The Top 30 Best Cryptocurrencies MOONING: Giant list of Blockchain Assets with Analytics

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One of the most innovations in history that has produced more millionaires and billionaires than anything else is the cryptocurrency projects. No wonder these 7 World Billionaires made it like gold in the cryptocurrency golden era.

Today, we want to analyze the 30 Best Cryptocurrencies of 2018 to hold. Note, I did this post since 5 days ago, but I wanted to publish it along the top 5 cryptocurrencies/blockchain project less than $5 to buy.

After waiting for days now (research and analysis lingering), I realized that I had a list of many things to write about, so, I decided to publish this today and later on deliver the top 5 cryptocurrencies/blockchain projects – less than $5 to buy in your inbox.

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All cryptocurrencies’ have one effect which is volatility. That is the problem of being stable at a particular price.

But yet, when they are stable or surge, they are a good proof of investment of investors. For an example, we are seeing the mooning of the number 1 cryptocurrency in the world.

In spite of all beliefs about Bitcoin, Mike Novogratz (Crypto giant) has predicted that mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain industry is coming no earlier than in “five to six years”

If you doubt it, then see this.

A great line from CoinTelegraph “you take the fiat job –the story ends, you wake up in your bed and live your ordinary life.

You take the crypto job –you stay in Cryptoland, and you will see how to deep the decentralization”.

In life, you invest in fiat, the story ends. Hence you wake up and discover the investment was gone.

You invest in crypto, you stay in cryptoland and see how it goes, and hence, you will see a reason to be part of the crypto revolution.




The idea of cryptocurrency going back to being a mere vague/bubble projects won’t be seen anytime soon. The truth is that Altcoins and Blockchain just like the Telecommunications have come to stay – agreed or not agreed.

Recently, the Fortune magazine published its “40under 40” rating which gathered the most influential young people in business all around the world. This year -2018, it included Coinbase, Ethereum founders, and others.

More so, one of the regulatory body of Crypto assets, the G20 says that crypto-assets can be of great benefits and do not pose a threat to global financial systems.

Needless to say that this is a plus, this statement alone has paved the way for a greater adoption of Blockchain projects.


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Coin Examination: this is a current analysis of the 30 out of the top 3000+ digital assets on the CAC.

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After the 2008 economic meltdown and a non-viable universal means of exchange – sending and receiving of money without any middlemen like banks, Bitcoin was introduced to solve the problem.

Bitcoin is the first ever decentralized ledger based digital currency and was released in 2009.

This is the most famous Cryptocurrency highly accepted with the highest market capitalization of more than $150 billion.

It was founded by an unknown Satoshi Nakamoto, whose identity was later found by speculation.

The Coin is denoted as BTC and XBT symbols.

Bitcoin uses SHA-256d hash algorithm. And lastly, the blockchain used by Bitcoin is PoW – Proof-of-work system.

Perhaps, one of the reasons for BCH and Bitcoin classic is the scalability inadequacy of Bitcoin. However, the good news now is that a Newly Launched Bitcoin Optech initiative is coming in to address the BTC project scalability issues.


WHY BITCOIN? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $300-$1,000 Bitcoin

1. Bitcoin can make you rich by a mean of appreciation – what we saw in the year 2017.

2. It is the most accepted coin universally.

3. It is a solution to economic drop down.

4. You can easily exchange it for bills in any country you are.

5. Its value is not dependent on any individual or government of nations.


That is the movement of Bitcoin from January 2015. Source: CCI30.



Bitcoin has regained it domineering strive in the last couple of days of July. In fact, as the tabloid puts it, money is moving from Tokens back to BTC. Well, the evidence is true because Bitcoin once again proved its dominance through a stable performance (currently).

The founder and CEO of digital wallet and exchange service Abra (Bill Barhydt) is confident of Bitcoin and thinks it will rise to over $50,000 in the long term.

The founder and Digital currency group Barry Silbert thinks that Bitcoin price has bottomed, and Bulls are back in town.

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee says he recommends you buy a full Bitcoin before you buy any other Altcoins.



The BTC project is a major short term project (also a long term if you will be patient), meaning, you can get a back-end result/returns in a short space of time – shown in the most recent results.  


There is no doubt that Bitcoin is not what it was 2 years ago at $1,000. But yet, those that bought when it shifted to $5,000+ last month or so don’t have any reason to regret considering that the asset is now at $7,000+. ($2,000+ gains).

So, the question is, if you buy now, will it add up, if no, what about the MBER… months coming up?

Will we see an equivalent or a fair resemblance of the 2017 MBER… months crypto salsa dance? That is, will the lines of 1BTC – $16,000+ be re-written?

If yes, then you can go ahead and put in between $300 -$1,000+ (based on your discretion and convictions).



Officially released in 2015 after 2014 pre-sale as ether, Ethereum is considered as the second most valuable coin after Bitcoin.

The project is a decentralized software platform that enables smart contracts and disbursed packages (ĐApps) to be constructed and run with no downtime and fraud from a third party.


WHY ETHEREUM? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $750 Ethereum Project

1. Ethereum project verifiably runs without downtime.

2. Other tokens known as ERC20 are based on its design.

3. The packages on Ethereum are run on its platform-unique cryptographic system

4. It runs without Censorship.

5.  It runs without Interference.

All these basics show the metrics wherefore Ethereum will still be viable.



  The CEOs of Coinbase, Circle and major firms are Bullish more on Ethereum than any other Blockchain project.

