Top 8 Best Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins To Buy In NOVEMBER 2018: How We Won 5/5


Welcome to a very exciting month of cryptocurrency dynasty.

Just so you know, a lot, and I mean a lot of things happened and I will start by answering a question ABOUT Bitcoin and the Blockchain I was asked.

The question was, “does bitcoin blockchain contain every transaction since its creation? How?

Well, if you know the answer it means you have read the ultimate guide to knowing Blockchain as a dude, and if you don’t, see the summary below.

The answer is,

Yes, it does because every Bitcoin payment or transaction is founded on it.


The Blockchain is a broadcasting transaction networks run by a complex algorithm, to ascertain if a transaction is valid or not.

And if the transactions are valid, it will be added to the ledger linking it to a previous transaction.

So, that is why bitcoin blockchain contains every transaction since its creation.

Again, everyone who downloads the original bitcoin wallets will have to download all the transactions in the blockchain and of course, you know that there are many computers that have these records and maintain them, also the miners keep the original blockchain – Martin on Quora.

Another definition is that the Blockchain is the first technology that allows two parties to send and monitor any original transferred value.

It means that the platform or vacuum Bitcoin value can pass through is called the Blockchain.


Before we go on, we have a crypto gift for you, and this is what nobody wants you to know.

Can you imagine that a coin bought using $100 some multiplied days ago made its round to $500+?

It’s not much a profit. Right? Well good.

If you believe, why then side with those that say Crypto is a waste of time?

To be on the safe side, what you need to do is unfollow people that indict you to buying vague cryptocurrencies NOW!.

To avoid the same mistake,

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Okay, here we go.




#1. Coinbase on Crypto Assets

For some obvious reasons, we saw Coinbase listing two new assets which brought their total listing to 6 assets – BTC, LTC, BCC, ETH, ETC, ZRX & USDC.

And talking about ZRX, there were controversies about it.

However, the good point was that if you had bought it when it boomed, you should have made some profits because the coin surged so much that its volume was the No.1 on Binance trading exchange.


What about USDC?

Again, people are wondering why Coinbase has listed this stable coin. Well, the truth is that they have their reasons which you can see on their web-blog.

But the interesting thing about this asset is what you can/not do with it.

If you want more info, below is a list of things you aren’t allowed to do/buy with your USDC.

Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins To Buy In November
Image Credit: Reddit

Should you want to check out ZRX and USDC, go to, USDC for more info?


#2. Cryptocurrency Going Mainstream

While the Founder of Ripple Chris Larsen believes that digital assets like XRP can help prevent the next financial crisis, we have seen a lot of developments about the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a means of payments.

With this consideration, we have seen IBM collaborating with Stellar, MasterCard filing patent for bitcoin transactions on credit cards, Australian post office fueling crypto adoption for 11 million customers, and more.

In fact, according to, Visa had to confess that crypto is not a big threat but if needed, they will support it.

Going further, the company said that Visa could support crypto in the future if the global market moves in the direction of embracing consensus currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The big deal?

Hold onto your coin if you are in for a long term investment.


#3. IWTUC Tweeting Crypto Buys

The last month featured some ideal money making in cryptocurrency for all the followers of our old twitter account.

Just as it was, we saw some great buying zones which we tweeted for our followers, and without mixing words, we made some profits and they made it as well.

So, just to wrap it up, this month, we are starting a new Twitter account to concentrate on the winning strides we want to cover.

If you want periodical buying zones tweeted on your feed or timelines, follow IWTUC (our new account) on twitter and see how we can grow together.


Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins To Buy In November


Note, some of the buying zones arise based on our reading of the market trend and the paid tool we are using.

100% Win?

We cannot guarantee that because the market is too volatile, but I’m, and I know that the last buying zones were good.

Want to get started? Follow IWTUC on Twitter


The Other Way Round?

If you are not comfortable with the above option, you can take control of your own buying zones for maximum profits by automating it.

