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The Myth: EARN BITCOIN WITHOUT INVESTMENTS – a rather sad story…

One of the best ways to compensate yourself as a new crypto enthusiast is to get free Bitcoins online. As we go on, you will find the countless ways and routes to go about earning absolute free bitcoins.

The question you might want to ask are: how real is earning free bitcoins? And if they are real, can it be exchanged for real BTC?

Let me start with the first question – how real is free bitcoin earning?

Well, you can earn Bitcoin for free, I mean it is real as far as you can withdraw your earnings to your Bitcoin wallet.

Secondly, can you exchange your earnings to BTC?

Yes, if this wouldn’t work out, then there wouldn’t be need for it in the first place. Does that make any sense?



One of the foremost things you want to look out when considering earning free Bitcoins is the time you will have to invest.

In one of the free Bitcoin earning websites, I spent close to 90 minutes to see how far I could go (just to test it out).

Well, the journey was great, at least, I wrapped it up at $150 pending withdrawal which required that I get some referrals.

Believe me, have got no such time, I have more posts to proof-read and publish for my readers.

So, if you’ve got some time to spend or play along, then get ready.



On the types, we have earning ways such as performing micro-tasks, referral, playing games, faucets, playing music, reading books (oops), and more.


You may not be told, but if you are a crypto beginner, always go here first.


If you want to invest in top Crypto/Blockchain projects, never fail to see this guaranteed investment failure path.

Again, you want to see the best qualities of the best crypto exchange suited for you + pro traders working tools for trading success.



Should you want to overcome fear and buy bitcoin on your own, then see this, and see the recommended safe places to buy crypto/blockchain projects in your country.



Lastly, if you want to know the Bitcoin Gangnam style major corrections against loss + updates, you can join others.




To get started on earning unlimited Bitcoins without investment, then you’ve got to have a Bitcoin wallet wherefore you will receive your Bitcoin or Satoshis.

A suitable wallet I recommend always is crypto4 Coinbase wallet – beginner friendly. So, you might want to get an account.



Crypto faucets are websites that pay you some $$ stipends for performing tasks. You can get the full idea here.



Yes, they are, if it requires you to upgrade to a higher paying plan with money from your pocket. When this happen often, it is more or less like a Ponzi faucet. So, you want to avoid those.



We have four basic faucets mostly known as normal, Bitcoin faucets, hybrid, and games.

Normal faucets (just solve timed or not, captcha(s)

Bitcoin faucets (payment in bitcoin)

Hybrid faucets (are a mix of viewing ads (PTC) & solve captcha(s)

Game faucets (this type may require you spend some time performing a certain task for higher money rewards).

The fact here is that there are some faucet games which are really paying better after upgrading with the money from your earned balance because it takes a longer time to apply an upgrade.

When this happens, it is the website owner – the admin that will earn more from ad networks from your time being online on the website.

Be it as it may, you need to be careful and know which to go for.


Wait a minute!

Perhaps, you have been told a lie about Bitcoin in the last years. I am here to overturn the verdict. You don’t need a crash course to know EVERYTHING about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

This 12,000 + words will teach you BITCOIN 2018 VERSION LIKE A CHILD, and this 6,000+ word explains all that is to it about CRYPTO DYNAMICS FOR DUMMIES.

Alright, let’s head on.



This phase of earning free bitcoin is called the major earning route.

I want to believe you’ve opened your Bitcoin wallet. If yes, let’s get it on.

1. On Coinbase – $10


You will get free $10 Bitcoin instantly if you purchase your first digital coins of $100 or more at Coinbase Exchange.

Visit Coinbase to get started.


2. XBTFreelancer

With XBTFreelancer as a freelance website, you can earn some considerable amount bitcoins for your efforts.

The only requirement is that you have something to give in return for your earnings.

For instance, if you’ve got any hobby (graphic designer, artist, writing, translating, coding and etc.), you can earn some Bitcoin here.

All you need to do is open an account with them, complete your profile data, bid for a project if you qualify for it, you will be called upon to complete it, and at the end, you will be paid based on the project completed.

Visit XBTFreelancer to get started.

Other similar websites are Upwork, Coinality, and BitWag.


3. – $150+

At Bezmoney club, when you watch commercial advertising, you will earn 10 cents for each of the ads. So, $2 for 20 clicks, and $20 for 2,000 clicks and there you have it.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings?

You must have a threshold of $150. This qualifies you as a serious dude.

You must get 40 personal referrals before you withdraw it.

However, to help out, there are already some alleged paid members that may be willing to sell you referrals for $5 or more.

This is it.

Let’s say, you earned $150 at the end of the day, to withdraw it, you must have 40 personal referrals, else, you need to buy 40 referrals on the website in order to withdraw the funds.

And after that, you don’t need more referrals to withdraw your money.

The big question however is, how true can it be? Personally,  I don’t know because my earnings is hanging as I don’t feel comfortable to ditch out $5 from my pocket for referrals.

Based on the company, if you attract referrals (other employees), you will get 50% of their earnings. The referral link is available in your dashboard/back-office.

