Cryptoblizz Vs CryptoHopper: Stop Hate & Choose the Best Crypto Trading Automation Bots for you

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Just as talk is cheap, crypto trading is cheap to talk but not when you go live – live trading when the big screen is in front of you with various altcoins running up and down.

When this happens if you are a beginner, you can go ahead and complain that crypto trading is not for you, maybe a total bullhockey. 

The truth is, we do this all the time when we don’t understand a concept or how a thing works. The quick good news is that you can avoid this in our free 7-days course which will show you the mistakes that cost me 75% of my crypto trading investment.

Other than that, if you want to beat the market and trade against other robots, computers and trading bots in cryptocurrency, then you have to be really smart and know your stakes.


While you keep this in mind there are people earning up to $80,000 in crypto trading as a career and many crypto jobs out there. Just saying in order for you to see the virtue in cryptocurrency industry.

Be it as it may, so, we’ve bent and snapped so you don’t have to sweat in your feet finding the perfect/best crypto trading automation robots, whether you’re a beginner or a season crypto trading – or a little bit of both.

Luckily, today, we are comparing the two giant crypto trading bots that can offer more results. And that is Cryptoblizz and CryptoHopper.



Powerful 24/7 crypto trading bot that trades for you!

Offer technical options like stop loss, backtesting and simulation.

Integrated with powerful/notable cryptocurrency exchanges

Suitable for any crypto trader with tutorial, supports available with enhancement to beat the market



♣ People on a budget.

♣  Anyone who wants to beat the market using an automation tool.

♣  People looking to test new trading strategies.

 People who are not in to make fast money but to stay and reap the full harvest in a long term.

♣  For Pro-actors.



As I already said on starting a crypto career, the hidden truth as a crypto trader is, there is no guarantee that you will win 90% most especially if you came in clueless after taking some courses.

As a matter of fact, Matt Delong pointed out that although crypto trading is a great career (if you enjoy getting good at), however, it is something that has a 95% failure rate! Read again: 95 PERCENT FAILURE RATE!

Tab me on the back if you want, or do you think it is EASY to go live on trading crypto on your own?

Let’s be real: You might not want to drop a ton of money on a crypto automation robot or bot which I get that right. I know that feeling when you GET that you’re actually paying to sweat through (or sit in to watch Netflix for hours until you realize that you just lost another trade).

So if you’re looking for a tool to beat the market, friendly, an untapped automating bot that won’t strain your bank account, CryptoHopper is your best bet under a free-trial or $20.


Best Crypto Trading Automation Bots


And if you are careful enough as warren Buffet to save cost on a one-time automation robot, then Cryptoblizz is your best bet for under $186 (one-time payment for life, excluding a coupon code you might want to use).



With such crypto automation tools as Cryptoblizz and CryptoHopper, they’ll be at your door and ready to bust a move and beat the market for a win.

I mean, if you know what the Whales did to FOMO traders that got excited and entered WAVES last December (2018) then you know what I am taking about. Just as an eye opening, that WAVES trade sizably recovered a bit on 24 January, 2019, still at a loss though.

So, using a tool to trade is going smart against the market whales.

For instance,

With Cryptoblizz, after a manual setup which can take up to 30 or a more minutes, you can start automating your trades.

And if you’re using a cloud step up, both Cryptoblizz and CryptoHopper can be setup in just 5 minutes or there about for you to get started (based on your teachie insights or the team is there to help out).


What I Don’t Like about Cryptoblizz Trading Robot

Should you want to see the full review of cryptoblizz, see why you may need it over CryptoHopper.

The following is what I do not like about cryptoblizz.

#1. Cryptoblizz trading bot does not have many cryptocurrency exchanges integrated. As of the last time of writing, it had about 4 exchanges. The listed exchanges are:

Poloniex, Bittrex, Kraken, and Binance. However, if you consider the 4 exchanges as frequently used by you, then this is not a problem I guess.

#2. The price is a bit on the high side.

Just so you know, the price of cryptoblizz robot is paid for once. I mean, after you pay for it once, there is no subscription or sort of.

