As A Beginner, See How To Get Started In Cryptocurrency Profitably This 2019


Say hello to 2019. It is a great joy that we will all make it to 2019 – thanks to the Lord.

Last December, 2017, everyone wanted to own Bitcoin because they were looking at a sudden struck gold. Down the line in 2018 everyone wanted to sell out because the sudden gold turned to a zinc.


The 2018 Bullishness Of Bitcoin

Quoting Ethereumworldnews, according to the analytics trending tool published by Google, “What is Bitcoin?” was the most searched phrase for the question-asking category for 2018.

Both United States and United Kingdom Google users searched for information about the number one cryptocurrency by market capitalization more than any other topic, giving an indication that–while some would proclaim the technology a bubble in the process of bursting–there still remains interest in the field of cryptocurrency.


The Upturn Hate 

Erik Finman, The “Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire has just called it a day with Bitcoin. Why? I guess no ones wants the answer because it is not obvoius that Bitcoin is now at $3,400_.

In an interview on Buzzfeed News, Finman was formerly an average American adolescent with dreams of grandeur, and an unbridled hate for college.

Due to his hate for higher education, his parents decided that he wouldn’t have to attend college, only if he was worth $1 million by 18.

Fast forward the event, the little dude invested the $1,000 in Bitcoin as at $2.5 and got 400+ BTC. Now the question is, if BTC bought at $2.5 is now $3,400 of which he had used some or all to get a home, so, why the sudden hate? 

He said flat-out that “Bitcoin is dead,” adding that the fragmented nature of the crypto community, as made by apparent by the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, could spell the end for the asset… eventually.

If you want to get the full story, see it here.



Having the Best 2018 Crypto Year 

In 2018, we talked more about the Beginning of Cryptocurrency and of course Bitcoin Dynamics. We even went ahead to show how the Blockchain works and of course, why your country was not among the top 40+ Blockchain Countries of the world.

So, in 2019, I am assuming we want to get it right and if yes, I am here to get us started. Now, the big question is, how do I get started in cryptocurrency in 2019?

 Well, the first option is going through all the above-highlighted articles. The best way in 2019 is seeing how this works and deciding afterwards. 


How To Get Started In Cryptocurrency In 2019

First of all, you need to know what Cryptocurrency is all about. I am sure you will read the above but just for now, cryptocurrency can be seen as a digital money – virtual.

The word crypto has to do with encryption while currency is what we are already familiar with – money used as a medium of exchange.

Cryptocurrency was designed to be decentralized – not controlled by any government or parties like what we see with FIAT  (Dollars, Pounds, and so on) but ONLY the community; the holders.

To get started in crypto, you will need what is known as a crypto wallet, crypto wallet address, a strong password and all the basic tools in which you can find them here.

Your crypto wallet is like – your Bank account.

Your crypto wallet address is like – your Bank account number.

 For you to send any cryptocurrency to another party, you will need to have some crypto assets in your wallet. Some of the crypto assets are Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and so on. See the top 30 going to the moon.

Cryptocurrencies are at times called digital assets, crypto assets, altcoins, and cryptos.


How To Get Crypto Digital Asset?

To get a digital asset, you can buy from a trusted friend or from a reliable source – a place called exchange.

in order to get your first digital asset, if you are an American citizen, you are best served at Coinbase . You can also use CEX if you do not have access to Coinbase.

Now, let’s say you want Bitcoin. All you need to do is pay 

How To Get Started In Cryptocurrency

for bitcoin using Fiat from your bank account.

Do not let the process scare you because it is just like buying a product or shopping online.

This is what to do if you are buying Bitcoin.  

Getting your Bitcoin Address.

All you need to do is go to an exchange like Coinbase or CEX and create a Bitcoin wallet. When done, you will find tour Bitcoin address generated when you click on get Bitcoin address.

About crypt wallets, for online crypto wallets, I like to use Coinbase, Cex, or Binance – they are secure. See Coinbase review.  

In order not to scatter links all through, if you want to use Coinbase, this is our link. And if Binance this is our link. Or, if you prefer CEX for a wallet this is the link.  


After creating your crypto wallet you need to copy the wallet address out and give to the crypto exchange or a friend that will then deposit the Bitcoin asset into your own wallet.

All you need to do further is give them your wallet address, pay them FIAT for the bitcoin asset and they will fund your account.

When that is done you will get it right there in your account – give it some time to process.


