The most definitive reasons bitcoin & stellar are scams, and why you should not believe or invest in them. Never!

" Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, tell somebody,
You go tell somebody,
Grandma told me,
Get your money, black coin is a scam!"

This is Cryptocurrency, See how we are leaving or living now?




That cryptocurrency, since not controlled by any person or government of a country can be wild – fluctuations in price is like shit.

In fact, it is so discouraging that one way, they said it is not regulated, and just of recent they said everything depended on regulation, on SEC.

Come on, what is happening to these shitty coins?

Okay, if it is like they just said – the SEC approval of ETFs or whatever, so, it means that the way Satoshi Nakamoto made me understand Cryptocurrency as a darling was also a shit; no, I am just curious.


You know, like you,

I have always had a double mind about this (scammy) digital coin called Bitcoin. And the recent one, Stellar.

The way the other (Bitcoin) has fallen is too good to be true as a real currency.

And of course, which makes it a more reason why it is scammy and the other upcoming digital coins from nowhere.

Does that sound like you?

Well, of the earnest truth, you are not alone.

You are totally right and your consideration has a 100% backing from me.

But you know what?

The surprising thing or say the funny thing is that, out of hundreds if not thousands of Best Bitcoin exchanges in your country or numerous 0% trading fee exchanges making rounds in the world, people are still buying & trading this scammy digital currency without bound.

And the worst of it all, they are using the new method to trade cryptocurrencies without them being involved.

But the thing is that,

Are they trying to be funny, or they have nothing really to do with their money?

Well, that is the question I keep asking myself as well.

But going away from this *positive truth we hold about bitcoin,

A bitcoin enthusiast actually made a vital point. I quote “the time will come where the financial system of the world is collapsing, where people are giving up faith in government, where the inflation rate is crazy”.

Come to think of it.

Not all that long ago, the inflation rate of Japan showed a negative prime while that of the United States showed a positive .5 national interest rate percent.

Could it be there is a little truth or viability in this scammy coin, Bitcoin?


Before we go on, let me take you round…

You may not be told, but if you are a crypto beginner, always go here first.



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Away from that.

Let me show you why the digital currency called Bitcoin is truly a scammy coin.

It was predicted that in 2025, 1 Bitcoin may/would be sold at the rate of $17,000.


Before you think that the price tag would close-in in 2025 as was predicted, permit me to point to a-never-saw coming truth.

Just last December 2017, this same Bitcoin was selling at $17,000.

Yes, it was.

Dangling question?

Don’t worry. I know what you are thinking. I am on the same page with you.

As senseless as it sounds,

I would have loved to close this article here having found out and concluded why this coin is really a scammy digital coin.


“I don’t believe [it] fits the characteristics of money very well.” – Graham Tonkin 

To back everything up at 30%, Peter Schiff believes that Bitcoin is just a bubble.

Just of recent, according to coinidol, the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, 84 years and one of the world’s most powerful investors remains in suspense about the advantages of trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In a stretch to support my thesis on Bitcoin, He declared that the act of trading bitcoin “is not investing” and compared it to gambling.

But just for my readers’ sake,

So you see, there is no need to go on, right?

But wait a minute, who even likes data? Do you because I do.

If you are like me, see more reasons why Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are nothing but scam.

To back the verdict further that Bitcoin is a scam, India said no to it. Boy O boy, no Bitcoin in this country.

To go down the tunnel of scammisation, the Arabians recently banned Crypto trading in the kingdom. Lol.


And what about Stellar? People think it is a frictionless coin.

Why not?

Facebook even came out to deny blatantly that they had nothing to do with the coin.

Mockingly, they said, we were not planning on building our system on the Stellar Blockchain. A shame to another shit coin. 😈

Hahahahahaha, no need to continue, right?

However, since I proposed a 5 reason why this is a scammy coin, then will I go on with it, after all, I also share with the same proposition?


Personal Now.

Don’t worry, I am not selling you anything. I just want to have someone to reach out to when I finish doing what I love to do. And it is writing.

I will be writing on the top women in Crypto/Blockchain but there is more to that. This is what Crypto Emo said:

"The empowerment of women in crypto is getting out of hand. We shouldn't be praised for being born with v***. we should earn acknowledgement just like everyone else!


