Top 9 Solid Ways To Earn Free Altcoins In 2019: 800$ For Your First Task


Had I known I wouldn’t have ventured into cryptocurrency in 2017? I lost almost $30,000 plus the $3,000 loan I took with a promise to refund with interests. Now, look at how I am disappointed.

Just the other day the evaluators came to evaluate my home for an auction because the last Bank loan I took for crypto investment is unpaid. The BTC I bought using $40,000 from my Bank is right there in my hardware wallet. What do I do now?

Another crypto enthusiast,

I am done with Cryptocurrency. While the big whales recommend holding to the moon, themselves are selling theirs for profits.

Since I couldn’t take it any longer I had to take the beginners Forex Training. The good news was that I learned from a reliable source, so, I better stay where I am expecting the heat than a volatile market like the cryptocurrency.

Hmmm, what can be bad as that? Being beaten in search for survival…

Here is the deal…If any of the above defines your situation over the little time in cryptocurrency, then you are in the right place to recoup some cryptos for free in 2019; who knows, you can pay back the loan you collected for cryptos which was a bad idea though.

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Before you earn, see the complete history of Bitcoin and the judgement.


Ways To Earn Altcoins In 2019

First of all, you need to know how to get started, I mean, how to start all over in order to determine if you should go into cryptocurrency or not. Why is it important?

Because that single evaluation will save your head towards the crypto 2019 year.

Apart from that, there are methods used by the crypto whales – the 7 crypto billionaires which mean if you adopt same can duplicate their successes.

The big question?

Are you ready to see how to go all over? If yes, then this is how to play safe and win massively in 2019.


Top Cryptocurrencies To Buy An Hold In 2019

I guess we learned a lot in 2018, so, we should be experts by now about the adage – HODL. I have come to terms that HODL is a sin in cryptocurrency, so, if you are still a believer then you are not a Jew.


[bctt tweet=”HODL is a sin in cryptocurrency” username=””]


As far as crypto trading by automation is concerned, there are certain coins you have to hold and some you have to sell out when the time is right.

In case you are confused already, this is what we want to do.

Today, we shall discuss the top ways in 2019 to earn free coins. And if you want to make side-by-side money, then you want to see the top 7 hot cryptocurrencies you need to buy in 2019.


9 Solid Ways To Earn Free Altcoins In 2019: 800$ For Your First Task

I almost gouged my eye off when I saw that I could make $800 in my first sign up. Do you want to see my account? If you’re excited then let’s get started.


#1. Affiliate Cryptocurrency Programs

There are many and more affiliate programs you can earn free cryptocurrencies. What is an affiliate program?

In a layman word. It is simply a referral program. If you refer Mr. A to a company B wherefore Mr. A takes an action you will be rewarded in kind.

For an example, Coinswitch will give me and you $5 if you register with this link (referral link) upon taking action – the action here means you will have to buy $100 cryptocurrencies before you and I can be rewarded.

Are you excited? If yes, lets’ see some of the platforms you can earn free Altcoins.

#1. Coinbase ($10 reward)

#2. Binance (20% reward)

#3. BitMEX

#4. Coinswitch ($5 + 25% for ever per Trans)

#5. Ledger Nano (10% reward).

#6. Trezor (10% reward)

#7. Luno

#8. Kucoin

#9. Bitfinex

#10. Cryptoblizz and more you can find online.

Lest I forget. I love affiliate program – far better than Coinbase. (30% per Trans)



#2. Crypto Airdrops

Airdrops are cryptocurrencies that fall from the air thereby dropping for crypto enthusiasts to pick. I guess I have defined that properly.

Airdrop is a way of advertising or showcasing a new cryptocurrency/project before mainstreaming. Would you believe that Bitcoin was also an Airdrop when the old players were rewarded 5 BTC each just to promote it?

If you do not believe then why would a man like Craig of BCH dump 300,000 BTC into the market which led to a crumble, the power of a whale? Sigh…

I am not saying he earned his Bitcoin from Airdrops but just showing you that the old crypto players were lucky (if I am allowed to use that word).

Here comes another lucky day for you? Hmmmmm. Nope. The number of copycats’ crypto projects going to the moon are so many that you can hardly identify the good ones – I mean all the noisy and vague ICOs all over the place.

So, in order not to lead you astray, I will list some of the trusted Airdrops I think are legit while you do your own research with hundreds of them you will soon see.



The Top Airdrops In 2019

#1. Quarkcoin

Just as I may be biased with Bitcoin same goes with QKC. I might not know why but this is a great coin to trade on a good crypto exchange. I use – the advanced section in case you want to check it out.

Learn Crypto Trading for FREE

QKC is a wonderful project and the big news is that you can earn free QKC right about now.


#2. Konkrete

Konkrete enables fund managers, property developers, homeowners, and landlords to raise capital from a global investor network. Compliantly.

Currently, they are airdropping 200 KKT tokens to their community members. Sign up at their website and complete KYC to receive 200 KKT tokens.  Also, earn 200 KKT tokens for each referral.


About Crypto TradingHow to get all timely cryptocurrency trading alerts.


#3. More Altcoins

You can get more than enough free cryptocurrencies in 2019 by following the steps below.

#1. Go to

#2 Register

#3. Click on Products

#4. Go to Airdrops

#5.Earn unlimitedly.



