MEW Review, How to Use, Customize & Add NEW Erc20 Tokens To MyEtherWallet Vintage (MEW V5)



One of the things you will need to know as a pro crypto user will be to add all your erc20 tokens to a token-based wallet like MyEtherWallet.

Recently, I stumbled upon this question from a crypto enthusiast that wanted to do just exactly that.

Now, note that if your preferred erc20 tokens are listed on MyEtherWallet then that is no problem at all as you can see how to do it using UBRT token. But if your new erc20 tokens are not listed, then that is where the problem lies. And of course, which I am about to show you how simple it is.

So, today, I want to quickly show you how to use MyEtherWallet and add all tokens you wantBecause it is so simple, let me show you around.


I can be confident to talk about Tokens but for you, you may not know what they mean. Tokens might be crypto but there is more to that. First of all, see what it means in a layman capsule and secondly, see how to differentiate them.


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The New MyEtherWallet V5 Review 

MyEtherWallet is open-source token-based wallet free to the community.

MEW has recently updated her token wallet and the new MEW will feature Changelly exchange.

Changelly will be operating alongside Bity and Kyber Network swap functions already available on MEW. Quoting them:

“We are now featuring the full range of Kyber Network’s 60+ ERC20 tokens, including the new WBTC, for a fast, simple and secure way of exchanging tokens directly on our platform”.


Conveniently, the new swap page is more than a tool for swapping coins — it’s also a crypto marketplace where you can shop for the best rates when purchasing cryptocurrencies.



#1. A Friendly Interface

The MEW vintage offers a clutter-less platform that is compatible across different devices — desktop, tablet and mobile.

The new uncluttered interface is somewhat inviting which works best on any screen, immediately directing you to accessing your wallet.


#2. Responsive and Convenient

The MyEtherWallet vintage has a four interface to get started when you are on. When you go to the homepage, you can get started and access your wallet using MEW Connect, Hardware wallet, MetaMask and Software.


#3. Tokens swap

With the new MEW, swapping of Tokens will just be a Click Away

The company has integrated her new partner — Changelly!

Although, being one of the biggest token exchanges out there with hundreds of thousands of users, it hardly needs an introduction. We are very excited to bring the seamless swap functionality of this exchange to our users, MEW said.

This is how to use Changelly.


#4. Improved Advanced Options RPC

MEW has made a complete overhaul of her API back end to enable all public RPC APIs and increased the efficiency of connections by a huge factor.

Adding a new network is three clicks away and MEW V5 now supports all ETH APIs including ‘web3’, ‘eth’, ‘pubsub’, ‘net’, ‘rpc”, ‘shh’, ‘shh_pubsub’.


How You Should Not Use MyEtherWallet

For example, it’s easy to tell which methods of access are most secure. MyEtherWallet recommends hardware wallets like Ledger, KeepKey, Secalot, Trezor and BitBox, or their own MEWconnect app.

In their words.

For your security, we do NOT recommend accessing with keystore file, private key or mnemonic phrase. MetaMask extension continues to be a good option for wallet access, and MEW works well Web3-injected browsers like Brave.


Best Hardware Wallet to Buy?

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How to Create a New MyEtherWallet V5

#1. Go to

#2. Click on create New Wallet > Click on Next till you get to Get started.


Add NEW Erc20 Tokens To MyEtherWallet Vintage


#3. Select how you want to go about it. Using: MEWconnect| By Keystore File | By Mnemonic Phrase

I am using Keystore.


Add NEW Erc20 Tokens To MyEtherWallet Vintage


#4. Enter your new password and click Next.

#5. You will be shown your Keystore. Save it to your PC or MAC & behold your new dashboard.

That is all.


How to Access MyEtherWallet

#1. Go to

#2. Go down to access wallet and select your preference (MEW Connect, Hardware wallet, MetaMask and Software). For the benefits of those yet to buy hardware wallet, I am using the Software via KeyStore File.


Add NEW Erc20 Tokens To MyEtherWallet Vintage


#3. Select KeyStore File and Continue.


Add NEW Erc20 Tokens To MyEtherWallet Vintage


#4. Select your KeyStore File and click Open from your PC (using PC)


Add NEW Erc20 Tokens To MyEtherWallet Vintage


#5. Enter your password and click Access my wallet.

#6. You will be shown your account – I like this new dashboard. Gosh…


Add NEW Erc20 Tokens To MyEtherWallet Vintage


That is all.


Note: This is NOT a recommended way of accessing a wallet. This information is sensitive, and these options should only be used in offline settings by experienced crypto users. Use Hardware wallet. Get one here.


How To Send, Receive & Add New Tokens To MyEtherWallet Vintage V5

First of all, you will need to get some tokens.


Procedures (Using Binance and MyEthereumWallet)

#1. Create an ERC-20 wallet like MEW, Imtoken, Metamask, and Mist.

I will use MyEtherWallet.

#2. Send Ethereum (amount you want to deposit) to MEW wallet

#3. Send the Ethereum from the MEW to UBETR Smart Contract Address.

#4. Wait for it to be processed and you are done. That’s is all.


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Now, if your added tokens was already on MyEtherWallet, you may not need this part.

How to find out? Just see the list if your token is listed. And if not, get ready as I ride you along.


Add NEW Erc20 Tokens To MyEtherWallet Vintage


Adding Any Custom Tokens Added To MyEtherWallet Vintage


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How to Add ANY Custom Tokens to MyEtherWallet Vintage – (using UBETR token)


Make sure that you do not see your token listed.

Add NEW Erc20 Tokens To MyEtherWallet Vintage


Seeing your Tokens

#1. Copy your MEW address and paste on )

(the MEwallet address you used and received the UBETR token (use yours)


#2. Click on the drop down stroke to see your TOKEN Balance.


Add NEW Erc20 Tokens To MyEtherWallet Vintage


#3. Click on the address box (circled GREEN).

#4.  Go to your MEW dashboard and Click on “Add Custom Tokens” (See image above)

#5. Fill the following


Add NEW Erc20 Tokens To MyEtherWallet Vintage


Contract – 0xf8f0a5cca467d16287b80bc082d6fcc4faae64e5 – copy your long string address and paste it there.

Token Symbol – UBTR – use yours. (Rename as you want or use the token symbol)

Decimals: 18 – Check yours.


#6. Click on Save.


Add NEW Erc20 Tokens To MyEtherWallet Vintage


Compare the first and the later


Add NEW Erc20 Tokens To MyEtherWallet Vintage


#7. YOU MUST SEE YOUR TOKEN. IF not, I will buy you a teddy bear here. Go here.

That is all.


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Final Thoughts

There you have it, use this method and add all your preferred tokens to MyEtherWallet.

The new MyEtherWallet Vintage V5 has made it convenient enough for newbies to add their tokens to the wallet. With the new benefits integrated, I think you will win more with the tool but the catch is, this is not safe if you are using the Keystore to access your asset.

The best advice is,

If you have the resources, get a hardware wallet and integrate it for maximum safety.


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Add NEW Erc20 Tokens To MyEtherWallet Vintage


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