This is an automated guide to choosing the Pro Traders/Marginal Trading Community Exchange Website.

Of course, when it comes to this part, the crypto pro traders want to be treated with care with all transparency and support.

Or, who wants to get a CORN when he can get the UNI also – UNICORN?

Who wants to get his trading hanging in the middle of closing in massively in profits? Are these and more the qualities of the best crypto exchange websites?

If yes, then this is a complete guide that will show you the 5 Core Qualities of a crypto exchange every pro trader should stick to.



Crypto Marginal Trading is the art of trading crypto on margin. That is to say, using borrowed capital (money borrowed on an exchange  platform that is not your own) to trade cryptocurrency.

In search of a beginner friendly marginal trading website that will hand you this easily? GO to (I use CEX as well).

Go over there, open an account, verify your account, and activate 2FA, come back to apply for margin trading and you will be allowed to. But deposit some money first – you don’t want to have a bad history of trading, right?

To a larger extent,

To say that this method of crypto trading (marginal) is dangerous is an understatement. It sure is, but yet, who are those still using this trading method? That boils down to the pro crypto traders we are talking about.

So, in a short line, we can conclude that marginal trading as a form of pro altcoin trading is not for everybody.

Note: Beginners are warned! You are forewarned to stay clear here. Your best trading is buying some Altcoins or Bitcoin to hold. Yeah, that is your best terms and conditions for now. Just create a wallet, activate 2FA (I showed how on a 6 hour tutorial), and buy some cryptos and hold, period.

If you want to earn more crypto, you can earn for free.

2022 Pro Ways To Earn Free Cryptocurrencies In 2018: Real Tactics.


A Pro Crypto Trader

What qualifies a pro crypto trader? Answer; Maximum losses.

If you haven’t lost 2 out of 10 trading, then you are not a pro crypto trader. Again, if you make us to believe that you win 10/10, I am afraid, you may be a LION! – A big liar.

However, I will make this painless for upcoming beginner traders. I will enlist the best crypto trading articles you can read on the internet, but before that, I will present you with 20 or 30 more pro crypto trading tools – Not in this post.

Worthy to note: You can get the first 50 Top Crypto trading tools because the 20 or 30 more won’t feature the 50, so, all together we are talking about 70 or 80 crypto trading tools –just for you to win.

With all these tools, if after 3 months of studying how it goes, and yet, you still fail 7 out of 10 trading, then, I and other readers will have to find out what is wrong from your inside out- you may need a motivational speaker to spur up your crypto trading muscles. You can even walk on a hot coal as Tony Robbins does it better.


Away from that.

We had a question to answer? Who is a Pro Crypto Trader?

In 10 lines, he/she is one that;

1. Has failed and lost many Crypto trades.

2. Has finally found how to win but still loses minimally – here & there.

3. Knows what every crypto trading line meant from the onset.

4. Knows the best Tools to use and automate crypto trading wins.

5. knows the best Crypto communities to brainstorm on signal possibilities,

6. Knows the best Crypto Exchange to use for high level trading,

7. Knows the top low trading fee crypto exchanges,

8. Knows that emotional decisions are not the best for Crypto trading,

9. Knows how to trade an amount he wouldn’t need a therapy to come back to life after a loss,

10. Knows how to beat procrastination/negligence and use a wallet he controls after big, wins – hardware/Paper.

Talking about the paper wallet, do you think it serves best than Hardware? If yes, then, let’s take a recess here and see 5 true life lessons why you should never use a paper wallet.


All right, let’s get the drill we were waiting for.




5. An Open Source Option 

Being open source here means that a crypto exchange has her door open for the innovative opinions of the users and the crypto communities.

Of course, some ideas might not be 100% great, yet, this might be an opportunity for users to air out their views, build amazing tools that could help the exchange as well. An example is building crypto trading apps in case the parent exchange does not have one.


4. IT Implementation Option

If you are curious like other crypto enthusiasts, we would love it if some of the top crypto exchanges add a section on the actual IT implementation on the back-end or front-end.

That is to say, we want to know if our choice exchanges rely on programs/options such as:


Does it use sufficient load balance to handle peak traffic?

