Perhaps, you have seen me using “WE” in the About us page. Note, as of the time of writing, it is just I, myself – but “we or us” sound better, I guess.



I am Isuamfon Offiong, a graduate of Civil Engineering, a value placed orator, and a humanitarian activist.

By engracement, I graduated with a second class upper in Civil Engineering, but by no means believe that success is on the walls of the university.

What is needed is the communication skills (about your clients), and a passion to function in what you love…

•  I am a child and Believe in the only one True God, who works in me to will and to act according to his good Purpose.

•  I am always weakened when it comes to conscience, so, to be free, I try to live the best life in the dark and the open.

•  I am what I am through the Grace of God.



I have always loved writing, but not purposely such as using a medium like a website to reach out to people. Should you want to know, it all started in 2008 when I was writing in print – sheets of paper and a Biro pen.

Between 2017 & early 2018, while serving my country, in a remote area, all my gadgets were down! (Laptop, Mobile Phone, and not even a 3G network). The only gadgets I was left with?

My Biro Pen and Sheets of Paper I detached from each examination scripts there at my place of primary assignment (secondary school – known as high school) All I did was to sit my butt down and write. Write, write and write.

Write what?

My Passion – Self development scripts. And you wouldn’t believe I sketched out a-yet-to-be developed manuscript of a great book about Startup companies.

At the end of the day, I discovered that in 2 months I finished about 6 or more Biro pens still doing what I am always inspired to if I sit down.

You will see how it goes below in my first web blog – a testimonial about my writing…


This is me…

Down the line,

Having developed my first site Bizdynamicx in 2017,

With more positive comments standing at 700+ for over 7 or there about months while writing intermittently, the comments measure was more on cryptocurrencies against productivity (80:20).

More on Cryptocurrency because 80% posts published was on it and just 4 posts on personal development, and a handful on Startup capital and Income ritual articles.

Taking inventory of the results, I decided to start a fully established cryptocurrency/Blockchain blog.

Although, I continued with the old domain name before deleting all my posts to start i-will-teach-u-crypto on 19th June 2018.

A tip in.

I am not going to all the details now, however RECENTLY, I got a batch and a reward of recognition for valuable contents.


About my productivity contents, see a sample of comment (testimonial) I screenshot from a reader below.





I shall be starting my Personal Self-development Blog again in January 2019. (God willing…)

Like never before, I shall be DELIVERING A NON-GET IN ANYWHERE POSTS.

You can’t find such contents anywhere because I shall be writing based on UGLY and personal experiences, and what I have seen.

Even if he does not know, my self development writer Role Model is Michael  Hyatt. So, I want to take off like him…

A big shock…I have someone on my email list.

My self development website? Join here to be on the list. I shall write a full – about me- on the personal blog in January 2019. Happy new year – 2019.



See the engagement below (when the site was live  – screenshot in September 2017)


This is it,

I decided to delete all my 26 published articles on Bizdynamicx on 19th June 2018 after making it to Google First page since January, 2018 (you will know what it means as a blogger/SEO writer),




After all the difficult moments based on being sent on a national assignment in my country where I did not have access to browsing network to update my Blog as I wanted to. I was down.

Also, I lost all my contents (up to 60+ blog posts) having paid my former hosting company to back up my files. They never kept the backup.

I saw hell while writing with my first web hosting company. Just take a glance at what I went through just in few days in one month. The web blog itself broke like never before.


When visitors came on, they bounced elsewhere because they were greeted with the white screen of death.

All I was left with was email upon emails, writing and complaining always to the support desk which at times paid a deafening ear to my complaints.

After this ugly incidence, I vowed never to use a just any-thing service ever again. I made up my mind, it has to be the best and popular, I guessed. Like seriously?

Tell me it was a lie. I never saw the second one coming…(more on it later).

With all my efforts lost (traffic, subscribers and site authority), I was demoralized for my loss.

And totally depressed when I did not have the funds to pay for the bills in early APRIL, 2018 still on my national assignment in a remote village.

The worst was that I was billed to pay $55 for each month to be online. An amount I couldn’t afford.

Why not?

I hated anything ads. And when that came up, I was forced to apply for Google Adsense. But, it didn’t save me because it was too late… (You can see why it is on this site currently – bills ).

Lastly, coming back to continue after national assignment, my loss was rounded up with the PAIN of being scammed on a crypto exchange – My Last Bitcoin on a mission of writing a tutorial for my readers.



I decided that yeah, I’ve got to start all over again to guide new beginners against crypto vulnerabilities and also making a smart investment in long term Blockchain projects and even shorter projects.

That was how i-will-teach-u-crypto was coined. The baseline is that you won’t regret doing business with us.




Perhaps a different gem for a different person. But, I think, these are the top 4 Wallets against Hackers…



One advice about building a project online I can tell you is that never use a so-called or popular service because analytics do not lie.

If you want to test out various hosting service/recommendations by popular SEO bloggers, test the services at odd times to know if actually, it is true.

For an example, there is a supposed popular web hosting company that is known for offering the best service in terms of customer support.

Ordinarily, it would have sounded odd to believe the opposite, until I followed the so-called Hosting service product review writer and joined the bandwagon (even though the hosting plan was costly, I paid it because they said it was the best).

Like the above, I was once beaten, and yet again twice shy; don’t ever make my mistake while building your project online…

Case Study: Learn from my mistakes…



I don’t want to fit in as a regular crypto blog.

I don’t know how I want to say it, but I want to add the best value to you…in all ways I can.

Here, I want to speak your mind and language because I believe the best way to serving you is putting my self in your shoe.

I love great a startup like A2, BUT I am mad about poor services, so, do not be surprised if I am BENT on telling you to avoid vulnerable services; if that is all you will get from this web blog.


Taking days to publish…

At times, if it takes days to publish a content, it means I am doing a deep research and data analytics which might cover a 6,000 to 9,000 words.

And as you can observe, I am not in to write a JUST-COVER blog posts, I do due diligent background work and 97% of my published posts here are 3,000 and above.

So, if I don’t post in 2 days, I am seeing “how” functional Crypto/Blockchain tools work…

For an example, I have a list of almost 70+ crypto trading and analytics tools you can use and maximize Altcoin success, but yet, I am taking time to see how each of them works, and I am not ready to copy and paste any content from any WEBSITE, so, do bear with me.

See how it goes here….

meet the founderupvotes


as at August 29, 2018


Again, all things being equal, I shall be posting about 1-3 articles per 7 days if it is a deep researched with analytics.

But if tutorials and crypto security, I shall be putting across 3-4 per 7 days.

An example of a deep research analytics is this one that took me 5 days or more days to finally hit the publish button. Another is this Blockchain Blockbuster.



We can help you set up a Cryptocurrency News Website or Personal Website, This is how to go about it.



First Life Pole: if you invest as little as $500 in BTC today (20th June, 2018), you will/might have a good return of Investment; if you treat it as an investment.

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Second Life Pole: I want everybody to be a crypto millionaire like these 7 men.


Third Life Pole: It does not matter where you were born, you never caused it, all the world needs is the Difference you can MAKE.



If you are a beginner that wants to learn how to start trading crypto assets (buy and selling), you need a simple trading platform like CEX and if you are a higher and advanced user, then Binance cryptorial exchange is what you want.

See in detail – where to buy Cryptos Safely in your country.



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