Just in….Poscoin is airdropping 8,000 PSC Tokens (800$), you will also earn 2,000 PSC tokens (200$) by referring friends.

(800$) :mrgreen:

I cannot validate the above info because the procedures for getting many of these ICO coins make it look like all they want us to do is gather communities for them on Social media which I’m not ready to give out that time. So, as I said, conduct your own research before you fall prey to Vague ICOs/Airdrops.

Just to help out, my friend  will show you how to identify scammy ICOs.


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#3. Task – Faucets

I guess you wouldn’t waste your time on faucets, but if you have some to spare you can go ahead and earn more than enough free-altcoins using faucets.

Here is how to go about and earn $500.


#4. Professional Activities 

Here, you can earn free altcoins by putting your hobby or insight to work. I mean, if you are good at copywriting, graphics, drawing, painting and more you can relate, just go to the following places and get started.

#a. XBTFreelancer

#b. Coinality

#c. Steemit (writing only)


#5 Start A Crypto News Website

If you can share timely crypto and blockchain news then you can start a crypto news site. But before you do that, you do not want to spread false and FOMO news like these crypto websites.

To check things out, you will see how to start a crypto website using A2 x20 hosting or with Bluehost.

Upon setting your crypto news website, go ahead and apply for Coinzilla Ads wherefore you can place on your website for crypto earnings.


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#6. Trading Competition

Binance has committed a total of 33,000 BNB and 10 iPhone XS Max’s (256GB) as prizes to give away to our users worldwide!

Users will be ranked based on the total BNB volume traded on their Binance account during the competition period (including buys and sells), across BNB/BTC, BNB/ETH, BNB/USDT and BNB/PAX trading pairs.

Binance reserves the right to disqualify trades which are deemed unfair or display attributes of market manipulation.

Top traders will split a prize pool of 33,000 BNB as listed below.

1st place:10,000 BNB
2nd place: 6,000 BNB
3rd place: 2,000 BNB
4th-10th place: 8,000 BNB to be split evenly
11th-20th place: 7,000 BNB to be split evenly


Terms of the Competition 

Binance reserves the right to cancel or amend the Promotion or Promotion Rules at our sole discretion.

Participants will not be eligible to win multiple prizes within a single competition.

BNB rewards will be issued within 2 weeks after the competition ends. You can log in and see your prize via the Distribution History in your Account Center.

Trading volume consists of buys and sells. Binance reserves the right to disqualify trades which are deemed unfair or display attributes of market manipulation.

We will notify the 10 lucky draw winners by email after the lucky draw live broadcast. You must email us back at [email protected] within three business days to claim your prize. In your email, include your name, Binance account number, phone number, address and postcode.

If winners choose to receive iPhone prizes in equivalent BNB value, the exchange rate will be based on the closing price at the end of the competition.

What you need to do?

Go to Binance > use BNB and trade with maximum volume you can and you might be chosen at the end of the day.


#7. Learn 0x. Earn 0x

0x believes that all forms of value will eventually be represented by tokens. What are tokens? And how is 0x building towards that future?

What you need to partake in the earning stream is watching all 0x introductory lessons to start learning about 0x. Each lesson takes just a couple minutes to complete.

What you need? You need a Coinbase account. You can see how to use it.


Premium/Advanced Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency on 2019

I almost beat myself up after my time at the university because I discovered that creating the structure I wanted was founded on Data Sciences. This even pushed me to start playing with HTML which of course I can customize my WordPress website the way I want in a minimalist way– suitable for me.  

I wasn’t late. That is what I would have learned early enough.


#8. Earn by Becoming a Blockchain Experts

With a ravaging growing industry like the crypto, I guess you know by now that Blockchain Experts are sort for.

These are the ones that have passed through Data Sciences up to being trained as Blockchain experts. And of course, you know that blockchain is one of the current courses in many universities.

In case you want to see the growth of the Blockchain Industry, see this.

For some of us that are ready to take the bull by the horn and earn advanced crypto salaries, herein lies a Blockchain Development Masterclass you want to join.

With this course, you will get hands-on in building dApps on the EOS Blockchain & creating smart contracts with Solidity, and of course become an advanced blockchain developer in no time!

As you may know, make no mistake, the Blockchain technology is an unprecedented force of disruption. That is why businesses can’t hire Blockchain developers fast enough. And yet, there are just a few resources out there that provide quality and up-to-date information on the matter.


#9. Data Scientists

Like me, you might want to get in and work in some crypto startups/projects.

You can earn handsome money in Crypto by going the way of Data sciences. All you need to do is identify the right Data Science course and jump in.

And lucky you the course is a great one for beginners. The fact is, whether you are new to programming as I was or you are already an accomplished developer, this course will suit you.

All in all, if you are ready to arm yourself with different skills so that you can progressively build more complex data frames, you can start learning now.


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Final Thoughts

If you don’t know how to trade crypto and earn, you can use a simple automation tool that is easy.

What if you cannot or do not want to involve yourself in any of those?

If that is you then you can get involved in any of the above ways to earning altcoins in 2019. The main essence of writing this was for you to earn free cryptocurrencies in 2019.

Here we go, have a great time with earning free Altcoins in 2019.


Thanks for coming reading. Let me know what you think below. And please share if you like it.


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