don’t want havoc on your cryptocurrencies, so, I advise you keep just small amount while you use an offline wallet for the stashed assets).



To succeed in the crypto dynasty, every cryptocian needs a Hardware wallet to properly secure her coins.

The beginner coin hardware wallet I could think of now is Digital Bitbox – it is super secure.



Digital Bitbox has stood out among the three major hardware wallets. Although Digital Bitbox does not manage up to 10 or more cryptos, yet, it is a great flexible crypto wallet for beginners and just big 3 coin hodlers.

Digital Bitbox has a great interface, and a lesser fee by purchasing power.

Digital Bitbox Features



And as for the pro traders, the best are Ledger and Trezors’.

Since the recent integration of Monero on Ledger, some Altcoiners seem to see Ledger as a more flexible wallet than other competitors. And of course, many crypto traders tend to love Ledger because it is less costly than other major two.

Advanced Ledger Nano features



Funny enough. It turns out that Trezor T comes with its own Swag, so, you might want to consider the option of this tool managing up to 500 coins.

Be it as it may, this is a great wallet to manage your coins securely; up to 500 coins by speculation.

See Other Trezor T advanced Options.



Not really a great tool for crypto trading, but yet, the beginners believe that they can just use a paper wallet and get away with it so easily, no way.

If you are using a paper wallet, then, I might just say congrats on that courage.

And to you, before you consider using a Paper wallet, ask those that have used it how they went about it because your quest to safekeeping your projects might see them sunk into a bottomless pit – unrecoverable! 😮

If you doubt that, see how a man lost 50BTC via a paper wallet.


And now, before we go into the main topic, let’s talk about security.

After careful thoughts, I discovered that two of the most daunting mistakes every bitcoiner makes is playing with the N and P terms. That is, Negligence and Procrastination.

Well, you might not join others to get the next crypto tools upcoming, but, before you go, do these two things to be safe.


 ➡ This is the best Private keys you have to use on all your cryptocurrency exchange accounts.

 ➡ This is how simple it is to set up two-factor authentication even after 3 minutes from Bed– 500+ sampling point.






Still in its early stages of development, yet, Enigma Catalyst is making waves as one of the best statistical and machine learning libraries.

Enigma Catalyst is an advanced algorithmic trading platform for crypto traders built on top of the well-known Zipline project.

Realistically, this tool is made for experienced users are vested with the knowledge of programming where you can learn here in weeks.

More specially, the python developers looking to develop, backtest, and live trade their strategies across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges can easily work with it.

Want to get crypto coding jobs (always coming), maybe you can check out this class (below).



While Enigma was rather for advanced users, Gekko, on the other hand, is for higher-beginners who want to see how open source crypto trading bot works.

Perhaps, it is popular like Cryptohopper, why not, when they have over 5,000+ star uses on Github.

What Gekko does is to allow users use the web GUI to import historical market data, backtest their strategies, and run them live on their favorite exchange.

To round it up, Gekko is quite a good tool for testing out trading.




Being one of the most preferred tools for completely delivering altcoin tracking, CoinTracking will help you with statistical data that summarizes all your trades.

Also, CoinTracking will you track your portfolios such that you will be at advantage if you were to analyze gains or losses for tax and recordkeeping purposes.

What is special about CoinTracking is the unlisted currencies they manage. This is it.

With the prices for all 5940 existing currencies, you’ll always get the complete overview.

This tool has more options than you think. Some of them are Interactive charts for trades and coins, calculation of key indicators, profit / loss, coin value & balances, realized and unrealized gains, Capital Gains Report, FIFO, LIFO, HIFO and LOFO calculation, Prepared for accountants and tax office, Variable parameters for all countries.

These are just the beginning of the aforementioned options you can use and syndicate your trading success.

User Suitability: Higher & Pro Traders

See Why you need CoinTracking



I hate the fact that we only don’t have huge taxes to pay based on country, but the hours spent on figuring them by importing trades manually, estimation tax liability and exportation of your trades.

Now, where Cryptotrader comes in is to automate all of the above and make it automatically done in few minutes and not hours.



Cryptotrader has seasoned taxation experts to curate your tax wants, so, this is a great tool to take control of your liability extras.