Visit to get started.


4. $5+ is a sub web space of Coinbase. There, you can earn a considerable amount of Bitcoin daily, let’s say $5 or more.

All you are required to provide is personalized email account or any other good professional looking email address.

And lastly, you want to use a unique image as your dp – as a profile picture.

Visit to get started.


I hate to go on to this section beneath but what can I do? This is a section you will earn Bitcoins for completing some micro jobs and projects. Inclusive are games and music, reading and so on.

Reading? Are you kidding me, I feel “heat” 🙄

Free Bitcoins and you.

Do you think the Top 7 Richest Bitcoin Billionaires made it through Free Bitcoin earnings? It could be they started like you.




@ tELEgRam


At Runcpa, all you need to do is write the uploaded content and get paid.

According to the information gathered, you can write content(s) and get $100. (Haven’t tested it).

Visit Runcpa



Have you got some MB to watch videos online? If yes, then get paid to watch videos online with instant bitcoin from vidybit.

All you need is an email or bitcoin address to get paid to watch videos!

Vidybit will pay you 2 satoshi per video. 😀

Visit Vidybit



Earnably is an online reward and cashback site. It’s completely free to use, and best of all, it’s easy to get started.

All you have to do is earn points by completing simple offers from her 30+ partners. Then, redeem your points anytime for instant rewards and gift cards!

Visit Earnably



As the name implies, it is a fun time. Play games and get paid. The Games list on Bitfun includes favorites such as Cut the Rope, King of Thieves and Tentrix plus many other Arcade, Strategy, RPG and Puzzle games. All games are completely free to play!

Visit Bitfun




HotCoins is a free Bitcoin game where you can catch coins.
You can play every 10 minutes and transfer your coins to your account in
If you are lucky, you can also win the Jackpot! 😆

Visit Hotcoins will help you to earn some cryptos. All you have to do is play some crypto games and many others things.

Visit Allcoins



I learned this website is still paying – Bitcointalk. BitcoinTalk was created by Nakamoto himself in 2009.

How to earn? Just post your bitcoin address on Bitcointalk’s Thread to receive bonus of up to 15,000 satoshi!  – That is a huge pay if at all it is True.

Visit BitcoinTalk



You can earn bitcoin by simply creating an account on BTC.MS

How can you start making money with It’s just 3 steps: create an account, create a link and, post it – for every visit, you earn money. It’s just that easy!




You can earn some considerable amount of rewards on Airdrips. All you need to do is log in with Facebook and you are in!

No signup is required so it is rather an instant route.

Visit Airdrips


Earn With Kickasstraffic

Earn money by visiting sites for micro-task. Let’s do this at Kickasstraffic.

Visit Kickasstraffic



I don’t know how they do it but you can receive up to 5,000 satoshi by claiming.

Apart from that, you will get a 5% DAILY BONUS and on demand, free withdrawals of your 50% lifetime referral commission.

Visit BonusBitcoin



Make Free Bitcoin Online from PTC

Earn up to 0.00000946 per click/0.00000757 per ref. click with Minimum payout threshing at 0.00010000.

PTC Connoting Paid-To-Click. Here, you can make some free Bitcoin by clicking on ads.

And one of such major players is BTCCLICKS.

At BTCCLICKS, you can earn by clicking about 10 to 12 ads per day.



Earn by Multiple Clicks

Still on click through sites, you can make bitcoin from home starting today by clicking BitHouse Ads.

With an earning stance of up to 500 satoshi per click, you can make more bitcoin from 20% of ref click. All you need to do is share your links.

Visit BitHouse


Clicks with WanmeiBTC

Tagged as the best Paid to click site with high pay Bitcoin. You can make some Bitcoin by just clicking adverts and visiting websites for 10 seconds with 10% affiliate program, and even 1+ years online.

Based on the information gathered, you are guaranteed up to 300+ Satoshis in just few a minute.

Visit WanmeiBTC



Click Adverts and Earn

Earn even more Satoshis daily by Clicking Advertisements. With a 100% Referral Commission guaranteed, you can only stretch higher for more earnings.

Visit Btc4Bux


Bitverts ads

You can earn further by viewing some daily ads and YouTube-like adverts.

On this site, you will enjoy multiple advertising methods to earn even more.

Visit Bitverts


BitcoinGet Micro-Task

Make Bitcoins for completing Micro-Task

You earn small Bitcoins by completing micro-tasks such as completing a job, surveys and filling in of blank spaces and so on.

While you are required to register on most sites, at Bitcoinget, you are not required to register to qualify for completing a task, all you need to do is get started with your Bitcoin address.

Visit BitcoinGet


adBTC views

You can earn some free bitcoins online by viewing websites. The views work on Auto-Surfing and looking Ads.

On top of that, you can earn 7.5% from your referral clicks and 2.5% from buy Ads.

Visit adBTC



Another site to earn free BTC Viewing Ads is coinadder.

There, you get 75 Satoshis for every Ad, and the best part is that you can come back for more!




