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Many have asked what the first point is when starting out in crypto online trading. I know you may be opportune to see the following crypto trading analysis tools, but yet, the best questions are.

Do you really understand the real concept of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in essence?

Again, since all these are based on the Blockchain, you want to understand the beginner’s concepts of the Blockchain.

With those, you are good to go.

But if you want more expansion, you can see the whole history of Bitcoin, the purpose, and the Founders myths, and top Blockchain Countries by ranking to know if you should or forgo Crypto in general.

With that being said, there are those that have already known the crypto illusions, and all they want are the tools that will help them. If that explains your situation, then, this article will grab and regurgitate that till you grab the points.

(Crypto regurgitation?: I don’t like that English, too big. It means crypto info bounce and rebounce. 🙄 )



The fact is that you don’t have to be a superman or crypto techie to invest in crypto. With the best cryptocurrency tools, you are good to go.

Where to start?

If you want to take your crypto height to cloud 4, you want to see how to use Coinbase in 2018 as a Pro (featuring 7 Blockchain Identifiers).

And one last thing, as a crypto nerd, you want to get a personal crypto dictionary for crypto trading. In there, you will get all the crypto registers you have to know in crypto trading. View it here for free.


Side Talk…

Test Your Cryptocurrency Trading Success By Automation

I don’t know you story, but I do know that you can put up your crypto trading success with Free Trial Trading Automating Tool.

It’s the ideal platform and tool to get your feet wet in the crypto bearish market.

Need a positive story? Get started today with CryptoHopper/Tool.



At this stage, you want to arm yourself with the great exchanges you should trade on. For beginners, you can use Coinbase, Coinmama, and Luno.

For pre-pro traders, you want to start out at places like CEX, and BitBay. And lastly, for pro traders, you are in for a big stay at Binance, Kucoin, and even Bittrex.

For Kucoin and Binance, you can trade at a lower fee. So, with them, you are at the mercy of saving some light-change – fees.

But yet?

As a pro trader, there are some crypto exchange qualities you want to consider. And the good news is that I have done all the dirty analytics. So, see below.

➡ Beginners Guide:  Choosing & Using The Best 10 Quality Cryptocurrency Exchange/Broker Websites

➡ Review: the 5 core qualities of the best pro & marginal trading crypto exchanges in 2018



I consider this as important as anything else. And that is security.

You don’t want to start out as a crypto trader and boom, you lose out. No way! I know, you do not want that to happen, right? So, see what you have to do.

First of all, as soon as you’re in (registered) on any exchange/investment site, it is crucial you activate 2FA. And if you want lower fees, you can go ahead and verify your accounts to 2nd and 3rd tiers.

Ordinarily, I know, if you want to figure out these two on your own, they might take you up to 12 hours. That is if it were not at the mercy of being scammed.

So, to help you out, I already did those. All you have to do is see how to set up 2FA on your own, and the whole verification process involved.

Make it simpler? Take a cup of coffee while setting them up. No boring chill out.

 ➡  Guide on How to Know & Set Up 2fa On Binance, Localbitcoins & 500 Top Crypto Exchanges.

How to Solve Identity Verification Problems On Over 1,000 Top Crypto Exchanges.



The following list of useful tools and sites will be worthy of being printed out if you like. But not like a paper wallet. I hate Crypto Paper Wallets.

Wait! Did you ask me whether I hate anything? I Guess no. Hmm, see why I hate anything paper wallet though – 50+ BTC Lost!


Let’s go.


Coinmarketcal is an inviting cryptocurrency technical analysis tool for checking out the upcoming list of crypto events.

That is to say, in there, you can check out various crypto product releases, exchange listings, conferences; like the last Blockchain event we just had hosted by TechCrunch.

But that is not all. Like a sieving machine, you can sort out the types of Crypto listings you do not want for the ones that interest you. These and more can be gotten using Coinmarketcal crypto tool.

Visit Coinmaketcal



This is another place you can get up top 90+ crypto news from the comfort of your device.




Just like the 165 crypto communities, you can join for free. At, you can follow related contents on a particular coin of interest.