All in all, if you want to take control of your crypt tax management by automation, with Cryptotrader, you need just three steps (a) import your trades (b) add your trading volume and (c) Download your reports.

Why Expert Work with Cryptotrader – Options




Celebrating its 5 years in active service, Coinmarketcap is considered the most trusted index point for historical snapshots of cryptocurrency market capitalizations rankings.

Herein this platform, you can check crypto market Bearish & Bullish strokes such that you are properly guided on whether to go-for or forgo.

More to it is that it has other deeper trading features you might want to see how it works.

Visit Coinmarketcap



CoinGecko is another ranking chart app that ranks digital currencies by developer activity, and community.

While it is almost similar to Coinmarketcap, you need the CoinGecko to

* Blush out any biased crypto shadings,

* Standings,

* What is missing out on Coinmarketcap, a

* Evaluate an altcoin on based on developer activity,

* Social presence and

* Many other metrics.

Check Out CoinGecko



This is like a magical dynasty for checking the current and live crypto price data. With it and CoinGecko or CMC, you can syndicate trading like never before.

See Live Coin Watch



Like live coin watch, this is a place to see all the Live price data across many crypto markets.

In here, it can be complex unless you give it a careful attention.

Visit Crypto Happening



Coin Checkup is a crypto place where a rundown of altcoin price data is listed combined with the project analysis.

Visit Coin Checkup



In here, you get ATH prices of blockchain projects and the dates accrued to them.

The truth here is that you want to really look down here because it might be overwhelming.

You can find other crypto market curating tools here.





TradingView is one of the best tools (if not the best) for viewing chart data and top authors ‘technical analyses and forecasts.

Tagged as a network through which active crypto traders exchange idea to maximize profit, TradingView is the best chart for the community of investors who are passionate about trading ideas.

With TradingView, you can easily see the crypto pairs that get dumped, technical chart, daily crypto supports, potential bounce stance, weekly close Cryptoanalysis, and even more.

The good news is that while the free version gives room for basic functions, the pro version, however, allows you to stack multiple charts on one view, login from multiple devices, and remove ads on the mobile version.

Other advanced options you might want to look out for are the Stock Screener function, Forex Screener, Crypto Screener, economic screener and even more.

The truth is that if one is serious about crypto success syndication, then TradingView is a must. See how it looks in real-time trading.

And I must confess, with languages and even ticker options, other advanced trading automation options of Trading View is what you want to work with.

User Suitability: Beginners & Everyone

See Trading View Adavanced Options



Coinigy is one place if you are looking for professional Bitcoin and trading tools.

With the ability to trade on 45+ of the most popular exchanges from one secure account on both desktop and mobile, Coinigy has become popular by the virtue of giving users the opportunity to test out the platform with a trial period give away.

While Coinigy monitors your crypto account 24/7 around the clock, it is safe and lastly, you can uniquely trade on every Bitcoin exchange through one account.

More to it, you can check Bitcoin price, Bitcoin charts, relevant APIs and more.

See more about Coinigy



Automating here simply tells how to trade cryptocurrency without you being involved in the technical tasks; watching the candles, movements, and all other technical options. Here, these tools just work everything for you.

Why are they special?

They really are because they can trade successfully for you which makes them not free though. Hope that makes sense; they can trade successfully for you.



Popular and very useful with a 100% uptime because it is built on the cloud. CryptoHopper is built with multiple automated trading strategies, detailed reporting, and a complete backtester to help you optimize your strategy to yield the most profitable trading in your loin.

This is the tool that you should see now if you want a simplified trading tool. All you need to do is start, and you are good to go.

See CryptoHopper



Cryptoblizz is a great automating trading tool which has already given out more results than failure. When we talk about automating cryptocurrency trading, this tool has specifically been made for it.

With over 35 reasons you should use it, cryptoblizz is the mainframe for generating crypto trading results.

This tool creates smart cryptocurrency trading bots using highly configurable and intuitive (multi-currency) trading platform.

With cryptoblizz, you can #configure conditional triggers to automate and optimize your strategy. Not just that, it has unlimited strategies, unlimited backtests, and unlimited simulations!

