5 Animals Whose Pregnancy Limits Are Stronger Than CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTORS/HOLDERS: 10 FAQS [CASE STUDY]


It occurred to me that we have not been noticing and if yes, it is time to really notice it because it is a hard work…

In a bid to appreciate your wife if you don’t always see it from this angle.

Most women when they’re expecting literally get ‘done’ with the whole pregnancy before they even hit the third trimester.

I actually met a friend last week who is merely 28 weeks pregnant, but deep down inside she just wants it to end. 😆


For some reason, I became curious and wanted to find out how long animal pregnancies tend to last.

A bit of research made me think that women should thank God that they just have 9 months to deal with.

Compared with the ridiculously long pregnancies of many animals out there, a mere 266 days is literally NOTHING to complain about.

Compare those 9 months with that of almost 2 years of gestation for elephants. That’s right! Feel a bit better now? – Source: Zainab Reza


Oops.  😳

Don’t worry, I know what you might want to ask, what do Animals got to do with an Ultimate Guide To Holding onto your Cryptocurrencies 2018, right?

Well, the fact is that we don’t believe in copying and pasting articles from anywhere, so, our articles are natives.

And secondly, this can be called Animal in crypto, yes, that is it.



The Crypto analytics here does not hold if you are a crypto trader (Idiots Guide To Copying And Pasting Crypto Trading Success By Automation.)…and it does not suggest either when to buy & sell your cryptocurrencies.

So, you‘ve got to believe your guts and hope for the best.


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Cryptocurrency Investors/Holders Vs 5 Crypto Animals – The Essence

I have had to answer too numerous questions about how to hold cryptos without being FOMOrised or Fudstered.

Undoubtedly, the first hack is unfollowing Fomorising crypto news websites.

Secondly, you need to put what we are about to say into action else, it is no better than a Tom and Jerry cartoon Story.


The Essence:

We really want to contend with the strength capabilities of some animals in comparison to some crypto enthusiasts’ HODLing Strength.

I mean, let’s see how long it can take an average animal to be patient/endure the pregnancy pains while we judge ourselves side-by-side as crypto holders.


A Case Study From Crypto Enthusiasts

#1. Mlinarić made it known that his own mistake in cryptocurrency holding was selling high…and re-buying higher…

#2. Terry revealed that he always sell too soon and then lose his position.

#3. Huffy thinks that a major mistake he made was the Lack of emotional control.

In fact, he said that most investors would benefit more from dropping $10 on a yoga class than 10k w/o composure.


What was common among them?

1). They are all cryptocurrency investors/holders.

2). They all made the mistake of selling too soon.

3). They all believed in Cryptocurrency.


What J said about his crypto portfolio?


♣ 50% VET

♣ 30% IOTA

♣ 15% NULS

♣ 5% RELEX

J said, my strategy is to attempt to forget about it for now and check it out in a few years. I’m not adding any more money into crypto.

I have about the same amount of money in stocks. Mostly Gene Editing, Green Energy, and Weed stocks. Going to keep adding there.


L…another holder.

♣ BTC 30%

♣ ETH & IOTA 15% each

♣ NEO & WTC Vet 10% each

♣ ARK & NANO 5% each

Buying with FIAT up to a certain $ amount and Holding. No trading. Timeline 5+ years.



What was common among them?

1). They are all cryptocurrency investors/holders.

2). They all made the mistake of selling too soon.

3). They all believed in Cryptocurrency.


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Top 10 Questions About The Holding Strength Of Cryptocurrency Investors/Holders


#1. How Many Months Now Have You Known Cryptocurrencies?

#2. How often do you log in-and-out of your wallet – why, cause of FUDsters?

#3. How often do you follow crypto news websites that indict you to selling off your cryptocurrencies?

#4. How many crypto tools have you used for safety?

#5. What was your first decision based on before finally being baptized into cryptocurrency – tech or value?

#6. What percentage is your cryptocurrency support – 10, 20-90%?

#7. What is your crypto-panic elasticity limit – The FUD & FOMO?

#8. What type of Crypto influencers are you following on Social Media?

#9. What will your crypto decisions be from today?

#10. Will you believe your guts about your crypto decisions – positively without being pushed to?


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With that, we kick-start what seems to be a more revealing crypto analytics of all time. Please share this post if the value is worth it. Thank you.