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With that, I will send you the next touch on why women shouldn’t all be about ——? But in the Blockchain.


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Just set us up as an important email and not spam and you are in. Thanks though cause you make me alive here, right? Yes.


Okay, since, Warren, Peter Theil, India, and the Arabians all said no? Does it mean, they all said no to the Blockchain Capacity?

Now, be careful so that you won’t be like India that had a divided attention between Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. But they finally found out the difference from the articles highlighted.


And do you want to know what happened between Bitcoin & Blockchain in India? This will help.

That is not all.

In this article, you will definitely see why your country is not a crypto friendly nation or among the top Blockchain countries of the world.







The more reason you should not buy Bitcoin now is that it is a one country affair.

That is to say, just like Dollars (currency), the government and the people of US and some world powers are a determining factor to the value of it.

I mean, its price can be manipulated.

Therefore, no need to buy, after all, it can depreciate to the barest minimum.

See, I know, a crypto believer might want to say this, and that.

But the truth is?

I understood that Satoshi my friend said, the purpose of Bitcoin was to be a decentralized currency, not controlled by anything or a body, so, why does it suddenly depend on the SEC’s approvable verdict?

No way, they can’t blindfold me. This is a blatant scammy coin, period!!!

If you are still considering bitcoin as the above, then you need the truth now, else, you will on fire.


The Truth?

Bitcoin and other digital assets are decentralized. Meaning that no government of a country can manipulate it.

Also, you need to know that Bitcoin is a digital currency just like your Gmail account which means, it can’t be accessed by anyone as far as you hold your private key, password.

Apart from that, the technology behind Bitcoin known as the Blockchain makes it an open digital currency.

So in essence, Bitcoin currency is never a particular’s country affair.


You now…If it is like you have said, what about the SEC on the 4 ETFs?.

It is tricky to trust someone – the crypto whales. Let me tell you something about trust.

First of all, don’t trust anybody when it has to do with money – white or black.

White: I have been scammed by a white.

Black: I have also been scammed by a black.

So, never trust a man with blood veins when it has to do with money.


About SEC on the ETFs.

The only way what we want Bitcoin to be, I know you know – to make you rich is the SEC coming in.

Because of many scams and manipulations, if Bitcoin (with other cryptos) are left in the hands of MEN – the whales to operate, you might be surprised that a crypto whale might turn at the back and stab all of us.


They may stake in a company as a shareholder, and after some time, use the name of the company and buy all the digital assets in the world such that he and his leagues can manipulate it the way they want.

(Tip in: do you know the amount of Bitcoin Cash the mining giant startup, Bitmain, holds by percentage?) A story for another day.

So, if the SEC does not come in, then, we want another dictatorship of Bitcoin.

Without the Security Exchange Commission out, and that supposed success in crypto manipulations, the banks, bankers and other bitcoin atheists can say, this was a BUBBLE from the word CR-Y-P-TO.

And mind you, the banks know that this is a wicked neighbor currency – they will be out of business from the smart guys, because very soon, inheritance will be in form of private keys if you have bought your tool to secure your assets.

Let’s get the big deal about our local Banking sectors.

“If bitcoin is a rat poison, then the BANKS are the POISON” – Pantera CEO.


So, Bitcoin wasn’t to be regulated by a body, however, if the SEC does not approve it, Bitcoin will still maintain its status quo till mass adoption.


All right, I guess, you might be interested to follow the ETFs. So, see the dates below.

Here are the upcoming BTC ETF dates:

Aug 23: ProShares ETF Final approved or denied

  Sep 7: Bitwise ETF First approved, denied or delayed

  Sep 21: Direxion ETF Final approved or denied

  Sep 30: CBOE VanEck / SolidX ETF Second
approved, denied or delayed



Bitcoin is a scammy coin because no one is accepting it, or it is not accepted by big marketplaces, right?

If right, then it is fable now – an old story because a lot of places are dying to accept bitcoin.

Unfortunately, that story was 7 years ago and fortunately, the story has changed now.

Bitcoin, as the future of money, has been making rounds as a currency for the NOW in big marketplaces and still striving.

