How to turn what you already know into Profitable ROIs by tapping into the Billion Dollars Crypto Market without trading against FOMO Traders or the Whales (who are greedy idiots).


The good news is that you can do this from anywhere you are without having to boil over or monitor the market.



The Future to Make Passive Income is in CRYPTOCURRENCY!


Bitcoin’s fundamentals continue to improve every day, the industry’s infrastructure is being erected at a frantic pace, and more sophisticated investors are entering the market daily. Want to survive? Do this. Don’t get distracted by noise.


The Crypto Industry is one which its full potential is yet to be plucked, and of the essence, the time for full harvest will take a long walk before saturation from other sectors/investors.

The good news is that you can decide to do it now. See the growth of the industry so far.

Do you want to WIN? You need the Crypto Blueprint if you will ever do

I lost my last investment capital in crypto following all the noises I heard from experts. Let me tell you. Those did not work for me.

Perhaps, it would if you try, maybe after you lose 69% before you remember I lost over 75%.


Here is the truth. I hate OVER convincing people that there’s a way out when everything appears as NO, NO.


If you’ve lost money in Real-Estate or Crypto, I feel your pains. I was like you so I wouldn't blame you for striving for survival, we all do, right? The great men we are seeing today all did, so, you did nothing wrong.


Just like you, I lost innocently, my last income. But you see, the problem was not in the investment itself but how I went about it.


Below is a typical trading chart (investment) pattern some crypto experts will tell you to go in for profits.




Are you surprised that the project invested deepened further? Well, that is the shit we keep getting by recommendation.

Here is the thing. Before you use crest or cliff to evaluate profits, you need the Maxing In position. Why? So that you can Max Out convincingly.





Blaze it. If you're bullish, long $BTC, if you're bearish, short $ETH. Since the breakout, both funding and price action have been favorable towards longs on BTC and shorts on $ETH.

Do I need to say that dumb shit rules are so annoying with regrets?


Before I show you what the "Crypto Avengers Trading Blueprint" will do, it is important to note that the Whales are the manipulators of the market while the Fear of Missing Out is the bastard that gets a lot of fingers burnt.


The big question is,

How do you Trade Against and CONTROL the crypto market at the same time? If you trade against, you can’t control the FOMO traders. And so? You will lose out as I did.


The Crypto Avengers Trading Blueprint has a set of SECRET Blockchain Projects that give a Wholesome ROIs when invested using our intelligence.

Currently, they are over 5 but for now, this Blueprint offers 3.


In a bit, we will see the ROIs of these projects. As one taking action, all you need is the Maxing In and Maxing Out positions of these Projects. Good news is that you are just one leg away from seeing them.




How I Lost 75% Of My Crypto Trading (Investment) Portfolio – Trying Dumb Shit Rules


"It's not the Reward, it's the Journey that Matters"I tell you the truth, there is nothing you won't hear in crypto trading (investment). So many gullible suggestions and rules.

Even more, one of the exciting lines will be “it's not the reward, it's the journey that matters.”


Well, that is probably true for people who go into traditional careers (accounting, welding, teaching, etc.). For traders (crypto investors), the journey is hell and your victory, your reward, is a pyrhic victory if you do not know your Maxing In and Out positions.


Don't ask me if I regretted because I did not regret the investment but the PATTERN. I lost and I had no one to blame. Big question. Who sent you? And of course, who cares about your losses?


Revelation 101: you are always competing and trading against the computers, bots, and machines with high Algorithms. The secret behind the people that know how to make money in cryptocurrency and those that so had is knowledge.


I have struggled and I have the knowledge you need to avoid all my terrible experiences.





In case all I have said sounds like a crab, I would say I expected nothing less. Here is the point. Before you close this page here. I don’t intend convincing you further because if all already said have not then nothing will (relatively, I guess).


The next time you want to invest in cryptocurrency for profits. Try and locate a typical trading chart below. By using this chart to invest you can get some Positive ROIs if the market is stable.


Note: do your fundamental research and analytics before you head on.




