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This is the first of its kind. We shall embark on a free crypto trading tutorials for beginners and investors who are looking for minimal ways to earn some crypto money.

For some of us that might be like this dude that asked this I have 79+ bitcoins and $20,000 in the bank. Should I buy more BTC?

Well, if you have 79+, you do not need to buy more altcoins. Just sell some Bitcoins you have already and buy good upcoming altcoins.

But if you are not sure of what to do, you can either automate crypto trading and make some money or join others and let me teach you crypto trading for profits (below).


Your Status Quo?

I want to hold my crypto till Bitcoin is $200,000 like they said here.

Well, if you want the truth, there are crypto dudes that are making money daily in cryptocurrency while you are holding, to the moon? Okay, you can continue if you want…


But the Truth?

The crypto whales know that the current way out of this crypto space – I mean making profits is by taking action which they can influence the market as well. Just so I remind you, this is the action I am giving to you for free.

Normally you would pay a HUGE amount for it because I PAID for it myself + the Time I invested in learning and meandering with emotions.

But you will get this for free till 10th December 2018.


To end it all, I will teach you for free because IWTUC – means, I will teach you crypto, so, garner your seat belt and get instant access below before this Christmas.

But if you do not want to join others, go on your own. Use this tool, see how it works or see answered questions about it. The big deal is, make some money and not hold FOREVER.




In Summary

💡 Learn Crypto Trading and make money

💡 Get Calls to buy coins that matter.

💡 Decide your risk, 10%, 30%, and 50 or 80% – I will teach you the emotional antics.

💡 You are being taught for free.

💡 You will learn how to keep your emotions under control even in a bear crypto/Bitcoin market.

💡 You will strike out the vague line – HODL forever, you are losing my friend.


Requirements + the Only Costs?

♣ Adhere to instructions

♣ Leave if not satisfied

♣ Don’t join up if you do not want to take action.

♣ Wait for appropriate calls by the team.

♣ No Spamming

♣ Share this page.


Below are some recent trading margins we have made with our members.

N/B: the profits may not much, in fact, if we can make $5 a day it is enough based on your investment. So, if $200 can give you $5, you can multiply that with your invested sum,

$200 – $5+

$500 – $15+

$1,000 – $20+

$2,000 – $40+

Ya, I know this is not much but I DO NOT GO ON FOR A QUICK FIX, else there are a lot of promises and promising ROI out there you can take part.

However, if you want to do this on your own, go with CryptoBlizz


Our Current Trades

Learn Crypto Trading for FREE


Learn Crypto Trading for FREE


Learn Crypto Trading for FREE





I am doing this FOR both Africans and Non-Africans – separately.


➡ For Non-Africans – Get to the next step here.


➡ For Africans (from Nigeria and others) – Get to the next step here.


Our last week call?

MITH Buy  around 2550 Sell 2644, 2860+

As we are even talking, #MITH
Hit 4200. (as at 3rd Dec, 2018)


Good luck if you are convinced to try it out. Tutorials and accommodation ends soon. 15th DECEMBER, 2018


Isuamfon Offiong

I am Offiong Isuamfon. I Value People 100% Over Profits. After being scammed my last BTC, I HAD to "Delete ALL my Articles" on 19th June 2018 to start ALL OVER AGAIN to protect Beginners against Crypto Vulnerabilities & Making Unsmart Investments in the Crypto/Blockchain Tech. More on meet-the-founder-page

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