As reported by CCN, the multi-billion CEOS are optimistic towards Ethereum than Bitcoin.

  Esports Project gods Unchained launches on Ethereum with the backing of the world’s largest crypto exchange – Coinbase – how to use it as a pro in 2018.



The ether project is a short term coin, meaning, you can get a back-end result/returns in a fair range of time.


Bitcoin and Ethereum are basically the mothers of these cryptos. So, if you don’t give in to BTC, then, you want to hold some ETHER.

The key point is seeing what it can do, and what it has achieved already.

A lot of the ICOs we see today are based on the Ethereum design. Now, the question is, do you think that such a design will have a daunting voice for Ethereum being a valuable coin in the coming days?

If no, then, it is all about keeping your eyes on other Blockchain projects you think can be better than it.

But, if yes, then you can buy into the vision and the prospects by dishing out a meager $750 for it. (If not too small or much for you 😎 ).




Released back in 2012, Ripple is a popular Blockchain payment system for banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges, and other companies. Ripple is designed to move large amounts of money quickly and reliably.

The Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP) also known as Ripple Protocol, is based on a distributed and open source of internet protocol, accord ledger and indigenous cryptocurrency that is called Ripple (XRP).


WHY RIPPLE? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $500 Ripple Project

1. Ripple is for a real-time gross settlement system.

2. The adoption is massive – currently and globally.

3. Purposed to enable a secure and instant business transaction.

4. The Ripple controls the remittance network of modern currencies.

5.  It can easily be exchanged for bills.



 The Ripple’s XRP arrives in Romania and has got listed on Conflux.

 Ripple’s XRP will be added to Wirex which may lead to the SBI holding speculation partnership coming into action.



The RIPPLE project is a long term coin, meaning, you will get a back-end result/returns in a long range of time.


There is no doubt that this is one of the most underrated but valuable Blockchain projects out there. Why?

A lot of people that bought the Ripple project were expecting a rapid result. But far from it. It wasn’t to be.

The truth is until you get the concept of the Ripple project, then, you would have been able to clearly define why you want to hold it.

IF you want to gain from Ripple, ask yourself this, will you be patient enough to wait for major startups and markets to use it as their viable tool which may lead to the appreciable tendency of the coin?

If no, then, there are many other projects to hold into. Hitherto, if yes, then Ripple is a great project to hold onto at a range of $500.




Bitcoin Cash denoted as BCH is a replica of Bitcoin that focuses on processing high volumes of transactions differently.

Created because of disagreements about how to best scale the original digital currency on August 1, 2017, the Bitcoin Cash has a block size limit to at least 8 megabytes in order to increase the number of the transaction taking place in the public ledger.


WHY BITCOIN CASH? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $700 Bitcoin Cash Project

1. Bitcoin Cash is bringing sound money to the global economy.

2. The transaction mechanism with Bitcoin Cash is robust.

3. The block size of bitcoin cash is huge for processing high volumes of transactions

4. It is widely accepted by a vast number of the crypto communities.

5. It has a great market cap volume by versatile usage.



The BCH project is a short term coin, meaning, you can get a back-end result/returns in a fair range of time.


No doubt, coming to act well enough where Bitcoin had some inadequacies, and with a great community support and backing, do you think Bitcoin Cash is a great project you should buy and sleep over in peace?

Sure enough, it is a short term coin, meaning you can reap an HROI almost instantly by a degree of coin armlet shift. Yet, do you think these two prospects, just to mention a few are great reasons you should hold it?

If yes, then, Bitcoin Cash is the baseline project you can comfortably hold at $700. But if no, again, there are other projects you may find inviting based on the vision/roadmap.




Launched within the year 2011, Litecoin is considered as the second Bitcoin by many crypto enthusiasts.

In fact, it has a great community name known as ‘silver to bitcoin’s gold.’

Denoted as LTC, the Litecoin Blockchain project is mainly based on an open source international price community that isn’t controlled by any significant authority and makes use of “scrypt” as an evidence of labor, which may be decoded with the assist of CPUs of customer grade.


WHY LITECOIN? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $300 Litecoin Project

1. Litecoin’s goal is to create a currency for very cheap and fast transactions.

2. Litecoin has a quicker block era price and hence offers a faster transaction confirmation.

3. A lot of traders accept Litecoin because it is fast in procession.

4. It has a massive market cap supply and volume.

5. It has a lot of support from the crypto communities as another baseline Bitcoin project.



The LTC project is a short term coin, meaning, you can get a back-end result/returns in a fair range of time.


Coming in the form of Bitcoin with more adequacy, Litecoin is a great project you can hold for an amount that won’t break the bank – at $300 if you already have Bitcoin. But if no, then, $450 won’t be a bad vision backing.


6. DASH  

Formerly named as XCoin and Darkcoin, Dash digital currency is a peer-to-peer and open source digital currency.

This Blockchain project is built on a system designed for fast and secure transactions with optional privacy.

One feature you might not know is that DASH is a self-funding and self-governing model that makes the Dash digital currency to pay large organizations and individuals for adding value to their networks and sources.


WHY DASH? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $600 DASH Project

1. DASH asset offers fast transfers of assets (InstantSend),

2. It also offers a full Private transaction.

3. Dash is decentralized via its decentralized governance system.

4. It is automated to function as a user-friendly digital cash for the internet.

5. DASH has a great market cap volume and supply.



The DASH project is a short term coin, meaning, you can get a back-end result/returns in a fairl range of time.


