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Doesn’t it surprise you how many crypto enthusiasts are always indicted to sell off their coin in a twinkle of an eye?

Has it happened to you?

If yes, that is exactly what we want to examine before we list out all the Best Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Websites you want to follow that won’t hurt you.


Why Should You Believe Us?

Because, as a crypto data and Blockchain analytics website, we deal with data and what will affect our readers positively.

So, if you are just stumbling on this article, it therefore, means you were part of us accidentally or you only came on because you heard we were giving out an ultimate 100 crypto dynamic tools all for free.

Whichever way you came, the big news is that we want you to avoid any form of FOMO which might lead you to sell off your Cryptocurrencies prematurely or when you never ever wanted to.



Those Always Vulnerable To These Indictments?

Those that are always vulnerable to this indictment are the type A beginners who are either earning free crypto hard currency, do not have a hacker crypto wallet or those that are lingering on trading cryptocurrency like a pro.

The Surprise?

Do not raise an eyebrow if I told you that I went on to buy a coin I never knew about. Till date, it is unsalable. That is what indictment can do.

Your own big surprise?

Do not be surprised if you don’t see a particular Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Websites you might have thought of.

And just to make a point, we know almost like 20+ crypto news sites but the ones we are about to enlist are the ones that won’t indict you to sell off your coin.

If you want to see others, check out this post on top crypto/blockchain billionaires.

So, zero your mind to be disappointed or supportive of our list.

The reason for this is that we want Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Websites that will report innovations and the best things about IoT, Blockchain Tech, events, and AI – not to take over the work of many tools which we even featured some here.

And lastly, as an analytics blog, we owe you the option of creating an avenue for you to tell us your mind.

Therefore the comment section will be popped open for you to tell us your top and Best Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Websites that haven’t indicted you before in 2018.



2018 Top 11 Best Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Websites That Won’t Hurt You


#1. Crypto Panic

Ordinarily, this is where we should be getting the real indictment and panic, yet, they are cool.

However it is,

Crypto Panic is a news aggregator focused on crypto news.

What they do is to fetch crypto headlines across the globe and deliver them nearly live in an easy to view manner via a functional framework – column/list.

Needless to say it,

If you follow Crypto Panic, they won’t just help preserve your sanity as you struggle to stay up to date on the news. That is not all.

They will go a long way to embrace you by not harming the beginners who are one leg in and one leg out about Bitcoin legitimacy.

And yet again, you can enable price and news notifications – I mean, as you want.

Want more?

Visit Crypto Panic



Best Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Websites

I am not biased, yet, The Daily Hold is currently my go-to place for cryptocurrency & Altcoin News.

Well, you might not like them but as a crypto data site, we like the way they present the news.

I mean, the straightforwardness and down-to-earth crypto news reporting style is charming.

Want more?

Visit dailyhodl



#3. Coin Journal

Best Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Websites

This is a place you go to if you want to look at the legal, economic, and technological perspective of cryptocurrency.

Bringing it in, what Coin Journal does is to bring you the latest Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain news from around the world with journalistic integrity.

What does integrity have to do with this? Is that your question?

Well, first of all, we hate a bad startup.

With the back-end interest of the readers in mind, Coin Journal brings you a reflective and a high-quality news content.

This is an example

Like our website (no ads as of the time of writing), managing a website like ours with many images of tutorials costs money, taking inventory of the fact that there are no ads.

Well, like Coin Journal,

High-quality journalism they say costs money and though they supplement the cost of running the site with limited adverts, if you want to support them, you can buy them a coffee – donation.

Visit Coin Journal (support them if you can).


#4. Coin Spectator

Best Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Websites

I like this Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Website. Why?

They don’t just enlist crypto news sources, they show you where the actual news is coming from and why you should be concerned.

This is how they do it.

Coin Spectator creates an easy-to-follow feed of crypto-news that falls through the cracks of bigger web spaces.

Want more?

Visit Coin Spectator


#5. NewsBTC

Best Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Websites

A little bit but not much of a crypto price indictments.

NewsBTC is no doubt one of the Leading sites for bitcoin & cryptocurrency news and analysis.

Even more, the cover core bitcoin news, technical analysis, news related to bitcoin exchanges, bitcoin mining & forecasts for bitcoin and other altcoins.

Visit NewsBTC


#6. Brave New Coin

Best Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Websites

Brave New Coin is a one-stop cryptocurrency & Altcoin News website that offers a steady stream of news about cryptocurrency.

When you go over to Brave New Coin, you will see the fight to ignite you with the best cryptocurrency market data, events, and insights service in the world.

Visit Brave New Coin


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#7. Crypto Vest

Best Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Websites

Crypto vest is more than a crypto news site.

Crypto vest is all about the simplicity of crypto news (not contagious), and factoring other events like ICO, reviews, and more.

You can learn more from them below.