Your earning continues with Advercoins.

Get paid to click advertisements with earning stretch of 0.00000204 BTC per click.

Visit Advercoins 



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Earn Free Bitcoin for Retweeting. How true?

According to the report gathered, if you have up to 100 twitter followers and above, then you can earn from your twitter followers on

Here, the more tweeter followers you’ve got, the more you will earn.

If the information is valid, then you can try it out.



Really popular since 2017.

Paid Books is a site that pays you for reading books. I don’t know if there are ads on those books for them to make money in return, but what I learned is that you will be paid reading books for your own good.

Visit Paid Books


Hang on

See below. To get involved and be relevant,  you need to know what ECLI5, Rekt, Jomo,  Dead Cat Bounce  and Demurrage stand for. Else, you might be lost in your crypto journey.

Get involved by Seeing the Current 300+ Wise Bitcoin Layman Lines.



This part will showcase how to earn Bitcoin with faucets. As already defined, faucets are websites which give away free cryptocurrencies in exchange for task performed.



Faucethub and a Bitcoin wallet address.

Many of these faucets work with faucethub account. Faucethub is a micro wallet that almost all your payments will be stored and managed for easy withdrawals.

So, you want to get an account on faucethub. Visit faucethub to get a free account.


#1. Coinfast Faucet

You can earn some Bitcoin with Coinfast faucet.

According to the report, this faucet has been paying users for a long time.

In their words, I quote, “We pay 0.02 BTC to our users daily”.

As a matter of fact, the reward starts at 200 and up to even 10,000 satoshi every 5 minutes. Note, the Satoshis increases after every claim.

Hang on, I think you may need this. See the proof of her payment structure.

Visit Coinfast Faucet


All things being equal now, I will go on to list all the faucets you will be able to earn from.

1. 1btc

2. 18raa

3. Alekscoin

4. Bitcoinfaucet

5. Free4claim

6. Bestbitcoinfaucets

7. Bitcoinker

8. Bitcoinclub

9. Bitcoins43

10. Bitcofaucet

11. Bitcolife

12. Btc.MS

13. Claimbit

14. Claimbtc

15. Claimfreebtc

16. Claimltc

17. Claimulike

18 Clix4btc

19. Clickfight

20. Coinpot Microwallet

21. Coingratisan

22. Cpm4link

23. Cryptofights

24. Cryptoclaimer

25. Faucetgame

26. Bitcointrain

27. Freebtcn

28. FreeBitcoin

29. Faucetcrypto

30. Faucet4claim

31. Furturebitearnmore

32. Goldenfreesatoshi

33. Goodfaucet

34. Instant BTC

35. Inter-Express

36. Jackpotfaucet

37. Konstantinova

38. Luckybitco

39. Moon Bitcoin

40. Multi-Coinfaucets

41. Multicoinfaucet

42. Faucetwhite

43. Premiumfaucetnetwork

44. Queenfaucet

45. Santasfaucet

46. Starcoins

47. Skyfaucet

48. Topbtc

49. Treasurebits

50. Thunderclix

51. Trustbtcfaucet

52. Vivocoin

53. Want2crypt

54. Xfaucet

55. Youfacucets



Do Not Miss. Seriously.

If you want to work from home and earn $500 to $4,900 daily starting from today, the best way is using the method that is worth it. See how Cryptoblizz Framework has helped others and how it can for you.



You need to be careful here.

I am not sure but you need to take note. Using your computer for free Bitcoin mining may affect its safety/longevity as some of them are not compatible with antiviruses.

1. 4miner

2. Coins4hash


All right.

The above were the first 100 ways I selected to give you free Bitcoins as you wanted. Below, I will lay down more 400 ways to go for.

All you need to do is go to faucethub. Upon opening your account, go to BITCOINS and earn even more.

Remember you need a Bitconwallet address.

Get started on faucethub to earn in more than 400 Bitcoin ways.


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500 ways to earn Bitcoin
@ Telegram

Perhaps you might want to ask, can I earn so much from all these faucets? The best answer is to test it out and see for yourself. However, if there is any FREE money target I would recommend, it is

With, you get $1 for every 10 clicks. So, if it is real and true, it means you can make a considerable amount of Bitcoins from home.

But, you don’t want to be too hopeful on faucets, right?




I only was engraced to find out all these sites by research after spending up to 5 hours. Those 5 hours paid off as I found out that I can really give you up to 500 ways to earn Bitcoin all for free.

While this is true, the big insight is that some of them are not worth your precious time. So, you want to go only for the ones you think deserve it.

Okay, that is it on “How to Earn Bitcoin without Investments”.



Great, you have seen the 500 Easy Ways To Get Free Bitcoins Fast & Free Online In 2018, the question now is, how far can you go with these earnings ways, and which do you think holds the best way out?

(Let me know your thoughts below. Don’t worry, comments are spam free!).


Source Codes:,,

Disclaimer: the herein websites as of the time of writing were still paying. And as such may to subject to change based on the parent websites.



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