5 Crypto Animals Vs Cryptocurrency Investors/Holders Strength


#1. Crypto Walrus

According to a study, it has been found that Walrus carry their young for about 16 months.


Before anything else, it takes up to four full months for the embryo to attach itself to the placenta, so it is hard to tell if the female has even conceived or not.

Crypto Enthusiasts Vs Walrus?

When did you finally believe and then made the move to buy your first cryptocurrencies – to hold? 1 month, 2, 4, 5, or 7?

And after the purchase, why did you sell at a loss due to FOMO/FUD?

Well, I cannot tell it all but if you are guilty or not sure, we need to see Walrus and examine if there is need to modify our elastic limit towards holding our Blockchain projects without selling just too soon – at a loss…

The Point?

Just make up your mind.


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#2. Crypto Camels

One of the things that camels are particularly known for is their crabby and stubborn personalities.

CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTORS/HOLDERSBut when it comes to female camels, do you blame them for their attitude after learning that they have a gestation period of a full 14 months or 410 days?

Yes, imagine having to walk around with a camel in your belly for 14 straight months!


Crypto Enthusiasts Vs Camels?

It boils down to a diehard crypto believer vs a Camel.

How long can you be patient about your crypto portfolio without selling low and buying high again, or even losing out completely?

As we have seen, Camels are stretched for 410 days?

What about an average bitcoiner that invested 60 days ago?

Again, if you are guilty or not sure, you need not be ashamed.

Just see the Camels tenacity and examine if there is a need to modify your elastic limit or rigidity limit…


#3. Deep-Sea Octopus

According to research conducted by experts at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), a deep-sea octopus continues to brood its eggs for a full four and a half years!


Wait a minute…I never saw that coming…4 & ½ years?

That is incredible if not ridiculous when you consider a Beginner Bitcoiner.


Deep-Sea Octopus Vs Crypto Enthusiasts

No need to imagine this. Why?

Only about 0.1% of crypto enthusiasts will be THIS patient without losing their temper of selling low when they bought high.

You might even ask me if at all it’s possible. Well, I don’t know.

All I know is that some of these Crypto/Blockchain Billionaires did hold onto their asset, so, probably, a round of applause for them.

Coming back to us…can we really be patient as the Deep-Sea Octopus even when shaken cause of the fear of missing out?


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#4. Crypto Velvet Worms

If you think only larger sized animals are the ones that have long pregnancies, well, then you’re wrong.


Because a worm called velvet is known to bear its live young for 15 months.

CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTORS/HOLDERSThat’s right – a worm with a fluid-filled body cavity remains pregnant with live young ones for a full fifteen months.


Velvet Worms Vs Crypto Enthusiasts

Velvet Worms have come a long way to a stretch of 15 months… so, as a crypto believer, how many months can you be stretched without being broken to selling off your digital assets at Binance for beginners?

If we are guilty or not sure, we need to see Velvet Worms and examine if there is a need to modify our elastic limit…


Let’s talk about Blockchain Tech

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#5. Frilled Sharks

Frilled sharks look nothing like sharks.

Instead, they resemble eels when it comes to their appearance.


To make things interesting, Frilled Sharks are known to have the longest pregnancies amongst all living vertebrates.

Believe it or not, but their gestation period lasts for an entire 3.5 years – you got that right – THREE AND A HALF YEARS.


Frilled Sharks Vs Crypto Enthusiasts

Believe me, nobody needs to be ashamed after all some of us invested in cryptocurrency for ROI (short term). Hmmm.

The truth is that we won’t see even 5% of crypto holders that can be patient for this long unless they also have other assets like Stocks and Real Estate.


A True Crypto Enthusiasts & His/Her Blockchain Investments

I am speechless because I cannot imagine a crypto holder who should/can be patient enough to hold his cryptocoins like 3.5 months without logging in & out of his/her wallet like 20 times.

Perhaps, I might be exempted because I lost my last Bitcoin to a scammer.

But then to the rest of us, to what extent can we really stretch without selling out our coins at a loss?

I don’t know about you, but I think this is a subject we really need to think about before we even invest in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, why?

Because if we keep following some Crypto Whales predictions and indicted Crypto news websites, we will lose more by selling when it is not the best time.


FAQS Questions For Cryptocurrency Investors/Holders

I wouldn’t want to write much about the following frequently asked questions.

