Why This Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire Called Bitcoin Dead: How To Score 9/9 & Have The Best Crypto Year


A group of Engineering students and their teacher were given free airplane tickets to go on a vacation.

Suddenly the captain announced that they were on the plane the students had built. Everyone freaked out and rushed out of the plane, except the teacher who stayed there with calm.

When the flight attendant asked why he hadn’t left, he responded “I know the abilities of my students quite well, this shit won’t even start”  😆 

Now, this is the same shit a lot of people were talking about in 2016 when Bitcoin was around $600+. Their words were Bitcoin is a bubble and will never make you rich. It is a scam and so on.

The truth? So many Crypto Balloon Billionaires in their numbers have been made via cryptocurrency.

Hitherto, down the line in 2017, those that called it shitty all shut their mouth because it ran up to $20,000.

Just as the envisioned, it is now again at $3,500 and suddenly it is a self-fulfilled prophecy where Bitcoin was predicted as not just a scammy coin but a dead coin.

One unique thing about this crypto industry is that no one and I mean no one can predict the actual price of any cryptocurrency and get it right – exact.

If you want to prove me wrong then see all the predictions of the giants in cryptocurrency – 80% failed…



As we featured on how to get started in cryptocurrency profitably this 2019, the analytics trending tool published by Google, “What is Bitcoin?” was the most searched phrase for the question-asking category for 2018.

Even the United States and United Kingdom Google users searched for information about the number one cryptocurrency by market capitalization more than any other topic, giving an indication that–while some would proclaim the technology a bubble in the process of bursting–there still remains interest in the field of cryptocurrency – as seen at EthereumWorldNews.

Why was the hit?

They all saw a sudden gold that they didn’t want to miss out on.

Agreed, some of us made money but the gold was not genuine after all, why? All they did was to become bullish by FOMOrising the currency.

The truth is, we have all made mistakes and myself, I have lost via those mistakes. But yet, every mistake turned a lesson.

Even one of the crypto billionaires (John MacAfee) confessed his own mistakes. And obviously, he liked my reply on his Twitter post because it’s sure an event that happens to everyone.


Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire


As reported by EWN, I Quote “News of search interest for the cryptocurrency is a welcomed sight for investors amidst the price fall, with many claiming a fundamental lack of understanding by the general population for being a catalyst to Bitcoin’s recent price drop.


As opposed to learning about the technology and the potential for cryptocurrency, investors threw money at BTC, altcoins, and ICOs abandoned them throughout 2017’s Bull Run, leading to the bloated market prices to start the year that would inevitably lead to the crash.

The displeasure series – claiming a fundamental lack of understanding by the general population for being a catalyst to Bitcoin’s recent price drop.

Many of us did not get the idea of it because if we did, our losses would have been minimized. How? Some crypto holders sold out 80% of their Crypto/Bitcoin assets in December 2017.




A teenage bitcoin millionaire by the name Erik Finman made an outta call that he was up with Bitcoin. In his words, “Bitcoin is dead”.

In an interview with Buzzfeed News video posted on Youtube, which has garnered up to 5 million plus views said, the fragmented nature of the crypto community, as made by apparent by the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, could spell the end for the asset.

Finman noted that while he could see BTC undergoing one more bull run, the asset is likely to fail in the long-term, presumably due to the theory that Bitcoin hasn’t been able to keep up with Blockchain’s rapidly expanding value.


Below is the full session.



The Aftermath Lesson.

He bought Bitcoin when it was $2.5. From the sale of the Bitcoin assets he has owned a house in New York and many other latter investments. So, if you ask me, I would say he has taken his share of the crypto industry.

Let’s see what the crypto community had to say on YouTube in another video tagged Bitcoin is Dead” by CoinTelegraph.com.


Becoming uh millionaire as a young kid does not a Bitcoin visionary make…. bought into the faulty “Core is bad” stupid narrative… so lame he has no idea what he’s talking about. A semi smart kid that got lucky.


This kid was just lucky other than he is not smart enough to see the btc future.

El Labradorus

Bitcoin is far from dead. Probably in its infancy.


3:49 Bitcoin may be dead for the KID, but it sure is alive well and kicking for guys n gals like me!


Yea yea yea bitcoin is dead. “BUT” I have 350 btc! Why you have 350 btc if its dead? I think someone paid him to say that. This is a buy signal along with all the other fud.

You can see more comments here. 



A well-known blockchain enthusiast Mike Novogratz and of course, a former Wall Street hotshot has blown the market just once again by his stand on Bitcoin.

In an exclusive interview with Bloomberg, Novogratz, a member of Fortress Financial’s top brass turned crypto-centric merchant bank chief, gave some key insight into his personal outlook for blockchain-based assets and decentralized applications.

Surprisingly, the diehard, who reportedly holds upwards of 20% of his personal fortune in cryptocurrencies (like Ethereum’s ETH), maintained his optimistic outlook.


See this :  Top Choiced Cryptocurrencies To Buy And Trade In December 2018: 


Speaking with the financial media outlet’s Erik Schatzker, Mike “Novo” Novogratz commenced the candid conversation by joking that he’s become the “ugly face” of the Bitcoin industry, a far cry from his months as the poster child (and approachable savant) of cryptocurrencies.

