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Quickly, I will show you how to start your crypto site or project with no surprises featuring A2 vs Bluehost vs SiteGround hosting services.

How simple will this be?

You can absolutely do it on your own because like me, I rose up around 3:20 am and paid up my hosting package using my credit card, and with a few clicks, started this web blog you are in.

So, do not worry, in a few second, you will see how to go about it.

But before that,

I strongly believe in great startups because, in this journey of life, I want to create a startup that will put people in my shoe size or bigger – solution. I mean a solution I would have wanted myself.

By the grace of the good Lord, Jesus Christ, I have a list of valuable contents to add to your life before I start my personal self development blog on January 1st, 2019.

That being said, each post here before it is being published makes sure I put you in my shoe and put up all the images and descriptions I think will help. Now, if you are in the blogging world, you would know that too many files in a page might slow it down.

And should that stop a good presentation? I don’t think so.

The thing is, if you want to create a powerful business or project site, you don’t need to use necessarily “the BEST web hosting service” to build it…I will explain.

You know, it is great to hype a crypto exchange or a product, but until you use it yourself you find out that it is/was vague…

Now, if you are creating a website, going over the internet, you will see proves of the supposed “best hosting company”, but I tell you. The best as said by many is what gave me a big surprise just in my second month when I had a handful of visitors on this site.

The result?

This is what I got “you have used your allocated memory, (the exact as we go on). What?

Come on, am I not supposed to expect 20,000+ visitors as you said before anything like a site notification for upgrade? That was my story. So, not all internet golds are glitters. Never…

You know, that same reason of being vulnerable in the hands of these vague companies made me delete all my posts to start all over to guide people (mostly crypto beginners) against crypto exchange scams and hack.

The fact is,

It doesn’t mean that I have nothing to write about when I recommend, you use a different email from your personal – just for crypto projects.

Again, it is not a bad idea for me to recommend, you use a two factor authentication or Proton email – better for crypto projects against phishing and so on.

With the above being said, if you want to build a personal project or business website, I will recommend the safe and best service having tasted some bad experiences myself.

Also, I will tell you more on how to make your site super live even before notification of being shut down – if at all.


Disclosure: this is an analytics website. Meaning, after an analytics we recommend the nearest solution(s).

And as a Bitcoin/Altcoin place, we shall be recommending safe places where you can get the best solutions pertaining to the subject matter/problem(s).

So, your decision at the end of the day should only be based on the value you get and not judged on the recommended services. You can choose to use the services and also not. See how we make money/income reports.

Here we go.


If you are onto starting a business website or personal crypto blog, all you need are

A good web hosting service that offers Unlimited bandwidth – it is important, so take it from me.

A domain name – something like –

• Platform to build your project site – WordPress vs Blogger.

At this point, WordPress is the most used and probably the best.

The above three things are all you need since your credit card will magically buy the services.

Don’t worry, I will show you how to buy a good hosting service, Domain name, and check if it is available in less than 5 seconds.



A web hosting service is a company you will buy space and build your website on. We have many of them but the ones we are looking at are A2 vs Siteground Vs Bluehost.


I can’t hide the fact that I have always been a big fan of Siteground web host – the hypes made me go there. I have used it and it is okay – but not in all areas; don’t beg me to open up because I will –something very few want to admit.

Now, go to the internet and you will see that SiteGround is rated probably the BEST web hosting company.

Sorry to disappoint “SiteGround,” but I can’t let people down or allow them to think you are the BE……ST. Nope.

See, if you want to use SiteGround web hosting service, don’t even think of using the first and second plans, and if you are serious as well, don’t use the third hosting plan either.

However, if you think SiteGround is what you want, start with the Cloud package if you can pay for it else, you might be in for a Shock or Big surprise. (you will see proofs as we go on).

Observation: I have nothing against SiteGround. My former domain name which I transferred to the current was hosted on SiteGround. Even with that, I can never fail to tell you the truth hidden from users and new clients. See the proof below… check the name…   – April 14th, 2018

Go here and confirm if the confession is true….

A2 Vs Bluehost Vs SiteGround

SiteGround Package Plan: 2nd plan – GrowBig – 25,000 visitors max.

25,000 visitors max? You are kidding me, right?

