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I never thought of doing this today because it was written since last week but I think you will love it.

The analytics is about the type of assets, method, portfolio hype, market sentiments, and an overall case study of how the cryptocurrency enthusiasts are doing since 2017 till now.

And let me warn the beginners.

You want to do yourself the best in getting the basic attention before matching forward; so, I will enlist the short articles you want to use and get started as we go on.


I recently introduced a new series which shall feature the current Crypto/Blockchain Buzzes which I believe you will love it. You can see what it feels like.

If you are starting out, you will have to know how to overcome crypto fear and buy Cryptocurrency/Blockchain projects near you; in your country.

When we talk of Crypto Investments, its’ either you are doing it right or wrong, and if wrong, this is how to hack yourself up, and if so badly, see the already guaranteed failure path.

People talk about loosen Crypto coins from wallets via hacking, now, this is a crypto-4 wallet against hackers + set up for free.

More so, if you want the beginning of Cryptocurrencies, Start from here, if the ending of Blockchain Technology, then start from here.

And lastly, if you are building a project online, never make the same mistake I made, learn from it and be wiser.



Let’s tackle this from a four-point scaling.

Bobby Lee (CEO of BTCC and a crypto thought leader) asked about the most common mistakes with bitcoin investing.

Based on the engagement of the community, I shall be highlighting some of the mistakes of other enthusiasts and how we can avoid them as well.

So, with a resounding hand of applause, let’s welcome the analytics.

Most common mistakes with Bitcoin investing: by Bobby Lee.

Indecisive to buy 😕

Not buying enough 😥

Sell after small gain 😆

Sell during panic crash 😯

So, which category do you belong? Before you decide, let’s learn or see the mistakes of other crypto enthusiasts.




Disclaimer: this is an analytics website. Meaning, after an analytics we recommend the nearest solution(s).

And as a Bitcoin/Altcoin place, we shall be recommending safe places where you can get the best solutions pertaining to the subject matter/problem(s).

So, your decision at the end of the day should only be based on the value you get and not judged on the recommended services. You can choose to use the services and also not. See how we make money/income reports.



Qwrcyu recalled that his biggest mistake was thinking that it was even possible to invest in Bitcoin.

Not just that. He thought that there was no return, and it wasn’t an investment but just speculations.

Decision Pointer: #No Returns #Not an Investment #Just Speculations.

Verdict: is our current story like Qwrcyu, or do we still think the same way? Let’s go on.



Cryptrust believed that the same as gold would bring no revenue unless bought and sold at a markup but is still bought as an investment.

Meaning that he saw it as a valuable commodity only if it could be sold at a markup price wherefore there can be an aftermath returns.

Decision Pointer: #An Investment if sold at a markup price.

Verdict: is our current stand like Cryptrust or do we still think see Bitcoin/Cryptos the same way?



Terry revealed that he always sell too soon and then lose his position.

Decision Pointer: #might be influenced by Crypto Whales or Fudsters.

Verdict: are we like Terry or are we still struggling with this?


Recommendation: 7 Bitcoin/Crypto WHALES You Want To Be Like In 2019



Naylon revealed that his mistake is selling during a panic crash.

Decision Pointer: #might be influenced by Crypto Whales or Fudsters.

Verdict: can we willingly say we are like Naylon?



Cryptograffiti revealed his own side of the tussle that it was accidentally sending Bitcoin to a Bitcoincash wallet. 😯

Okay, I believe that cryptograffiti’s case is much different. And it does tell us how crypto wallet management is important.

Lesson: a Crypto asset sent to the wrong address is lost forever. So, we need to be careful.

Verdict: Read Crypto Wallet Mismanagement Part 1 and Part 2.


6). @FAB00SE

Fab00se revealed his mistake as being tricked into buying Bitcoin Cash. BitcoinCash? INVEST & MANAGE THEIR CRYPTOCURRENCY PORTFOLIOS

Lesson: Don’t be tricked to buy a coin you know little about.

Verdict: we need to know about the asset else fall for unintended and vague coins.


