Top 10 Eye Destruction and Productivity Tools For PROFESSIONAL CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADERS: Liquor Trading!

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It does not just boil down to the hours you spend on your computer/mobile devices and the effects, it goes further to the tools you can use and be super successful while day trading.

Perhaps, as we go on, this won’t fit into your expectation from a crypto blog. Well, here is more than a crypto blog. I take importance on your success in health and cryptorically than you can think of.

Health is wealth, remember.


Imagine that I advocate always that you set up your accounts properly – 2FA and other ID verification(s). There is a reason for that.

Not just because I was scammed, no. It is because I put myself in your shoe on every post before hitting the publish button.

This is how it works.

I have a productivity tool I am currently using. Although, not a crypto tool, but I think that being alive as a crypto trader is more important than making $5,000 profits. Which at the end of the day, you might end up spending $4,300 for hospital bills – awful.

So, if these will help you out, I will be more than happy.

No more words, let’s get on with them.



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At times when you are focused on a great exchange meant for pro traders or ones that charge 0% on exchange fees, you can be logged in, who knows, forever.

Same goes for those that might have been toiling to break forth. Howbeit, if you are in any of the above categories, the following crypto productivity tools will help you.



I have used flux for over I think a year now or so. During the time of writing and publishing up to 4 blog posts a day, I never found it funny with my eye because of pains.

The fixation of my eyeballs on the computer screen even at the lowest screen adjustment didn’t stop eye pains and tears.

So, the tool that helped out was Flux. And I will be glad if you check it out. No, you will be glad.

With flux tool, you will be able to adjust the brightness of your computer screen to its barest minimum, with a dark room mode to spice things up.

Do check it out. And you will be glad you did.



Maybe not popular, but this is a great alternative to Flux. With Mozilla Nightly, your screen will be in a dark mode for you to really reduce the blue light radiations hitting your eye from your computer screen.

This is important because your curiosity to watch the crypto charts and graphs might get out of hand.



Twilight is just like Flux but for the Android dudes.

Just go over to the Google play store, you will see it.

 The next question?

What about the iOS family?

The iOS devices have inbuilt blue light screen adjustments, so, you want to use it.



Okay, you’ve got to go to bed. Hurry up and close the last trade.

Mr. sleepy popularly known as will help you define the proper time for you to forgo trading and go to bed.

This productivity tool will tell you the best time to go to sleep.

Not just that, the bedtime tool will help you wake up refreshed for the SAME crypto trading mission.




This is a free Chrome extension that restricts the amount of time you are allowed to spend on irrelevant sites for a trading signal.

Why spend time on worthless sites for crypto trading signals when you can get it at these places for free?

This is how to use it.

First, search for the tool and add to your chrome browser. Go ahead and choose which websites you want to block, and how long you want to block them.

Don’t worry, the tool is highly customizable. When you get it, tweak it as you want. And you will just be fine.

How to download?

Go to chrome>Go to menu> go to more tools> go to extension>Search for Stayfocused.

Don’t stress up, see it here.



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Okay, this will look awkward and odd. I have admitted it before you might want to.



I can understand the fact that you don’t have money to get FREE Flux or twilight and so on. Good and safe. Go ahead and buy a quality sun glass for your eye protection.

With it, you can save yourself from the long hours of a screen of death focus – crypto graphs and charts won’t forsake you cause you must close today’s trade with a win! Yes, it is a must.

So, get one.



I don’t know if you have a crypto doctor around your neighborhood. If not, you want to go for eye checkup maybe every 6 months if you are as PRO crypto trader.

If you don’t already see an eye doctor, ask your family doctor for a referral, or ask friends and family for recommendations.



Okay. You won’t find this on Walmart. I mean, if you go to a store and ask for the eye crypto fruits. If you do, they will refer you to these men in black.

Well, there are some fruits you can take that will prove viable to your eyesight – mostly for pro traders.




Wait a minute.

The above fruits can be costly. That is if you have not made a DIME from crypto trading since January 1, 2018. This is what you want to do.

Buy only the ones you can get for 50 cents. An example is going for an orange. Then, when you start making profits, you can join up the above and other things like Brussel sprouts with garlic – combined.



My back gets hurt if I don’t take a break from writing. Same with crypto trading, you have to take a break at some point.

I know it is insane to recommend that. But the truth is that when you are hurt, the crypto charts and Graph won’t stop or wait for you to recover.

So, go ahead and get some regular crypto sessions. Just 2 minutes or 3 minutes stress up break won’t be bad. I do 50 seconds though.



Hey, this is getting from weird to weirder.

At a point, you need a friendly and natural alcoholic wine like the down-wine for stretching the eye positively.

This is how you do it.

With long hours of focusing on the screen, once in 7 days, you can get a glass of fresh Palm wine for your eyesight productivity/freshness.

Caution: just a glass is okay, else, if abused, you can lose money in crypto trading.


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Ordinarily, at this time, I would have reviewed a crypto wallet, and so on, but I figured out that for you to have a healthy and hearty eyesight is better than recommending some free wallet tools for you to use.

That being said, this post might be weird or you may tag it as odd because it does not fit into a crypto blog. But yet, I am not, and won’t be too serious not to recommend healthy and productivity tools I think can help you out.

More reason?

I am a self-development/productivity writer. I am just filling in to solve some crypto problems for now. Learn more.


All right, I want you to do one thing for me. I know that this post is weird, and I will beg that you help it go viral.

Share the link with a friend. Thank you.

Over to you

Do you appreciate these tools? Let me know what you think below. Welcome.



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