One of the simplest tools to use is Cryptoblizz-automating tool.

With it, the dirty work we do to analyze the charts is done for you, so, all you need to do is wait for the buying signals before you to BUY & SELL and that is it.

To learn more, we made a viable How-To-Use Guide on it, so, check it out or see the frequently answered Questions about the tool.

And the good news (as you will see below) is that the new version is out with many options – if you are among the 2000 over users, update yours as well from your dashboard.


#4. Press Release VS Sitemap.




Before we go on to see the top coins to buy in November, let’s see how we failed or won over the last month’s top 5 recommendations.

#1. Bitcoin

#2. Tron

#3. BNB

#4. Stellar

#5. Ripple Coin


How To Approach These Coins For Your Benefits

Below was our recommendation about how to approach these top coins for your profits.

♣ Bitcoin – Hold 70% and use 30% for other altcoins

♣ BNB – Trade with it and add the profits to your 70% Bitcoin.

♣ Tron – Trade with it and add the profits to your 70% Bitcoin.

♣ Stellar – – Trade with it and add the profits to your 70% Bitcoin.


Quick Disclosure: this article has some of the tools we use, so, it may contain AFF LINKS. If concerned, see how we make money.


#1.  Bitcoin.

Perhaps, you bought Bitcoin for a long term, then, no need to really see how it did because you are in for a long term investment which I think is the best – for an upcoming beginner crypto trader.

On the flip side,

Initial Price – Bitcoin as at 1 Oct, 2018 – $6,625.7

Selling zone: Bitcoin surged to$7,680.00

Profits: $7,680.00 – $6,625.7 = $1,054.3 (based on your volume bought)

Win or Loss = Win


Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins To Buy In November


Conclusion: We helped you made $1,054.3 in just 15 days after the call.

Proof: See www.Binance/BTC/15/10/2018


#2. Tron

Perhaps, you bought Tron for a long term, then, no need to really see how it did because you are in for a long term investment which I think is the best.

On the flip side,

Initial Price – TRON as at 1 Oct, 2018 – 334 SAT (using the current price of $0.022)

Selling zone: Tron surged to390 SAT

Profits: 390 – 334 = 56 SAT (X Volume bought X $0.022)

Win or Loss = Win


Conclusion: We helped you made 56 SAT more in just 14 days after the call.

Proof: See www.Binance/TRX/15/10/2018


#3. BNB

Initial Price – BNB as at 1 Oct, 2018 – 15,101 SAT (using the current price of $9.41)

Selling zone: BNB surged to16,350 SAT

Profits: 16,350 – 15,101 =1,249 SAT (X Volume bought X $9.41)

Win or Loss = Win


Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins To Buy In November


Conclusion: We helped you made 1249 SAT in just 5 days after the call.

Proof: See www.Binance/BNB/15/10/2018


Ending it all. You can check out all other coins for proofs.


Want Same Winning in Crypto?

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Want To Win Alone?

While I won’t send you notifications to buy these altcoins, if you want to take control of more wins, you can use a regulated tool for more profits. – Orderliness personified.


All in all, it turns out that the main aim of doing this is for  YOU to WIN.

So, before you use the tool, the new version I mean, just wait and see how it works first.



I am about to list them out with reasons, but in case you buy any of these cryptos and they do not surge immediately, just wait for it.

You can see from our last month’s analytics, some made the biggest wins after just 5 days, and some 14 days, so, be patient for it.


What Determines Cryptos Prices – Using Bitcoin as a case study?

As stated by a cryptocian, buying a Bitcoin is not the same as buying a stock or bond.

Bitcoin is not a corporation, so there are no corporate balance sheets or Form 10-Ks to review, and no costs, revenues, or profits to create a baseline against other cryptocurrencies.

It is also unlike investing in a traditional currency, as it is not issued by a central bank or backed by a government.