See, if you use SiteGround’s second package that says that it can contain 25,000 visitors, please take it from me.

The truth?

It might not even take 2,000 in one day – if the visitors engage a lot on your website then you will/might get the shock of your life.

Look at this.

Just after setting my website up, one of those days, I had a handful of 300 visitors that engaged on the site and I was sent a shocker of my lifeeeeeeeee. 😳

Account Reached Allowed Daily CPU Seconds???????

 [We would like to inform you that your account has reached 80% of the allowed daily usage of 20000 CPU seconds per account. Please note that once you hit 100% of the allowed daily CPU seconds, your web service will be limited for the calendar day. The web service limit means you may have problems accessing your website.] from Siteground


Who would have taught that this is hidden from the general public? I never saw it until I fell for it. A big slap on trust; on the company and the writer that recommended it without revealing the real truth. 

SiteGround plan: 3rd Plan- GrowGeek – 100,000 visitors

Like the above, 100,000 does not mean it can contain 100,000 visitors.

This is the big deal. As soon as you have used up your memory allocated to you by SiteGround, no matter if you had 10,000 visitors that engaged on the site, sorry, the site will shut down unless you hooked it up with Cloudflare.

This is not a rumor. Why not? I had a long chat with the support desk [which confirmed it as well]. (I didn’t save the chat I had with the support desk).

So, don’t be played into the die hard lie that 100,000 visitors means that 100,000 people must be on your site before you upgrade to a higher plan.

And note, the 100,000 is monthly – not daily.


1. Limited Disk Space 2. Limited Bandwidth and 3. Handling Super Technical Matters.


Disk Space/Bandwidth define the span of managing your files uploaded without running out of space. It is like a memory card whereby if the capacity on your mobile phone is used up, you cannot upload more files.

SiteGround has this vulnerability of limited disk space and bandwidth as provided by other competitors.

Don’t let any SEO blogger tell you that it does not matter because it does. If you want to upload images with tutorials like I do, it is not a brainier, please, look elsewhere.

(go for a web hosting company with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space because they sure matter)


Now, I saw a customer that had a problem of solving a deeply technical issue. His complaint was about the inability of Siteground to handle deep technical matters.

Well, it sounds like a great point for an attack, but yet, for the fact that a customer used a particular support does not mean all the supports couldn’t help out.

The truth?

I have been helped a lot by SiteGround technical assistant support. In fact, they helped me reduce the redirections problem I had (insight). A final solution to it.

So, I am just pointing this out in case you experience such which you MIGHT NOT. Why not? Just saying though.



Now, SiteGround no doubt has stood out. The company is known for her best customer support.  And is it still true? Difficult to say yes. You will see soon.

As I said above, I have gained a lot of help and support from them.

But the shocker?

Other web hosting services have seen what has drawn clients away, and they are doing just that. (Data and Analytics as awe go on).

If you think that experiencing shock is just a mere line, let’s see below…


a2 vs bluehost vs siteground

(I thought “they”SAID” they are always there for you and me)…



Using SiteGround means you are in for a speedy website. Their service is fast most especially using a tool known as SG Optimizer which acts as W3 Total Cache.

However, this is what major web hosts are also known for – speed, so, it might just be optimization using tools like MaxCDN and Cloudflare and so on…



Uptime is the duration wherefore a site has been able to stay live –online without being down.

And if we want to talk about that, SiteGround is excellent. They have almost 99% uptime.

Since I used it, no day has my site been down, not like my former web host where I saw hellllllllll while writing.


If you want to use SiteGround without issues of data usage or of the sort, only use the Cloud and other higher plans, else, you want to joke with your clients (when your website gains weight).

Their 1 – 3 shared plans are by ALL means a NO by me. However, if you must, start with the 100,000 GrowBig plan (negligently) which will contain more memory usage than the 1st and the 2nd.

But, if you are into serious business, use SiteGround’s Cloud, Reseller, Dedicated and other higher packages.



So, if you are okay with those 2 important limitations – limited disk space and memory usage deficiency, go on with SiteGround.


A2 Vs Bluehost Vs SiteGround

Wait a minute…

People criticize Bluehost a lot and the big deal is that some of them might not know much about it.

