Crypto Events #4 – Crypto/Blockchain Events for January 7, 2019


In a cryptocurrency industry that is marginal, and most importantly, now Bitcoin has hit $4,000, you need to re-strategize. How?


If you had lost in 2018, what you need to do is start all over again. If your losses were not much, you can see how to play safe and win massively as well.

And lastly, you should by now know the top coins to buy in 2019.


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Crypto/Blockchain Events for January 7, 2019

We shall continue to do this for you because you need to know what is happening in the crypto industry.

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How I Use Binance Exchange To Trade

#1. Repme (RPM) – Snapshot and Airdrop

RepMe will be conducting 5 ERC-20 token balance snapshots and 5 subsequent airdrops to RPM token holder.

Confirming in her Blog Post, Repme confirmed that there will be 5 Airdrops of 800 million tokens each. Each airdrop represents ~2.2% of the current circulating supply.

And in the final airdrop, an additional 800 million tokens shall be distributed only to those who maintain or exceed their balance of RPM at the time of the first snapshot.

The big question to ask is, why should you/I really care?

Well, the entire bonus airdrop of 800 million tokens will be awarded only to those that qualify.

The final airdrop has been designed to truly reward the RPM token holders that are interested in the long-term health of the RepMe Network.


Airdrop Percentage & Allocation

The first four airdrop cycles will behave exactly the same and will offer holders a percentage commensurate with their current token balance.

The 5th airdrop will behave a little differently, the details of which are highlighted below.

We shall issue a total of 4.8 billion tokens or 13.25% of the current circulating supply across 5 airdrops.

Airdrops 1-4: 800 million tokens per airdrop.

Airdrop 5: 1.6 billion tokens, with a contingency explained below.

Going forward, the numbers shall be rounded slightly for simplicity. The variance will be inconsequential.

Over the next three months, airdrops 1–4 will offer current holders an additional~2.2% of their total holdings, while the 5th Airdrop shall distribute an additional ~4.4% to qualifying accounts, at a minimum.

Any holder that participates in all five airdrops shall receive a minimum 11% bonus with the highest bonus being unknown.

For example: An RPM community member holds 100mm tokens in their ERC-20 compliant wallet.

She can expect to receive ~2.2 million coins per airdrop 1–4 and a minimum~4.4 million on the 5th airdrop, should they qualify.

That is it on Repme.


#2. Bankera (BNK) – Exchange Launch

The Bankera exchange will be launched on 7 January, 2019. You can see a proof using this link


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