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With no strings attached, I want to show you how to buy cryptocurrencies on your own in your country/neighborhood.

You know, one of the best experiences in cryptocurrency is being able to overcome fear and buy cryptos on your own, right?
It may sound completely irrelevant, but I tell you, I never knew my left from right when it had to do with using Altcoins to make payments.

Or who doesn’t like the fact that you can make payments as swift as the speed of light using projects like Dash and even Litecoin just to mention a few?

Having experienced the ecstasy on how to buy cryptocurrency on different platforms, I can say that when you know how to differentiate between crypto/crypto and crypto/fiat purchases, then you are good to go.
See the images below.







Having used a lot of non-2p2 exchanges, I can say that they are the simplest and the most straightforward ways to buy cryptos basically from home.

For an example, who can imagine that a beginner can stay at home and make up to 75 different altcoins purchases all in 5 minutes?
You doubt that? No need.

See, I mean, buying cryptos from any country you are, and also using a friendly crypto exchange. It sounds too good to be true, right?
The good thing is that I like to show the practical aspects of everything. So, see how to do it yourself as well (later on).

Coming back to a non-p2p exchange,

Most importantly, the chance of being scammed on a non-2p2 exchange is almost 2% unless you don’t take all the pieces of advice I have been giving on this blog.
Don’t worry, if you had always overlooked them, I will earmark it again for the last time.


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Apart from non-2p2 exchange, using a 2p2 exchange gives you the comfort of trading with your local currency.
An example is buying cryptocurrencies on LocalBitcoins.
Since LocalBitcoins is universal, you can easily buy Bitcoin using your local fiat currency – like Rupee, Pound Sterling and so on.

In spite of that, you want to be careful on 2p2 exchanges because you can easily be scammed.
However, to be safe, you want to use only verified members to buy cryptos.

I don’t mean you take this lightly. I recommend that you use ONLY verified members/sellers.
If the verified members are not online, the best thing you can do is check back later, or use any other top available non-2p2 exchange.



I once saw a question on how to buy coinmarketcap coins. Now, the following places I will enlist are great places you can buy all the listed coinmarketcap coins.

So, be rest assured that you will find the coins you are looking for.




I don’t know about you, but for me, I like to put my readers in my shoe having tasted the deal of being scammed on a crypto exchange.

What do I mean?
I will only recommend the best cryptocurrency exchanges I have used and which are safe with high-security options – I think you should stick to.

Now, you can witness that we have thousands of crypto exchanges everywhere, and believe me, I won’t in any way mention vague crypto exchange websites no matter how they reward will be.

So, if it means for me to pay bills from ads, so be it. But to let you go through the pains of being scammed, No way!. (Don’t be surprised if you see ads anyways unless you use my ref links -not in this post though) 😎

For an example, I use Coinbase exchange (my number one exchange – security and everything). I use it as a great crypto4 wallet, and with the news of adding four more coins, I would just stick to it maybe forever, I don’t know.

But for now, if I want to make serious day trading, I will go to another place I think will serve me best, and that is
But, if you are a crypto nerd, you can use places like Kucoin and Binance, or even Bittrex. (More advanced for pro traders).



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The very first and last thing I recommend you do is set up your account properly. And by properly, I mean, set up two factor authentication as the foundation.
With that, every other thing can come in later; like problematic user verification which I had solved since.

This is how to add 2FA in 5 minutes.

Ready to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in your country? See below.



• Security Mantra?
Note, I can’t and wouldn’t overlook to recommend an exchange that is not safe or does not have 2FA. So, start with that.

• 2p2 Scam Alert?
On 2p2 exchanges like LocalBitcoins, Remitano, and more. Use only Verified sellers. I repeat, use only verified sellers.

LocalBitcoins for an example is a great place because it is so flexible and easy to make purchases. Yet, that does not mean you should use unverified sellers.

• Lower fees?
If you want lower charges, you want to go on and verify your accounts up to the 2nd or 3rd tiers as specified by your preferred exchanges.

For an example, if on CEX, as a 2nd-tier verified member, you only pay 0.1% fee on withdrawals and considerable on day/marginal trading, so, it is somewhat important you get your total verification(s).

And the good news?
I showed how to do it, so, this is how to solve/set up total verification on up to 1,000 Bitcoin exchanges.



Click the link below to redirect to the best cryptocurrency exchanges you can make purchases in your country.
Just to note, if you want FASTER credit card purchase, then use Coinbase, Changelly and also

Note: all other crypto exchanges I have enlisted has these options, I just wanted to separate the most flexible at any time – if that is what you want.

How To Buy Cryptocurrencies Fast With Credit Cards – 3 steps

Create your Crypto Account
Get verified for Buying Cryptocurrency (account set up).
Place your Cryptocurrency Order.
Bonus: Set up Two factor authentication.

All right, that is all you need to do. Let’s go over to the real purchases.


Buy All-In-One Cryptocurrencies Safely In Your Country/Neighborhood


Buy All-In-One Cryptocurrencies Safely In Your Neighborhood_Countryd a little bit of body text



Having built your confidence on how to overcome fear and buy cryptos on your own, I can say that you are now a pro on this.
Be it as it may, one thing you want to avoid on a 2p2 exchange is using non-verified members (with a low rating) and generally, not setting up 2fa authentication. Avoid!

See, I prefer that you are safe than anything else. So, do not overlook the most important steps.

In case you don’t know, that is why I took out close to 7 hours to show you how to set up 2fa.
Okay, having done all justices, you can go now and buy cryptocurrencies on your own and near your neighborhood.



The truth is that if I knew the things I am telling you today on this blog, I would have jumped and passed many crypto adversaries. But here you are, braced with the best recommendations.
Do go ahead and make value out of them.


Buy All-In-One Cryptocurrencies Safely In Your Neighborhood_Countryd a little bit of body text



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