Some of the big names you may know are Telsa, Amazon, Shopify and of course Microsoft, a great supporter.


The Truth?

Break the idea that Bitcoin is not accepted by big brands yet because a journey of a thousand miles has always begun with a step.

If Amazon – the Jeff Bezos factor is viable, then we need no more proofs.

I am still challenged to put out the list of places accepting Bitcoin for you. Don’t worry, I will put them soon some data analytics since this is a data website.

See this,

A review of payments received by the world’s 17 largest crypto merchant processing services, such as BitPay, Coinify and GoCoin, found that Bitcoin payments totaled $60 million in May 2018 even though it peaked at $412 million in September 2017 – Bloomberg




BTC Products at Walmart

But you know what, I shall publish a list of up to 200+ places accepting bitcoin. Should you be interested, get on the list of excited members.



Conclusion, having seen that Bitcoin is supported by big players and places, what do you do?

Read on. Else, start shopping. I know you know Bitcoin places like Newegg or even Spendabit.



It is funny.

Only a handful of people know about bitcoin but then almost everyone thinks holding Bitcoin in one of these Blockchain countries is one the best investments.

No doubt. Yeah, no doubt.

Bitcoin in its own way has proven to be less popular which makes it a scammy coin, right? I mean, banks are popular but Bitcoin popularity is like nowhere…

Okay, here is the deal.

I think you will like this; knowing what is unpopular? See below.

90% of employees at the crypto startup, Binance, receives salary in BNB coin.

Now, how about that? Popular or less popular to Bitcoin?



When some Bitcoin atheists get scammed off their Bitcoin, the whole world will hear that this is a scammy coin. But they never said so when Bitcoin was chilling at $18,000+ in December, 2017.

I am vexed up.


How many Crypto startups do you know because I will Challenge those atheists.


Well, I know Microsoft, Telsa, Shopify, CoinTelegraph, Bloomberg, BusinessInsider, TechCrunch, iwillteachucrypto, Binance, Coinbase, Bitbond, LocalBitcoins, Trezor, Ledger Nano, and more.

Now, are they all unpopular?

I might agree with you that iwillteachucrypto started all over again on 19th June, 2018 because of the value they wanted to give. But if not, the rests make Bitcoin a great big deal.

Any doubt? See another big blow.


Do you know that the Winklevoss brothers hold 1% of all the Bitcoins?

You didn’t know?

Well go ahead and have that at the back of your mind.

They saw and envisaged the value of Bitcoin when it was going at a beggar’s price where they snapped up and bought as much as…

Now tell me, will they ever be broke even from the possession of Bitcoins alone?

Just think about – 1% of all the bitcoin in the world, approx. 21 Million available.  🙄

These are the men that will pass their inheritance in form of private keys.

And, do you want to know how many of them? You don’t want to Miss Out.!!!


I am engraced to write, so, GET TRUE VALUE and be on my list for the upcoming blockbuster reads. Join here willingly, or get a $$ stab here.


Conclusion, having seen that Bitcoin is popular at the ground level, what do you do next? Read on…



Bitcoin is a scam or a scammy coin because it will make you rich overnight.

Now, a young man of 22 got scammed in a light 100+ Bitcoins. The scam was a mature one because he was expecting returns of; you know? $$$$…




After waiting forever without a sign of ROI, it dawned on him that he was outsmart by the smarter guys. The latter are the type of men that paint Bitcoin black like the ninjas.

So, what is the conclusion?

In fact, the right name should be a Ponzi. Yes, I think that’s it. Bitcoin is a Ponzi. I am done! The next reason, please…


We ain’t done.

Do you believe Bitcoin as being the lines above? If yes, then that’s where you are totally wrong.

To say that Bitcoin is a scam in a stance of a quick rich mojo is impossible.

See this…

Bitcoin is never an overnight success thing or a get rich fast scheme.

Pls Tweet.

[bctt tweet=”Bitcoin is never an overnight success thing or a get rich fast scheme.” username=””]


Those that wanted it to be an overnight success landed in the hands of these  zombies below.





A Ponzi is any scheme which pays interest to “Investors” from Bitcoin coming in from new Investors. A HYIP (high yield investment program) is just a Ponzi. All Ponzi/Hyips will fail.

