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 Crypto Wallets

#1. Ledger Nano S has released a newer version of her Blockchain Project wallet with more altcoins and benefits.

The Ledger Nano S protects your private keys in a certified secure chip, and now supports over 700+ crypto assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero and more!


Iwillteachucrypto.com Press Releases


You can see the old wallet OR use this link for the new design and also get a 20% Off if you want to get one.


#2. Trezor 1 has also released a newer version of her Blockchain project wallet with more altcoins integrated.

Trezor 1 is inviting you to celebrate her 5 years of SatoshiLabs, the creator of Trezor with a super 23% off.



See the old wallet or see all the benefits, also, get 23% Off with this link if you want to get it.


Our Word: Top 4 Best Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets Against Hackers In 2018 Fall!


Crypto Automation:

#1. CryptoBlizz.

The best beginner and a one-time payment crypto trading automaton tool cryptoblizz has just released her latest version.

The new version has top notch 3 options for new and old users.


What’s New With Cryptoblizz 2.4?

New: trigger only bots + buy & sell triggers

New: import & export of traders.

New: restore a trader from historical backtests.

New: offset reference point is now midpoint. And more when you get it.


How to get it? Simple.

Download the update package from your account section on the website


If you had bought the first version, just update it from your dashboard and you are good to go.




If you didn’t get it, then, check it out here or see the benefits & Frequently Answered Questions about the tool.


Our Word: Idiots Guide To Copying And Pasting Crypto Trading Success By Automation.



#1. Top 5 coins for Nov, 2018

A lot happened in the month of October, so, very soon, we are coming up with the Top 5 coins for Nov, 2018 you want to buy.

Get it first here…

See ya soon.


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