MUST READS @Fab00se:

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The Top 30 Best Cryptocurrencies Mooning Based On September 2018 Analysis



Steverichter411 revealed his side of the story that it was not taking profits.

Lesson: when the journey is good, at times we need to learn how to overcome greed and take profits when it is timely.

Verdict: This is not easy but the question is, will we allow greed or being an Oliver Twist tear us apart? A big insight. INVEST & MANAGE THEIR CRYPTOCURRENCY PORTFOLIOS



Eoscafe made it clear that not understanding the subjective value of money early enough, and passing on Bitcoin at too, and buying gold and silver instead.

Lesson: Clearly, like Eoscafe said, it all starts by knowing what Bitcoin is before you compare it to Gold and Silver.

Verdict: Will we have the patience to understand Bitcoin before going for Gold, Silver, and other Altcoins?


MUST READ @Eoscafe:

A Seductive Guide of Beginners To Bitcoin 2018

The Sieve Analytics Ultimate Guide To Cryptocurrencies 2018



Mlinarić‏ made it known that his own mistake was selling high…and rebuying higher…

Lesson: Never buy high and rebuy when it is high.

But how easy can this be unless we are more than discipline and patience?

Verdict: Patience at times is all we need in cryptocurrency.


A lot of dudes have been thought how to be patient because of the Cryptocurrencies; the bull and the bear run – Isuamfon Offiong. 


10). @tinataste

Tinataste revealed that his biggest mistake was shorting bitcoin.

Lesson: Shorting Bitcoin is not always a good idea. At least not always; most especially in an unpredictable market.

Verdict: Shorting is good and bad, but you should have a boundary (short with an amount that you won’t lose temper if you lose all or if you win more).


Shorting Bitcoin, What does it mean?

It means to bet against.

It means to bet that the Bitcoin price might go down. And if it does, you can make money.

And if it does not, you become a slay queen or king. INVEST & MANAGE THEIR CRYPTOCURRENCY PORTFOLIOS


Even though it is porous, some dudes have made money using this system.

A good resistant place to go about that is at SimpleFx; a place for online CFDs Trading, Forex, Bitcoins, Indices, and Commodities.


11). BILL (a crypto enthusiast)

Bill made it clear that he had been indicted to buy a shitcoins using Bitcoin, and rebuying it again at a loss.

Lesson: it still calls for knowing a coin before you buy. So, don’t agree to all speculations.

Verdict: we need to always know a coin before going in for it…



MarioBITCoins86 revealed: I would say not buying enough is what I’m learning the most right now. If you believe in it, put some muscle behind it.

Lesson: the opportunity to buy enough does not last forever. Today can be the best day for Bitcoin/Altcoin at the price it is, and it can also be the worse

Verdict: The decision to believe and take the opportunity is always in front of us.




CountTweet revealed that his mistake was being conned into buying #BCash instead of #Bitcoin by the usual suspects (class lawsuit to come to doubt).

Lesson: BitcoinCash is never Bitcoin and so, we need to always differentiate between the two.

Verdict: there is no need to buy because we feel losing out. No. We need to understand the coin asset we opt for; at all times.


14). @HOLDER

Holder admitted that his mistake was not buying during the dip.

Lesson: If long-term holding, buy when the charts are showing Red and not Green.

Verdict: Always understand the season and only buy when due.



In the words of Anthony; have to admit, I’ve done all 4…but hanging in there & in for long prosperous & revolutionary journey ~ gotta think #2020s

Lesson: at times we learn more and best after our mistakes.

Verdict: if we decide to learn after a mistake, then that is wisdom in perspective.



BrianMnight openhandedly admitted all of them. In his words: I have done all of them. 😡

Lesson: Buy when the charts are showing Red and not Green.

Verdict: Always understand the season and only buy when due.



BlackmonTrader admitted that his mistake was not understanding or following a TA person and charts and understanding support buy and resistance points on charts.

Lesson: we need not underrate the value of getting a clearer understanding of a simple trading chart.

