How To Buy Tron & Any Cryptocurrency In The World (Get X2 Of Tron For Free!)

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On February 11 2019, the BitTorrent Airdrop for Tron (TRX) holders will begin on the block 6,600,000.

As was posted in a tweet with details, the number of tokens for the first distribution will be 10 890 000 000 BTT which is 1.1% of the total BTT token supply.

Again, about 1.2% of the total BTT circulating supply will be handed out during the next 12 months.

In 2020 – 1.3%, in 2021 — 1.4% and so on. As reported, the percentage of airdropped will increase by 0.1% per year, reaching 1.7% in 2025.

Qualification for Getting BTT Token

While the developers did not claim any minimum amount of TRX coins you should have to participate in the airdrop. However, Binance will only distribute BTT among those who have at least 100 TRX coins in their wallets.

Note: to get the BTT token, your 100 TRX should be either on your balance or in your orders when Binance will be checking your crypto wallet. The coins that are expected to be received or withdrawn will not enable you to obtain BTT.

How many BTT coins will you get?

All TRX holders will get BTT at a ratio of 1 TRX = 0.11 BTT each month on the 11th at 03.00 GMT based on the following calculation:

BTT received by User A = Amount of TRX held by User A at the time of snapshot / Total TRX held by Binance at the time of snapshot X Total BTT received by Binance based on total TRX holdings for the respective monthly airdrop.


Should You Even Hold Tron?

Yes, Tron was one of our best performing top coins to buy in 2019, and the new Ledger X that comes with a Bluetooth can accommodate it.

So, you know, this was our Tron review after buying it last year. More so, TRX has been growing since recently and it is likely to increase even more by the moment of airdrop.

All in all, you have all chances to get the coins of a torrent tracker for free and even sell them on crypto exchanges just after you receive them.


How To Buy Tron From Home

To buy Tron or other altcoins what you need to do is, first of all, buy Bitcoin or Ethereum (as they are readily available on most exchanges). When you get them, you can then use the BTC or ETH to buy Tron.

Here we go.


Where to Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum in your Country using FIAT

CoinbaseUS and other popular European countries – /Steps

LunoPopular European nations, Africa & Asia 

Binance JerseyUS and other popular European countries – /Using it


After buying Tron at any of the above places, go ahead and go to and buy Tron.

In this post, I will be using Luno….it is the simplest here.


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Buying Bitcoin at Luno

#1. Register on Luno or login if you are an old client.

#2. Deposit Fiat – money into your Luno Wallet (as little as $5)


Buy Bitcoin And Ethereum in 2019


#3. Request to buy Coins – Bitcoin or Ethereum – choose the medium of payment (credit card, Bank Transfer or as shown on your device)




#4. Confirm the payment after entering the deposit amount.


Buy Bitcoin And Ethereum in 2019


Buy Bitcoin And Ethereum in 2019


#5. You should have your Bitcoin or Ethereum – give it about 5 to 20 minutes.


Buy Bitcoin And Ethereum in 2019
Using Binance Wallet

Note: if you do not want to use Luno Wallet, copy any other wallet address and give them at step 4.

That’s is all, No other step.

Buying Tron – using

#1. Register here on Binance or Login to your account

#2. Go to Basic Exchange at the top left.

#3. Go to Search and type TRX then select it. (I am using TRX/BTC because I bought Bitcoin at Luno).


Buy Any Cryptocurrency In The World


#4. Based on your BTC balance, enter the number of TRX you want to buy. Confirm your selection and click on BUY.


Buy Any Cryptocurrency In The World


That is all. You will see TRX in your account.


Selling TRON after the Hardfork?

All you need to do is click on SELL and you will get back BTC.



How To Buy Any Cryptocurrency In The World

Just as we have bought TRON, use that same method and buy any other altcoin. All you need to do is replace TRX with your preferred coin.

Hope this helped. Let me know if you need more help.


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