However, one of the things I don’t like this tool is that it has few exchanges for now; it is still adding more exchanges.

But here is the big deal.

Since it has major crypto exchanges working with it like Binance. As we know, Binance has hundreds of crypto pairs, so, there is no need to jump from one exchange to the other.

As a crypto nerd, I think, there is no reason you should not use cryptoblizz. In fact, you can see their FAQs to see some answers you would have loved to ask.

See other Cryptoblizz Reasons



Coming with over 30 automated trading options that can be customized and ran across multiple exchanges, Gunbot is another advanced charting tool for you.

You know what? Gunbot works with TradingView to give you live profit updates.

Already this trading tool has over 20 prebuilt trading strategies for your success.

Check out CryptoBot


Haasbot is the very first automated crypto trading tool I knew, and it has been very powerful as far as making profits is concerned.

It has so many functions and advantages such that you might need it just now (after checking out Cryptoblizz)!

Amazingly, HaasBot comes with more than 14 pre-built strategies and supports over 50 technical indicators for you to customize and backtest against historical market data. So, this is a tool for you.

Other Haasbot Options



Also built on a cloud-hosted platform to develop your own trading strategies, Cryptotrader is a great tool you can set up in minutes. With a simple design, the tool has integration with major exchanges, so, I think, you might want to see what it holds for you.

Checkout Cryptotrader




Agreed, not as popular as Blockfolio. But you know what?

CryptoNaut is the new happening crypto tool for scaling crypto trading.

CryptoNaut is a Pro Traders crypto tool which is built on a non-redundant way, with so many functionalities.

While it is unfortunate that CryptoNaut is not 100%ly suitable for beginners, the fact, however is that it helps you to track all your coins from multiple sources around the web.

CryptoNaut comes with a good interface, customization and more suitable for all mobile users.

User Suitability: Higher Beginners & Pro Traders

Check Out CryptoNaut for Yourself



Delta is another daunting crypto tool that wants to kick out every other crypto apps.

It may interest you to know that Delta crypto tool has succeeded where Bitfolio failed.


Delta gives crypto traders the real time analysis and crypto sectioning shifts.

Just think about it.

If you were happy using Bitfolio, then, I have no doubt that you will love Delta crypto tool.

User Suitability: Everyone

Check Out for Yourself



For a good reason, I see Bitsnapp as a great pro coin tracking tool you need if at all you are serious about scrutinizing trading success.

I like maturity and a great tool. And if you will ask me, this is one of them.

With Bitsnapp, you can visualize your portfolio using beautiful charts, automatically sync your balances using API integration with exchanges and mining pools, automatically sync your balances tracking your wallet addresses, and what next? Check out the tool; it’s Worth It.

See Bitsnapp




Blockfolio is a super portfolio tracker. It offers complete cryptocurrency management with easy to use tools, making sure you keep track of all your cryptocurrency investments.

More interesting options of Blockfolio include,

* Easy access of detailed price and market information for individual currencies,

* Price Notifications

* Charts and Orderbook

* Over 2000 Cryptocurrencies tracking

* Latest News Stories

* Global fiat currency Coverage

* Candlestick charts, and even more.

User Suitability: Beginners & Everyone

Check Out Blockfolio for yourself



Spare is one of the most sorts for crypto tool.

Spare crypto tool is engineered by an ATM system.

So, if you are always comfortable using an ATM machine, then this crypto tool will be fine for you.

What it does is give you a free hand to convert your portfolios – coins concisely without hassle.

See how it works according to

As a Spare user,

* You request cash,

* You get a Bar Code you can take to a local shop close to where you are,

* A shopkeeper then scans the code, then,

* Gives you cash in exchange.


I know what you want to say. Awesome, right?

Yes, it is.

User Suitability: Higher Beginners & Pro Traders

Check out spare for yourself



Massblock believes that managing your investments don’t have to suck. And so, they have created this wonderful tool for you to use and discover a refreshing portfolio tracking.

Massblock combines a beautiful and intuitive interface with intelligent tools to help automate the managagement of your crypto assets.