As such, the monetary policy, inflation rates, and economic growth measurements that typically influence the value of a currency do not apply.

This can make understanding why the price of bitcoin goes up or down confusing. Several factors can influence the price:

♣ The supply of bitcoin and market demand for it

♣ The number of competing cryptocurrencies

♣ The exchanges it is traded on

♣ Regulations governing its sale

♣ Its internal governance.


Struggling Holding Your Cryptocurrencies?

If you are a beginner, the best way to go about investing in cryptocurrency is holding your coin – as a long term investment, and if you are really struggling on holding onto your coin, see the best guide that will challenge you below.



More Guides before you decide onto Holding…

#1. 12 ugly investment steps you ignore as a cryptocurrency trading beginner & investor (failure guaranteed!)

#2. 25 Questions on How To Be A Good Crypto Investor and divide your portfolio sparingly In 2018

#3. 5 Lessons, 20 Pitfalls, & How 35 Cryptocians Invest & Manage Their Cryptocurrency Portfolios




#1. Bitcoin

Biased or not biased, short term or long term, Bitcoin will remain the first cryptocurrency I will always recommend you buy and hold.

So, why Bitcoin?

There are so many supports and factors about it.

Recently, Xapo CEO Wences Casares is championing its course.

More so, Goldman Sachs is signing up Customers for its Bitcoin Trading. So, many factors.

For more, get started by seeing the Revealed 10 Coins of the Future, 30 Digital Assets Mooning as they are hot and of course, what is Bitcoin itself.


Where to Buy Bitcoin?

We use Binance to trade – buy and sell Altcoins – unfortunately, not a great place to buy Bitcoin directly.

A better option we work with is, Coinbase/BTC or LocalBitcoins – A BTC only place.

Just to point out. Now – today is the best time to buy Bitcoin – just observe the market slump.


#2. TRON

This is a coin that has a great team behind it. You can read more about it, the team and what it aims at.

Buying TRON, sure enough, it was a great coin last month. Let’s see what the month of November will hold.

So, why Tron?

As was observed by, on Monday, investors of TRON’s TRX currency watched as the coin fell nearly six percent over the course of two hours.

Even though a Cursory look a Coin Market Cap and other crypto price-tracking websites reveals a pattern that has become common over the last six months: altcoin prices, across the board, are almost entirely dependent upon the movement of Bitcoin.

Another option for a buy?

In an announcement earlier today, the President and COO of Coinbase, Asiff Hirji, notified investors and crypto enthusiasts that the firm might list other coins.

And of course, many investors are curious that TRON will be part of it.

And lastly, if nothing moves TRON, the traders over many trading exchanges will move it even though it is about 5% profit alone.

But what?

You can never say never after all we have seen many politicking in this current era of crypto dealing.


Where to Buy Tron?

We use Binance.


#3. Ripple.

Ripple does not need many a factor to surge – the project’s vision and the traders is enough reason. So, a buying and selling zone for Ripple will come up in the month of November.

Should you want a special reason, like TRON, Ripple is rumored to be among the Coinbase listing favorites. And if it does, let’s go to the moon baby.

On the other hand, I doubt the possibility. Why?

Because Ripple design does not really fit into Coinbases’.

Just like BTC, I like Ripple. But just to be neutral, another reason for a buy is that the New XRP TipBot Mobile App went Live As XRP Scored Two More Listings.

The big question?

Will these factors enhance the surge?

Well, ✌ until you sell yours for a profit. 🤑


Where to Buy Ripple?

We use Binance or


#4. BNB

There is no doubt that Ripple is as important to payment as BNB to Binance traders.

Without any collaboration, BNB will always surge for a profit.

In one line, I can say, it is pretty easier to predict BNB than some said stable coins.

Again, while you consider that Binance referral program for holders of many BNB stands at 40%, you want to buy this asset because investors will always trade it against other Altcoins.

And before I forget, know that Binance is now the biggest and simplest crypto exchange for beginner holders/traders.