The later Investors will lose everything when the scheme folds and leaves with the Bitcoin. Most HYIPS and doublers etc, just steal it immediately. You send it and they keep it.

Due diligence is your own responsibility.
There are plenty of good sites out there where your Bitcoin and your work are safe. You just need to do your homework, including checking here.

If it isn’t in our Badlist, email us, and we’ll check it and get back to you.

Here’s the psychology behind the typical ponzi’s & HYIP’s run by the “professional” scammers. They know most people will do this.

You deposit a small amount, you want to be cautious, you can’t quite figure out how they do this – but they sometimes double it (or pay promised interest) and pay you.

You think – Ah that’s great, so you either redeposit the entire amount, or just your profit.

You get that back and think wow, it works, so then you deposit a much larger amount and in the worst case, even get your friends and family involved in this wonderful money making scheme. (more on it another day).



In case you have been scammed off your Bitcoins which perhaps made you believe that is a scam, this is a vindication to what will happen to your scammers.

Divyesh Darji, the head of BitConnect India and the alleged kingpin of a cryptocurrency scam that duped investors out of billions of dollars, was arrested on Saturday by the Gujarat Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at the Delhi airport.

Darji was one of the promoters of the BitConnect Ponzi scheme, along with Satish Kumbhani, Dhavl Mavani, Mahendra Chaudhari, and Suresh Gorasiya. The team allegedly siphoned off about US$12 billion from naive investors.

Many high-profile names, including politicians, are also accused in the scam. Most of the promoters of this scheme fled abroad after the Gujarat police’s CID crime started the investigation.

So, be confident that then next person might be your scammer, right?



It took Bitcoin 7+ years before it is what it is today. So, if you want it to be what you want in 7 days in DUBAI, then, go this way.


[bctt tweet=”It took Bitcoin 7+ years before it is what it is today” username=””]


So, replace the paradigm of seeing it as an overnight success coin or scheme because it won’t happen. Not unless you want to do this with ads.  (Start a website)


Conclusion, having seen that Bitcoin is not a get rich fast scheme, what do you do?

Read on.



It’s sometimes funny when people say that Bitcoin can change lives even in 2 years’ time.


Of course, I know it is impossible.

I thought it was impossible until two men became Bitcoin Billionaires from millionaires some months ago.

And where are they today? Mischief. 🙄

They have returned to where they came from. They were a sudden mooning crypto billionaires but snapped back to where they were because Bitcoin itself is a manipulated SCAM…


If those are true, they define why Bitcoin is a scam, or that makes it a scammy coin right?

As a man that values you, let me tell you the truth,


It is because of you that this Site was brought back after losing all my data and my Google Ranking, and starting all over to build on June 19th, 2018.


So, I will tell you the truth and nothing more. –

The simple truth is that if you buy bitcoin today, it cannot change your life in probably 60 days’ time, but what if you buy and leave it for the next 3-6 years, 2021?

What will happen?

Will they scam you if you use a recommended wallet? Or will they use Voodoo to command it like;

bitcoinnnnnnnn, coooooommmmm ouuttttt off thaaaat crypppppptooo hardwaaareee walleeet? 

If it is a no, then, be happy and see what will happen if you hold some.


Your financial status will be set ablaze – positively turned around forever! Seriously.

Just imagine that when I was in my final year in the university – 2016, Bitcoin was still selling at $623 and staggering at $650. But what’s the price today?

As at the last time I checked, it was $5,000+

So, if you had the knowledge about it then, and bought like 3 Bitcoins.

Just do the calculations today, and see the returns.


Don’t worry, I will help you.

3 Bitcoin x $5000 (I know it is up to $6,000 but, let me make it lighter like the summer slam)

=$5,000 x 3 BTC = $15,000…? Worth what?



It might be worth nothing, but I know, if you value your family (family always comes first), you can take them to vacation with less than $7,000.


And if it’s a big deal, what will happen if you leave it till 2 – 3 years more?


What will happen if you exchange some here and spend 50% in fiat – cash if you want to?


What will happen if you decide to trust your enemies – banks and keep it there?