At this point, you are free to back off and QUIT. WHY? Because what you are about to see is the model I use, give out, some of my students are getting the effects of the signals I give for it.



How you will be Screwed by Market Manipulations

How come about being fucked by the market? Because I have the scars to show for it.





Your Investment Mantra


Below is the pattern from whence your own scars will emanate.

And just to note. Don't be messed with motivational lines that you can do it. You ain't going to do no shit here. I know the crypto market and the thousands of investors torn apart.


Yes - Emotionally

Yes - Physically

Yes - Emotionally & Physically

No - Not certain.


Want Success, Meaningful Returns in Investments? Behold The "CATB"



The Crypto Avengers Trading Blueprint


To succeed in crypto investment, you need to invest intelligently. And let me tell you that this has nothing to do with high IQ.


The brainiest person will be stupid when it has to do with the crypto market. Why?  Because you are investing against sentimental machines – bots and greedy traders. So your 90% IQ does not count here.


What do you do then? You need the Crypto Avengers Trading Blueprint.


The Crypto Avengers Trading Blueprint is not a fairy tale. What it tells are the maxing in and maxing out positions in the crypto, so, you know EXACTLY where to get in and out.


With this blueprint, you are not trading against no one. You are solely a lone investor without hoping to beat the market intelligence.






♦ It is not a Tool.


♦  It is not a Bot.


♦  It is not a trading technique against the market.


♦  It is not a trading technique against the Whales Manipulators.


You don’t need to use Stop-Loss.


You do not need an alert tool.


You do not need to monitor the market or marry your screen for chart movements.


You don’t need to do no fundamental analysis, already done for you.


The need for Technical Analysis is NO. Already considered. Remember, we are not trading against.


You have the Maxing In and Maxing Out Positions (you take profits where you want to).


You set your Sells Limit after immediate purchase or later because you’re not competing against the market






Investment Platform: Binance.com


Binance.com is a top leading crypto exchange. The Platform supports all devices and multiple languages, offering a seamless user experience.


For the sake of verification. I am going to show you the first Profits using one of the set Investment Package Projects at the platform, Binance.com



Return on Investments

I don't know the amount you would like to invest here. However, for this first example, I am using 1 BTC which is about $5,715 (as of the time of analysis).


Using Project 1


If you invest 1 BTC in Project 1 your return of an investment will be $17,662.21 (relatively, an over-exaggeration? I thought as much as well). Hang on.


Why is the Profit Margin so Massive?

Because this is the Maxing Out position. Remember, we invested from the Maxing IN position.

Maxing Out: The highest ROI you can get investing in Project 1.





Let's see it live at the investment platform, Binance.com.


Observation: Right click or save the images below so you can zoom out and see the investments results clearly.





The Result Above

You can see (from Binance.com) that 1BTC invested gave out a 3BTC+ in ROI. Do download the image so as to see the figures clearly.

Note: the results you are getting can be more if the market is up, and a bit less if it deeps.




What NEXT?

Most people believe that seeing is believing. Great, we have seen it as I have used the Universal Investment Platform - Binance.com for everyone to see.



How much are these Project Investment Packages Worth?

We have already billed heavily for this. You know why? Because it is worth every dime of it. I mean, the Return on Investment you will get from these 3 projects does not move a muscle as compared to the spoils of the aftermath profits.

You know what? I am glad you saw a practical example above.


Before you get the Project Package 1. See others so you can decide on which to go for or perhaps all.




Doing it yourself?

Since I do not know the amount of money or investment sum you will start with, you can as well calculate yours by saying, if 1BTC invested gave me $17,000+ after the Maxing Out Position? How much will I get?


But there is a twist. How will you know the profits without the movement positions, as in, from what point to what has each of the projects moved? This and more are FULLY explained in each of the packages. Let's see further examples in terms of profits if you invest in these projects.


Remember. What you need are the Maxing In and Maxing Out Positions.  Ideally, we are doing the analytics based on this concept (without having to hit our head on the wall about the market trend and manipulations. Why? It frustrates like shit).


See the full analysis of the complete 3 packages.




