Exmo Exchange Manager & Norway Businessman’s Wife Kidnapped with a Demand of Ransom In Cryptocurrency Payment – Guess the coin


Just a few days after the manager of the Exmo Bitcoin exchange was been kidnapped in Ukraine, now it is about the wife of a Norwegian multi-millionaire businessman who has been missing for months after being abducted, police have now confirmed. 😥


In case you did not get the whole story of the Exmo Bitcoin exchange manager kidnap, here it is. But first watch out for our events and crypto news.


The Russian and Ukrainian media reported that Pavel Lerner, 40, was kidnapped while leaving his office in Kiev’s Obolon district on 26 December – As reported by BBC

While the Police in Kiev confirmed to BBC that a man had been kidnapped on the day in question, but would not confirm his identity, a spokeswoman said that the matter was currently under investigation and that more information would be made public later on.

Mr. Lerner is a prominent Russian blockchain expert and the news of his kidnapping has stunned many in the international cryptocurrency community.

Exmo spokesman Anatoliy Larin told the BBC: “We are doing everything possible to speed up the search for Pavel Lerner”.

And when we thought that that was all, here is another blockbuster. The Norway Businessman’s Wife Kidnapped.


Blockchain Billionaires


Mrs. Hagen is married to Tom Hagen, a businessman with an estimated fortune of 1.7bn Norwegian krone (€174m; £156m) made in the real estate and energy industries.

The painful side of the story is that the kidnappers are demanding a ransom fee in cryptocurrencies – just to add a bad name to crypto which Bitcoin was known as the hackers/fraudulent currency used in the Silk Road. Remember the Silk Road event? If no, then see this.


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As reported in the world news, the 68, disappeared from her home near Oslo on 31 October.

It is said Mrs Hagen appeared to have been abducted from the bathroom of her home and that there had been “limited dialogue” with the alleged kidnappers over the internet.

The investigation which has been continuing since then has been proven abortive at the main time. However, the police are careful with the matter giving the task “a low profile” because “very serious threats have been made”.

As reported by Norwegian media, the kidnappers have demanded €9m ($10m; £8m). That is not all.

Broadcaster NRK said the ransom had been demanded in an equivalent amount of the cryptocurrency Monero – a digital currency similar to Bitcoin.


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Final Thoughts

You may call it karma and the law of nature. As a Christian, we believe that a man sows what he reaps.


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So, it was not just enough to kidnap the wife of another man but from a bathroom, right? And the worst of it all, demanding a ransom in cryptocurrency just to destroy the currency the more to those that doubted it from the word go.

I don’t know but this is a complicated issue because Monero is a major coin that is hard to track.


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On the other side, I am happy this time because Monero is not one of our top speedy cryptocurrencies to buy in 2019.

Just as Mr. Hagen’s lawyers have told news outlets they will not comment on the story at this time, let us wait and see what happens next.

If you want to get the aftermath, go here now


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