What will happen if you spend 20% on any charity you want as a remembrance that at least, Bitcoin was not a scam?

OR what will happen if …Complete it.



This is not a paid post, and a paid post can never sound like this. I am using the voice of an orator as I will be featuring on my self-development blog soon.

Already, I have someone on my email list waiting for JANUARY 2019.

What will happen then, and what about you?  Learn more here.



I am not standing in for Stellar, and besides, I don’t hold the stellar coin. Not as if I will say no if they offer me though – but not begging.

Now, sorry for those that went the way of scammy ICOs, and got wrapped up in them – exit scams.

Perhaps, you believed in so many ICOs and got scammed on some, and like a fixed game (2/2 Odds), the next crypto news you saw was that Facebook had nothing to do with Stellar.

Well, I understand how you feel.

And if that made you conclude that because the news of collaboration (Facebook + Stellar) was a mirage, making it a scammy coin, then, I would say, no. Stellar isn’t a scam.

Me, I have tasted the sour throat of being scammed, so, calm down. I know how you feel. Perhaps like the image below.




But let me shock you on why you should calm down…

➡ Do you know that the Stellar protocol is operated by a non-profit Stellar Development Foundation?

➡ Do you know that established in 2014, and not a Ponzi of 7 days?

➡  Do you even know that the Stellar cryptocurrency is an open protocol for the value of exchange?

➡ Do you know that the servers that operate this currency run a software for the protocol implementation and uses the internet to communicate with other servers of stellar?

I bet you know all these…

I don’t want to leave you hanging, so, see the bomb!


WHY STELLAR? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $400 Stellar Project

It has a great market cap volume and flexible supply.

It is built on an open system where people of all income levels can access financial services.

Works with banks to enable text message money transfers.

It is accepted universally.

It has a support of the crypto community with Coinbase coming in for consideration and possible adoption.


No need to ask you, I know you are motivated, right?

Next question…where can I buy Stellar in 3 minutes? I know the exact place, but, this was not a reason for taking on Stellar.


You have already been motivated but see this.

Talking about collaboration…

IBM is a Stellar partner, so, it is not a scammy coin. Have I convinced you, or you need more motivation?

More motivation I have heard, okay, here is it. So, what is in store for you?

The smart move is in store.

I would buy Stellar coin or IBM shares. Out of the two, I won’t lose out…my views, please.

This is 3500+ words and we are not yet through. I don’t even want to stop. Let’s go on…




Now, this is personal because as an orator, and a potential TEDx speaker in New York, I try my best to make things really simple for grasp in this community.

I must tell you the truth just the way it is.

Having seen that Bitcoin is not a scam or Never a scammy coin like other good cryptos, the question of whether you should invest in Bitcoin, that’s not the question at all. The question should be:

“When and which wallet are you going to INVEST and use respectively – As we await Bitcoin’s appreciation – mooning?”


The big point is actually getting involved in the Bitcoin and selected crypto revolution.

Imagine the transformation of having your bank account on your phone or small hardware device, and sending funds in a snap without the issue of paying huge fees on the international exchange tables.

The baseline is getting involved with Bitcoin. Just forget about anything now or investment now, and get on with it.

This is what a Bitcoin whale said. Bitcoin whale? Who, means what?

“Bitcoin should be part of your investments – crypto whale”.


[bctt tweet=”“Bitcoin should be part of your investments – crypto whale”.” username=””]


Note: I know this is not a financial advice, yet, I would do same, maybe again.


This is it

For the fact that I should invest in Bitcoin or a top coin I trust shouldn’t mean anything a big deal.

It does not have to be much, if I can get $100, $200, $300, $400, $500, $1000, and $2500 worth of Bitcoin and settle down I wouldn’t have to be shaken.

Why? I am not buying it as a Ponzi. I term it as an investment – maybe 1-2 years in my wallet.

And if I have like $5,500 now, what I would do is use $500 to pay the bills of this blog.

Next #1: I would use $2500 for Bitcoin only.

Next #2: I wouldn’t forget to keep $400 VeChain.

Next #3: I would use $200 for a hardware crypto wallet.

Next #4: I would make more research on others or go to the Wall Street for shares. At least, a good backup.


Holding your coins.