The Analysis is based on the Returns on investment using Binance.com - investment Platform




Minimizing Risk, how?

I do not need to be a braggart before you believe me. Remember, that you do not know how to hit the nail in the head does not mean NO ONE CAN, right?


For my students who learn to trade, I have taught them how to beat Losses in daily trading.  I agree it might not be a popular concept because or perhaps, no one felt my scars and the AFTERMATH lessons.


So, the risk in CATB is almost unlikely because YOU ARE not trading against greedy crypto whales and FOMO traders.


Nevertheless, in case you want to try out of the box, how to BEAT losses will be included in the packages (even though we might not need it).








Project 1 - $200



Project 2 - $100



Project 3 - $150  




Package 1 & 2 - $250




Package 1, 2 & 3 - $350







What others have to say?



“It’s an indeed an honor and a big opportunity to be here. I appreciate your efforts and good works and your hunger to help the community” – D.C. Daniels.



Nice work you are doing here boss. I have been following you closely and learning too. I have learned a lot so far and would be joining you and the other side soon.

Most people who are new to crypto do not understand or appreciate what you are doing. But most of us who know about crypto and trading knows this group is a goldmine.

Soon, I am plugging in and we gonna rape Binance very hard. God bless you for your works bro. Keep helping people to succeed” – Sammie Lee.



“Good evening. Indeed you are the boss. The signal given midnight via the group is a hit.

At first, I was skeptical about how it was moving but I was so surprised how it later soared. And it kept hitting the maximum.

God Bless your good work” – Yemi.



“Good day. Since joining the group, I have never had any doubt in you. I wish to work and partner with you to the fullest.

So, I will like to take this crypto trading seriously as a source of livelihood. Please put me in your good books”- Waribo



You are sure the next in line...



Payment Process

The essence of this method of payment other than PayPal or Credit Card is to keep things pretty simple with optimum security.





How To Make Payment


#1. Select the package (1, 2 or the 3) you want to purchase.



#2. Get the equivalent amount as per the market price (google BTC to USD).



#3. Send the payment to BTC address or use the QR Code below;



#4. Send your Trans ID or history to iwillteachucrypto@gmail.com for confirmation



#5. The package(s) will be sent when confirmed.


For inquirers about payment, please communicate via Telegram at “bizdynamicx”





BITCOIN ADDRESS - 37Eyficc3r8DiVapg7uHWDg4qH6fxrsyAA









Project 1 - $200


Buy Project 1 only





Project 2 - $100


Buy Package 2 only




Project 3 - $150


Buy Project 3 only




Project 1 & 2 - $250


Buy Packages 1 & 2 only




Project 1, 2 & 3 - $350


Buy Packages 1, 2 & 3





BITCOIN ADDRESS - 37Eyficc3r8DiVapg7uHWDg4qH6fxrsyAA








#1. How Long Will This Be in Profits?

As long as the market positions are in place. For those picking this up, there shall be an update in September 2019. That is to say, to define a new position in case the market changes.

And if it does not, you are free to RINSE & REPEAT these Maxing In and Maxing Out Positions for profits.



#2. Will I Be Charged For The Update?

Absolutely no. The Update is totally FREE, no payment or any sort.


#3. What if I am Clueless in Crypto Trading?

No one is trading here. We are not bagging against the market.

If you can click the Buy and Sell buttons you saw in the analysis, then you are good to go.


#4. What if I cannot click the Buy & Sell Buttons?

Well, after payment, you will be given 14 days one-and-one room to ask all sorts of questions and be totally guided.  


#5. What If I Want To Take Out Profits Before The Market Falls?

No one can predict the times, right? However, if there is a need to take out profits before the bear market, you can by setting your Limit Sell.

If you need further intelligence help, the 14 days one-and-one consultation will thrash them out.


#6. Why are the Profits so massive?

Because there are those who have been burnt, and so spent thousands of hours to be healed, learning day and night, and sleeping on their computers.


Well, the investment platform used – Binance.com – tells how legit it is.

Also, note, your profit is based on your capital or investment sum, right?