Just read them and see how you can fit in.

What to do…be truthful to yourself…Answer the following.


#1. How Many Months Now Have You Known Cryptocurrencies – basing your decisions?

#2. How often do you log in-and-out of your wallet – why, because of FUDsters?

#3. How often do you follow crypto news websites that indict you to selling off your cryptocurrencies?

#4. How many crypto tools have you used for safety?

#5. What was your first decision before finally being baptized into cryptocurrency – tech or value?

#6. What percentage is your cryptocurrency support – 10, 20-90%?

#7. What is your crypto-panic elasticity limit – The FUD & FOMO?

#8. What type of Crypto influencers are you following on Social Media?

#9. What will your crypto decisions be from today?

#10. Will you believe your guts about your crypto decisions -considering how long these crypto animals are tough?

These are some of the questions we need to look ourselves in the mirror after answering them.



Which Animal Outperformed or Beat Your Fomo Stretching Limits?

I don’t know about you but I would like to go the way of Walrus before deciding what to do with my investments….


How To Save Yourself From NUDE Crypto Investments?

#1. 12 ugly investment steps you ignore as a cryptocurrency trading beginner & investor (failure guaranteed!).

#2. How to be a successful cryptocurrency investor/trader in 35 steps.

#3. 25 Questions on How To Be A Good Crypto Investor and divide your portfolio sparingly In 2018.



This is not a suggestion with a profit end in mind, but I still have to say it.

What possible way can you stretch your elasticity against FOMO?


#1. Use A Two-Factored Authentication Wallet

One of the ways I use to escaping Coinbase when I need a wallet address is because of two-factor authentication I enabled.

And if you don’t know how Coinbase’s Two-Factor Authentication Wallet works, see below.


When you #1. Go to Coinbase.com/login,

#2. After entering your password, you will be asked your Two-Factor Authentication Wallet code.

#3. After entering, you will be asked to verify through a link sent to your email before being allowed to copy your wallet address.

How many steps?

#1. Login

#2. Enter Password and Email

#3. Enter Two-Factored Authentication code

#4. Verification via Email

#5. Successful Login


Those are 5 complete steps before you can use Coinbase; if you want your account secure.

This is how to hack Coinbase and get a free $10.


Now, consider this.

What if the former wallet was my main wallet or it had all my Bitcoins in it?

Would I easily be tempted to selling high and buying higher?

Perhaps, I might be, but the wariness of going through the above steps might have dawned on me – dude relax and think about it – the coin you want to sell out…

So, what am I trying to say?

Even though it is not a total solution, yet, a two-factored authentication crypto wallet/account can help us avoid Quick withdrawals or buying by indictments…


The Lesson?

Activate two-factor authentication on your online wallet if you are using it…



#2.  Use Hardware Wallet

I think if an online wallet can prevent us, say 20%, I believe a non-screen hardware wallet can do better.

Top 4 Best Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets Against Hackers In 2018 Fall!

Or Ledger X



Cryptocurrency is unique and if you want to go into it, know that it is never a quick rich scheme else, you want to get HBP – High Blood Pressure.

Again, it is pure Gambling if you want to buy and sell cryptos on your own – without a signal or a tool like Cryptoblizz for beginners.


I mean it, if we cannot treat it as an investment, then it is better for us to forget about it and do what?

Enjoy the technology behind it.


Why should we die before our time, or transfer an aggression of crypto losses to a third party?

I don’t just see the need, right?

Unless I am the only one that thinks the latter (crypto causing a bad day via losses) then I rest my case and consider it as if nothing happened.

But know that against all odds…

We did this in order for us to examine ourselves about how we can hold on to our crypto coins without selling at a LOSS.

The Big Question? See below



Are you Ready? 

Are you ready to treat cryptocurrency as a long-term investment, if yes, then my mission is accomplished.

Ready to Get Started? See below.


Going All Out – What We Use

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♣  We recommend Binance for all Cryptocurrencies Trading – beginners can do it easily.


All right.

So, we have literally seen the 5 Crypto animals whose pregnancy limits are stronger than some cryptocurrency investors/holders – no you.


The Contention.

What do you think about this subject matter and where (which category) do you belong?

Let’s hear from your side of the story below.


(Fix the Captcha Properly to submit your comment – a fight against spammers)

Source Codes: BabyGaga.com, Images – VectorStock.com


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