• Support for 1500+ digital currencies and assets

Automatic balance synchronization from major exchanges and wallets

• Intelligent position tracking to help enable clear decision making

Visit Massblock


Worth Bookmarking:

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➡ Top 10 Eye Destruction And Productivity Tools For Professional Cryptocurrency Traders



Lawnmover is a great fifth avenue crypto tool. With its user friendly interface, it helps users sell fiat currencies.

User Suitability: Everyone

Check Out Lawnmover for Yourself



WatchCoins is another great crypto tool. Like SEMrush for seo success, watchcoins will help you compare cryptocurrency prices among different exchanges.

Inside the WatchCoins crypto tool dashboard, you will find arbitrage crypto lists and schedule lists.

One more point. You can customize your options if you want.

User Suitability: Everyone

Check Out WatchCoins for Yourself



In case you want to rate your preferred crypto or ICO tokens, then Cheddur is for you.

Apart from rating your special coins, with it, you can track everything from the comfort of your soft CordaRoy’s sofa.

User Suitability: Higher Beginners & Pro Traders.

Check Out Cheddur for Yourself



ICOs has some to stay, and so, for you to maximize all ICO tokens, you may need a crypto tool that will give you the opportunity to;

* View all tokens,

* Direct links to whitepapers

* Access crowdfunding page.

If your response is yes and yes to the above, then you need TheIcoApp.


If you need to know all about token sales and closing dates, then TheIcoApp will be of help. (In there, you have an option to set token sales alerts and closing dates).

User Suitability: Higher Beginners & Pro Traders.

Check Out TheIcoApp for Yourself



Use the proven reputation of the portfolios others have built to find those that fit your personal preferences. You can then choose to follow these portfolios so that you stay up to date if the maker makes adjustments – stakestrategy.

If they can say the above, what else can I say? You want to check them out and see if they fit into your game plan.

Okay, let me say something else, at stakestrategy, when friends ask for the content of your crypto portfolio, you can refer them to your published portfolio on this site and they will always have the latest information.

Assurance point? Stakestrategy can never publish the size of your investment because size doesn’t matter.

Visit stakestrategy



Ztrader crypto tool allows users to primarily connect and execute trades using their API.

As a matter of fact, it seems this crypto tool is designed for those that want to checkmate crypto prices notification and all alerts, INCASE their trading exchange does not offer a Mobile App.

To the detriment of the IOS family, unfortunately, Ztrader is only available for Android users.

User Suitability: Higher Beginners & Pro Traders.

Check Out Ztrader for Yourself



TabTrader is a super multipurpose crypto tool.

With all security pins and exchange API keys encryption, you can do tons of things using TabTrader.

Some of them include;

* Tracking of coin prices, graphs, news from relevant sources.

* Integration to buy coin using your credit card

* Mobile data consumption friendly; does not consume mobile data

* Pin protection for security options

* Helpful to beginners.


You can learn more about TabTrader later, but just know that TabTrader has a technical syntax such a Bollinger bands, MACD and etc.

Lastly, TabTrader works maximally for crypto traders where Ztrader failed.

User Suitability: Higher Beginners & Pro Traders.

Check Out TabTrader for Yourself


Hang on…

What are Bollinger bands, MACD ?

Answer; Know their evil deeds and meaning.



Does not have complex or extensive features like other trackers, yet, Cryptotrackr says “don’t spend time looking to different websites to track your portfolio changes, get an overview with this simple dashboard”.

Confidently, they think that you can easily track your cryptocurrency portfolio using her tool. Sure?

Visit Cryptotrackr



Robinhood has been recorded as one of the fastest innovations in crypto history. With Ethereum Classic recently being added, you can expect the price of ETC to skyrocket.

The crypto exchange, Robinhood saw a captivating growth over a span of months due to a zero transaction fee, same reason people love Binance.

Although initially, it was only for the Americans, but now, other relative crypto traders from other countries can trade with almost zero transaction fee.

User Suitability: Beginners & Everyone open to.

Check Out Robinhood


 ➡ The Top 30 Best Cryptocurrencies MOONING BASED ON AUGUST 2018 ANALYSIS

12 ugly investment steps you ignore as a cryptocurrency trading beginner (failure guaranteed!)



