Save 10% on Bitmex for 6 Months

BIG CATCH: 10% Discount on Bitmex Trading Exchange Website

BITMEX DEAL/DISCOUNT: 10% Fee Discount for First 6 Month

If you are one of the excited pro cryptocurrency traders that short Bitcoin and marginalize trading side by side, then, you’ve got the best bite at BitMEX.

While this Crypto Deal/Discount may not last till the next 1 year, you want to get started right away and trade maximally with 10% fee off – a total savior for new users.

Known as one of the most advanced crypto exchanges since 2014, BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange website is a trading platform that offers investors and trader access to the global financial markets.

This opportunity is only enhanced using Bitcoin. Meaning, with Bitcoin, you can trade any of the major listed or more Blockchain Assets.


Why You Need This Crypto Promo/Discount?

When you get started on BitMEX, you will be saving 10% on the BitMEX trading fees.

Meaning, if your charges were to be $0.5, %10 of $0.5 is almost negligible.

This is a deal…

The fee off will restructure the normal fees you would have paid for on BitMEX Bitcoin exchange.

So, it is super great to get it as far as you are a new user.


Rounding It Up

To get your 10% BitMEX trading fees off, you will need to sign up here or use the link below and trade for the next 6 months with an exciting 10% less in the fees.


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50% Trading Fees Off

BIG CATCH: Get 50% Fee Discount For life on Binance Exchange

BINANCE DEAL/DISCOUNT: 50% Fee Discount For life

One of the fastest growing crypto exchanges in the world, Binance is advanced, and at the same time a beginner friendly crypto exchange that has led the pack of a major place for day traders.

Coming on in 2017, they have already taken the crypto trading market by storm.

In fact, this audacity saw her coin, the Binance coin being a major success which as at today is one of the best coins to trade on.


Getting More of Binance

Apart from the mouthwatering option like finding almost your preferred coin pairs to trade on, if you are a pro cryptocurrency trade, you want to get low trading fees daily, right?

At Binance, you don’t have to buy the confidence of trading with a 50% fee, you simply get it when you use the BNB coin.

While others are for a period of time, with Binance you get it anytime you want to. I mean, if I want to pay a lesser trading fee, all I need to do is switch to BNB while my profits are not touched.

If the above sounds like what you would want to claim for free, then get started on Binance.


Rounding It Up

The truth is that it is incredible the trading stride you will have with Binance. So, view trading page to see more on your 50% trading fees off.


Get Binance Deal – Get 50% Fee Discount For life on Binance 


Lesser Withdrawal Fee + 1% Transfer Fee

BIG CATCH: Get CEX Lowered Withdrawal Fee + 1% Transfer Fee

CEX DEAL/DISCOUNT: Lowered Withdrawal Fee + 1% Transfer Fee

CEX has grown to be one of the simplest crypto exchanges to use.

Known as a major/global credit card altcoin place where you can simply buy cryptocurrencies with your credit card, currently, if you use CEX, you will get a withdrawal fee on USD bank transfers standing at 1% only.

Using CEX, we have shown our users how to buy, sell, withdraw, and even conduct her verification process. So, it is a one-stop crypto exchange you want to use.


Why Use CEX? The Commitment To Her Users

In a quest to prove a solid point to her customers and partners on the conditions for the updated payment option, okay,

And after series of successful negotiations, the decreased commission for USD withdrawals will now be 1% only at CEX which you can start today before it expires.


This October, the withdrawal fee for USD bank transfers reduces to 1% only. Additionally, we would like to share our plan on listing Litecoin shortly. Get more advantages with the updated CEX.IO platform.


Rounding It Up

I have used CEX, and I can say it is a great exchange. However, with this 1% only deal, you are free to make a series of transactions knowing you are covered in terms of the fees to be paid.

To get the discount, you can see the beginners trading page for more or sign up below to get started.


Get CEX.IO Deal – Get CEX Lowered Withdrawal Fee + 1% Transfer Fee




One Lifetime Payment For Lifetime Profits

BIG CATCH: Get a Lifetime Profit With Cryptoblizz Trading Tool

CRYPTOBLIZZ DEAL/DISCOUNT: One Lifetime Payment For Lifetime Profits

When it comes to crypto trading, you have many alternatives, but when you talk about crypto trading success, by automation, then, creating that profitable success means that you will use a tool like Cryptoblizz.

Being live since 2017, Cryptoblizz has made life simple for beginners who knew nothing about making money in crypto trading.


The Best Part?

Cryptoblizz is not a tool that will give you a tutorial on how to trade, no. It is a simply a framework you use to make money automating crypto trading.


Note: this is not a quick rich scheme.


With Cryptoblizz tool, you want to bear it in mind that,

If you start small, you will also make a considerable amount of money and vice versa.

If big,

By big money, I understand that it means - small + small + small = Big (money/profits).


Why Use Cryptoblizz?

The cryptoblizz trading framework was carefully designed for those that knew nothing about crypto trading success.

The tool is easy to use after initial setup, and with notifications on which Blockchain assets to buy, all you need to do is wait for the call, when given, all you need to do is buy and later on sell for profits.

All the above is what the tool will help you achieve.


Getting Started With Cryptoblizz

The Cryptoblizz tool comes with a onetime payment.

Meaning, there is nothing like month charges. Pay once and make lifetime profits as the system allows.


Rounding It Up

I may not list all about the cryptoblizz tool, all I know is that you will get the value for your money.

