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Perhaps, you have seen me using “WE” in the About us page. Note, as of the time of writing, it is just I, myself – but “we or us” sound better, I guess.


I am Isuamfon Offiong, a graduate of Civil Engineering, and a value –placed orator, a provider + a father to the darling wife of my youth.

I have always loved writing, but not purposely such as using a medium like a website to reach out to people. Should you want to know, it all started in 2008 when I was writing on print –paper and biro pen.




Down the line,

Having developed my first site Bizdynamicx in 2017,

With more positive comments standing at 700+ for over 7 months, the comments measure was more on cryptocurrencies against productivity (80:20). More on Cryptocurrency because 80% posts published was on it and just 4 posts on personal development.

Taking inventory of the results, I decided to start a fully established crypto blog. Although, I continued with the old domain name before deleting all my posts to start i-will-teach-u-crypto.

A tip in.

I am not going to all the details now, however RECENTLY, I got a batch and a reward of recognition for valuable contents.



About my productivity contents, see a sample of comment I screenshot from a reader below.


I shall be starting my Personal Self-development Blog again in January, 2019. (God willing)

Like never before, I shall be DELIVERING A NON-GET IN ANYWHERE POSTS. You can’t find such contents anywhere because I shall be writing based on UGLY personal experiences and what I have seen. I have all of them in Print.

You can get a clue from the above comments from a reader.Join here to be on the list. I shall write a full about me on my personal blog in January 2019. Happy new year – 2019.


And my crypto blog comments. See the engagement below (when the site was live  – screenshot in September 2018)


This is it,

I decided to delete all my articles on Bizdynamicx on 19th June 2018 after making it to Google First page since January, 2018 (you will know what it means as a blogger),



After all the difficult moments based on being sent on a national assignment in my country where I did not have access to browsing network to update my Blog as I wanted to.

And also, I lost all my contents (up to 60+ blog posts) having paid my former hosting company to backup my files. They never kept the backup.

With all my efforts lost (traffic, subscribers and site authority), I was demoralized from my lost. And totally depressed when I did not have the funds to pay for the bills in APRIL, 2018 still on my national assignment in a remote village.

The worst was that I was billed to pay $35 for each month to be online. An amount I couldn’t afford.

Lastly, coming back to continue, my lost was rounded up with the PAIN of being scammed on a crypto exchange – My Last Bitcoin on a mission of writing a tutorial for my readers.



I decided that yeah, I’ve got to start all over again to guide new beginners against crypto vulnerabilities and also making a smart investment in Blockchain projects.

That was how i-will-teach-u-crypto was coined. The baseline is that you won’t regret doing business with us.


Again one thing you will notice is that I am an orator, and also, this is not a regular crypto or bitcoin blog. Here, I speak my readers’ mind and language. So, do not be surprised if I take some things personally – like speaking as an oracle or a motivational speaker. 😉

Just a reminder,

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