Investing is a one-stop place to check variously advanced coin portfolios.

You won’t believe that some users think this is one of the best apps out there for monitoring the ever-moving cryptocurrency prices and staying on top of the latest news and analysis from the industry.

Fantastic features as you’d expect from too, that include the likes of real-time price alerts allowing you to know the moment pre-set prices are reached.

In there, you will get real-time alerts, personalized charts, crypto news & analysis, technical crypto tools and more.

User Suitability: Pro Traders

Check Out Investing



At digitalgolgi, you don’t just buy and sell, no, you go further to invest in over 300+ coins with only three clicks away.

How enticing can this be? Still thinking about it myself.

Visit digitalgolgi



Who still needs a fondling crypto tool? If you, just get CoinPaper.

CoinPaper crypto tool shows you live coin prices in a wallpaper style.

Even though it has a limited crypto coin traction options, you can still check out it.

User Suitability: Higher Beginners & Pro Traders.

Check Out CoinPaper



With kazonomics , you can easily foresee the crypto Market trends.

Managed by a pro trader, with a direct subverted crypto directions, you can only gain maximally when you get access.

User Suitability: Higher Beginners & Pro Traders.

Check Out #kazonomics for yourself



This is their vision: they Unit cryptocurrency traders under one platform, design a platform for both beginner & advanced traders, and more.

Wanna check them out? This is it.



If you need an outstanding tool to help track your portfolio(s) easily, then CoinLoop is for you.

With CoinLoop, you will be able to track;

* Coins,

* Crypto charts,

* Loop signals,

* Upcoming events & calendars,

* Background analysis,

* Past performance,

* Latest News,

* Social volume and more.

User Suitability: Beginners & Everyone

Check Out CoinLoop for Yourself



In case Coinmarketcap and Gecko market analyses are not enough, you can get sustained deep understanding of market dynamics with CryptOrca.

User Suitability: Everyone

Check out #Cryptorcafor yourself



CoinScanner is a tool that fetches live data from hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges over the internet, thereby making you the first person to know about the best trades.

So with CoinScanner, you can get the popularity a trade, and advantageously, you can get the dynamics of Stop-Loss trading margins without hustle.

User Suitability: Beginners & Pro Traders

Check Out CoinScanner for Yourself



As simple as what you can think of, Coin Ticker is a sleek Portfolio tracking tool you might want to use as an iOS user.

Although it does not have the complex and many features as compared t0 some of the ones above, yet, Coin Ticker has stood a little bit out in its design.

More about Coin Ticker



WorldCoinIndex is basically known for their eminent scouting of random coins.

More of their options are; crypto Stats, Exchanges, News, ICO, Watchlist, Portfolio analysis and etc.

User Suitability: Pro Traders

Check out WorldCoinIndex



If you are having loggerheads understanding crypto charts, then let Anbessa help you.

If you want to understand first hand, then Anbessa is a great chart specialist.

Anbessa is on Twitter, so you may want to check him out before actually following him fully.

However, l advice you do your personal research – from experience.

User Suitability: Beginners & Everyone

Check Out #Anbessa


And talking about learning crypto charts and curves, you want to see the below Altcoin communities for your nurturing.


Top 70 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Signal Groups For Beginners & Experts On Telegram.

Relevant 165 Best Cryptocurrency communities Online for Altcoin Champions.




You don’t need to see my woes with my former online project host to believe me.

Why not?

I write here because it is what I love to do and not just because it is for fun. So, I curate what I see will benefit you the most.

Now, if you want to prosper building a website or a crypto blog online( complete guide), then, there must be a good seeding before a harvest.

And the seed starts with using the best seedlings for it. I can’t recommend any more than A2 Hosting limited.

This is a great tool you want to build your crypto websites or any other project on.

With a great customer support, 99% uptime, and the big one, any anytime MONEY back guarantee, I can’t emphasize much than say, build your projects online using A2 hosting.

Checkout A2 hosting limited



Every bitcoin and other crypto transactions pass through a blockchain. And so, a crypto trader may want to TRACK or CONFIRM his or her transaction delivery. At that point, a suitable Blockchain will come to the rescue.