Dash is a major project in terms of market value due to its transaction processing limits.

With the option of full Private transactions, do you think that by mass adoption this project will be a great digital asset you can buy into?

Don’t forget this project did very well during the last 8 months when there were positive coin cap shifts. Why? People found it easier to process payments with a swipe of a finger.

The buying areas of Dash stands at $600 if you believe in her vision. Even so, an amount you can afford is also great based on the concept of the Blockchain project antics.


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7.  EOS

The EOS project is super scalable without any issue of block size and immutability. This is a major coin that has taken down all doubts. It is known by some as the next Ethereum.

In fact, the EOS is one of the fastest buzzing blockchain projects that has seen a mass adoption over time.

The blockchain asset has a decentralized working, designed to facilitate large business-based decentralized applications by way of imparting all the essential center abilities, giving organizations the opportunity to build blockchain mediums in a way much like web-based total mediums.


WHY EOS? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $800 EOS Project

1. It has a developing platform for building and running decentralized applications.

2. EOS project is scalable.

3. It has a plug-and-play toolkit for smart contract developers.

4. EOS utilizes delegated-proof-of-stake and introduces the right strength to remove obstacles and rollback adjustments with supermajority steps that are immediately undertaken.

5. With its primary operation, EOS utilizes delegated-proof-of-stake and introduces the right strength to remove obstacles and rollback adjustments with super majority steps that are immediately undertaken.

You need to buy this blockchain project now or later. 😳



EOS is called the best cryptocurrency project in China. The Chinese authority puts EOS on the first place of the best Blockchain cryptocurrency projects.

This is no surprise at all when you consider the true identity of what the project can do. This my friend, is an advantage to the project price cap.

Even so, the Bitmain’s exchange second major investment in 2018 has been channeled to the EOS Blockchain project.


The EOS project is both a short and long term prospective coin, meaning, you can get a back-end result/returns in a fair range of time.


This Blockchain project is a great backup to the giant crypto – ETH and BTC.

The EOS project has already seen an early adoption which has seen it jump many projects on the Coin Market Cap – CMC table to what it is today.

Agreed, it is tagged and rated in the likeness of Ethereum because of the solution it proffers – a great scalable option solution to Ether and BTC– the main prospect of the Blockchain Technology.

Thus, EOS, based on mass support has seen the climax of $7+. If you believe in the continuum vision of the project and what it can achieve in the coming 3 months, then EOS is a great project to hold at a range of $800.

Yes, $800 if you don’t have both ETH and BTC. But, if you do, then, $480 and above is a good range for a project of this status.



Cardano, denoted as ADA is known to be an open source digital currency.

The Blockchain project is focused more on blockchain security.

This digital currency is developing a smart and accessible platform that intends to deliver advancement in digital currency before any other protocol.


WHY CARDANO? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $400 ADA Project

1. It is a platform for decentralized applications.

2. It is built on a system for smart contracts which allows for mathematical code verification.

3. It is the first blockchain forum that evolves itself out of the scientific philosophies and also the research-driven approach.

4. It has a good market cap volume and supply.

5. Having a good backing by the crypto community, it might surge more with Coinbase exchange adoption consideration.



Recently, based on the Cardano complicated scientific and philosophical ethos, Mati Greenspan of Etoro thinks says Cardano is the most exciting cryptocurrency project.

Again, recently, the blockchain project has a 2018 progress roundup where features like the KEVM, the Daedalus wallets, partnerships and what the future holds for the project was discussed.

Are these some of the signs of being a great viable coin? We shall see.



The ADA project is a long term coin, meaning, you will get a back-end result/returns in a long range of time.


Believed to be one of the best projects by some blockchain startups, like Ripple, ADA is a great asset if you can only be patient enough for it to achieve the mission it was created for.

And by patience, I mean, holding onto it that it might be worth it after all. If you will, then, a buy area of $400 won’t be bad for a project like Cardano.


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Established in 2014 and denoted as XLM, the Stellar cryptocurrency is an open protocol for the value of exchange.

The Stellar protocol is operated by a non-profit Stellar Development Foundation. The servers that operate this currency run a software for the protocol implementation and uses the internet to communicate with other servers of stellar.

With that being the case, this communication forms a global value of the exchange network.


WHY STELLAR? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $500 Stellar Project

1. It has a great market cap volume and flexible supply.

2. It is built on an open system where people of all income levels can access financial services.

3. Works with banks to enable text message money transfers.

4. It is accepted universally.

5. It has a support of the crypto community with Coinbase coming in for consideration and possible adoption.



IBM has confirmed the adoption of Stellar on the rise. The question now is, do you think this will affect the price value of Stellar project?

And before you say yes or no, Stellar will be one of our Top 5 Blockchain assets to buy this August 2018.



The Stellar project is both a short and a long term coin, meaning, you can get a back-end result/returns in a fair range of time.


Coming in the rank of Ripple and ADA, Stellar is another asset that is considered by the crypto community a great project. Be it as it may, being an open Blockchain project for easy access is one of the main concepts behind it.

Also, being a project to work with the financial institutions is a great dividend that may see En Masse adoption in the coming days.

Like never before. This is still a long term project. If you will wait for it to be what you tag a great ROI project, then, you can go ahead with Stellar at a range of $500 if you don’t have Ripple.




10. IOTA 

The IOTA blockchain project is an open-source cryptocurrency which focuses on providing safe and secure payments and communications between machines on the “Internet of Things”.