Gat any terms you do not get like crypto wallet address and more? If yes, please see all the 300 formal crypto register.



 Do you need to get started right away? Nope. If you need to read the above again, please go through it before you decide on what to do.


Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire


Practical ways on how to buy Bitcoin and Other Top Digital assets.

 ➡ Mostly for Top World powering countries – Buy crypto assets using Coinbase

 ➡ How to buy crypto assets using Credit Card with Coinmama.

 ➡ How to buy crypto assets using Credit Card and Direct Withdrawal with CEX

 ➡ How to buy Cryptocurrencies with Changelly

 ➡ How to buy cryptocurrencies with LocalBitcoins.


Now, if you are an African, you can see how to buy Bitcoin from Nigeria or other European and African countries near you.


How To Stay Safe In Cryptocurrency 2019

Getting started in cryptocurrency is as important to staying safe. A lot of bad names have been labeled cryptocurrency because it was first seen as an illegal money used for transacting products in the dark web.

Down the line, a lot of crypto smart hackers saw the value in it and then began to man-hunt some holders by hacking their crypto wallets, major exchanges and so on.

While most of the African crypto holders may not be affected by hacking, for you to stay safe in the cryptocurrency industry, you need to take some steps such as safeguarding your crypto wallets, owning the private key, using a hard wallet, and so on.

In 2018, we did a whole lot about safety and how Codi was scammed, you can get all the drill here.

Getting it started.  If you need to stay safe, we recommend you use a better online wallet if you do not have a hardware wallet.

As stated above, we recommend Coinbase, Binance. Others are CEX, Mycelium, GreenBits, and hardware. Of all, the best is using hardware wallets.

Talking about hardware wallets, the best two are Trezor and Ledger for multiple holders.

Getting hardware wallets now…

I think the promo is still on if you can afford any of the two wallets today. If you want, get some discount off if you need the New Trezor or the New Ledger.


Other ways to stay safe in 2019 are below.  


7 security concerns with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies you overlooked in 2018

 ➡ Guide on how to know & set up 2fa on Binance, Localbitcoins & 500 top crypto exchanges


The Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest

While this might not be important as a newbie, however, if you need to get all the insights about a digital asset to invest – hold, you will need the following;

 ➡ The 25 questions on dividing your portfolio sparingly in 2019,

 ➡ 17 questions & best strategies to choose top cryptocurrencies in 2019 and lastly,

 ➡ The top 8 facts about long-term cryptocurrency investment a beginner should know.


Talking about long term crypto investment, well, 2018 taught a lot of people that holding onto a coin is not the best.

No worries though, just go through the article and at the end of the day you will get How To Play Safe & Win Massively In 2019 Like The Cryptocurrency Whales – Leave your best email below for the crypto food.



Why You Should Not Invest In Cryptocurrency?

There are no near reasons than loss and more losses. Those that got a loan to buy cryptocurrencies in early 2018 are playing the drum of a payback.


Some of us – crypto holders that got a loan to buy Bitcoin just to belong to the Bitcoin HODL crew are getting it hard because we bought Bitcoin at $13,000+ (or other cryptos high) and hoped for a $40,000 BTC, but here we are, gracefully at $3,500 ( as at the time of writing).

The end result – you can lose your money.  🙄 

This is what the former chief economist of the IMF and Harvard University professor, Kenneth Rogoff, had to say about Bitcoin. He characterized it as “nutty,” stating its long-term value is “more likely to be $100 than $100,000”.

He is not the only one, you can see others here.


Losses Via Crypto Trading?

Crypto trading is great when you win, win more, and lose a little. It gets sour when you lose, lose a little, win, lose a little more, lose more, and lose till you are sacked from trading.

So, there is no painting white here, the thwarting truth is that you can lose all your money because the cryptocurrency market is volatile.



How not to lose out?

Let’s say you had bought a coin called MDA at 17,000 SAT and it went all down to 10,000. You will agree with me that if you sell out at 10,000 you will be losing, right? So, how can you limit the losses to gain?

What you need to do is give it some time for the coin to come up again to 17,000. Anything other than that is a loss.

Nevertheless, there is another way to do this in 2019. We call this sparingly adding of coins in a losing crypto trading.  You will learn more when this is written in detail. All you need to do is get in and be a subscriber and we shall send it to you.


Why Should You Invest In Cryptocurrency?

There is no long argument though. The simple reason we buy or invest in cryptocurrency is to win. How?

