A Sneak Preview Of The @Pundixlabs Xphone & Your Take


After announcing a day before yesterday that some NPXS will be burnt which as of today was done and dusted.

Affirming it to her followers on January 3, it was made known that the team has executed the token removal as planned.

A total of approximately 9.7 billion tokens (5.7 billion NPXS and 4 billion tokens NPXSXEM) have permanently removed from the supply.



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Welcome back.

The truth is, there is something about this crypto project that a lot of crypto enthusiasts are yet to find out.

While I won’t focus on that because we did a pretty good job on the top coins to hold in 2019. By next week #PundiX team will be in @CES to show off #XPOS, #XPASS, #XWallet and #XPhone for the first time!

On top of that, they will also release new features of her XWallet to enable merchants to accept crypto with ease directly on their #Android phones.

I don’t want to be biased about this project, so, let’s face what we wanted to achieve.

Today, I want to show us a sneak preview of the Pundixlabs Xphone as was shared by Cryptogodfather.

I don’t know how you will describe your version of the project, but another fan said that it has a Boring design. Looks actually a copy of Nokia touch screen phone.

Well, looking closely, I can see that the PundiXLabs XPhone has a sleek interface with everything needed to make transaction work for you.


While the phone’s manufacturer is yet to be announced, a lot of fans think Apple should be ideal. Would you mind Apple being the main manufacturer? If no then let’s hear your views because some enthusiasts think it should be Hawai.


Point of Argument

Like Steve jobs, giving into detail means a lot. But here we are, we are not just looking at the design but what the project can do. I mean the essence.

Already, the PundiXLabs has done a great work because payments are going on in so many blockchain countries.


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So what’s your opinion? Let’s hear what you have to say.

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