#3. Cryptoblizz is yet to offer arbitrage trading option. So you know, this is favorable for advanced users so to speak.


What I Don’t Like about CryptoHopper Trading Robot

#1. It has different plans which keep some benefits from us.

#2. Some of the best options is not available for free trial and other lower plans.

#2. It does not offer a one-time payment. Here you are billed monthly which is something you might not really want to go for.



Cryptoblizz VS CryptoHopper: SPOTTING THE DIFFERENCE

Before we spot some differences with these crypto trading robots, although one tool offers more advanced options when you pay for the higher plan and so on, an interesting thing is that they both offer almost the same benefits (except other advanced trading options we are about to see).

Just to note: both companies have an amazing team, support and they are both based in the Netherlands.

Again, at any time you are confused, both companies offer a documents and FAQS to clearly see how things work. Apart from that let’s spot the differences.




It is medially easy for beginners to use

It is easy for beginners to jump and use right away.

It does not have many integrated crypto exchanges

It has more exchanges to work with.

Cryptoblizz does not offer a free trial

CryptoHopper offers a free trial

They are yet to offer arbitrage trading option.

It offers arbitrage trading option ONLY for the $99 plan users.

It offers a one-time payment option

It does not offer a one-time payment for users.

Users do not have to worry about monthly payments

Users will have to pay/subscribe monthly to use different advanced benefits

The entire plan costs $185 without a discount code

The plan cost between $19-$99 without a discount code

Visit CryptoBlizz

Visit CryptoHopper




I know that you can go any length with setting the automation tools as you want, but, if you’re someone who wants to cut the crap and see results when you go live on trading, by all means, you want to back test and play with these trading bots so as to beat the market hands down. As such, with the following 4 or 5 steps, you can get started right away.


With CryptoHopper,

What you need to do are as follows

#1. Install CryptoHopper

#2Choose your exchange

#3. Register your CryptoHopper account

#4. Set up your configuration and other options (triggers) you want.

#5. Start trading 24/7!


With Cryptoblizz,

What you need to do are as follows:

#1. Download and install Cryptoblizz

#2. Connect to exchanges

#3. Set up your configuration and other options (triggers) you want.

#4. Start trading 24/7!


What Do Users Say?


CryptoHopper Trading Bot

Using Triggers enables me to develop my own trading ideas. Cryptohopper implements my profitable trading strategy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, freeing me up to do other important things – Amicus Crypto


What’s not to like? I have everything I need for trading right here and I’m bringing my families and friends into Crypto HopperBlards



Visit CryptoHopper



Cryptoblizz Trading Bot

Cryptoblizz does a great deal to ensure that their users are able to generate a revenue. Really, Cryptoblizz seems like a pretty reliable trading platform.


 If you’re willing to initially put in the time and effort, Cryptoblizz could be a good choice for you – Anton




Best trading bot I have come across so far! I made real profits with this, one day I made 60 trades on Poloniex exchange which generated a net 11% profit that day alone.


Have to adjust the offset and reference point settings every now and then for it to be really effective, but I absolutely would recommend this trading bot! – Mark  Lawrence


Check out Cryptoblizz – IWTUC – (this code gives you a 7% off of $185).



Final Thoughts

Crypto trading is a lot easier than forex if you can figure out how. By “how” I mean, you have to know that it is never a quick rich scheme – you’ve got to treat it as a long term side business/income source.

Personally, I did take that giant step and lost over 75% of my crypto trading investment at the start.

I am not saying this to scare you after all that is why I provided this free -7 day crypto trading course on how to avoid the mistakes I made. So, no pushy recommendations here.


On a more serious note,

I might not know your crypto trading abilities, but if you think you want to be pro-active with consistent results, then, each of these crypto trading robots works normally, meaning that cryptoblizz which offers a one-time payment will cost you $185 only and CryptoHopper, offering a free-trial will cost from $9 up to $99 monthly.

But thanks to this special deal as you can get Cryptoblizz for 7 percent off using the code IWTUC and of course, test CryptoHopper on Free-Trial.


Thanks for reading. Have a great day trading top blockchain projects.


If you have any questions, I am glad to help out. Join our new trading community on Facebook.


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