Good news?

I have learned how-to use it and you too can in one day.


Where to Buy BNB?

We use Binance.


More Reads:

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Guide on How to Know & Set Up 2fa On Binance, Localbitcoins & 500 Top Crypto Exchanges.


#5. ICON (ICX)

Icon is coming to town with a surge in mind.

Carrying a unique identity, ICON, and coming with ChainID service which is the first authorized blockchain based service for consumers, the blockchain project is famously known as to be the largest blockchain based digital currency around the world.

Should you not know, ICON is a decentralized application platform that is building communities in partnership with banks, insurance providers, hospitals, and Universities.

Okay, about to go mainstream?

As observed by EWN, at the Seoul Metropolitan Government Blockchain International Digital Festival this week ICON showcased its new offerings aiming to ease the lives of Seoul residents.

According to another post on medium, the demonstrations have been the culmination of collaboration between ICONLOOP and a number of government agencies including the Korea National Information Society Agency (NIA) and Korea National Election Commission.

Three main projects were showcased by the team, the first being a national blockchain based citizen ID card.

The second demo was of the ICON blockchain voting system which was touted to be the ‘next generation election system’

The third was the S-coin payments.

Meaning that a user can register a vote using the platform and is then rewarded with an ‘S-coin’, which was pegged to the Korean Won for this demo.


Where to Buy ICON?

We use Binance.


Buying all Altcoins?

Apart from BTC and Ripple which you can easily buy at, you can avoid being scammed and buy every other coin at Binance –


Just Observe…Buy if you want (on your terms).

 #6. ZIL.

There is a need to go for ZIL because of its mainset coming up.

However, I think the mainset is coming up next month or next year, so, let’s just watch it side-by-side.



Known as a great decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that hides the sender, recipient, and value of transactions. One of the anticipated ZCash project Sapling went Live.

So, we can tarry and see how far this goes as well.

Remember, just observe…buy if you want (on your terms)…


#8. BAT

One of my favorite coins.


Why Basic Attention?

Basic Attention wants to solve three major jerks.

#1. Users Manipulation

BA believes that Users are abused. For an example, it is believed that Up to 50% of the average user’s mobile data is for ads and trackers, costing as much as $23 a month.

#2. Publishers Undying Wounds

BA believes Publishers are hurting. For instance, Google and Facebook take 73% of all ad dollars and 99% of all growth.

More so, over 600 million phones and desktops run ad-blocking. Very Painful.

#3. Advertisers Are Losing for Christ sake

Basic Attention believes that the current system of advertisers lack good information on what they are paying for.

Also, the marketers are often fooled by bogus websites and bots that commit fraud.

And even worse, advertisers are losing more because the targeting is poor, making users more likely to ignore ads.


Do you know that BAT works with Brave Browser?

You don’t need to know about Brave security- see it here, and you don’t also need to overlook why BAT – this is the complete guide about it.

There are so many reasons about it, but so you know, Basic Attention Token (BAT) has taken over the Bull -a Run of Recovery.


Where to Buy BAT, ZIL, and Zcash?

We use Binance.




Why lose more assets shorting Bitcoin in. this slippery market when you can follow our guide and win little by little?

Well, if you want to win big at a time, and you know shorting is the best for you, then, go ahead.


Spending time doing this means I want us to win more in crypto than just reading or enjoying the tech behind it or even reading about the 16 worst Blockchain project predictions ever.

Like I said, if shorting of Bitcoin is great for you, then good, else, use a better option I think will lead to a better win no quick fix.


All right. That is the value I can bring to us in October against November 2018.

Remember, more reasons to buying some of these coins shall be brought to us, not here, but on our New Twitter handle.


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If you want to start a cryptocurrency news website, this is the time and how to.  And buying these digital assets?

BEST TIME TO BUY? NOW- See the market trend…


The big question…how was last month’s win, and what are the Top 8 coins for you in November?

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