This cryptocurrency asset uses DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) technology instead of the conventional blockchain methods.


WHY IOTA? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $500 IOTA Project

1. The transactions through IOTA are free of any charges regardless of the size and dimension of the transactions.

2. IOTA regulates the transactions faster, and even unlimited transactions at a single time.

3. IOTA is built on a great differentiating easy system.

4. IOTA plans to allow future smart devices to transact without humans.

5. It has a great adoption by the community and merchants.



The IOTA project is a fairly short term coin, meaning, you can get a back-end result/returns in a fair range of time.


A great technological driven project. Do you believe in the high tech era of using smart devices to accomplish goals/projects? If so, then, buying into the vision of IOTA is what you want to do.

Not just that IOTA has a great standing on the CMC table, no, or because it did well some months again, still no. The life wire here is seeing what it has achieved so far and what it aims the more.

Will you go with a project that already has a great adoption by the community and merchants? If yes, then, holding IOTA at a range of $500 – $550 is what you want to do.


11. NEO 

Formerly known as Antshares and then rebranded, NEO is China’s first Blockchain platform inspired by Ethereum.

Meaning NEW in the Greek language, the NEO Blockchain project is known as a smart generation economy currency in the global financial market.

The system of NEO cryptocurrency includes the DBFT algorithm (Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance) that is used to maintain the currency’s consensus protocol.

The Ne0X system of this digital currency is there to operate and also, to execute various types of Blockchains from different forums.


WHY NEO? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $600 NEO Project

1. NEO has a block platform to maintain the currency’s consensus protocol.

2. NEO is a flexible project in the global financial market.

3. NEO can execute various types of Blockchains from different forums.

4. It has vast application channels.

5. NEO had a great crypto community backing.



The Chinese are fully supporting NEO.

For an instance, the former Chinese Forbes president recently joined NEO. The antidote here is, will his expertise add to the value of NEO project by price shift?


The NEO project is a fair short term project, meaning, you can get a back-end result/returns in a fair range of time.


Surged through emerging usages and adoption, NEO is a great project you can think of when it comes to projecting into the global financial market.

Already, the project has a unique consensus protocol for flexibility in approach, yet, this is just the beginning of success having moved to a price value of more than $30 per NEO.

Will the price value come down from what it is now? Probably a question you don’t want to ask where the NEO holders are.

However, in the light of truth, if you buy into the NEO ductility, then, joining others and holding NEO for at least $600 will be good enough – if not bad enough.


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12. NEM

Established on March 31, 2015, the NEM Blockchain Project works as a peer-to-peer digital currency in the financial market built on a system of Java also with a C++ version for the works.

The pinpoint about NEM is that it initiates a goal of presenting itself as a wide distribution platform along with the new features of the blockchain world like multisignature accounts for users, encrypted messages, a proof-of-importance algorithm, and Eigentrust++ reputation.


WHY NEM? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $300 NEM Project

1. Focuses on smart contracts but adds digital identity features.

2. NEM has a robust Blockchain support for other projects like Bitcoin and more.

3. The NEM project is authoritatively secure with back-end Multisig system for users.

4. It has a ranch of supports from wide and within by business startups.

5. Offers pre-made tools, software, and functionality for the community.



The NEM project is a long term coin, meaning, you can get a back-end result/returns in a fair range of time.


NEM has seen a major support based on the vision it carries. Being a great project functioning in digital identity features is a point to ride home about.

That being said, we saw the movement of this coin in the last couple of days, so, based on the features it commands, the next consideration will now be, do you think you should buy into it?

If yes, then NEM becomes a blockchain project you can hold at a range of $300- $400.


13. TRON

The TRON project is a Chinese smart contract platform connecting entertainment content creators with viewers, without middlemen like Google and Apple.

TRON is also a blockchain-based and decentralized protocol that has a goal to build a free and worldwide entertainment forum for everyone with the help of distributed storage and blockchain platform.

In fact, the TRON protocol forum allows its every user to store and gain access to a large stash of data in an autonomous form.


WHY TRON? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $200 TRON Project

1. TRON allow users to store and gain access to a large stash of data.

2. TRON clears off anything about third-party in transactions.

3. Information is in a decentralized system enhanced by an autonomous form.

4. Users can get to choose where to distribute the data.

5. TRON has a potential to succeed with the backing of the crypto community.



The founder of TRON Justin Sun recently won a Super Node election.

This is how it happened. The TRON community voted to make the founder one of the less than 30 entities authorized to serve as a “super representative “on the TRX network.

TRON has grown in a potential Changelly exchange access.

The reason for this is that Changelly is one of the easiest platforms to buy Blockchain projects.

Would we say that this is a bonus point to the project price value? Time will tell. See below.



The TRON project is both a short and a long term coin, meaning, you can get a back-end result/returns in a fair range of time.



Like EOS, this blockchain project has had a positive share of buzz. Be it as it may, the vision of TRON is made clear which lies in you trusting it for the problem it was made to solve.

For an example, the concept for users to choose where to distribute their data is something best fit for the blockchain tech.

Needless to say that this coin is great to buy into. The fact is that even as a long term coin, the value of it will continue to be measured on what it can do.

Thus, TRON, still, affordable, if bought into now may end up being a good deal. With that established, TRON at $200 buy area will give you more of the tokens.


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14. USDT 

Denoted as USDT, first launched in November 2015, and adopted massively in the last one and a half years, Tether is a digital currency token issued on the Bitcoin blockchain through the Omni Layer Protocol.