For an example, I like Theta/Lisk, I can go over to and see what they are saying about it. But always check first at iwillteachucrypto  (using the search bar) if not already discussed detail.


Visit Coinfyi



This is a place to get all the aggregated/sortable crypto news. Although the platform is a little bit advanced, yet, beginners can also play around.

Just go over there, any news you don’t want, don’t watch. Sieve it out. That is how we do it.  😎

Visit Cryptopanic.Com



This is crypto info site where you can get help on researches based on Blockchain assets, News and ultimately keep track of your crypto portfolio.

Furthermore, when you are there, you will find an event calendar, watch list, asset profiles and so much more.



6. CCI30

What the CCI does is that they do a full computation of the constituents every quarter, and then a rebalancing of the constituents in the index monthly.


Because the crypto market is volatile. So, you have to be familiar based on The S&P 500 of CCI30 which weighs its constituents by market capitalization.

There is no doubt that this platform is for advanced crypto nerds. If you are among, then, this will benefit you the more.

Learn more about



Ccowl is a crypto tool that will help you get the best and selected news from giant crypto sites. And one of those sites is a crypto web space a Bitcoin billionaire bought. See below.

So, you can always be sure of the right info all in one page.





At a certain point, after sending relevant cryptos to a recipient, you might want to track the delivering process on the blockchain.

Does it sound inviting? If so, use the following tools to search the confirmations of different crypto transaction IDs.








I…think can work for these other coins – RPX, GAS, DBC, and QLC. Just try it out.



Apart from the all-in-one tool listed in the Top 50 Tools, with Icotracker, you can see the redirections of upcoming ICOs from all over the place.

This is it.

For you to be a giant in crypto matters, you want to combine both Cryptotracker and the other ICO icon for success. You can find it here.




This is another place to find out all the upcoming ICO listings.

Although you need more, this is a great place to hang around ICO shootouts.




If you want a tool that shows all the analytics of ICO and the financials, then, you need IcoBench. Don’t worry you will learn more when you get there, see below.

Visit IcoBench


 ➡ I was once beaten, and yet again twice shy; don’t ever make my mistake while building your projectLearn from my mistakes.






I don’t know how they did it, but the above three crypto social sites are the current buzzing places to learn more about crypto and getting free trading signals.

However, for some of the platforms, to join, you will have to get a link –invite.

How can I help?

I have already taken time to reach out on that. See below and join many Telegram, Slack and Discord rooms you want – hmmm, please be careful.






Can easily be mistaken for Cryptowatch. This is a great crypto charting tool owned by Kraken that gives you a nice wide look at various cryptos across most major exchanges.

This tool can monitor both minor and major crypto websites for your total success.




This is a place for crypto pro traders to see what the most shilled coins are on Twitter.

Not just that. With this tool, the number of tweets vs sentiments estimated will be multiplied just to arrive at a score that will favor the crypto communities.

Wait a minute.

Do not take my word for this because I said it is for crypto pros. You can join in as a beginner, but hang around and see how it works (first) before taking action/conclusion.

Visit CoinmontaMmetrics



When a tool is out, some enthusiasts will always want to bring out the best version of it.

And talking about the best version, Onchainfx is a good crypto trading tool alternative to Coinmarketcap which will give you a detailed info about crypto listings, dominance, Total Y2050 Marketcap, and more.

This tool has all sort of columns, daily moves reviews, crypto asset indexes and a lot.

Trust me when I said the best version. No more words. Just visit Onchainfx and see why you need to be there.

Visit Onchainfx



Acting as a great crypto research tool, Sifradata will give you the basic crypto correlations, financial metrics, market data, Kurtosis (hey, don’t tell anybody. I am not sure I know what it means), and more.



Many have said that Iconomi is not a bad place to get insights about crypto portfolios. This is my take.

It is a great place to learn more about different ETFs out of cryptos. You wanna see it?

Visit Iconomi



This is the Kung fu crypto tool if you want to see the matrix of price movement correlations.

This tool will show you the effective coin movements between various cryptocurrencies over various periods.

Visit Cointrading.Ninja


21. COIN360

This is a statistical tool for getting insights about different crypto market states. You will learn more about the top wins and losses, and even more.