Visit Crypto Vest


#8. I-Will-Teach-U-Crypto

Best Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Websites


Popularly known as IWTUC, this is an upcoming cryptocurrency data and Blockchain Analytics website where crypto data are segmented in a layman’s understanding.

Some of their crypto data articles that have taken everyone by storm are the following:

#1. World Top 35 Bitcoin/Blockchain Tech Friendly Countries By Ranking – why your country isn’t there.

#2. Guide on How to Know & Set Up 2fa On Binance, Localbitcoins & 500 Top Crypto Exchanges – 5 min

#3. The science of limit order, stop loss & trading on binance (BNB) in 2019 


Not really focusing on Crypto news but a bit of it when it is very, very, and very important – like the Poloniex delisting of about 8 coins – the holders there needed to hear that.


#9. Ethereum World News

Abbreviated as EWN, Ethereum World News provides breaking news towards topics with relation to Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Cryptocurrency, start-off ICO’s and the Blockchain ecosystem.

In one word; Ethereum World News is a smooth sailing crypto news site that features more of a breaking crypto buzzes around the globe.

Visit Ethereum World News



#10.  Blockchain News Hub

Best Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Websites

Just found this website today – 3rd October via a comment. I want to tell you that it is interesting.

Denoted as BNH, Blockchain News Hub is a crypto news aggregator website that enlist the current and buzzing altcoin news all over the world.

What they specifically do is that,

BNH shows you the most accurate live prices, charts and market rates from trusted top crypto exchanges globally.

More so, the news website has over 1600+ cryptocurrencies, trusted historical data, and details of active, upcoming and completed initial coin offerings (ICOs).

And I tell you, I was excited to see a news like – Binance Coin Gains on BTC and ETH to Reach $10.

Even though the news appeared first on NullTX, seeing it at BNH made it meaningful for BNB holders.

Maybe a time to sell and get some gain.


What’s more on BNB?

And if you don’t want to, just watch if it goes way down to 0.015010.

If you still doubt on why to sell your BNB coin, see the chart below.

Best Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Websites

#11. Bitcoin Magazine

Best Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Websites

An old soldier will never die. Do they? I don’t think so.

We all know Bitcoin Magazine, right? And should you not know, then know that it was founded in 2011.

Bitcoin Magazine is one of the oldest bitcoin news sites that won’t hurt you to sell off your coins prematurely.

Still maintaining the gentleman’s design they had, Bitcoin magazine brings you up to speed with relevant crypto news and most interesting the crypto podcast.

Want more?

Visit Bitcoin Magazine


There you have it.

The 2018 Top 11 Best Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Websites that won’t hurt you.


Get help below…


What do you think of them?

Wait for a second, before you tell me, let us ask you…

Do you?

I mean, do you have a knack for the next non-indicted crypto news site?


#12. Coinfomania


I personally like Coinfomania for no reason than the segmentation of their news.

Coinfomania like others is an independent publication that covers daily news and updates, analysis, guides, reviews, opinions, and other related topics on ICOs and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, XRP, as well as their underlying blockchain technology.

Coinfomania strives to provide accurate, reliable, and high-quality content to crypto investors and enthusiasts in the industry.

I am happy that we are not just the best guys happy about Nakamoto’s dream; Coinfomania also believes in the disrupting power of the blockchain technology.

Visit Coinfomania


A Knack To Start The Next Best Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Website?

We love great startups and we will support you from the foundation till the roofing if we can – to get started.

Now, the question is…

What can you do if at the end of the day you want to stand out and create a non-indicting, biased Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Website?

At this point, a further question you might ask yourself is, how do I get started?

Believe me, if you are serious about it, this is a simple answer.


And for curiosity sake, you can start your own cryptocurrency Websites for free. If you are in, then, this is for you.

And lastly, if you want us to set it up for you with the news sources (also free), then, go here and get started.


What more will we Support you with?

We will build the framework for you and give you the sources to get started right away.

And note, we have nothing to hide about it, so you know that starting a website is not a mere passion, it will take energy for it/you to stand out.

About the Sources?

As a crypto data website, we have it all.

At times, it is not proper to feature crypto news here but here or when they are so important like this one what do we do?

So, you can take over from us by reporting quality news – here you go, everything is done for you.


Your Advantage?

If you have an engaging community or a following on social media, then, your success point has just risen to 20% compared to ones that have zero.

You can start now…

Build the next non-indicted Best Cryptocurrency & Altcoin News Website against 2019.


It’s A Wrap

We are done and I want to bring you in closely.

We are still accepting members for free.


We like to guide them as crypto darlings.

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Side talk…

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Yes, like seriously?

No, that is too risky and hash.

For those that do not know what Bitcoin shorting is, see below.

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At times, we post unusual articles because most of them are based on the bad experiences we’ve encountered.

So, we did this in anticipation that if it can save you from being FOMORISED, then, we would have achieved a great goal.

Like always,

Got any other cryptocurrency site that won’t cause fear in you to sell your cryptocurrency sooner than later? If yes, please let us know below.

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