17 Questions To Ask & The Best Strategies To Choose Top Cryptocurrencies To Invest In?

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We have come a long way now in cryptocurrency, and right now, before we ditch our money to support or buy into any project, we need to use the best cryptocurrency investment strategy in order to gain maximally.

Currently, we saw a 2017 that was an ICO year, and 2018, nope, the back was turned against the wall to Bitcoins and the top 10 revealed altcoins of the future.

Luckily, what you have to do is not all that a big deal, but the question is, will you be willing to do all those?

As a matter of fact, one of the first questions will be, what are the very best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018? Well, we have answered that over and again.


If you are holding your coins for the future, you need the true coins of the future (revealed above), and if you are interested in making money along the way in cryptocurrency, it is buying into the top monthly coins we give all for free.


In October, by God’s grace, we maxed out 5/5. I mean, all our coin recommendations passed the table of profits.

So, before you go onto a safe crypto exchange and buy a coin, you must know what you are doing.

And if you do not know what exactly to look out for, this article will call you in. Therefore, be optimistic as I reveal to you what you need to need to look into as far as the best long-term cryptocurrency investment in 2018 is concerned.

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The following are the best questions and of course, best-fit strategies to choosing any top cryptocurrency to invest in.

#1. When Was The Crypto Coin Created?

This is very important but not all that though. In here, you need to ask the question of when the coin was created. But why?

Because times and seasons may affect a coin – bull and bearish times.

And if you are not careful here, you may misquote a coin as not well enough simply because it was launched during the bearish times.

So, it is always important to look at this even though it is not all that a cardinal and decisive point.

When is a bearish and bullish time? Learn more here.


#2. What Is The True Essence of the Crypto Coin?

Now, you will agree with me that anything that its purpose is not known abuse inevitable.

So, the next question you want to ask is what the true essence of the coin is.

I mean, as Ripple is for markets and payments, Zcash for security, Dash for payments and lots more, what is this coin I want to buy meant to solve?

Therefore your intended coin must have a target problem to fix and not all the top copycat coins.


Going down the drain, you have to consider if the coin has a real-world value that you could use yourself or someone else using on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

The big question is, do you want to know more about the coin to buy or of the true essence?

This is all you have to know about the 30 top cryptocurrencies with their essences.



#3. Is It Actually A Coin OR A Token? (This Is Important!)

Now, you want to look out and see if a coin is a token or just an original coin that can be mined constantly.

From there, you can know what to pursue next like the team backing it up.


#4.  Who Is Backing The Crypto Coin Financially Or In Other Ways?

As far as a lot of people underestimate TRON, the measure of TRON has a lot to do with the backers.

And the best thing is that this coin has a lot of collaborations – I mean, big time partnership programs, so, it will always be a coin to hold if you do not have doubts.

In case you want to see what I am talking about, see why you need TRON and let me know what you think.

What am I saying in essence? For you to decide on a coin, you want to look out at the supports or what we call backers.

In case you want more. This is why Coinbase is so successful because it has many great backers.



#5. Who Are The Team Members?

Now, this is what can sift a beginner and even experienced coiners who are not patient enough to make findings of the team.

While Google can help you verify the authenticity of an individual in a team, also, you need to look out the images to see if truly they are the ones. Why?

Last year, we had a situation whereby many faces were forcefully adopted to rep a coin team – so, look into the team members if you have the time.


#6. Do They Have An Active Social Presence?

Another factor in determining the intrinsic buying value of a coin is looking out for her social media presence.

The truth is, even though a lot of us may not like being social when it comes to coin backing, we have to see their activities on the social media platforms like – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Slack, Telegram, etc.

If you think that this is not important, see this. I wanted to review a coin this year, but looking at their social media, they were absent for almost a year.

And I was like, dude, why? So, I quietly backed off reviewing it because who knows what they may be planning at the back end – a close down supposed, who knows?



#7. What Does Their Website Look Like – The Design?

This is worthy to look out, yet, it might be negatively attractive. Why?

For the fact that a website is nicely designed does not really show its viability.

Nevertheless, it helps to ascertain if they are truly a coin to go into. The notion is, present your product well and you’ve got more clients.



#1. Top 100+ crypto communities online to follow and judge a crypto coin.

#2. The first 25 crypto tools to use and evaluate the best coins to manage – for pro users only.


#8. How Is Their Website Engagements Like?

A factor you want to look out for is the engagements of a coin based on how many people visiting it. An example is comparing the traffic to Google.com to Yandex.

Both are good, but which has the highest engagements is the bone of contention. And of course, anyone that wins, wins more clients or advertisers – who does not want to win anyway?

How can you check the coin website’s traffic and engagement? A good place to go is similiarweb.com to research this data)



#9. Do They Have A Roadmap?

While a Roadmap explains the past, present and future goals for a coin/development team, here, you want to make sure you are okay with the vision of a project.

This vision is what we literally call the roadmap. A major question to ask is, do they have big plans coming up in the near future?

So, there must be an evidence of where and what they hope to achieve and their progressive path towards it.


#10. Do They Have A “Whitepaper”?

Whitepaper is like a manufacturer’s manual of what a coin project wishes to do.