Now, I would go for a hardware wallet for $200. Else, it is one pound foolish to have $5,000+ in BTC/cryptos, and yet, use an online exchange wallet to keep it.

Note: I am not recommending a crypto hardware wallet because I have a backend profit. No.

I am not also trying to tell you to use my link and buy a crypto wallet so that I can be rewarded.

However, I know we might be rewarded a little if you do (for this webpage hosting bills – an avenue to avoid all these roller coaster ads – I hate them).

But, if not, feel free to go straight to the product website and purchase a hardware wallet – as far as your cryptocurrencies are safe.



If you want to hold just Bitcoin, and other top 3 coins, I would say, no need to spend about $100+ on Ledger or Trezor T, Digital Bitbox is good and simple enough at a lesser fee.

But, if more digital assets, then, Ledger Nano S and Trezor vaults might come in.

And if you want any, see below.


➡ This is our link on digital bitbox wallet.

➡ If you want Ledger Nano S, this is our ref link, and,

➡ If you want the Trezor wallets, this is our link.

(Thank you if you use them)


In conclusion, however you want to do it, do not use an online exchange wallet if you have more than $5,000+ cryptos.



The unique thing about buying Bitcoin from exchanges is simply doing it alone.


It will give you the confidence to face other platforms & opportunities, and even teach others.

Where to Buy?

I have already made a detailed list of the best places to buy bitcoin worldwide, but to get hands on, go ahead and buy from just one focused and trusted exchange below.

At this point in time, I recommend CEX.IO. (Almost no purchase limitation from your country)




CEX.IO is a platform where you can easily buy Bitcoins with your ordinary VISA/MasterCard wherever in the world. As a matter of fact, you can also purchase using your local currency.



As I have already said, CEX.IO is a great beginner’s Bitcoin/Crypto exchange that will allow you to buy bitcoin with ease, so, follow me here and do not lose focus.

You can buy bitcoin from wherever you are, except few countries (you own is not there).



#1. Create an account by Registering on CEX.IO




#2. Click on the deposit.

Then go ahead and select the method you want to use. There are basically three routes; Payment card, Bank transfer, and CryptoCapital

If you choose Payment card- credit card. Go ahead and select the amount you want to buy and click Add Payment.

#3. The next page will show, your card is processing. Just wait for it, then click on Go to Finance Page.

#4. Select the amount of bitcoin you want to buy from the options. You can scroll down as well to select a custom amount of bitcoin. Then click on Buy.

#5. On the next screen, go on to process your transaction.

#6. Next, you will be asked to verify your Credit card code using your CVV at the back of the card. Go ahead and enter them, then click on Deposit.

#7. Wait for the deposit to be processed. Click on close to go to your main dashboard.

It won’t take up to 2 minutes using the same method used by local inter banking transactions.

Note: In some rare occasions, if your local bank or credit/debit card issuance rejects your first transaction, go ahead and acknowledge the transaction.

#8. Okay, here we go. Your payment has been deposited successfully in less time.



Still, on your dashboard,

#1. Go over to buy/sell and enter your amount.

#2. Go over to the next page and process your transaction. You would want to give it some time for processing.

#3. Yes, your transaction has been marked successful. On your dashboard, you will see your BTC.

#4. Check the image below.






Using CEX for this example.

#1. On your CEX account, go to withdrawals.

#2. Click on the Withdraw button.

#3. When there, click on BTC at the down right-hand corner since we are withdrawing Bitcoin.

#4. Enter the recipient wallet address (your wallet address from Hardware wallet).

If you didn’t copy and paste there. I mean, go to your hardware wallet and copy it out to the recipient address box.

#5. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to withdraw, cross-check everything and then, click on Withdraw.


At this point, if you had integrated a 2-Fa security using Google authenticator, go ahead and verify it.

#6. The next page will show you an option to verify everything.

Click on Close. After that, go ahead and check your email and click the link sent there.

#7. Your transaction will show up processing.

Under comment, your account will flag Transaction being processed. Wait for delivery based on blockchain clearing.

#8. You. are done!

Check your wallet and you will find your TRANSFERRED BITCOINS BOUGHT.


Okay Elite, you are done!

