Top Choiced Cryptocurrencies To Buy And Trade In December 2018: Why You Need To Take Action Now!

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Welcome to another month of making some money off cryptocurrencies: by trading on your own – not a technical matter, just get the coins to buy and you are in.

In month November, we made 5 calls and very soon we will see how they looked like.

However, in case you did not get all the preceding top cryptocurrencies to buy and trade, you can see all from month August, September, October, and November 2018.


I just talked about trading on your own, yeah, based on our recommendations, we made a decent amount taking a walk with the coin MDA.

And for all those that garnered the coin, they made a decent difference in their account. It rose from 17,000 Sat to 33,000 SAT – you make the calculation.

The good thing about this is that you do not need to know any Technicals, just get the coin to trade and you are okay to get started.

What of if you do not want to go along with others?

Fine, you can do it on your own. If you are ready, go to Cryptoblizz/framework and get started for life. Profits are much guaranteed because it is a matter of automation.

All right, let’s hang the boot here and see how we did last month – November 2018.



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Top Choiced Cryptocurrencies To Buy And Trade In November 2018

#1. Bitcoin

We started month November with Bitcoin at $6,360. Even though the overall market was porous and at deep – get all the layman slangs, yet, we still made some fast profits.

So, how much did we make?

Bitcoin moved from $6,360 to $6,615. Therefore, if you had bought when we made the call you would have made some more $255.

The $255 is because Bitcoin was fighting hard to survive which literally affected all the market and top Blockchain coins.



#2. Tron

Since Bitcoin affected some viable coins, some still made it out with some breakable profits. One of those that was not all that affected was Tron. Tron went from 351 as we began the month and it went all high to 389.

How much would you have made from that? If you had used $1,000 to go in, you would probably beat some profits.

How to figure it out?

Go to Binance/Tron, adjust the price of Tron to 351 at the left hand side – BUY, and adjust same at the right hand for SELL. Enter $1,000 at both sides (at the price section) and see your profits.

What of number #3, #4 and #5 coins?

As you know, we use Binance to make our analytics. Now, go, to and see how far they all went.



Top Choiced Cryptocurrencies To Buy And Trade In December 2018: Why You Need To Take Action Now!


I do not want to go into stories, the analytics have already been made. Like I always say, with or without sentiments, the first coin to always buy is Bitcoin. Here we go.


Currently, Bitcoin is still at deep, so, buying it now will be wise as it will surge as we go on.



Stratis is a great blockchain project, see some reasons here.

Now, no need for stories, you want to buy Stratis now because it will do you a lot of favor. It will surge and you will make your money.




Civic is another coin to go by.

We made the free call to our traders and some of them made profits from it.

So, is it too late? Nope, we are not yet through with CIVIC, you can still go in and make some more profits because currently, it is standing at 22% profits.



The REQ is one that is on the move now, so, if you want to take action, you want to now!.




GVT will be a long term coin to buy now and wait. It has already made a move, so, going in now will be at your advantage.



There are others to look up to, Ripple will come up again, Tron will because a lot of engagements, and VechainThor? Well, not much, but let’s see what the month of December will hold for them.

Top altcoins to buy and trade in December 2018. Do you really want to hold? Nope. This is why

But if you want to hold on, see below.


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So, there you have it, no need to go into a detail analytics I had already done, we wait for results.

Now, if you want to join our free premium calls, we will give more than what you have seen now. Join the group for Non-Africans, and the one for Africans. – They are all taking action if you ask me.

Good luck.

Do not miss the following meats.



Final Call.

I need not write 5,000 words to convince you. Right now, we are making a free entry till December 10th. For Africans, we are targeting $300 in profits on or before December 25th – Christmas.

Get all the details or join the Non-Africans and Africans.

Merry Christmas…


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