No doubt, there are bad reviews about it, but when you look very well, you will see that many big-time writers use Bluehost service, and they haven’t had any course of regret. So, from whence do these complaints come from?


Bluehost is a great and a long-standing Web hosting company since the early 2000s’.

This is a company used by top sites and writers. An example is Pat Flynn or my role model (who doesn’t know he is my role model – Michael Hyatt) as of the last time of checking it out.

Since I won’t focus on Bluehost, let’s see the features.


Bluehost addresses the two vulnerabilities of SiteGround – Low memory usage or web space and limited bandwidth.


According to many online reviews of which some stem by referral hunger, most of them say Bluehost is not good enough. But the last time of checking in 2018, the support is okay based on user experience.

Why, have they adjusted?

Why not? They also read their own product reviews, so, it is not surprising.

I tell you, many web hosting services are adjusting like Coinbase crypto site employing more supports to help out at the customer desk.

Be it as it may, I don’t believe in mere sweet lines, so, you will see the A2 Vs Bluehost Vs SiteGround comparison by analytics.


If you want to use Bluehost, going for the 2 year plan is the best option. This plan cuts the additional and excess cost of purchasing a monthly or a single year plan.

Visit Bluehost Hosting Company

I have returned. I just made a complete guide on setting up Bluehost in 7 minutes. Check it out.




My web hosting service of choice is A2 Hosting.

A2 web hosting company is a super fast, reliable and a flexible startup trusted by thousands of clients

A2 web hosting company is just like but with a better site speed and flexible hosting plans.


Below are the basic and the innermost reasons you want to use A2 Hosting without having surprises.


A2 web hosting company is big enough to handle the site upgrade and speed rate of your business site. In fact, it was after the SiteGround shocker that I discovered A2 was similar to what is obtained there (by confirmations).

A2 web hosting service is tagged as the 20x faster web hosting company. Sure it is because I have experienced what it means for a website to be a turbo speed major.

So, in conclusion, A2 web hosting company has every tool to push the speed of your crypto blog or project site such that every page click is a flip.


Staying online is a must for companies competing to be first. Like SiteGround, A2 has an uptime score of 99%.

So, you can always host your site and sleep without the FEAR of it being shot down by hosting servers.


Having seen the need to upload more images and files, you want to go for a web hosting company that offers you an Unlimited DISK Space and an Unlimited Bandwidth.

With those two, go ahead and host your Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Vimeo and many files – and you know what? You are covered…

I have addressed the basic things you should look at for.

So, with an UNLIMITED Disk Space and an UNLIMITED Bandwidth, I would say, go ahead with A2.

Other options you might like.


I won’t mention SiteGround again. Now, so many web host services give you a money back guarantee over days or over weeks, but with A2? You get a stretched Anytime Money Back Guarantee.

Yes, Anytime Money Back Guarantee. How about that?

Before you have the audacity to offer Any Time Money Guarantee. For Christ’s sake, your service(s) is out of this world, else, you will soon back your bags. And I don’t see it happening because anytime soon with A2 hosting because proofs and data do not lie.


Well, I don’t see the need to hammer more on that because nobody will say —Hey, Return my money—not when you are getting an excellent service.

• SUPPORT – 24/7

The best thing that can happen to you is having a backup – a support on your side. And using SiteGround, I have enjoyed that. Great support.

Now, no over exaggeration, but A2 support is also great at the customer desk. You will see it later on.


Should you need a personal attention as an ambassador, you want to use the phone line of A2. For easy access, use the phone number below and get on with them.

Phone number: +1 734-222-4678

Do you need to ask me if I recommend a service that has a trust and stamina to give you Anytime Money Back Guarantee? No. I highly recommend A2 Web Hosting Company for your crypto Blog and Business projects.

Use this link to get 34% discount


At A2 you are provided with the basic plans that suit you. The best part is that no matter what, with an unlimited web space and bandwidth, you will be notified when due for an upgrade.

1. Shared Hosting

Starting at $3.92 USD monthly (was $7.99)

This plan is suitable for hobby sites. That is hosting your personal blog/site with fewer views/visitors

It is a compact starter plan for those that are starting out or are on a low budget.