Wait a second.

I don’t know how you will take this, but the truth is that coin360 is somewhat for advanced crypto nerds to use.

But then, little children can eat the food for the men, so, if you can fill in that blank space or carry the cross of the complexity, then see below to learn more about the tool.

Visit coin360



This is a tool that will give you the insight about what the community is saying about a particular coin on Twitter.

Just put it like this, Solume is a social media tool for coin analyzes and price comparisons based on twitter.

To help them, you can also donate if you want to. Not bad – $5.

Visit Solume



This is the crypto surveillance tool.

Okay, you want to invest on any site you think you are not sure of? Then, BadBitcoin will help you enlist such.

What you need to do is go over there, check the left-hand side of the site, and you will get all the red flagged crypto sites.

Visit BadBitcoin



Just saw this tool some time ago, and I think you will need it.

CoinPayments is a crypto tool you can get up to 423 crypto wallet addresses if you are just starting out.

I mean, if you don’t have the money to use these top beginners wallets, you can use CoinPayments to generate wallet addresses in hundreds till you buy a crypto hardware wallet.

How Can You Use It VS Is It Safe?

Well, I don’t recommend tools which the security options might be suffering from a stroke to my astonished giant members/readers, so, I have made a review/tutorial on how to use it. See below if you want the how-to syntax.

CoinPayments review/tutorial



CryptoNearYou is for every crypto investor that wants to buy cryptos near her/him. (Her or him; same).

This tool is based on worked security researches which mean, all the places listed are good enough and flexible for both beginners and pros to buy cryptos in the hood.

Visit CryptoNearYou





• On Social Crypto Tools

When on Discord or Telegram, you want to avoid PnD rooms. Again, do not rush in to take actions UNTIL you verify the authenticity of the source code info.


12 ugly investment steps you ignore as a cryptocurrency trading beginner & investor (failure guaranteed!)


• On Exchanges

I love Coinbase crypto4wallet and many safer exchanges. But yet, I wouldn’t recommend you use any exchange site without setting up your account properly.

I know why I do spend the time to advocate this. It is very important.

Just take out 5 minutes, set up two-factor authentication like a smoothie, and get verification under 3 minutes. With those, you are good to go.


7 Security Concerns With Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies You Have Overlooked Which Are Eating You Up.


• On Apps/Tools

Based on the list. Information is good. But a lot of it, if combined unevenly, can cause a concoction. Man I just got screwed –moment.

What am I trying to say?

You can’t possibly be on the above twenty-something sites at the same time. So, sieve the ones you think will serve you well and stick to them.



I don’t feel like ending this post. But yet, I figured out that some of us may not like a post that is too elongated like this 8,000 worded iconic post.

Else, I would have listed crypto productive tools for you to use along these crypto market reading tools.

This is what I think.

The next or upcoming post will show you the productive crypto tools you need for survival.

Survival? Yes, survival.

What’s that?

You know you can get worn out physically while crypto trading or making money? Oh, you don’t know?

Well, I go out to think about that. So, it is not just crypto chart reading apps. I will show you some crypto productive tools to use and stay safe/alive such that you will have the energy to read my blog posts.



As a crypto nerd, you don’t want to always depend on the hear-say and Maybes. I mean, I don’t want you to base you full decisions on the above places until you trust them.


Be a Smart Crypto Investor/Trader & Not A Hard Jobber Trader

You’ve got to bypass the manual and rather choose a copy and paste automated crypto trading framework.

You absolutely don’t need to trade at LOSS forever because crypto trading is easy to write on paper but actually having the success is far from it.

Therefore, submit the right crypto trading by using the best automated trigger tool IDEAL for your success level.

Sign up today with CryptoBlizz/tool and start having crypto trading success in a long run.

For beginners, you can get started by learning the methods behind the crypto trading success with using the right trigger with the CryptoHopper/Tool.


I recommend you join, watch how the different cryptocurrency analysis tool works before acting.

Does that make any sense? Before you answer. Yes, it does because I know I am not mad.  😎

Bonus: How to be a successful cryptocurrency investor/trader in 35 steps; based on experts recommendations.


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