How To Buy Bitcoin And Ethereum Using FIAT In 2019: Only 5 Steps

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I was flipping up my timeline and suddenly I bumped into this question ‘Where would you suggest someone buy Bitcoin in 2019?”

To me, it is not a big deal question because you have many options near you, but there you had it. Meaning there is a need to help someone figure out where to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum in 2019.

When someone asks such a question, one of the first considerations is that he/she wants to use Fiat – like USD, RS, ZAR, and EUR & etc. to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum. And if the latter is true, then, I already showed you how to use the new Binance Jersey Exchange to buy Altcoins with fiat.

You may want to ask…Why should I use Binance Jersey Exchange? Because they offer a gat damm fiat trading pairs.



So, without taking you too far, I will completely show you how to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum safely in 2019 from the comfort of your own. This time I am using a simple exchange known as Luno.

Note, you can use Coinbase or Coinmama if you want.


Using LUNO Exchange To Buy Bitcoin And Ethereum In 2019

Buying Cryptos at Luno is simpler than Coinbase.  I am not biased to say that. If you use Coinbase to buy $100 I will be rewarded $10, but if you use LUNO I won’t.

That does not mean I should shield it the other way and say Coinbase is the simplest. Nope. Luno is and I will show you why and how using your mobile phone.

Note, with Luno, you can purchase a Bitcoin of $5. Ya baby, that is right.


Why You Might Want to Use Coinbase Over Luno?

If Luno is not available in your region, then you can use Coinbase.

Luno allows you to buy just Bitcoin or Ethereum whole Coinbase offers more than top 7 cryptocurrencies to buy in 2019.

Again, using Luno means, after your purchase, you want to send it to an exchange like Binance where you can buy 100s of altcoins you need.


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So, what does Luno gat for us?

Luno is a crypto exchange that makes it easy for us to buy, store and learn about cryptocurrencies in the (about to be) listed regions.

Luno offers both Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets which means you can easily upgrade your money today from Fiat and backward.

I do not need to stress how simple it is to use Luno.  To purchase a coin there, the actual steps is 3 but I will show you why it is 5 when you consider objectivity. 😎 So, it is super straightforward.

To see the simple interface, Visit Luno.


Below are the regions that can get on with Luno in just about 5 steps using a simple mobile device.


Supported European Countries on Luno

Isle of Man
Isle of Man
San Marino
United Kingdom


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Supported African Countries on Luno

South Africa


Supported Asian Countries on Luno




Before we get started, you want to know the following because at a point they may be needed.

#1. The Complete list of crypto verification tools you need to get started

#2. How to know & set up 2fa on Binance, Localbitcoins & 500 top Crypto Exchanges


#3. Solve Identity Verification Problems On Over 1,000 Top Crypto Exchange

With the above, you are as free as a bird to buy Cryptocurrency from anywhere.


How To Buy Bitcoin And Ethereum In 2019 using Luno in 5 Steps

The Whole process…

Have some fiat in your Local Bank Account > Register on Luno > Request for BTC OR ETH purchase and transfer the BTC/ETH FAIT equivalent to Luno > Get your Bitcoin or Ethereum in your wallet.


#1. Register on Luno or login if you are an old client.

#2. Deposit Fiat – money into your Luno Wallet (as little as $5)


Buy Bitcoin And Ethereum in 2019


#3. Request to buy Coins – Bitcoin or Ethereum – choose the medium of payment (credit card, Bank Transfer or as shown on your device)




#4. Confirm the payment after entering the deposit amount.

Buy Bitcoin And Ethereum in 2019


Buy Bitcoin And Ethereum in 2019


#5. You should have your Bitcoin or Ethereum – give it about 5 to 20 minutes.


Buy Bitcoin And Ethereum in 2019
Using Binance Wallet

Note: if you do not want to use Luno Wallet, copy any other wallet address and give them at step 4.

That’s is all, No other step.


Get Started with


How to Withdraw from Luno to Local Bank Account 

To withdraw Bitcoin or Ethereum to your Local Bank account, all you need to do is take the reverse side.

♣ In your Luno Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet >

♣ Request for a withdrawal >

♣ Enter your withdrawal amount – BTC/ETH FAIT equivalent to Luno >

wait for it to be deposited in your Local Bank account. That is all.  😎


Other Things To Consider

Let’s say you have made your purchase and you want to trade cryptocurrencies and make money. What can you do? It is simple.

Either join our free -7 fay crypto trading course and learn how I lost 75% of my investment, or use any of these tools to automate your trades, and lastly, you can see how to trade on your own.


Side by side, you will need:

How to use Stop-Loss,

How not to miss crypto alerts again and course, how to be smart in 35 steps while trading.


Final Thoughts

Gone are the days you had to struggle to buy cryptocurrency online. Now you can do it on your own using your mobile device, all thanks to technology and no thanks to hackers.


So that is how to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2019 using Luno crypto exchange; one of the simplest crypto exchange and wallets in town.

I hope this added value to you. If yes, let your conscience do the work by sharing.


Can you notice that I am excited to do this? Yeppi. Good luck.

If you have any questions, I am glad and ready to answer you.


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