Hope doing this alone gave you the confidence, right? Well, that is the unique thing about going about it yourself.




The whole idea of buying some bitcoin now is not for an overnight success but a long-term investment, which may yield good fruits in the coming years (1- 3) if not months to come.

As was predicted by Bitcoin experts, they were optimistic that bitcoin could be sold at $10,000 in 2020.

But what happened?

That mark was already overran some months ago.


So, we are looking at a steady Bitcoin at 1BTC = $25,000

You need to use the recommended steps above and get involved.



If in my one year out of college in 2016, and in 2017, bitcoin erupted from $623 to $4,500, and finally to an all-time high of $20,000, then what are we talking about here?

Just get involved now, else, you will surely remember this article and https://iwillteachucrypto.com/




The bad news is that it will be a regrettable regret – have you seen the English construction used?

Well, it’s only used to compare how the pains of HAD I KNOWN will be.


So, just get involved with some Bitcoins possession now because

It is massive! Massive!! And Massive Opportunity!!!


It’s been 8 years now and Bitcoin bought 7 years ago is helping people all around the world become millionaires.

In fact,

Waking up to see Bitcoin price every day makes me fume because I cannot reach out to at least 10 million of people through this article to tell them the efficacy of buying some bitcoin now.

Imagine if you could share this post on Facebook and Twitter.  (Thank you).

Plus or minus, you would have empowered, helped someone (a potential millionaire) for live, who will ever be grateful to you if, at the end of the day, he/she would have taken a bold step to hold some Bitcoins.


Okay, Elites.

That is it on the 5 Definitive Reasons Bitcoin and Stellar are scammy coins.


But let me round up by asking,

What will be your excuse(s) for not buying some bitcoin now?

Because it does not have the potential to change your Financial Status (Positive) Status Tomorrow?

Because it will not make you reach afterward?

Or because it is not popular?

Because it is not accepted By Big Marketplaces and Brands?

Because of being a one Country’s Currency?


Whatever your excuse will be, do not let it overcome you to possess at least $300 – $3,000 or more worth of Bitcoins.


Beat Negligence and beat Comfort zone and beat the Hind Brian Negative and Opposing Ideas and get involved!


An all-in-one step now?

#.1 Get a Bitcoin Wallet – I recommend Ledger Nano S

#2. Buy Bitcoin at CEX If you want fast credit card purchase.

But before you buy bitcoin from CEX, you will need to fund your account.

You can use the generic bank transfer method or CryptoCapital, but in order to make things simple, better you go with credit card – instant transaction.

#3. Check on it every month or 3 months as you wish. You can as well monitor the price shifts here.



#4. Get a bottle of coca cola and pop the popcorn as you watch confidently and expectantly. . .

I don’t feel like ending this post.


One point please.

Bitcoin just became more affordable and near you.

From $20,000 to $6,300+ (currently).

Maximize the opportunity and get involved. I don’t know how to stamp this proof again, so, yours in service, Isuamfon Offiong.

I therefore close this sitting and adjourn this court case till Bitcoin becomes HAD I KNOW TO YOU. 😥


Alright, it’s a wrap at 5,626 worded posts.

I know you’ve got the best comment to make on this. Please, tell me what you think.


I shall keep everything and respond to you. Thanks.

#Thanks for coming out, Success

#Please share this post on Facebook, even on Twitter.


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Isuamfon Offiong

I am Offiong Isuamfon. I Value People 100% Over Profits. After being scammed my last BTC, I HAD to "Delete ALL my Articles" on 19th June 2018 to start ALL OVER AGAIN to protect Beginners against Crypto Vulnerabilities & Making Unsmart Investments in the Crypto/Blockchain Tech. More on meet-the-founder-page

2 thoughts on “5 DEFINITIVE REASONS BITCOIN & STELLAR ARE SCAMS: THE BITCOIN Atheists Vs The Theists. The Summer Slam is Here!

  • September 19, 2018 at 9:19 pm

    I have recently started a blog, the information you provide on this website has helped me tremendously. Thanks for all of your time & work.

    • September 20, 2018 at 2:28 am

      Thank you atlas for your kind words and commenting. I want to do more because I love it. Thanks and please share if it has helped.


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