Naija Way Out of the Rat Race


I am not a savvy income machine,

I am not an income expert yet,

I am not a pro yet,

I am a Nigerian who has experienced what being financial broken means.

I won’t write a full page info to deceive or convince you.

I won’t sale any eBook to you - which I can anyway…


I have a few proofs – just to trigger you to take actions.

The whites are making it BIG from this industry while we ONLY read the news on Nairaland front page – I do as well though.

I won’t say much, but this is my mission.

You won’t tell you that you can make $500 in one day, this is not the way out. I can’t promise you that. At the end of the day, you will see if you can truly make at least half of the above.  

N/b: I have NEVER made $500 a day using this method. But I have grown a $299 to about $570 in days...

I wasn’t in one night nor weeks…Why?

I want consistent because I had many things at hand. What about you?

You may surpass me. I am not competing – the only virtue is adding value to Nigerians like me because there is no NEED to keep the knowledge I know to myself while I don’t even comment full time to earning more.

Although, I paid for the Insights– financially and TIME, I am willing to show you for FREE.


N/b: Ignorance is the ONLY cycle/circle the devil will roll any ignoramus.


So, this is open for Nigerians through a Nigerian.

By the way, you need not know my name for now.



If at the end of the day, this is trash, no need to know me, right, just leave and no one losses and no one is an enemy?


My portion?

I want to add value to us, at least, if you can make $500 before December from now, you can do a lot with it.

And if you plan, that is your startup capital.  

And this is not a Payoneer or Direct Banking Process wherefore it withdrawals will take days. No.

You will get your withdrawals same day, anytime. But, you have to give it time to be processed.


You are free to be surprised if at the end of the day I am viewed as a scammer. This is how it feels to be scammed.

I was scammed in April, so, I need not speak any more about being scammed. I have and I know what it means.

And as a matter of fact, a good name is better than RICHES. And I shall cement my name “there” with the first person that will give a review of “Thank you for being a blessing to me”


If you are ready, I will be showing what I do and how I do it to the first 50 persons.

Want access?

The toll is still free!!!   


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