Verdict: it is ethical to use a calculated chart when the time calls for it; even the premium tools.   


Side Hustle…

Often than not, trading can be tricky and understanding the supports, green buy, and resistance points on charts might be the only thing we need.

As a beginner, going for something like Coinigy might save you from leaping nuisance.



Twiddome revealed that the worst mistake was not investing at all.

Lesson: we have all the time in the world to speculate or call it scam; it is a choice.

Verdict: The decision is in front of us.


Recommendation: 5 Definitive Reasons Bitcoin & Stellar Are Scams


18. @B42L8BUYBTC

B42L8Buybtc enlisted his own mistake in the following order.

a) Forgetting passphrase

b) Keeping in exchange.

Lesson: the act of wallet management is too important else things might become messy if we play with it.

Again, while it is evident that Coinbase hasn’t been hacked before which makes it a better wallet for $0 beginners.

However, at times when we are mature in cryptocurrency, we might need to shill out at least $70 for a one-time wallet wherefore our private key is ours; controlled and managed by us else, a compromise on a crypto exchange might mean a loss to us.

Verdict: Buy a one time a hardware wallet or paper wallet (only if you can use it). A recommended beginner’s wallet is this 19 reasons wallet (review).




Cointribune made it clear that his, was buying the $bcc #bitconnect “dip” hah.

Meaning that he put in some of his funds in Bitconnect – a sudden Ponzi scheme that stem from nowhere.



How to spot a scam: 

1 - "Guaranteed profit" (All investments include risk if a project "guarantees" a profit, it’s a scam.
2 - 1% returns a day (365% returns a year is too good to be true).

Lesson: it is not all the voices that are good. A more fast-tracking coin or investment is never a good one.

When the returns is 100% after some days or months, then, you have to go the way of HODL.

Verdict: we need to invest in a trusted asset. There is no quick fix.


20). @HUFFY

Huffy thinks that a major mistake he made was the Lack of emotional control.

In fact, he said that most investors would benefit more from dropping $10 on a yoga class than 10k w/o composure – 😎

Lesson: We need to learn how to have the virtue known as patience.

Verdict: At times all we need to do is keep cold and be humble about it.



Now, having seen the votes, where do you belong or where will you belong after now?



The lessons can be summarized as follows.

1). Not believing that cryptocurrency is an investment.

2). Not believing that cryptocurrencies will bring in returns.

3). Selling off by speculations.

4). Treating cryptocurrencies as Ponzi.

5). Shorting Bitcoin.


In summary, it is better to treat Cryptocurrency as an investment. Meaning, you are wholly in.


When you treat it as an investment, you will be patient about it and not sell based on speculations and fear (if at all you were convinced of it in the first place).

Again, it is ethical to look out for the asset we buy.

We have seen a lot of cryptocians spotting a mistake like buying a vague asset or a coin they never wanted, so, it calls for research before buying the digital assets.

And lastly, using an important tool can be a solution to our struggling.

As a crypto enthusiast said it; I have a bot trading with coins that I trust against a base currency of ETH and I give it a little money to work with every week (like $50 every week). Then I also buy to hold every month.


Key Point: Bot – tool.

So, using a simple tool can be a solution not to lose out as you might have. In his word now.

“I'm not a trader and every time I day trade I got burnt. Because I guess I always wish to make big gains.

During this bear market. From 20 coins I reduced to around 10. I've learnt more about the utility of each token and why it will gain value.

And that's why I trash a lot of my coin because I personally do not see how it can gain value.

I've made the change also because I'm a huge holder now. I don't like trading and even if my coin got 40% gain I won't trade (got burnt every time, and recently the Nano rally).

So I've noticed that some coin can be pumped and will eventually stay pumped or be dumped. And the value of my asset won't gain value if my coin is just there sitting to have a run.

As he said, a simple solution for us can be the use of an automated machine like Cryptohopper where you can start a free trial if you want. Use this link to get a free trial on Cryptohopper”.



It is easier to say be patient when you are indicted to buy in. But how simple is it? Very difficult if you ask me.