The Tether token is backed by actual fiat currency assets including United States Dollar, Euro, and Japanese Yen.

The ultimate objective of this token is to facilitate transactions with the rate fixed to the US dollar to avoid government intervention and regulatory oversight.


WHY USDT? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $250 USDT Project

1. It is designed to offer digital currency exchanges on equal rates.

2. It acts as a mediator between USD transactions and the users.

3. It is purposed to create the balance between the government and the local currency community.

4. It is backed by actual fiat currency.

5. It is massively adopted and supported by local and foreign startups.



The USDT project is a short term coin, meaning, you can get a back-end result/returns in a fair range of time.



This is the only project that best fits the USD/Users balance. There is no doubt that as the growth of the USD and users go up, this project will surge more in value giving it a baseline point worth having at $250.


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Denoted as XMR, and established in April 2014, Monero is one of the most respected coins which has to do with high-end security in terms of user’s privacy options.

Depicting the true essence of a Blockchain, Monero is focused on being an anonymous digital money which utilizes an official ledger to record transactions while incipient units are engendered through a process called mining.

Basically, the Monero project was established to make advancements in a subsisting digital currency designed by a concealed sender, recipient, and amount of every transaction that takes place in the community and on the Blockchain.

Even though widely accepted by many, the digital asset’s transaction is always untraceable after being successful, and lastly, it has an accurate scaling that runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and FreeBSD.



? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $260 Monero Project

1. Monero is widely respected and accepted by the community and startups.

2. Monero is a great solution to the privacy options of users.

3. It payment syntax is built via modern cryptography.

4. It is a high-end token for security transactions beyond borders.

5. It is scalable on many built-in systems.



The XMR project fits in a short term coin, meaning, you can get a back-end result/returns in a fair range of time.


Monero is one of the coins many enthusiasts are seeking to mine even as of early 2018.

So, with a high-end security and privacy options, many startups adopting it for her user’s data may see it price appreciates further, and thus, becoming a project worth having – $260 XMR.



Like EOS, Binance coin is one of the success stories by virtue of the replica system.

Denoted as BNB, the Binance coin, also short named as Binary Finance is owned by a Chinese digital asset exchange. The blockchain focuses on exchanging cryptographic forms of money.

The parent company Binance which has also become one of the top 5 successful crypto exchanges in the world is focused on trading speed and liquidity.

In fact, users who pay fees in Binance coins get discounts for exchange services; standing at 50%.


WHY BINANCE? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $200 BINANCE Project

1. The Binance project is one of the most used digital currency as we speak.

2. The project aids the true essence of a cryptographic form of money.

3. The Binance asset has a high liquidity in many different assets.

4. The Project is rated as a top token by the crypto community – by adoption.

5. It has a high daily volume control syntax which shows its mass usage.



The crypto community believes that a project like the Binance coin is fascinating.


The BNB project is both a short and a long term coin, meaning, you can get a back-end result/returns in a fair range of time.


The Binance project is one which the growth hack has been a surprise to the community.

First staging as one of the best 20 tokens, currently, it is among the top 30 digital currencies in the world by market cap.

This shows nothing more than mass adoption, and with the expansion and growth of the Binance exchange, the coin will undauntedly grow the more.

So, it growth is equal to the growth pf Binance exchange. A result you should buy into. This is it.

A further growth in Binance exchange means a further growth in your Binance coin.

This is a project worth having – $200 BNB.




Like Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin, Ethereum classic is to the Ethereum project – cloned by virtue of forking.

With a reason of the Ethereum project being compromised in 2016, the Ethereum Classic split off to maintain the technology’s status quo.

Denoted as ETC, the digital asset is a public, open-source, and blockchain based computed currency that features the smart contract functions in it.

Not just that. This digital currency provides a turning-complete virtual machine that is decentralized in nature. This virtual machine is capable of executing scripts by using the public nodes of international networks.

Undoubtedly, ETC is a true innovation/version of the Ethereum project. But the same concept? Ethereum classic also provides “classic ether”, a value token, which is used for the transfer purposes between various participants.


WHY ETHEREUM CLASSIC? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $150 Ethereum classic Project

1. It has a great value token which is used for the transfer purposes between various participants.

2. The projects virtual machine is capable of executing high technical scripts.

3. It is based on the smart contract concept.

4. It has great scalability and immutability options.

5. It has a good market cap volume and appreciable supply.



The ETC project is a short term coin, meaning, you can get a back-end result/returns in a fair range of time.


The Ethereum Classic is one of the innovations that are worth having.

With a good value token for transfer purposes which has seen massive adoption, it is worth holding at least $150 if you had bought the Ethereum project, else, you can go for $170 ETC based on your capability.


18. QTUM 

This is a highly respected coin by usability.

The Qtum project is built on a combined intellectual muscle of the Bitcoin and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) which is a compatible version for this cryptocurrency.

Based on functionality, the Qtum digital asset is merging into the financial market as a reliable cryptocurrency and therefore is competing with Ethereum to become a platform for decentralized apps.

The baseline building system of the QTUM project is that it has a hybrid nature to adapt to the form that is working.


WHY QTUM? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $300 QTUM Project

1. Qtum functions in a hybrid version of both Bitcoin and Ethereum that’s designed for business-smart contracts.

2. It is becoming a major platform for decentralized apps.

3. Qtum is merging into the financial market as a reliable cryptocurrency.

4. The project is compatible with other blockchain projects.

5. The project has a large support base based on its strong hold and trusted toolkit for versatile functionality.



The QTUM project is both a short and a long term coin, meaning, you can get a back-end result/returns in a fair range of time.