So, below are some blockchain(s) you may need to immediately Track your crypto transactions.








See How to track your cryptos >>


Let’s talk about Blockchain technology…

 ➡ The 2018 Most Complete Guide To Understanding Blockchain Technology.

 ➡ The 35 Case Study Growth Of Blockchain Technology you won’t believe.

Blockchain Tech News: Why Turkey and India Sid yes to Blockchain.




Preev is considered the most simple exchange rate index.

You know what?

If you ask me. They are. Seriously…

The benefit of Preeve is for quick conversion of your assets into a specific coin.

Example: Changing from Bitcoin to Rupee.

Also, you can view any local currency to a dollar or pound conversion.

Not just that, you can actually check bitcoin price.

User Suitability: Beginners & Everyone

Check Out Preev



This tool will help you withdraw Bitcoin to any bank account in 24 hours with a low fixed commission of $0.60 / £0.50 or €0.55.

All you need to do is select the currency you want to withdraw to, enter your email address and you are in.



WageCan is a company that will offer you one of the best debit card wallets for the easy spending of your bitcoin should need be.

Like a regular credit card, this crypto tool helps you make purchases and other regular credit card uses online.

Visit WageCan



If you need a cloud-based document tool you can use as a vault, then Dropbox is a great tool.

With Dropbox, if you are comfortable, you can easily transfer your recovery phrase to it for maximum security.

Visit Dropbox


➡ Do you want to join the crypto Altcoins millionaires and earn executively? If yes, start from here.



Agile Scrum Master (ASM®) Certification Training



Now, you might want to buy Cryptocurrencies in your country or near you. But watch out! Use only secure places. Some of the places I have worked on without issues are the ones below.

Buy Cryptos Near you.




These are two factor authentication free tools for maxing out your crypto accounts with more security. They act as a second layer to secure your password against phishing attacks.

More to it, it is not just about activating them on your crypto account, you want to integrate it first of all on CRYPTO ONLY email account.

Note: Never use a yahoo mail for crypto dealings unless you’ve never tasted being hacked! Not as if I want you to be hacked.



It will be funny or crazy to say it but a crypto guy was hacked even with 2fa on his Binance account. I don’t know how the hacker did it. Maybe, he had an access to his 6 digits number.

However it was, you may need to use a more flexible and compatible email service like Proton Mail.



These are password management tools that will help you to properly secure your accounts and also store your long private keys for easy remembrance.

With Passwords managers, you can sign in automatically to different websites as far as you had created an account there whereby your password was saved.

So, what?

For an example, if your password was something like this – &^773j*63Jb2$$3nd)%83;$, this tool will automatically enter them thereby avoiding you to making uncalled for mistakes or regular change of passwords.

You might want to check it out Lastpass. If interested, see it features.

If Roboform, see its best features you might want to use.



This tool saves your password in a physical form. Meaning, with it, your crypto wallet cannot be compromised or accessed by an unauthorized person.

You can find this password save tool on the Ledger Nano S website.



Having banned Telegram in Russia, this is one of the tools many people from Russia probably are using to access Telegram app.

What PureVpn does is to help protect your privacy (from hackers) for maximum security,

For an example, when you are using your crypto accounts in most places like the coffee shop, restaurants and more, this tool will help shield and create an anonymity balance such that your activities cannot be detected; that is, if you were using an open air WIFI connection.

And, if I may comment further, I would say, avoid open air WiFi if your transaction is important or private.

Visit PureVpn


More Security

 ➡ Crypto Wallet Security & ManagementPart 1: 10 (Life Experience).

 ➡ 7 Security Concerns With Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies You Have Overlooked Which Are Eating You Up.




When a list of tools is big and long like these 70 top cryptocurrency tools for 2018 success, I don’t usually want to conclude.

The only verdict is that I wanted this to add a great value to you…


However, the only thing you can do for me is sharing it. With that, it will amplify the time and days of my research. Thanks in advance.


Over to you…Has these crypto tools helped?

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I am a Top 5 Quora Best Crypto/Blockchain Writer. I share all the best tools I know (by research + analytics) as far as you, being Productive and Unhackable are concerned.





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