List 25: The Most HATED But Influential People In Cryptocurrency + Their Followers

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Since Satoshi laid a foundation for an industry that has created more cryptocurrency billionaires than none, a lot of cryptocurrency people turned the most influential people in cryptocurrency has risen.

Can you imagine that just about last week – still in November 2018, the Head of Coinbase became a billionaire, I mean a crypto billionaire? O my, that was a watering achievement in an industry that is dubbed a scam.

Be it as it may, I do not know if you are curious about being an influencer in the crypto world. If yes, I can say that it is rather too late to be a wizard which some of them attained via a platform of data sciences, and now?

If you want to join the league of the most important individuals in the cryptocurrency world today, all you need to do is create tools that is working crazily for the crypto space like Coinmarketcal, CoinGecko, Coinmarketcap and a lot more.

And if you are not all that a techie guy to get such a tool, you can create a crypto space like CoinTelegraph, CCN, and so on. If the latter, all you need to do is get crazy about adverts – branding – I am here to support.

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The Most Hated But Influential People In The Cryptocurrency

One question that may pop up now is why they are hated. Well, it is simple. Let’s see the below quote (citation needed).

When they all started, it was like phase 1.

Phase 1: Nobody cares Phase

2: You get haters Phase

3: You hate your haters Phase

4: You stop caring about your haters Phase

5: Your haters keep trying to trigger you Phase

6: You start triggering your haters for your own amusement Phase

7: You realize you have better stuff to do

And from no.7, they are in phase 2 which is an influential phase. Don’t still get it?

Okay, I met one of the top Cryptocurrency People on this list to retweet my quote. Guess what I got as a reply?

I don’t retweet anybody’s tweet or idea (something like that)

Well, from the response, you can choose to hate or still follow him. The big deal is, who cares if you unfollow a crypto influencer with over 100,000 followers, awkward or frustrating, right? The loser I mean.

Before we see the most hated but influential people in the cryptocurrency in 2019, just in case you did not get it.


If you want to be among the upcoming list and you’re having a double mind about being too late to the game, well, the good news is that, it is not too late.


I tell you, all you have to do is create an ICO that is trending with value, or tools that are legendary, or even a crypto news website that is eatable, and of course a crypto trading wizard tool that is wizardry.

All right, let’s behold the top cryptocoin people you may likely want to follow in 2019.





Where to easily find these crypto influencers? Twitter

#1. Crypto Influencer – Pavel Durov

Followers – 1,450,000+

Project – Telegram

Nationality – Russia


#2. Crypto Influencer – Charlie Lee

Followers – 793,000+

Project – Litecoin, Play Games

Nationality – USA


#3. Crypto Influencer – Vitalik Buterin

Followers – 800,000+

Project – Ethereum

Nationality – USA + Russia


#4. Crypto Influencer – Brian Armstrong

Followers – 261,000+

Project – Coinbase

Nationality – USA



#5. Crypto Influencer – Charles Hoskinson

Followers – 102,000+

Project – Invictus Innovations Incorporated, Ethereum, The Bitcoin Education Project IOHK

Nationality – USA


#6. Crypto Influencer – Marc L. Andreessen

Followers – 710,000+

Project –

Nationality – USA


#7. Crypto Influencer – Roger Ver

Followers – 563, 000+

Project –, Bitcoin Cash – Bitcoin SV

Nationality – USA


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#8. Crypto Influencer – John McAfee

Followers – 870,000+

Project – McAfee

Nationality – USA


#9. Crypto Influencer – Jihan Wu

Followers – 102,000+

Project – Bitmain

Nationality – China


#10. Crypto Influencer – Vinny Lingham

Followers – 166,000+

Project – Civic, Yola, Gyft

Nationality – South Africa



#11. Crypto Influencer – Barry E. Silbert

Followers – 175,000+

Project – ?

Nationality – USA


#12. Crypto Influencer – Justin Sun

Followers – 800,000+

Project – TRON

Nationality – ?


#13. Crypto Influencer – Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Followers – 458,000+

Project –

Nationality – Greece + USA


#14. Crypto Influencer – Naval Ravikant

Followers – 483,000+

Project –, Epinions

Nationality – USA



#15. Crypto Influencer – Laura Shin

Followers – 103,000+

Project –

Nationality – USA


#16. Crypto Influencer – Philakone

Followers – 107,000+

Project – Trader

Nationality – Canada


#17. Crypto Influencer – Changpeng Zhao

Followers – 250,000+

Project – Binance

Nationality – China + Canada


#18. Crypto Influencer – Brad Garlinghouse

Followers – 199,000+

Project – Ripple

Nationality – USA


#19. Crypto Influencer – Joseph Young

Followers – 92,000+

Project – Analyst and investor

Nationality – Hong Kong


#20. Crypto Influencer – Tyler & Cameron Winklevoss

Followers – 120,000+ each

Project – Gemini

Nationality – USA


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#21.Crypto Influencer – Adam Back

Followers – 158,000+

Project – 

Nationality – Malta


#22. Crypto Influencer – Jameson Lopp

Followers – 182,000+

Project –

Nationality – ?


#23. Crypto Influencer – Cryptography Co฿ain

Followers – 148,000+

Project –

Nationality –


#24. Crypto Influencer – Jimmy Song

Followers – 137,000+

Project –  Bitcoin Educator, Developer and Entrepreneur.

Nationality – USA



#25. Crypto Influencer – Erik Voorhees

Followers – 318,000+

Project –, Bitcoinland

Nationality – USA


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Wrapping Up

Those are some of the top but List 25 most influential people in the cryptocurrency + their followers.

Like I said before, it is not too late to join up. All you need to do is create a structure that people want like Coinbase/CEO or CZ’s startup and of course a particular CB tool and you WILL end up being one of the top 100+ crypto influencers.



So, who do you think should make up the most important individuals in the cryptocurrency world today? Leave your view below.


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