Okay, so, it is the top 43 cryptocurrency / blockchain friendly countries in the world.


From what I've read, it will be a centralized and private Blockchain they're gonna introduce for their shitty currency.

You won't even have access to check the transaction history!

In other words, stop cheering at totalitarian regimes like Iran or Venezuela adopting "blockchain" because it is nothing like the true cryptocurrencies ( BTC, for example ).

This is neither bearish nor bullish.

It's just news about a shitty country trying to bypass some regulation for Its Own Good.

They don't want to help people, neither do they care about transparency or people's rights!

They're simply in deep shit, their currency is plummeting and they're simply trying some stunts hoping they'll get out of the grave they dogged for themselves.

The True Crypto Is Borderless, Decentralized And Censorship Resistant.

Anything else is just shit having the word "blockchain" near their name in order to fool naive people – MasterBaiterPro.

What does the above mean? Simple. The following stats and insights will blow your mind.

As we know, the blockchain Technology is garnished for high-speed transactions, transparency, and high tech security.

Taking office in August 2018, he said “The use of advanced technologies might help tackle corruption along with improving areas as security, justice, and medicine – Colombian President.

The only thing that stands in between cryptocurrency and core blockchain technology is truly knowing the difference, and by all means, if the vision of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable.

And as blockchain nerd, I am not ready for you to be confused, so, we will tackle this once and or all. I will enlist more but all you need to do now is get all the insights below.

How Satoshi Nakamoto wanted you to understand the Dynamics of Bitcoin without undermining it.

This is cryptocurrency, see how we are supposed to react to it.

Blockchain Technology explained under the mango tree for Beginners.



What Can A US-Israeli Ally Do?

Without sentiments, think about countries like Russia, US, Israel, England, China, and Germany, what can these 6 do and undo? You will find out soon.



I have explained this in Blockchain Gossips, but so you know, the Colombian president Ivan Dugun said he was obsessed with cryptocurrency, same way iwillteachucrypto is obsessed with Crypto data and analytics.

He said his best interest spans to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence; two sectors India had just set up a committee to supervise and strengthen her progress.

He further stressed what? More on Blockchain Gossips


#1. Turned Weirder By Legalization

How does it sound that while some countries are saying no to crypto mining, some are coming in to embrace it?

Or are we seeing a country that is too excited about the technology? Time will tell.

However, for now, you want to know that Uzbekistan like Belarus is about to fully confirm the beginning of a Crypto/Blockchain era.

This act was confirmed by a new decree signed by the country’s president Mirziyoyev who mandated licensing for trading other activities related to the circulation of digital coins.

More so, the document also calls for cryptocurrency mining and smart contracts.


#2. High-Speed Transactions

About 14 days ago, we saw a Ripple transaction that was processed in a matter of minutes even though the volume was out of the world. See the stat below.

• Transaction Type: Payment
• Amount: 2,139,999,979 XRP
• Fee: 12 drops (0.000012 XRP)
• Sender: rHYTJDFrbCU1i2yCENTg9yjUrHHGaYTB4D
• Sender Balance: 20.998428
• Receiver: r93oSNBKuFjuKt8GxhF8VYaGzzwsNDPaX5
• Receiver Balance: 2,140,000,078.993

You will see that of Bitcoin Cash and more of the above in Blockchain Gossips.



#1. UAE

You have to hear this. It was just recently before Turkey joined the UAE. But you know what?

Dubai has made a Mega Push for World’s Smartest City.

Hang on because I know what you want to ask me.

What about London, Paris or even Los Angeles, right? They are taking the long walk I guess (Upward movement).

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain Friendly Countries

What this means for UAE

The 2020 smart city vision would mean the end of bureaucratic paper pushing.

The UAE plans to implement smart contracts on the blockchain that would handle bill payments, license renewals, real estate transactions, visa applications and more to reduce carbon emissions, processing times and costs.

According to Arabian Business reports, Dr. Sohail Munir, an advisor on the Smart Dubai Government initiative, said, “Dubai is one of the fastest evolving cities in the world when it comes to futuristic technologies like AI and machine learning.

There is no doubt about that because the government has extended their hand and full support for the immediate and strategic development of AI within the country.”

AI: artificial intelligence.


Cryptocurrencies are capturing, improving and innovating the systems in UAE. Some of them are;

#1. ArabianChain, a local cryptocurrency for secure payments and money transfers.