Nevertheless, even though it is difficult, a lot of impatient crypto believers have turned the patient dog because of Cryptocurrency. So, crypto is a beautiful game.


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The following analytics is from a toll of about 200 out of 719,000 active cryptocians that participated, so, let’s see how far we will go with it.

This was a line from the topical question; how are you balancing out your portfolio at this time to take advantage of what is to come?

Note: I just deleted the suffix of these people because according to Crypto management code, revealing the coins you buy in public is not safe, so, I stand to edit their account names.

Image: Vectorstock

1). F…

One of the crypto enthusiasts believes in holding. This is what he had to say;

Holding (mainly) BTC,


  ETH, and NANO since June 2017 for some more years and buy things with it.


2). I…

  Buy everything Sept/October of 2017

  Sit back and watch everything grow beyond my wildest dreams

  Take out half my initial investment to pay myself

  HODL at even bigger dreams

  Watch it reduce away and HODL out of fear of selling low

Stop checking Delta

  Think about all the things I could have done with those gains

  HODL and hope for the best


3). T…

  50% NANO

10% SIA

  % FUN

10% IOTA

  10% USDT (Just for opportunities)

  5% ETH

5% BTC


4). A…

Accumulating BAT, NEO, ELA, and NANO. Buying some DAX before their ICO (I know, they are already on exchanges but they are doing the ICO only now).

Keeping an eye on a couple of interesting upcoming ICOs: Fluence, Accept.io


5). C…



  and XLM are my top holdings.

I’ve been in all of them long before last year’s Bull Run.

Recently with Nano so low, I converted half my XLM to Nano, which turned out to be a timely choice.

Depending on how the wind blows, I’ll probably buy back the XLM and keep the excess Nano as Nano.

It feels a bit like cheating since I had told myself this was my “2019” portfolio and I wasn’t going to touch it at all this year.


6). U…





All of these are reasonably priced, especially the ALTs.

A case can still be made for excluding BTC entirely because in cases where BTC succeeds, all the Alts will do well anyways and probably outperform.


7). N…

Currently, most of my fiat is in NANO but I have small stacks in XRP,







8). H…

Accumulating by trading RLX and ONT.


9). J…

  50% VET

30% IOTA

  15% NULS

• 5% Relex

My strategy is to attempt to forget about it for now and check it out in a few years. I’m not adding any more money into crypto.

I have about the same amount of money in stocks. Mostly Gene Editing, Green Energy, and Weed stocks. Going to keep adding there. INVEST & MANAGE THEIR CRYPTOCURRENCY PORTFOLIOS


10). S…











10% in each, rebalanced each month, also with £100-1000 thrown into the mix each payslip to help out DCA where opportunities arise.

A nice mix of risk/reward lowcap/highcap. Simple strat but has served me well.


11). Z…

After a year of holding and sitting back, I will start accumulating in the coming month(s).

I’m basically waiting for the final leg down. I figured that waiting for a clear bottom would work out better than mindless DCA’ing.

My portfolio is an absolute mess after last Bull Run (which was the first proper Bull Run I actively experienced), but main holdings are IOTA, XRP, ADA.



12). C…

I always keep some BTC, ETH, and Nano for holding and then profits on trades go into the holdings.


13). H…

Portfolio: IOTA
strategy: hold till 2020 at least, if $10 is hit earlier I will take out my initial.


14). R…

Hold mostly. Trade with around $200 and keep accumulating.


15). D…

My strategy has always been the same. I’m not a big trader, but more of an accumulator.

I hold BTC, LTC, and ETH. The old coins I guess.

I have Bcash and Bgold from the forks, but not because I believe in them specifically. In fact, I wish I had sold those last two.


16). L…

BTC 30%

Eth & Iota 15% each

Neo & Wtc Vet 10% each

Ark & Nano 5% each

Buying with FIAT up to a certain $ amount and Holding. No trading. Timeline 5+ years.


17). PR…

Buy Bitcoin, HODL

Repeat Step 1.