While a roadmap details the prospective achievement, a whitepaper tells you everything about the coin project, team, aims, and absolutely everything about the coin.

So, if a coin you intend to buy has one, you want to go through it and see how it works, and who knows, that might be a cardinal point for you to make a move.



#11. Did they have an ICO?

ICO standing for Initial Coin Offering – more. ICO is to a coin what IPO is to stocks. Now, while this is not too a big deal.

The point here is that if a crypto coin project came via an ICO, you want to see the amount they raised.

With that examined, you can easily see the support this coin has.

And of course, if positive with a later amount or volume of the asset coin sold, you may want to get some for you.


#12. Is The Coin Mineable?

While an average crypto user might not consider this. The point is, knowing if a coin is mineable, just a mere currency or just an asset will give you an insight about the engagement still.

And this engagements is what causes a large demand rate – a valuable tool for you.


#13. What Exchanges Does The Coin Currently Trade On?

In deciding a coin to buy, you might want to look at what crypto exchange it is listed on.

That is to say, is it on a major crypto trading exchange or a pro minimalist exchange? This listing will create an effect of whether to buy or leave it there.

An example is a coin being listed on Binance vs Remitano. Now, seeing where it is listed will give you an estimate on a potential surge – mooning of the coin based on the user base of such an exchange.



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#14. What Is The Market Cap Of The Coin At The Moment?

While we can determine the volume value of a coin from the ICO funds raised, if you want more info, you want to see what the Coin market cap of that coin is.

And of course, when you know, you can better decide if to go into the coin or not.

But note, this does not signify that a coin won’t be profitable if you are going in for trading.


A low market cap coin can give you major profits if you are trading daily on it – not holding for a moon.

I mean, if a coin can have a trading volume of 990BTC, in a great way, you can make $10 or more if you are using $500+ to trade with it. You can start yours now!


[Could Buying.com coin be the next Project of the future, another Ripple? Judge from this angle]


Top Hit Questions That Are Not Major Determinants For A Coin Value 

#1. Was The Coin Forked?

This is not a major question you might want to consider, but you need it.

With the recent Bitcoin Cash coin Hardfork which knocked on 15th November, you want to be concerned based on the support of the about-to-be new coin.

This is what I mean.

If you want to buy into a newly coin, you want to ascertain if really the coin was hard-forked and if yes, you know that it will have at least have 50%+ user base which is a good entry option though.


#2. How Much Trading Volume Is Occurring With The Coin At The Moment?

For sure, this will add to an insight about a coin’s value. But hey, the big question is, how do you determine this if a coin is just new – has just been launched?

This is where the ICO funding and the user community/base come in. From those angles, you can project the coin future ground – success or failure.



#3. Are There Huge Amounts Of Negative Reviews Online About The Coin?

When more than 10 elders point a bad finger at a child, it may be true that such a child according to them is really stubborn.

Same with new coins, when going online, you may find different reviews about a coin that you might just say, no way, this particular coin is going nowhere.

Well, the truth be told, you want to DYOR because one man’s view of a coin may be different from yours.

Now, see it from this angle.

I reviewed a coin this year, at the tail end, I realized that the team was not visible for all to see. All I needed to do was leave the review.

The truth is, this might be my own downside of the coin, and another option might be a negative judgment of a coin by yet another writer, so, all you need to do is DYOR on the coin if you really like what’s up.


How To Go About It?

Reddit will be your friend. In there, they give it to you raw.

So, just type the name of the coin on Google and add Reddit to learn more critically about the coin.

For an example, type as thus “Name of a coin + Reddit” – click on search when done.


Let’s go fishing…

Yesterday, I made about $12 from crypto trading while still teaching people. This $12 was roughly a 100% risk-free trade from a less than $500.

100% risk-free trade?

I was watching a coin and only used a small difference to sell out since I was engaged somewhere else.


Selling Ranges?

I waited for about 10 differences in range (like 825 – 830 before selling out – about same range 3 times).

I know it is not much, but what?

If you can do it on your own, get started and make some money in crypto and not wait to hold a coin forever or enjoy reading ONLY about crypto news.


On the flip side, if you cannot do it on your own, let a framework designed to function thus help you.

No mixing of words, your Game of Throne winning strides will come from using a tool like Cryptoblizz.

It is not a perfect 100% tool (none on earth), but, with Cryptoblizz, it is a win. You trade independently.

You can see how many people have been helped on this here.

See also, the frequently asked questions about it – [answered], and so you know, I do not recommend anything that is not user-friendly or the customer support cannot help you – we communicate.


More Read:  Why you need Cryptoblizz during this bear market – win independently with or without the Bull market.



It can be messy when you want to buy any new blockchain project. But, when you take out time to evaluate your options, it can be pretty easy to ascertain which direction you are led.

Without much drawbacks, I want to believe you will do more on your end before deciding on a coin. And of course, you want to consider all the points raised.


What to do now?

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People have talked about a coin named TBC, we want to know, have you bought a vague coin before? Let’s hear what you have to say.


Reference: Questions to ask before buying a cryptocurrencyMr. Bman of Crypto College.  


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