Start a Shared Hosting plan at $3.92

2. VPS Hosting

This plan is okay for normal sites. With a VPS hosting plan, you are telling yourself that you want to be serious even with a low budget of $5 per month.

It is a great plan for basic starters where you will have more power than Shared Hosting

Start a VPS Hosting plan at $5

3. Reseller Hosting

Starting at $13.19 USD monthly (was $19.99)

It all boils down to having your clients at heart.

The big question here is, do you have your clients at heart?

If yes, then, the reseller hosting plan is s suitable plan for vibrant websites that want to be online and do the right kind of business without going down.

This package can handle your site’s all-time traffic before the need for an upgrade (if at all).

Start a Reseller Hosting plan at $13.19

4. Dedicated Hosting

Starting at $99.59 USD monthly (was $119.99)

I don’t think you will want this unless you want to start a big News Site or E-commerce with over 20,000+ daily and unique visitors.

However, if you want, it is great as it is suited for most intensive business.

With it, you are free to choose your management level, isolation status and more advanced add-ons. – it is simply for the big whales.

Start an A2 Dedicated Server Hosting plan at $99.59



Since I want to use the Reseller plan here, note that the A2 reseller package does not come with a free SSL like the other plans. However, you can get it for free at let’s encrypt or get it ones and for all by selecting it along with your order bill. Read on.



• Bluehost

A2 Vs Bluehost Vs SiteGround

• SiteGround


• A2 Host



Winner: based on your budget and quality taste….

However, if you ask me, A2 Turbo is great to start with – basic crypto blogs and projects.


I was up from bed (am hours) to comparing the supports to see how far and true they are. And you know what?

If you want to test the supports of each host services, don’t do it in the day time. Catch them out during the early morning – 3 am -4:30 am where the vengeance of sleep can cause a close in the working hours.

Bluehost Support Desk Response Time: 1 min

Exact Time: 4:18 am – 4:19 am



Siteground Support Desk Response Time: Seconds

Exact Time: 4:15 am – 4:15 am

A2 Vs Bluehost Vs SiteGround


A2 Support Desk Response Time: 1 min

Exact Time: 4:21 am – 4:22 am


A2 Vs Bluehost Vs SiteGround


Winner: Siteground… 🙄

Really? I don’t not think so. 😎

a2 vs bluehost vs siteground
No support available… 😎 🙄 😎


Response Time Conclusion

From the analytics above, you can see that all the three are good. While Siteground was in seconds, Bluehost and A2 were 1 minute.

So, what will you say about the last SiteGrounds’s support response time? 😈

Now, if you hear anyone tell you that Bluehost has a bad support, do check it out yourself. Why? Analytics does not lie… And what of A2, great, right?


Using these Web hosting services is all about personal experience.

At times we may be afraid to test out, but when we do, you might find out that it is NOT exactly as to what people say – not always though.

An example is Coinbase.

It is just like saying Coinbase support sucks when you haven’t gone to their self-help section (more on its review) and see predefined solutions to immediate challenges.


Do not adopt the monthly payment options because it is not all that economical. If you can afford a yearly package plan [pay IT out at once].

This is it.

It is better to pay for the plans yearly. With that, you will have saved cost while not having to worry about your credit card working always – every 30th-day payment.


This are the steps for Bluehost

I assume that you have gotten a name you want your site to be known for –

If you don’t, no worries, just enter your preferred name and click on Check to see if it is available or not.

To get started, choose the Hosting package you want. I will use the reseller plan.


1. Visit A2 Web Hosting Company and create an account.

2. Choose the hosting plan you want. Enter the code (if available) and click on check out.

Code: A2SELL

3. To continue, Click on your plan (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum).

4. Enter your new domain name in the space therein and check if it is still available for purchase.

A2 Vs Bluehost Vs SiteGround

Success: Congratulations! is available!

Your own will show same, if not, try another name.

5. Click on Continue to make payment…

Not sure?

If you don’t want a .com suffix, you can choose others like

• -$44.95 USD

•  – $29.95 USD

• – $8.95 USD

• – $24.95 USD

• $49.95 USD

When done, click on continue…

6. Next Screen: scroll down and select other options you might want to add up to the basic options.

• Select the “Choose Billing Cycle” – monthly or yearly?

