Crypto/Blockchain Events for January 12, 2019


With the Waves bounty coming on and Ethereum Hardfork which was finally decided after a tussle, it is worthy to note the detail about the fork in case you do not by now.

If you want to know all the exchanges supporting it, then stick along with us as we will update you soon. Get on the list and Follow us now.

Crypto Events for January 12, 2019

#1. QuarkChain (QKC) – AMA on Telegram

Qi Zhou, Founder and CEO of QuarkChain will have bi-weekly AMA on 12 January, 2019.

In a twitter announcement, Dr.Zhou @qc_qizhou will have bi-weekly AMA this Saturday at 7pm PST.

The Testnet Mining Event and Bounty Program is ongoing as we speak, and also the qpocket 2.0 update is running.

Learn more about it


Remember that QKC is one of our Top Coins for 2019? Not sure? Check it out in detail.


#2 INT will conduct an AMA

Just like QKC, INT will conduct an AMA on Telegram on 12 January, 2019.

In a twitter handle announcement, holders were informed submit their questions for our upcoming AMA on node plan!

Learn more about it


#3. Utrum (OOT) – Hold Wallet Beta Release

Utrum Hold Wallet Beta version will be released on 12 January.



In their words,

We are very excited to launch #Utrum Hold Wallet Beta version on 12th of January. Users can hold their $OOT and earn rewards up to 2.4%. Learn more about our Proof of Lock wallet


Final Thoughts

It is okay to follow these projects in other to reap the full harvest. See you as I hope this added value to you.


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