Personally, I had been recommending the QTUM project for a long time now. Why? Because of its functionality concept.

With a hybrid nature and high adoption as it is merging into the financial market as a reliable cryptocurrency, the growth nature of the QTUM project will continue but on a fair scale.

So, QTUM is worth having for at least $300 if you do have the Ethereum project. And more if you do not.


Utility Tokens Vs Altcoin: The Gross Differences & Benefits of Security, Equity Token & Utility Tokens



Denoted as OMG, and having successfully raised $25 million via their ICO to create the Omise Go token, the OmiseGO is an open-payment platform and decentralized exchange by the company based in Thailand called Omise.

The project provides Stripe-like functionality for receiving payments. As a matter of fact, the digital asset project wants to make OmiseGo enter the nooks and crannies of the Asian market.

Its token is currently the fourth highest market cap Ethereum based project in the world.


WHY OMISEGO? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $270 OmiseGo Project

1. The OmiseGo project functions majorly for receiving payments.

2. It has seen a major adoption by virtue of open hands ICO launching.

3. The project has overtaken many other financial transaction tools in the market.

4. It is purposed to help the vast majority of people without banks.

5. It works worldwide and with both traditional money (fiat currency) and cryptocurrencies



The OmiseGo project is a fairly short term coin, meaning, you can get a back-end result/returns in a fair range of time.


The OmiseGo project is a great one to behold. With the entry to the Asian market and the ICO launch, this coin has moved up on the CMC list to what it is today.

So, having moved positively with many financial transaction tools, this project will surge the more with more communities and reach outs coming in.

With a great audacity of being the fourth highest market cap Ethereum based project in the world, the OmiseGo project is thus becoming quantifiable coin to hold at $270 or more.




Rolling out real-world applications since 2015, VeChain is a world’s largest blockchain platform for products and information.

By leveraging on blockchain technology, the Singapore-based project, VeChain, is purposed to create a trust-free and distributed business ecosystem that is self-circulating and scalable.

There are so many applications of the VeChain project. Now, it has evolved with various technical iterations and also has amassed significant industrial experience in many strategic sectors.

See, if you need a blockchain project to verify authentic luxury goods and monitoring food supply chains, then you want to give it to VeChain.


WHY VECHAIN? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $300 VeChain Project

1. It is a synthetic platform built for products and information.

2. It is trust-free and creates a distributed business ecosystem that is scalable.

3. The transaction and processions involving VeChain value flow at high-speed rates.

4. It is largely adopted for significant industrial purposes.

5. The project has a great blockchain backing and the crypto community at large.



Recently, the Project did its one year anniversary and X Node Binding Lottery Event! As a result, VeChain paid out more than 100 million VET before the Node monitoring resumes soon.


The VeChain project is a fair long term coin, meaning, back-end result/returns will be in a long run. No fast ROI. Nope.


The VeChain project is a great blockchain project when you look at the system it is built on, and the mappings it hopes to achieve (more).

Being already in the Asian market means more value will be given to it based on the project vision. Thus, it is worth holding VeChain at least $300.


21. LISK

The Lisk decentralized blockchain currency was forked through Crypti which was established by Oliver Beddows and Max Kordek in the start 2016.

Based on a modified version of the Crypti code, Lisk is a public cryptocurrency for the blockchain that facilitates its users by providing the blockchain applications.

Going further, the project claims strongly to be the first modular digital currency of its own kind in the global financial market. Of course, if the evidence is there, you cannot doubt it.


WHY LISK? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $200 Lisk Project

1. Lisk is built for high-tech projects of the future by revolution.

2. It is massively adopted in the global financial market.

3. Many smart contracts will need the Lisk project to function.

4. Lisk has a great facilitations by users in terms of the apps.

5. It is a great Blockchain project with massive support.



The Lisk project is a fair short term coin, meaning, back-end result/returns can almost be instant based on the community and coin market shifts.


The Lisk project is a core blockchain project which has already pulled a ton of supports with the coin price standing at >$4.

This is a coin which might jump into a major breakthrough in the coming days; by adoption and apps integration. Thus, Lisk is worth buying for $200. More coins if you do.


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22. NANO 

Coming in the form of a Lattice, and denoted by XRB, Nano (also known as RailBlocks) is a digital currency that has low latency and is trustless.

This is it.

The Blockchain project relies on the block-lattice architecture that is novel with each account which has its own blockchain. Meaning that, with the platform, users can get unlimited scalability plus instantaneous transactions without any fee.

As learned by the parent website, Nano is believed to have processed more than 4 million transactions.

Based on usage, it is straightforward and easy to work with.


WHY NANO? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $200 Nano Project

1. Nano is designed for very fast and zero-fee transactions.

2. Plans for unlimited scaling and free micro-transactions by using a “block-lattice architecture.

3. Each user has their own mini Blockchain; exciting. :mrgreen:

4. It is super scalable because of the blockchain system built on.

5. The project is easy to use which has seen a massive support by the community.



Currently, the Nano Blockchain project is a fair long term coin, meaning, back-end result/returns may take a little bit of time out based on the community and adoptions.


Nano is much appreciated by the Blockchain community because of the usage and functions it commands.

With each user entitled to his/her blockchain, we are expecting En Masse adoption, and thus, the price may be seen on top.

