Crypto Events #2. – Crypto/Blockchain Events for January 5, 2019


As a beginner, you will not need the following just yet. But as you progress, you will see why and what to do with them.

Below are the crypto events lined up for tomorrow and all you need to know.


#1. Bitcoin Private (BTCP) – Hard Fork 

Bitcoin private crypto known as BTCP has come to terms on here upcoming hard fork. In a conclusive statement, the made it known that the Hard Fork will occur at block 455500 on Jan 5, 2019.



In a blog post from the team, they made it known that in good news, the code for a Hardfork removing the shielded coins is finished and the hard fork will occur at block height 455500, which is approximately 1 week from now.

They furthered stressed that the code also contains the removal of unmoved coins which will occur at block height 480000 (~March 1) and we estimate approximately 3.5 million coins will remain. You can see the code at our GitHub Repository.

While it is unfortunate that they will have to suspend work on the rebase until we are finished. It is an extremely important project, however, ensuring the security of the BTCP network.

To BTCP traders, it will be okay if you hold your crypto assets on an exchange supporting the project.


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#2. MedicCoin (MEDIC) – Medic Phone Final Release

According to the Roadmap of MedicCoin, the Medic Phone Final release is scheduled for 5 January, 2019.

You can learn more from the roadmap.


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Final Thoughts

With the Ethereum developers yet to decide on the rumored Hardfork, it is okay to monitor the BCPT Hardfork if you are holding the asset.

And one of the best advice is that during a Hardfork, it is recommended that you hold your crypto coins on an exchange that supports it.

By recommendation, a flexible exchange should be Binance wallet unless you have a better alternative.


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