How to Start a Career as a Crypto Trader & Your Advantages in 2019

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There is a difference between starting a career as a crypto trader and executing cryptocurrency/Blockchain jobs.

As a career crypto trader, you want to make sure you are responsible for yourself and what comes after your decision – more explanation later.

Wait for a minute. Have you ever seen a person starting a career as a crypto trader? Even you have not seen I will show you one man who has and how you can join him too.

You may want to ask, what about you?

Here is the thing. Rome I guess wasn’t built in a day. So, if I am building mine there is no need to keep the secret until I come out strong. Why not join me in the process, sounds nice, right? Yeah, you’ve got it.


Types of Careers in Cryptocurrency/Blockchain

There are various career paths you can pursue in cryptocurrency/Blockchain. Some of them include cryptocurrency analyst, cryptocurrency influencer like Andreas M. Antonopoulos‏, crypto community specialist/Manager, Solidity and Contract Developer, Crypto/Financial analyst, Frontend Developer, crypto researcher, Writer, and of course, a trader.



I am not willing to leave you hanging half-way, so, I will show you how to get started in being one of the above. But before that, let’s see a typical salary of a crypto trader.

There was an opening by SMART VALOR. See the job description below.

“Based in the Swiss Crypto Valley, SMART VALOR is a Blockchain startup set to enable borderless crypto finance. We are building a decentralized, community-based marketplace for tokenized alternative investments.

Having been named by Forbes as one of, “Europe’s 10 Most Exciting Technology SMEs For 2018”–we couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds.

SMART VALOR is looking for self-motivated and curious person, who has project management and organization skills, and experience working within our fast-pace environment.


Job Description

This is a great opportunity to work directly in the digital asset and cryptocurrency space for a dynamic and promising Swiss-based FinTech startup.

If you are passionate FX/derivatives trading and interested by cryptocurrencies, and if you want to be part of a new adventure, then we just might have the job meant for you.


career as a crypto trader


To sum it up, the salary was 80k. I mean, $80,000. Come on, ask me again.

Note, if you are considering crypto startup jobs you can check cryptojoblist or see how to earn cryptocurrencies free in 2019.

♣ We also showed you how in 2000+ ways in 2018.


Below are the best places to get various skills/free courses to starting a career in Cryptocurrency/Blockchain – courtesy of BitDegree.



Unity Masterclass

Blockchain Masterclass

Interactive Coding for Beginners: What is CSS, HTML & Web Development

Full Stack Web Development: How to Make a Website With HTML and More!

Learn to Make Python Data Structures: Ultimate Guide on Data Science

Data Science Masterclass

BitMEX 101 for Beginners

Check out for more Free Courses


Career As A Crypto Trader & Your Advantages

So, you are super motivated and you wanna start a career as a crypto trader?

Well, I don’t blame you because you should, after all, 80K is not a pizza fee.

I did tell us of a man that had made it big as a crypto trader, his name is Philakone.

Philakone has more than 100k Followers featured here. His last vacation was in France all paid for and courtesy of crypto; as a crypto trader.

Was I jealous? Nope, but I couldn’t lose the sight of him cruising in a boat, yacht, ship or whatever it was. What I saw was a sea Ferrari.



How Did Philakone Get There?

Disclaimer: You are free to back down.

It is often said to be the best in something you have to put 10k hours. Philakone injected more than 1000 days before he got to where he is today. Even with his 1000 days, he still misses here and there in trading but he sure WINS.


career as a crypto trader
His new ride…


By the way, he is married to Elliot Wave Theory -TA.


What Does It Take To Start A Career As A Crypto Trader?

One of the things I have faced are losses and failures.

The next consideration is that you won’t be an overnight success. Or do you want to put in 2 years to study a course in college but 2 months in crypto trading?

The truth is, even as a crypto trader, there is no guarantee that you will win 90%. As a matter of fact, Crypto trading is a great career if you enjoy getting good at something that has a 95% failure rate! Read again: 95 PERCENT FAILURE RATE! – Matt Delong.

The truth is, when you see me recommending a tool like CryptoHopper which offers a free trial, it is not just a mirage nor a no brainier to try it because, in crypto trading, you are fighting and trading against machines and robots that have no human sympathy, and when they jam you, you are done for.



See this.

Trading is not something that you really make a career out of. It’s more like survival. It is extremely difficult. The analysis is easy. In fact, it’s surprisingly easy.

But what no one ever tells you is how emotional and psychological trading is. You can be the smartest person in the world, but when it comes to trading, your intelligence is worth about 10% of your success.