Yet, in spite of his newfound classification as an “ugly face” of the industry, he explained that he still believes in the technology underpinning Bitcoin — blockchain — and digital assets themselves.

As reported by ethereumworldnews.com



At times when you do not know what to do, the best is staying out.

This is what I mean, just like in crypto trading, unless you are using a tool that can help you make 1% in profit over time (not much), your best friend & enemy in crypto trading will be G-R-E-E-D.

From one of my trading accounts, I have lost over $300 (from profits I made over time) having grown the assets from $287 or thereabout.


Judge me if you want. Now, greed in cryptocurrency is not bad.

Greed here is what prompted me to grow the account to X2 in the first place. I wanted more.

The real G-R-E-E-D here is not knowing where to stop and a defined strategy. Without the above two, you might likely learn the lesson as I did.


While a tool like cryptoblizz won’t suddenly give you an overnight success, the truth is that 1% profit over time is okay because I have learned crypto trading the hard way.


Disclaimer: I am not siding Bitcoin here. The truth is that if Bitcoin is dead then all the top crypto exchanges should be dead by now because it is filled with ghost traders.

#This is not a financial advice.

You are the one to decide whom to side – the teenage millionaire or the adult millionaire or even your instinct. However it is, the aftermaths results are up and will be on you.


Basing your decision on my experiences and beliefs?

I might not be a crypto billionaire yet because I never started early enough (not an excuse), the truth is, those that came in mid-2017 stamped their authority over time and today they are supermen in crypto. How?


They simply started with Bitcoin but later diversified to other top assets. Thinking of any now?

Some of them; QuarkCoin, MDA, Ripple. The big deal is that the three were massive investments with benefits – even now – 15th Dec 2018.


See: The Most HATED But Influential People In Cryptocurrency + Their Followers


Lest I forget…Do not miss them. Get the Top Choice Coins To Invest In 2019: The Right Ones For Quarter 1. Go here today.




#1. Invest In The Top Coins You Believe In

While we will send you the top outstanding crypto coins to invest in 2019, the truth is, we want you to also do your research on the coins before investing.

The coins investment here is not for you to HODL forever. No. You buy and hold, and also watch the market in order to sell some of them for profits.

Losing out?

If profits are gathered, you can buy more when the price is down – after the bullishness and market sentiments are over.   


#2. Start Part Time Morning Trading

Going into crypto trading is slippery if you want to do it as a full-time job.

If going on that path be ready to get some lessons of losses before your winning seasons.

As it goes, no gain without a loss. In case you want to go into it full-time, your greatest enemy will be greed which the solution is knowing when to pull out after some profits.

By my own experience, patience was my second enemy because full-time trading is like the way of a serpent – you are looking at making a living from it, so, you want $100 per day. Awful, right?

Be it as it may, going as a part time ecstasy, by my analytics I have found out that about 70% of the crypto coins are always down in the morning hours and up from 8 – 9 am.

(Analytics is based on some of the Altcoins I have been trading frequently).


So, if you can sparingly know how to use a great crypto exchange, you can create an account in one, buy some cryptos in the morning and sell out after about 3 – 5 hours watching and at the same time waiting on the market.


Alternative B – Auto Trading

If you can have the patience to get it set-up for a 1% earning, the tool I can point a finger at is Cryptoblizz. Like I recommend a tool, it is beginner’s friendly which I have mine as well.

Should you need more info about the tool, you can see how it works and how many people are helped.

More so, you can see the frequently answered questions about the tool and some social proofs.


#3. Follow The Strategy That Will Work For You

We have outlined some viable means on getting started productively in 2019, so, check them out here and be the best you want to be in 2019.  


#4. Apply For Premium Crypto Jobs – Five figures pay.

Based on your decision from the tussle above, if you decide to stay out – not investing, you can get all the benefits with zero investment by taking on crypto/blockchain jobs.

We will write more on them, however, to show that you are ready, Go here and apply for one.


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On Verification Against 2019: The Complete List Of Crypto Verification Tools To Get Started In Africa, America, And UK.


Success – How to be a successful cryptocurrency investor/trader in 35 steps



While I need not say that Bitcoin is not dead, the truth of the matter is, if you want to see whether it is really dead, think about the technology it is backed up with.

And on a more lenient option, go to the various top crypto exchanges near you and see the number of crypto traders. From your analytics there you can finally decide whether Bitcoins is dead as the Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire pointed it out.


How To Score 9/9?

If you want to succeed in crypto, the smart thing you want to do now and my suggestion is to trade because the future of crypto is somehow unknown as against what many speculators tell you and also because the market forces currently favors trading.

If you must go in, be smart about it.

Be a Smart Crypto Investor/Trader & Not A Hard Jobber Trader.

You’ve got to bypass the manual and rather choose a copy and paste automated crypto trading framework.

You absolutely don’t need to trade at LOSS forever because crypto trading is easy to write on paper but actually having the success is far from it.

Therefore, submit the right crypto trading by using the best automated trigger tool IDEAL for your success level.

Sign up today with CryptoBlizz/tool and start having crypto trading success in a long run.

For beginners, you can get started by learning the methods behind the crypto trading success with using the right trigger with the CryptoHopper/Tool.


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