When done, review all your selections and click on Continue.

7. Next page: Domains Configuration

You can choose to add some Domains Configuration options. However, the default is okay. Click on continue.

8. Next page: Review & Checkout. Click on Continue.


A2 Vs Bluehost Vs SiteGround

9. Next Page: Billing Info.

Fill in all your personal details and billing information to check out. Go down to tick the [I have read and agree to the Terms of Service]

When done, click on Complete Order to make payment.

A2 Vs Bluehost Vs SiteGround

Done. That is all.


If you want to make your site live always, you need to integrate with Cloudflare. With Cloudflare, your site will be LIVE even when it might be taken down.

For an example, if you had used Siteground’s 1st or 2nd plan and the site went down, with CloudFlare’s integration, it will still be live while you rush up and pay for your site upgrade or move to a better hosting company.


I love great startups, and I hope to build one myself. And you know what?

No one can pay me to review vague service(s). I have been once shy and even bitten twice by various online services, so, I should get paid to deceive you? Like the Evangelicals, it is against my value, prestige and believes. No way!

THE VERDICT: A2 Vs Bluehost Vs Siteground  


Many writers say it is SiteGround, but when you use it as me you will know that it is not exactly – not always. You can see it from the analytics.

By all means, I don’t want to support the motion of saying dammmmmmmmmm it; it is the Ultimate Warrior –remember that wrestler?

So, SiteGround is good as I haven’t had any technical issue since using it myself.

My recommendation is that having experienced and known what having a downtime of over 20+ times with my 2017 host company means, if you want to use SiteGround, start from the GrowGeek plan (if on a low budget), else, go with Cloud, Reseller, Dedicated (premium attention from the support).

Note: SiteGround’s Hosting Plans are definitely costly (it’s okay if you can afford it)…

I don’t recommend SiteGround!.

➡ Build your Business Project with SiteGround



And this service has been humiliated so much that I ran away from it based on the bad reviews I read before deciding where to build my business project.

To start with, Bluehost solves the vulnerabilities of SiteGround in terms of the limited Web space and Bandwidth, so, it is not as bad as you think; the analytics above is just another true test of it.

With that in mind, you might love Bluehost if you with them. If so, then feel free to build your portfolio/business on it.

I recommend Bluehost as it is flexible.

➡ Create your Business Project with Bluehost 



By all means, this is a turbo speed web hosting service. Just like Bluehost, A2 solves Siteground limitations, and on top of that your business project if hosted with them can experience a rare 20x site speed they offer.

If you are going for A2, you have nice levels of project management and other premium supports to guarantee success.

And don’t forget that they offer an Anytime Money Back Guarantee; something that challenges the authenticity/sincerity of a Service company – I mean Anytime Money Back Guarantee.

Just to earmark, SiteGround and Bluehost haven’t reached there yet.

Having been beaten once in 2017 and twice shy on April 14th, 2018, my conclusion is that I love and recommend A2 hosting service for your projects.

And for now, all my upcoming business projects will be hosted there; nobody HATES a good and flexible service after all. I don’t myself…

I highly recommend A2 if you want a great service.

➡ Build your Business Project with A2 Hosting

Ready to build your project without downtime? use this link to get a 34% discount on A2 Hosting.

To this end, that is all you need to start your crypto site or business project website in simple but practical steps.

I must confess, this took me about 15 hours to finish. But it was worth it, right?

The thing is that I hate UNKNOWN Vulnerabilities – if you must waste your money, you should be told OPENLY & BOLDLY, not in sheep clothing. 👿

With that, I will end by saying, I recommend you build your Crypto Blog or Business Project Websites with A2 Web Hosting Company. A test will cement if it is true or not…

Have a nice day…Enjoyed doing this…

Got any comment? If yes, I will be glad to know below. If no, please share this with one person.


Isuamfon Offiong

I am Offiong Isuamfon. I Value People 100% Over Profits. After being scammed my last BTC, I HAD to "Delete ALL my Articles" on 19th June 2018 to start ALL OVER AGAIN to protect Beginners against Crypto Vulnerabilities & Making Unsmart Investments in the Crypto/Blockchain Tech. More on meet-the-founder-page

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