Your ‘emotional IQ’ and knowledge of self is more important than any other factor. I have become profitable, but it’s been a horrible road. I love what I do and I look forward to it every day. But I won’t candy coat this experience – Jon Morgan


In case you still have doubts, see the video below and observe how a typical crypto trading goes by.


career as a crypto trader


To cut the long story short and avoid losses, Cryptoblizz has come up with a bot that can fight other giant robots. You can check them out before we continue.


How To Start A Career As A Crypto Trader?

Before you get started, see below if this is truly what you want or you need a second thought.

 DISCLAIMER – Trading isn’t for all. It isn’t for the following people for sure –

• Who say they want to learn this art, but always leave the learning process mid-way.

•  Who have hard time coming out from the mindset of loss?

•  Who lack discipline?

•  AND mainly those who think it is gambling.

So, who should opt for this career?

•  Anyone who is ready to learn it like any other educational stream. You spend 15 years on educating yourself on streams like engineering and commerce, so how do you expect to learn trading in 1 month?

•  Did you first learn about science/whatever field you are master in, and then tried earning or you first tried earning and then committed yourself to earning?

It’s always learning which has to come first.

•  Anyone who is willing to devote time, some money and a lot of dedication in the study of markets should only opt for trading as a career.

Courtesy of Abhishek Kar.


If you are ready?

#1. You need to learn from experts.

#2. You need to join a course – paid or free.

#3. You need to test out things.

#4. You need to draw out a game plan and stick to it.

#5. You need to decide after all whether you want to be a day trader or periodical trader (hold and sell).


➡ As a beginner, see how to get started in cryptocurrency profitably.

➡ 5 ways to play safe & win massively like the cryptocurrency whales


In all of these. I learned crypto trading the hard way. How? I losT over 75% of my investment.

I may not count it as a loss though but the pains can be unforgettable.

Having seen how to go about this, you are free to join any course you want – from any source you think it is credible.

But if you want to see my ravaging mistakes and how I crew my investment and fell back down, you can join this 7 day free crypto trading course.

What of if you do not want to learn how and just want to trade and make money? We have been doing this privately getting to 3 months now, so, we are ready to go mainstream.


Here is how I want to help you if this is your first time.

We give you the first 7 days coins to trade and compare your wins. If you like the result, you can continue and if no, a back-off is recommended – WIN-WIN.

Note: our no.1 factor of safety is Stop loss. You can read how to use it before you come in because I have learned to trade the hard way, so, all arsenals are important to engage.  😆

Ready to get the 7-days free coins to trade? Join CryptoGate on Facebook.


Your Advantages As A Crypto Trader

If executing cryptocurrency trading jobs makes you happy then being a solo crypto trader can make you even happier. Here are some of the reasons.

♣ You are your own boss. No need to report to anyone, just enjoy independence.

♣ If you are good at it, you can buy a flat and some sedan vehicle soon. If you are too good, Ferrari and bungalow aren’t far from your reach.

♣ Freedom to work for a limited time.

♣ You can work as per your will and from anywhere you want.

♣ Most importantly you join a league of people who control the movement of the currency other use, the commodities which they buy and the companies they work for.

♣ You might soon join the 1BTC club.

♣ You can take Vacation in New Zealand – that is my destination.

♣ You can help, enjoy the best thongs of life and give to charity you want.



Tools For Crypto Trading

There are various tools to aid you if you know a little about crypto trading.

♣ If you want to monitor the crypto market, you can use CryptoCalender.

♣ An exhaustive list of top crypto tools. 


♣ If you want to rob minds with other crypto communities, here is where to go.

♣ If you want to use a free trial bot, CryptoHopper/tool offers you the opportunity.


♣ If you want to trade, we use or

♣ If you want a onetime payment crypto trading robot that trades automatically, Cryptoblizz offers that. See the complete review and the experience.  


Final thoughts

For me, when I attained victory, I didn’t hoot and holler. I was just happy to get out alive and on top. But I still love every day of my career. That was Jon and not me.

For me, I am trading and learning every day. The learning process continues as I build my portfolio for a vacation in New Zealand.

The truth is,

For some of us, crypto trading is more about creating a second source of.

The good point is, when you are aware of the risk of trading, you are half way reached to your goal because most of the people don’t understand the risk involved in trading and invest their whole salary or income in trading only.


So, if you are ready to get in on your own, go ahead.

If you want to join our 7 day free Crypto trading course, join here, if you want a free 7 days signals to test things out, join CryptoGate for free.

And lastly, if you want to use a tool for this journey you can use Cryptoblizz or CryptoHopper (links above). At the end of the day what is important is for you to WIN.


Thanks for reading and I hope this added virtues to you, if yes, then show some love and share.


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