Where the servers are located as compared to the customer base?



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3. We Don’t Need A Faceless Team!

Last month before I deleted all my contents to start all over, I was reviewing an Ico project. The very first that got my attention. After the whole research, tying, proofreading and all set to hit PUBLISH, I went on to see that the project principals were faceless – not a good thing (not for beginners at all).


So what happened? I had to delete the whole content – the effort you might think was wasted. But I weighed two options as I thought.

Two judgements…

For readers to face a headless battle of losing their supposed coins/investments (since no one knew the team) or to forgo a 4-hour research article? I think the former was the best I could think of– for me.


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Give it to us

We want to know who the teams are, and most importantly the CEO. That is why I Like Binance and Coinbase CEOs just to start with. Who doesn’t  know Mr. Armstrong of Coinbase?

We want to know the founder so that they don’t do those exit scams and run off with our coins. 😳

So, come on, give it to us. In fact, we want to follow them on Twitter.

Search out: 7 Bitcoin Millionaires/Billionaires & CEOs You Want To Follow on Twitter.


2. We Want Zero Downtime!

We plead with Ethereum beginners exchanges, Credit Card Friendly exchanges, and world crypto exchanges, we are not in one African country where electricity can be switched off without any prior notice – it still happens though.

So, do not take the site down during peak hours of trading because doing such a thing is just like cutting us halfway – the moment we wanted to climb the orgasm of crypto trading.


Who are the notable ones that went downtime? The popular exchanges only.

Coinbase did this once, and Poloniex knows how to do it better. So, they and other crypto sites should better stop it totally in case it was a JOKE – we want to trade like Pros.

At least, should they want to do such an ugly thing, they need to do the below option.


1. Tell Us; Actors, Vacate the Area!

Just tell us Maintenance is on the Way.


We want the crypto exchanges that can be consistent like a Cameroonian pepper. Should you not know, if you use a Cameroonian pepper, it cannot lose consistency. You must stand the result or hotness it gives.

So, let every New Blockchain Tech Projects tell us that they want to go on maintenance instead of closing the trade we would have closed in on $1,000 profits in 10 minutes after struggling for the last 12 hours without profit. I know such a feeling. It sucks. 😈

Are ya a fan of the Blockchain, or, do not just know its purpose? I do, see below.

More On Blockchain Tech.

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The 35 Case Study Growth Of Blockchain Technology You Won’t Believe.



Who doesn’t want to be treated as a King or a slay queen of Facebook, we all do, right? If yes, that is the spirit.

But in order to make all we have discussed possible, we need a team spirit. We have to team up with other altcoin communities alike and advocate the change we want. How?

If you could just share this post to 3 Crypto communities, this blog won’t just grow, but, the community will thank you for it, and as you know, some of them will want to follow you on social media. So, it’s a Win-Win.

Where to share them? A Big List Of 165 Top Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Communities Online.

The link? Use the share buttons.



As I was editing this post, I remembered that a Marginal/Pro trader will probably need some crypto productivity tools., right? I will wrap that up in another post.

This is the tip of an Iceberg. If you get pains in the eye due to long hours of straining your eye on the computer screen, confusion on mapping out your trading schedules, I will help you out.

Don’t worry, some of them will be as free to get as a broomstick.



Just like Coinbase exchange took action to recruit more hands to handle the customer support desk issue, we shall have a win if we work together by telling these crypto websites what we want.

This is what I mean.

Do you think a particular Cryptocurrency exchange will create a flexible Open Source and IT Implementation Options if we do not get across to them En Masse? I Don’t Think so.

So, this is how to do it.

Let’s share this post with the crypto communities. If it gets on Reddit/r/bitcoin, Reddit/r/cryptocurrency, and (just to mention a few), I think we can have the best service delivery from these crypto exchanges.

Isuamfon Offiong

I am Offiong Isuamfon. I Value People 100% Over Profits. After being scammed my last BTC, I HAD to "Delete ALL my Articles" on 19th June 2018 to start ALL OVER AGAIN to protect Beginners against Crypto Vulnerabilities & Making Unsmart Investments in the Crypto/Blockchain Tech. More on meet-the-founder-page


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