18). CH…

30% ONT (Huge supporter of ONT, but really probably should be closer to 20%. I regret not diversifying some of my stacks when it hit $10)

7-10% each ADA, IOTA, XLM, BTC, ETH

3-5% each NANO, ICX, NEO


19). WO…

Holding onto my current stacks of NEO/ONT/MCO/ENJ while buying as much BTC/ICX as possible.

My strategy is going to accumulate BTC and eventually sell it off for ALTS under the assumption the next run up will lead with BTC and be followed up by an alt rally.

And I always buy ICX but the price just gives me a huge increase in coins.


20). 10…

Currently my main holding is NANO.

I have a bot trading with coins that I trust against a base currency of ETH and I give it a little money to work with every week (like $50 every week). Then I also buy to hold every month.



21) PW…

I am in crypto for the long term anyhow after what happened in December I figure I might as well just HODL and see the potential.

I think that the crypto space is just starting to turn its wheels and if I Lose my ass again then it won’t make that much of a difference for me as going from 540% ROI down to -70% ROI (maybe not the correct way to use the nomenclature) really removed all emotion out of crypto for me.


22). G…

Started to add to my positions in the middle of July.







I have been trading Eth-pairs to increase my Eth-stack and have also been trading usd-pairs also. No reason to balance my portfolio anymore got a good diversity already.


23). TH…

Hold until I hit positive numbers then dump salt and buy more IOTA.


24). ID…

50% BTC and 20% EOS, these are my only two long-term holds. The other 30% I have ALTS for the medium term to turn into more BTC.


25). JA…

Buy the dips of large-cap crypto and HODL.


26). CP…

I’m holding all my investments from earlier this year and putting in 100 to trade with each month.

I’m hoping to get 10% monthly return on my trades. It’s been working out so far.


26). TH…

I hold VEN and I hope it keeps rising so I can break even and maybe make some money. That’s about it.


27). LE…

The most project I believe in is BTC.

And the rest split over a few others that I like with high risk/reward


28). SA…

  BTC 50%,

  XRP 30%

  EOS 10% (staked).

My strategy always more BTC. Ready for the years to come.


29). NA…

My portfolio:

35% Hold / Balance to Trade




10% Short-term Trade (big coin, lots of movement)



20% Medium-term Trade (smaller coins, try to time a decent entry point)



35% Undervalue coins, must have a good team behind



This is a somewhat balanced portfolio, and it allows quick re-balancing in case the market turns.

However, it will not be able to see massive gains during golden bull runs. But so far, it has done OK for me.



30). S…

Gambling on BitMEX trying to accumulate more BTC don’t care about shitcoins.

And look out for shitty crypto earnings


31). P

All bitcoin!


32). 100…

Current portfolio (rounded)

  BTC 13%

  ETH 8%

  XTZ 8%

  ETC 5%

  LTC 5%


33). REX…

  70% BTC
  22% ETH
 3% BCH
 2% LTC
 2% Lisk
 1% Ether Classic
 <1% MONA


34). BT…

My current strategy: hold Nano long term. I think it will be sitting comfortably in the top 5 within 12 months.


35). IDI…

I’m happy with my Nano. Hoping for some gains with EOS, Ada, Neo, and IOTA.


36). WAN…

The second you jump out of a coin and FOMO into a riser is the moment you’ll look back with anger when the coin you jumped into dips and your favorite hold rises

Everything will rise with BTC so just HODL.



Beginners Guide To Opening and Using Coinbase Exchange Website; an A-Z Guide.

Tutorial: How To Use Changelly Website And Buy Ripple, Dash & Top 75 Cryptocurrencies In 4 Minutes



Very daunting an analytics.

I really did this for you to see the big picture on where to stand; whether to follow the above crypto enthusiasts or design your own Cryptocurrency holding and management formula.

The truth is, I can choose to write a whole lot about this but I won’t. It’s all about you.

So, I will like to hear what you think in the comment section.


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All right. Have a nice time and strive to make a +difference in the world…


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Disclaimer: this analytics if for educational purpose and does not reflect our financial expertise.


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