i-will-teach-u-crypto is a crypto revolutionary blog where we hope to break down the language of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in a layman form for early beginners to appreciate the purpose of cryptocurrency as was envisioned by Nakamoto Satoshi.

This in effect is not just done with straight line words rather we deem it important for our readers to have the accurate data and the analytics as it pertains to the subject matter.


Writing shifts

If it were a fill-in-contents-blog, we would have been able to push up to 5 or more posts a day. But no, adding value means you will have to put the readers in your shoe, ask personal questions about the topic, and ask what type of answers you would have loved to be provided with, and lastly, gather data and analytics to back up your points.

So, at times, pushing out blog post may take 2 to 3 days depending on the type of post. Over the course of our first 10 blogs posts, none of them was below 3,000 words. (Our first and second were 12,000+ and 6,000+ respectively).

The truth is that they had to be like that. Not because we wanted it to that way, even with a consideration to cut out some parts, more dashes were left to be filled. I mean, why keep the best parts and give the people only CORN when you could give the POP as well?

This ONE reason for including all meaningful ideas and data makes it a daunting task not to publish daily (until we have guest writers). So, be sure to get about 3-4 data filled contents every 7 days.


Privacy Policy

As we try to adapt to the GDPR law on users data, we deem it fit to protect your information which can never be shared or sold to a third-party.

So, by using our services, you willingly agree to our terms of writing shifts, product recommendations, and email notifications and best-fit data analysis.

Howbeit, if you find it not okay to continue with us, you have 100% right to unsubscribe from our Newsletter or any communicating route.

Nevertheless, if you are okay with it, I mean, if you are pleased with the value of staying abreast with ways to avoid crypto vulnerabilities and making a smart investment in the blockchain dynasty, then we are 513% glad to have you.


Earning Disclaimer

As of the time of writing, we didn’t have the mind of making money. That was why none of our posts was linked to any affiliate product and services. With over 90,000+ words published with Zero (0) affiliate links, we wanted to give true value first to our readers.

However, for the purpose of paying our bills (hosting & development maintenance), we wouldn’t want to bore you with a “buying us a coffee” request because your money if invested in cryptocurrency can add up 1,000% in the coming days.

With that in view, if at all we start recommending products and services, please feel free to channel the acceptance by using our affiliate links.

At times, if need be, we may feature Promo Codes and Discount links, this is in order for you to get a particular product and service at lower prices. As the case will always be, it is not necessarily for profits. I mean, if we don’t see value in it, there is no way we will recommend it.

Hitherto, if you decide NOT to use our referral links, always feel free to use the company websites directly – you will still pay the same amount though.


How To Identity Our Product And Service Recommendations?

We do not need to use a Clone tool to hide or embed our affiliate links (maybe to make it fine or trick our readers), so, it will be naked as from the source.

How to know out links. For each of the services we recommend, you will see it/them in a bold underlined link. Hope this makes sense.


Advert Placement

As time goes on, if our blogging convention allows us, we may place targeted micros ads by delivering profound insights about audiences and brands like any other sites on the web. There is an exception to basic ads from sources like Google or even Yahoo.

With that in mind, if we really wish to place the adverts of third parties, we shall assess such a product or service for due diligence


Media Outreach

We know that we gonna be big. So, if you wish to submit a Guest Post, Press Release or have a value placed post or insights you think might affect millions of lives? Why not, contact us for relational partnership.

About the guest post, please make it your best or valuable as O2 Cinema Pop Corn.

Note: We reserve the right to restructure the images if need be. Thank you.

Send your information to [email protected]  


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