Be it as it may, Nano is a great coin to hold at a range of $250 if you haven’t held projects like ETH and BTC.

23.  ICON 

Carrying a unique identity, ICON, and coming with ChainID service which is the first authorized blockchain based service for consumers, the blockchain project is famously known to be the largest blockchain based digital currency around the world.

Basically, ICON is a decentralized application platform that is building communities in partnership with banks, insurance providers, hospitals, and universities.

And more? They are focused on identity verification and payments.

ICON highlights the independent Blockchains that have a reputable value. The project also believes in the technical roadmap for the satisfaction of the consumers.


WHY ICON? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $500 ICON Project

1. ICON has the bright vision of connecting the entire world with the hyperconnection.

2. It has a unique and authorized blockchain based service for consumers.

3. The ICON project has an independent Blockchains that have a reputable value.

4. ICON is a great project for many startups with the identity verification focus.

5. The project is great for major markets with payments focus, which, with her largest blockchain size, mass adoption will be the case.



ICON is a major Blockchain project which is a fair long term coin, meaning, back-end result/returns may take a little bit of time-out based on the community growth, and adoption.


Commanding the respect as the largest blockchain based digital currency around the world, many startups will tend to go the way of ICON which as a result will keep the price moving higher and more.

Thus, it is worth it to hold ICON for at least $500 if without other coins, and $300 if with other coins.


24. ZCASH 

Denoted as ZCH, and made in advancements via Zerocoin protocol which resulted in Zerocahs, Zcash is one of the major blockchain projects which has ever been.

By function,

Zcash is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that hides the sender, recipient, and value of transactions. The project uses digital means to provide a high level of privacy as compared to other digital currencies seen in the financial market.

All the users of the blockchain project are able to produce optional security features to enhance the security of their data.


WHY ZCASH? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least 1- ZCH Project

1. Has a flexible option to offer users the free hand to make transactions public for auditing.

2. It is a viable security blockchain Project.

3. It is capable of producing optional security features for the user’s safety and privacy options.

4. Payments involving the Zcash project are publicly published on the Blockchains.

5. This project has a massive adoption and support by the crypto community.



ZCASH is a great short term project to hold, meaning, you can double or triple your investment if the coin market surges.


With a great feature to protect the privacy policy of the users, and being open source, this coin has a significant application which has resulted in the hype of the coin to the price cap is it today.

If all things shall be equal, then, with much adoption, the project will see more rise in value. Thus, giving users a back-end reason to hold at least 1ZCH.



Denoted as the parent name, Steem is a blockchain-based social media platform where everyone can earn rewards. It produces Steem and Steem Dollar which are tradable token users obtain for posting, commenting and discovering on interesting contents.

Although, the project is a privately owned startup, yet, it has been built for regular people from all over the world wherefore they reward regularly based on the contribution they make to the community.

So, it is easy. Should you want to earn free steem coins, go to and start writing and commenting.


WHY STEEM? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $150 STEEM Project

1. The project community grows daily.

2. The blockchain project is used and exchanged on a daily basis from Steem to Steem dollar.

3. Publishers are offered incentives which is a major reason the community loves it.

4. Steem is open for everyone to participate from any part of the world.

5. The blockchain project is a major source of income for the participants.



Fortunately, the coin, Steem is a major coin, but unfortunately, a long term coin as well. Meaning that the reward system/ HROI will come in a fairly long period of time.


Steem is worth it as the community base grows daily. A thing which might lead to the surging of the coin (the more). So, it is wise to pull in, say $150 for the Steem project.


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26. STRAT 

Development platform for creating business smart contract applications written in the popular C# programming language. STRAT Offers Blockchain management and consulting services.

Denoted as STRAT, Stratis is a Blockchain service platform developed to provide a solution for corporations in the financial sector that want to enjoy the features of blockchain technology.

Should you consider the provision of private Blockchains, Stratis does that.


WHY STRAT? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $160 STRAT Project

1. The project allows companies to create their custom blockchain application with the feature they want.

2. It also creates development system simpler and accelerating development life cycle of blockchain projects.

3. The project has a run for a provision for private Blockchains.

4. Stratis project has a solution basin for Blockchain management and consulting services.

5. It has a supportive crypto community based on the problems it solves.



The STRAT project is a long term coin, meaning, the result has many factors it depends on; which may see it turn bullish in a long run.


Being a project that seems a reinventing of the wheel in another perspective, the project has seen a crawling growth over the last few months. But yet, the respect and the function Stratis command stands.

Thus, if you believe in the vision and solution it can proffer, then it is worth to hold at least $160 STRATS.


Denoted as GNT, Golem utilizes an Ethereum-based transaction system to settle payments between providers, requestors and software developers. The Golem project is a well-known high tech global, open source, and decentralized supercomputer that anybody can use.

The project functions based on the unique combination of the user’s power machines from PCs to the entire data center.

Any user ranging from a single PC owner to a large data center can share resources through Golem and get paid in GNT (Golem Network Tokens) by requestors.

That is not all.

The Blockchain innovation is capable of proving a reliable cheap machine power, and also computing a wide variety of tasks via machine learning and lots more.

The project’s Registry and Transaction Framework enables anyone to deploy, distribute and monetize applications in the Golem network.

In one line, the Golem project is a great marketplace to empower involved users.


WHY GOLEM? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $160 GOLEM Project

1. The project has a delivering ecosystem open for developers.

2. It has a great marketplace to empower users.

3. There is a healthy competition in the marketplace created by Golem and you always know how much you are going to pay before submitting a task.