We Buy a digital asset low and sell it high. The low and high differences is our profits.

Buy the asset LOW

Sell when asset is HIGH – that is called trading.


Certainly and I agree,

Bitcoin is not what it was 2 years ago when a lot of people got it when it was $500 and later sold a whole lot in 2017 when it was $20,000.

Now, you can imagine this. If as at 2016, 1 Bitcoin was sold for $500 and I bought 10 BTC, at $20,000 the calculation tells it all – 10BTC x $20,000 = $200,000.

Is this the end of Bitcoin and crypto? Certainly not.

While there are so many predictions that Bitcoin will reach $50,000 or more, there is more room to hold it (or any other crypto) if you want because you can never say never if it gets to $10,000 from the current price it is now – $3,500.

So, should you hold?

Nope if you do not believe that it can trigger back there. Or you do not believe in the tech behind it.

Yes, if you believe it can be worthwhile.

Note: this is not a Bitcoin-only recommendation, there are other good coins out there you can get for a fraction of dollars which when they surge yours will be the profits.

However, the big deal is that they all depend (directly and indirectly) on Bitcoin’s price.

Still not sure of what to do?  Don’t worry, you will get the top worthless coins to invest in 2019: the right ones for quarter 1. We will send it to you here.

Apart from holding, you can use your crypto money and pay for goods because just like Canadian city of Calgary which has created Calgary dollar, they now allow holders to pay for local goods and services.



How To Make Money In Cryptocurrency?

#1. Write For Cryptocurrency Blogs.

What to do?

Just go to the relevant crypto websites and see if there is a need for paid writers, if found, go ahead and pitch your article and if accepted you will get paid at the end of then day.


#2. Become A Crypto Affiliate

You can become a crypto affiliate by directing people to register on different platforms. For an example, if you refer Mr. Toms using your link to Coinbase, when he makes a transaction of $100, you will receive $10 as a reward.

But this is not too good because you won’t get subsequent benefits if the person keeps doing business there at Coinbase.

Some great affiliate places.

#1. Binance Referral program – 20%

#2. Trezor Wallet Referral program – 10%

#3. Ledger Wallet Referral program – 10%

#4. CEX Exchange Referral program – 30%

#5. BitMEX Referral program – 10% and more.


#3. Start A Crypto News Website

If you have the passion to write, you can start a crypto news website and start delivering live and relevant news.

With time, when you start getting some decent amount of visitors, you can apply for ads and get paid when those ads are clicked.

Apart from ads like Google AdSense,, you can engage in other Referral programs.

Note: getting a website to a success mark is not a Quick Rich Scheme. If the passion is not there you will likely drop out on the way.

Ready to get started? On your own, you can use A2 hosting or Bluehost.

If you need a practical guide, see how to get started with A2 hosting and this one with Bluehost Crypto Blog.


#4. Earn Free Cryptos with Time

One of the biggest scams in cryptocurrency is the scam of earning free digital assets.  

What happens is that the SAID free website owners will place banner ads on the website, being paid and making more profits, they will in turn cut a bite and put in your mouth – that is if they want to.

How does this sound, a myth? This is how to earn free cryptos in 500 ways




#5. Crypto Mining

Crypto mining is not all that profitable again; not with this current bear market. What happens here is that you buy a mining machine and with a steady electrical energy you mine cryptocurrencies.

I wouldn’t like to go into other ways but another method is by Proof Staking – it is capital intensive though.

Here, what you need to do is help payments to be processed successfully on the Blockchain. Your contribution to fast payment delivering means you will be paid for your input.


#6. Crypto Trading

Another way to earn massively here is crypto trading. Like we highlighted above, all you need to do is buy a coin low and sell high for profits.

See this.

Do not get it twisted because it is more complicated and scary when you see a trading platform before your eyes.

How to win is playing around to see how it works before you start the REAL trading.

For crypto trading, we use Binance, and see this how we traded with it in 2018.

There are many other 2000 ways which you will find below.


AOB – Any Other Business

Below are some of the insights you might want to get in crypto as far as 2019 is concerned.

#1. 2018 top 11 best cryptocurrency news websites that won’t hurt you

#2. How to play naughty and earn free 2000 cryptos without investments

#3. Influential people in cryptocurrency + their followers


To end it all, as a beginner, that is how we think you can get started in cryptocurrency profitably in 2019.

The big question, having seen how this work, what is your stand now?


Disclaimer: this is not a financial advice but to be treated as an education piece.

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