Crypto Events #1. – Crypto/Blockchain Events for January 4, 2019  


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Crypto/Blockchain Events for January 4, 2019


#1. GravityCoin (GXX) – Snapshot for BZX Airdrop

On 4 January, 2019 GravityCoin GXX will make snapshots of the BitcoinCash (BCH), GravityCoin (GXX), and BitcoinZero (BZX) blockchains to create a new super coin.

The good news is that holders of any of the three coins will be able to claim the upgraded coin called BitcoinCash Zero.


#2. Sentinel Protocol (UPP) – Uppsala Security Forum

SentinelProtocol is happy to announce that the launch of the Uppsala Security Forum will take place on 4 January, 2019.



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#3. IronCoin (PRN) – Airdrop on Altilly Exchange

The iRONCOIN token airdrop will be distributed to the registered Altilly exchange account only. The activity starts on 4th January 2018, ending date for airdrop activities is 18th January.

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