You can see how the Cryptoblizz works for more or even see the frequently used and answered questions


Get Cryptoblizz Deal – Get a Lifetime Profit With Cryptoblizz Trading Tool



20% Fee Discount for Blockchain Career

BIG CATCH: Get Evergreen 20% OFF Offer as a certified data - Blockchain Wizard.

SIMPLILEARN DEAL/DISCOUNT: 20% Fee Discount for Blockchain Career

One of the questions I answered was on how to get started in being a Blockchain Nerd or a great career in Blockchain Technology. These are the groups of people that work in most crypto exchanges we see today.

And if you have noticed, Coinbase is still hiring, meaning, if you were or are vast with the knowledge of data science, you had better applied to get a cooperate work with Coinbase exchange.

Now, if you are in search of being a personalized software engineer, data scientist, higher, cyber-security agent, and more, which you can work in any Blockchain place, then, Simplilearn Evergreen 20% OFF Offer is for you.


Why Join Up?

As I have already noted above, the use of blockchain technology now in marketing projects leads to a serious threat to these marketing tactics.

Through it, a consumer gets more control over their information and coordinate with the businesses directly.

To become a part of this incredible journey  - Blockchain DATA Career, you can join the Blockchain Certification available for boosting your career growth.

The Evergreen data course leverages the core structure and technical mechanism of cryptocurrencies and blockchain platform.


SimpliLearn Deal/Discount – Get Evergreen 20% OFF Offer as a certified data - Blockchain Wizard.



A New Trezor Wallet at 23% Fee Off

BIG CATCH: Get a New Trezor Hardware WALLET AT 23% FEE OFF

TREZOR HARDWARE DEAL/DISCOUNT: A New Trezor Hardware Wallet at 23% Fee Off

Needing not much of an introduction, the SatoshiLabs Trezor hardware wallet is one of the best cryptocurrency hardware wallets you want to use right away - affordable.

Trezor is offering our readers discounts, I mean, you will pay 23% off if you order your new Trezor 1 hardware wallet now.



Why Use/Order Trezor? – Need to be the best.

SatoshiLabs and Trezor have come a long way since the beginning.

In fact, SatoshiLabs will celebrate five years of existence this year (#SL5Y), and Trezor is even older!

It is almost unbelievable that it has been seven years since the first idea of Trezor as the first hardware wallet was born in the heads of Marek and Pavol.

The thing is that Trezor is known for its ruggedity against hackers.

And with constant firmware upgrades, if you are a holder of many cryptocurrency assets, you can now store and manage more coins at your disposal.


More Reasons Why Trezor One?

#1. Convenient and intuitive to use for everyone, including newcomers.

#2. Intuitive and battle-tested product design.

#3. Physical confirmation for all operations.

#4. Long-term support, fully open-source and active development. New features incoming.

Get yours today!


Rounding It Up

So why the sudden discount?

Because Trezor wants to celebrate these milestones with you – our readers.

With a 23% fee off, the new price for Trezor One goes only for EUR 69.


To get the discount + the wallet, you get your Trezor One from Trezor Shop today.


Get Trezor Wallet Deal – Get A New Trezor Hardware Wallet At 23% Fee Off




A New Trezor Wallet at 23% Fee Off

BIG CATCH: Get A 51% Fee Off For Your Personal/Crypto News Website

A2 DEAL/DISCOUNT: 51% Off For Your Crypto News Website

A2 Hosting is a great web hosting company that has stood out as a silent killer in delivering one of the fastest websites to her users.

Known especially for her 20X times speed website, at A2 Hosting, you can get your personal website or crypto blog built in less than 2 hours if you click yes now.

The interesting part is that you won’t be paying the high fees as seen everywhere, no. You are going in for a big deal as 51% fee is already off your bookings.


Why Build Your Crypto News Website Pith A2 Hosting?

A2 has a great customers support, anytime money back guarantee (seen nowhere), good plans to get you started, 20x speed wavelength framework, independent of their hosting servers.

You can see other legions of benefits here.


Rounding It Up

The question now is not whether to start your crypto news or personal blog with A2 hosting, the question is, will you get the 51% off on hosting fee before the drums beat is down?


Get A2 Hosting Deal – Get A 51% Fee Off For Your Personal/Crypto News Website



Get Free BTC Worth $10

BIG CATCH: Make it $110 on your first $100 Deposit

COINBASE DEAL/DISCOUNT: $10 Free Bitcoins For Your First Deposit

Coinbase has always been praised for her beginner and user-friendly interface. On top of that, Coinbase is a top 5 crypto exchange websites in the world.

And recently, being worth more than $7 BLN is a great milestone for such a startup.

With that being said, as a new user on Coinbase, you will get free $10 Bitcoins when you signup and deposit only $100 of Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

That is to say, after signup, service your account with only $100 and you will be given $10 Bitcoins for free.


Your Total Amount After The Deposit?

If you deposit $100, your total amount will be $110.

And unfortunately, this discount is only for new members or for new account holders.


What Can You Do With A Free $10?

You can add it to your portfolio or your trading account.

For an example, if your account was $90, an additional $10 makes it $100 which is a round figure.

Again, this is just my open options, which I know you have a better plan for it.


Rounding It Up

To get your free $10, making it $110 from Coinbase, you will need to sign up here and create a new account.

After that, deposit $100 and you will be given your cool/free $10 Bill Bitcoin.


Get Coinbase Deal – Get free $10 for $110 from Coinbase - as a new user