TOP 8 FACTS About Long-Term Cryptocurrency Investment A Beginner Should Know

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Before we get started, here are some tips for you.

We showed how we won our top coins to buy or trade for October – 5/5, we showed things to know before buying a coin or investing, and we also showed you how to copy and paste crypto trading success by automation using a tool like CB or seeing how it works.

And about Blockchain, we listed out all the relevant Blockchain applications you need to watch out and why your country is not a blockchain country, and of course, a good ICO coin to look at now – really hot.



All right. Coming back to the basics about long term investment,

If you want to undertake a long-term cryptocurrency investment, without further ado, below are some factors of safety to help you understand the market and what you are getting yourself into.


Best Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies About Long-Term Cryptocurrency Investment A Beginner Should Know


#1. Gaze on the Market Cap Than The Price Of The Coin

At times, we may be so concerned about the price of the coin when we want to make a Long-Term Cryptocurrency investment than the market cap.

As analyzed by CryptoSignals,
Here’s an example. According to Coinmarketcap standing, Bitcoin Cash current price can be a little above $ 179.82. The price of Ethereum just $111.6, far less than that of BCH.

But Ethereum’s market capitalization, which is above $1 Billion is almost thrice higher than BCH’s market cap, which stands a little above $10,895 Billion+.

What this means is that investing in Ethereum gives you a higher chance of survival in the future than Bitcoin Cash.


Because more value of assets here shows the support and the value of the coin itself.

Now, this can be technical for you to consider but yet, that is how it works when you consider a long-term cryptocurrency investment.

The Big Questions you want to consider: Are you struggling to hold your coin, or going on a long-term cryptocurrency investment pattern? If yes, let the below help you out.


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#2. Don’t Run Into Selling Your Coins When Prices Increase
I know this can be tough to take being that Bitcoin went down to $3,700 from almost $7,000. But the truth is that if you are a true legend of a long-term cryptocurrency investment, you want to hold onto your coin.

Another illustration – by CryptoSignals,

When bitcoin moved from a little above $1,000 to $4,500, many bitcoin holders quickly decided to sell their coins with one mindset: the cryptocurrency is coming to an end.

But bitcoin didn’t stop, those who moved with their coins now had over $9,000 for just a single bitcoin. That is what you get when you don’t look at an investment with a ‘one-month’ eye, but speculates into the future.



The fact is, some cryptocurrencies will fall completely, but you should make your own analysis and know what to dump and what to invest more in.

Again, making your own decision can be tough. What can you do? Learn from the experts on what to do or just have a JOMO for the main time in anticipation of a great benefit.


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#3. Know The Coins You Are Truly Holding

It is not just enough to talk about holding coins for a long-term, you need to know what the best long-term cryptocurrency investment assets are, and I mean the coins of the future.

You will agree with me that there are so many coins out there, but how do you know the top revealed coins of the future. This is when you need an expert to do the job for you.

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#4. Know Your Antics About Investment

You can be so excited about crypto investment that you forget about knowing how to really invest in it. Now, if that may turn out to be your question, one of the best ways to help yourself is following the paths of already successful investors.

Should you be eager to learn from them, here is a rundown of what you need to do?

Follow these 35 Steps from experienced 7 Crypto experts.


#5. Use The Best Crypto Wallets

When you are going on a long-term Altcoin investment, you want to use the secure wallets for safety. For me, if online wallets, I can recommend Coinbase or Binance. At least, those two are safe and others ones you know like GreenBits, Mycelium and more.

Again, to be in control, you want to use a hardware wallet.

You see, it sounds like no-brainer but holding a coin in a hardware wallet will help you a whole lot to be safe, not just being patient holding your coins.

Well, I know that we may not be able to afford Trezor T or 1, but the new Pigmented Ledgers are affordable.



#6. Know How To Buy And Sell Periodically

I may not know your story about a long-term cryptocurrency investment pattern but I do know that at a point you may need to exchange your digital assets to fiat. And when that happens, you will need to know how to play the game of buying and selling of coins.

Well, if you want to learn, you can start by knowing how to overcome fear and buy cryptocurrencies on your own, from there, you can join others and see how to buy and sell cryptos easily – for personal purpose or for profits…




#7. Use Safe And Regulated Exchanges Near You

You may not need to learn the lesson the hard way but I did by being scammed on a crypto exchange. What does this mean?

If you are buying a digital asset for the future – to hold, you want to use a safe crypto exchange website or first of all, see the quality of it.

Since my ugly experience, I have learned to limit and use only cryptocurrency exchanges that are near me or safe for my liking. If you want that to be your story as well, these are some of the top crypto places I recommend and use often.


#8. Do Not Be Greedy

I did say, hold on and do not sell off almost immediately. Good. Now, if you are holding a coin too long and you have the need to sell some for your profits or usages, please go ahead and make some withdrawals because being an Oliver Twist forever is not the best.

So, sell some coins when you have to and use them when you need to. In all these, still, hold some coins for the future – for your own good.


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If you want to survive in this industry, you need the best cryptocurrency trading strategies and also the way out for profitsSo, I was trying to answer the big question; what are the Top 8 Facts about Long-Term Cryptocurrency Investment a Beginner Should Know.

The conclusion can be summarized as below.

#1. Gaze on the market cap than the price of the coin

#2. Don’t run into selling your coins when prices increase.

#3. Know the coins you are truly holding

#4. Use the best crypto wallets

#5. Know your antics about investment

#6. Know how to buy and sell periodically

#7. Use safe and regulated exchanges near you

#8. Do not be greedy

I missed this one, do not borrow or take a loan to invest in cryptocurrencies else, if things do not work out as planned, you will have to pay every dime you were apportioned. 😆

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Over to you. Have more views or suggestions? Let’s hear you below.


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