I’m Going To Sell My Lamborghini And Buy Bitcoin: Please Advise Me


I’m going to do something that has never been done in crypto. I’m going to sell my Lamborghini and buy Bitcoin. Offers in BTC accepted. Those were the words of Jason who wants to technically be a crypto holder or whale.

Even after seeing why Bitcoin crash landed and the causes in 2018, Jason wants to hold some BTC?  🙄

I think a man like Warren and others will give him a hot slap if they hear that he wants to sell a less volatile project for one that is super volatile. Tell me what you think later.


For me, I am guessing strongly that he might have seen the following reads:

#1. How to get started in cryptocurrency profitably this 2019 

#2. 5 ways to play safe & win massively like the cryptocurrency whales.


A big question you want to ask is, where can I buy Crypto safely in my country?

If you are American and its environs, Coinbase is great (the guide), and Changelly if with credit cards (the ultimate guide).

If you are a Nigerian, you need Luno or NGEX (the guide).

And for every other enthusiast all over the world, see where is closer to you.


Ethereum HardFork is closer? See if it’s true. 

➡ Top 9 solid ways to earn free altcoins in 2019


The Lambo Bidding Process

While a crypto holder believes that this is a wrong audience for the auction because now that Bitcoin is affordable others are all accumulating the asset. The above, however did not stop the first bid by Cobain which stood at 4 Litcoins.

Come on. 4 Litecoins for a Lamborghini? 😆

Another crypto enthusiast went in for 7.4 BTC. And yet again 2 BTC.

I give you 6 Ripples – Boogiecrypto

1 TRX – said Randy.


The Community Speaks

Lil thinks that this is a smart move. Meaning that Jason can go on to buy multiple Lambos later.

Grinder wants to give me his own Lambo. See below.



Mascha says he’ll give half of BTC since it will be worth half a million.

You can follow the conversation/bidding process above.


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Final Thoughts

While this is a great tool for crypto trading by automation, I hope you know that you can get WAVES x2 for free on 17th January, right? If no, then read our crypto events for insight on that.


Do you think that if Jason tokenize this car, he might sell it out soon? I mean, some bidders can buy in fraction(s)?

What is your advice for Jason?


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