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At times, things happen for a bigger solution. I was away and I came in to see in my inbox – “Hi! Love the bitcoin content on your site! You know, websites get traffic from their blogs, and we feel that you could use a little help since you are not blogging daily yet.

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Now, I appreciate the recommendation or a helping hand. But the fact is, I have a list of hundreds of things to write on, the truth is, how do I just copy lines from websites and posts all in the name of writing contents?

Maybe it is just me, but this is not just a content curated or syndicated site, I think, I need to go the other way, VALUABLE CONTENTS…


Perhaps, you have observed, I haven’t talked much on Crypto wallets. Does it mean I don’t want to write about it or know the security they give? No, in fact, I emphasize a lot on them, you can see through here and this blockbuster.

The truth is, I go adventure with my contents before hitting the publish button on my editor.

So, in a reaction to that, I just wanted to publish some interesting Blockchain News if you guys might love it.

I mean, this can be coming while I am doing a deep work research behind the scene.

And truly, I am not naïve not to know it might be HEAVY to make comments on blog sites, but, if you might just help me out on this one, your total Opinion will add a great value…

Do tell me what you think about writing Blockchain News until I post a deep searched crypto tools or work? Just see the few I am about to write and let me know. Thanks and this will go a long way to help me serve you even the best way. Welcome.


Turkey vs India

After a great tussle, Turkey to India was like, dude, I think Bitcoin is not like the Blockchain. Do you think we should adopt the Blockchain technology? Yea…yeah…No!, I mean, let me think about it (India responding).

After about 30 days of seeing the top 35 Bitcoin and Blockchain friendly countries, Turkey returned and said, hi mate, I am in, and you?

Hahahaha, we already made up our minds and have reached an agreement to adopt the blockchain having seen that our buddy Saudi Arabia wants to overhaul everything and plant them on the Blockchain.

Wellllll, ya ya, I thought as much, and I think they mean well.

India ➡ Turkey…India to turkey – धन्यवाद – dhanyavaad.

Turkey ➡ India – çok teşekkür ederim.


And with that I say, let’s kick start the Crypto Billionaires/Blockchain News Starting From August 2018?



It is no more news that Last November 2017, Turkey’s government took a harsh stance on Bitcoin (BTC) when lawmakers of the state Directorate of Religious Affairs said that BTC is “not compatible” with Islam.

But what next?

Early this year, the deputy chair of Turkey’s Nationalist Movement Party proposed regulations for the market, and further mentioned the possibility of a national digital currency, called the TurkCoin.

Meanwhile, in the bid to stand out and join the Blockchain Tech countries, Turkey has successfully established her country’s first university blockchain center. The University center will work with students and entrepreneurs who want to conduct academic studies in the blockchain area.

The BlockchainIST Center known as Istanbul Blockchain and Innovation Center was inaugurated on Friday at Bahçeşehir University (BAU).

Although the center aims to simultaneously use the same technologies as the rest of the world in the blockchain area, yet, speaking in a confident and positive way, Istanbul Blockchain and Innovation Center Director Bora Erdamar said that a very competent team of experts from Turkey and the world will carry out worldwide projects in blockchain technologies at the center.



Going further, he expressed that they will also work with many important figures from the business world, Erdamar stated, “The purpose of the BlockchainIST project is to be the most important center of research and development and innovation in Turkey in which scientific studies and publications are made in blockchain technologies.

To this end, it is crucial to cooperate with other universities, the business world, and government institutions.

And while other 25 Startups are built on the blockchain since 2013, Erdamar continued that they aim to make Istanbul Blockchain and Innovation Center a research and development center which has a prestigious place in the world and can benefit everyone who is interested in this technology.

This is a plus point to the unquestionable 30 Blockchain Projects you want to buy.


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The world’s largest online workplace where savvy businesses and professional freelancers go to work from home believes that the first ever skill boom in freelance job market that has taken it by storm is the blockchain.

There is no doubt about that because when you understand Blockchain tech as the nerds, you can single handedly adopt it in a matter of seconds.

Speaking in her twitter handle, the world’s largest online workplace said the demand for talent with blockchain-related skills doesn’t show any signs of stopping. According to the latest Upwork Skills Index, blockchain is the fastest-growing skill in the U.S.

Also admitting that the Blockchain is the fastest-growing skill in the U.S. freelance job market for the second quarter in a row, the startup said further the success upturn was a repeat of the first quarter of 2018 when blockchain emerged as the fastest growing skill in the world’s largest economy for the first time.



Since last year blockchain-related skills have enjoyed quadruple-digit growth. “Its year-over-year growth has exceeded 2,000 percent for the past four quarters, and it experienced more than 3,500 percent year-over-year growth in Q2,” wrote Upwork

And guess where the success was most notice? The need to build blockchain platforms using the c++ languages of programming.

In their words, “Programmers proficient in C++ (the language employed in coding bitcoin’s most commonly used client, Bitcoin core) are also highly sought after. Other common jobs in the sector include Telegram community managers and white paper writers”.




1. The Turkish Crypto bubble

Early this year, the deputy chair of Turkey’s Nationalist Movement Party proposed regulations for the market, and further mentioned the possibility of a national digital currency, called the TurkCoin

Now, that is a crypto bubble there…Why the sudden U-TURN?

Erdamar continued that they aim to make Istanbul Blockchain and Innovation Center a research and development center which has a prestigious place in the world and can benefit everyone who is interested in this technology.

This is a Big shot on the arithmetic progression of the Blockchain Technology. More to come especially that India has also made a UTURN…


2. India’s Sudden Blockchain Tech Adoption

It might be that India Blockchain’s adoption is coming due to the fact that the Country’s telecom chief; Mr. Sharma’s personal information was hacked into. And by no means was it an accident.

He really wanted to test and see if Biometrics gives total security before he called on hackers to work on his 12 Aadhaar biometric ID number.

In his voice “Now, I give this challenge to you: Show me one concrete example where you can do any harm to me”.

And unsurprisingly, a group of “ethical hackers” responded by releasing Mr. Sharma’s personal information in the broad day light including two mobile numbers, his tax identification number, and his profile phone on WhatsApp.

Should you be interested in the Phone Number: 99XX5XX977.


So, it might be that they have said yes Wholly on Blockchain after the opposing congress party attacked Mr. Sharma for putting up the challenge.

After the incidence, (Indian Government to her officials), they might have been like, hi dudes, let’s embrace Blockchain technology to save our dataaaaaaaaaaaaa. And other Anti-Bitcoin officials were like, are you for real? Blockchain Technology?

No way!, see this 35 Case Study why we should not…


Your Take on this…

These are just samples of what they might be like…I won’t just be publishing news alone, I will go into the analytics as well.

The Big Question?

Do you think I should be posting the Blockchains News with the Blockchain Millionaires while I am doing long contents articles along?

If yes, then, I might start the week with something Bigger…



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