4. Democratizing access to computing power at a competitive price point is one of the things the Golem project seeks to achieve.

5. Golem is open for all manner of persons to access, and use worldwide.



Golem is a major project, but then, it is still a fairly long term coin. Meaning, you can get the best of it based on a fairly long stretched time – as it surges more.


Golem had always been a great blockchain project to follow talk less of holding. Those that held it 600 days ago saw the reason to do so.

Now, the question is, can you buy into the Golem project and all it has to offer?

I mean, are you ready to rent out your computer resources to the network and get paid for their participation with Golem tokens? If yes, then, the Golem project is worth getting at least $220; yours to hold.



Following the steps of her sister successful startup, Binance. Kucoin is a Cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong that offers crypto-to-crypto trading.

However, KuCoin Shares is a native cryptocurrency of KuCoin exchange platform that allows holders to profit from the success of the exchange. That is not all.

The KuCoin project takes into the account the numbers of KCS users hold when distributing the various coins. Again, the project was inspired by Bitcoin but offers lots of new features and services that make it better than others.

This is an amazing project in some way. For an example, KuCoin takes into the account the numbers of KCS users hold when distributing the various coins. This is a great path for a visionary coin.


WHY KUCOIN? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $220 KUCOIN Project

1. Kucoin is universally used by pro crypto traders.

2. The KuCoin project allows holders to profit from the success of the exchange.

3. The Blockchain project allows the users to receive passive income.

4. KuCoin has many incentives for her users which has seen an appreciable usage of the coin.

5. KuCoin is popular based on the popularity of the parent startup, KuCoin exchange.



The crypto community believes that a project like KuCoin is fascinating.



Kucoin is a great fairly long term project to buy into. Being long term means that a buoyant ROI will also be on the long run.



Although long term, yet, an eruption by market size can catapult this project to a greater extent. We saw this with BNB during the MBER… months of 2017. Thus, the KuCoin project if held for at least $230 won’t break the bank (if you can afford).

Update: I wouldn’t buy Kucoin if BNB  is there…




Denoting the name of the parent project WAVES, waves is a decentralized digital currency exchange and crowdfunding platform.

The open-source blockchain platform is developed, operated and marked by Waves Platform AG, which allows you to launch your own custom digital currency tokens.

Furthermore, the Waves project allows companies and charitable projects to issue and manage their own digital tokens to raise money.

Waves has the characteristics to act as an Ethereum by allowing you to develop new tokens on the platform using a smart contract.


WHY WAVES? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $220 WAVES Project

1. As an open-source blockchain, the platform has many features for her users.

2. You can easily launch your own custom digital currency tokens using Waves.

3. You can also manage your digital tokens to raise money.

4. It is a great place for a crowdfunding project.

5. Major smart contract projects are encouraged.



Waves is a fair long term project to buy into. Being long term means that a buoyant ROI will also be on the long run.



Based on functionalities, Waves has it. For you to be independent and achieve great heights with WAVES that many other projects do not offer out is a great blockchain startup to buy into – the vision.

If you buy into Waves based on functionality and the prospects, then going for a $190 Waves can be tagged a good Buy area.


Bitshares is an open source, public, and also a real-time cryptocurrency. The project provides a decentralized and also built-in wealth exchange only for the digital currency.

This is it.

Bitshares is also a decentralized exchange that offers financial services like banking. Planned features include the ability for users to create their own, custom digital assets on the Blockchain.

The big point about the project is that on her platform, there is no need to trust a major central authority to manage all of the funds. Why not?

Instead, there is a computerized way for anyone at any time to take part. Tokens are also provided by this cryptocurrency.


WHY BITSHARES? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $160 BITSHARES Project

1. Bitshares project is open sourced, so, it is open for everyone to participate.

2. The project is used in other spheres such as the financial sector – banking.

3. Users using the Blockchain project can create her own digital assets on the Blockchain network.

4. Using the Bitshares means you do not need to trust any central authority.

5. The project has seen a significant growth based on the support of the crypto community.




Clearly, Bitshares is a long term project, so, if invested, it is for the long period of time before an expectancy of returns/tangible results.



Bitshares has made it this far after a struggling time to make it a round figure of 10 cents. But, with a great community support, the project has seen a laudable growth in the last few months.

What’s that? A great pin-up point to own at least few of the project coins. As it stands, if you have other projects, it is better to give Bitshares a short at $140 or a bit more.


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It’s the dawn of cryptocurrencies. One thing is clear, it’s either you are for the big Guns BITCOIN and Ethereum or purely ALTCOINS.

If for the altcoins, it means, you are going into the long term projects which the Rate of RETURNS might take a little bit of time.

Starting from Golem which enables users and applications (requestors) to rent out cycles of other users’ (providers) machines, Zcash which had commanded a great support last year, and ICON being a major in the park.

These are all great Blockchain projects. But the last truth?

At the end of the day, the verdict is yours to buy into the vision of a blockchain project you think is viable. Mine has been to spend more than 3 days and 5 hours editing to complete this analysis. 

Note: you are free to use any exchange you want and buy these coins because I don’t have any referral link in any of them. All for your value.

But a flexible place I recommend with credit card is this. 


Disclaimer: this crypto analytics is not in any way a financial advice. This is a core researched and developed blockchain write up serving the purpose of this website – educational info for beginners and crypto enthusiasts.

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