#2. Onegramcoin, a sharia-compliant cryptocurrency completely backed by gold.

#3. Money Trade Coin, aimed at educating younger generations about the benefits of using and trading digital currencies.

And should you care about the Blockchain Summit, know that Dubai is scheduled to host the World Blockchain Summit in October 2018 (we are not affiliated).


#2. UK’s REFORMATION; Formation 4-4-2

Formation 4-4

In the horizon of backstabbing the Blockchain Tech, London has finally risen.

This is what happened.

It was learned that Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS), an agency under the UK Government’s Ministry of Justice has announced plans to explore a framework for storing digital evidence using blockchain technology.

The above statement was confirmed by Balaji Anbil, Head of Digital Architecture and Cyber Security at HMCTS who made the disclosure recently in a blog post that appeared on the agency’s website.



Formation 4-4-2

According to, on August 28, Kingdom Trust, a cryptocurrency custody service, announced Lloyd’s of London will insure the firm’s ~$12 billion worth of assets.

Just that you may know, in the world of institutional finance, Lloyd’s is one of the most respected and trusted providers of insurance.

And this new partnership marks the beginning of a new level of legitimacy for institutional investors looking to enter the crypto market.

Do you really know Lioyd’s of London?

They are the insurance company that insures your money at Coinbase Exchange. And as a beginner, if you buy $100 on Coinbase, you will be given FREE $10 right away. 😎

In the words of the CEO of Kingdom Trust,

Qualified custody by a regulated, insured financial institution is a top priority and critical hurdle for institutions to invest in the digital asset markets.

By adding another trusted specialist like Lloyd’s to our platform, we’re ensuring that current and future clients will have access to a highly-secure, complete safekeeping solution tailored to meet the challenges of institutional finance – Matt Jennings, CEO of Kingdom Trust



Italian Serie C football club Rimini FC 1912 has become the first team in history to be purchased in cryptocurrency. Yes, I will go ahead and say that again if you want me to.

A project startup, known as Quantocoin, which uses blockchain-technology to provide an alternative crypto-payment method for investors, now owns 25% of the side.

The Gibraltar-based firm made the purchase in its cryptocurrency of the same name.

As the news was everywhere, we learned that according to Pablo Dana, a partner at Quantocoin, the purchase will be the first of many that his firm wants to make in the industry.





We talked a bit about Taiwan in the Top 35 Blockchain Countries.

And now, according to Taipei Times, the Taipei Medical University Hospital has rolled out an all-Blockchain-powered platform to improve the medical record-keeping.

In a call to relevance, the Hospital’s head Chen Ray-jade said that Blockchain will help minimize the risk of security breaches. Very true.

Want more on this? Let’s head over to no thanks to blockchain hypertensive technology.





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We have already enlisted and analyzed the top 35 countries, this is the total list. So, we will go ahead to see the others making up the top 43.

More on Blockchain Technology

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Cryptocurrency / Blockchain Friendly Countries
Image: CoinBundle



Bermuda is one of the kind-hearted cryptocurrency/blockchain friendly countries where there is no trace of Taxation or whatsoever.

Meaning, you need a tool like or even CoinTracking very minimally to do those things for you.

And you know what?

Apart from minimum payroll tax which accounts for only 10%, there is Zero taxation on cryptocurrency.

The Effect Of It?

A lot of investors have come in to invest in Bermuda, and of course, you won’t tell me that the economic expansion of the country won’t be improved, right?

For an example, the world leading pro cryptocurrency exchange, Binance has invested almost $15 million in the country.

Also, Google invested about $10 billion in one of its subsidiaries in Bermuda.

Let me tell you the most interesting part.

If there were any trace of Taxation, Google would have paid $2 Billion. But with the adoption of the now-technology, they have been exempted.

Why The Crypto Revolution In Bermuda Will Thrive?

The island well known for its conspiracy theories levies light taxes on bitcoins relating to the free nature of the crypto market in the region.

The Bermuda Monetary Authority which is the country’s financial regulator has taken a stand to regulate the cryptocurrency field in order to prevent any misuse of the technology without hindering its development.

Even more, the Anti-money laundering standards of the country are to be implemented for the free and frictionless functioning of over 35 powerful cryptocurrencies.


All in all, I would say that the regulation of Crypto/Blockchain technology in Bermuda is well organized and efficient.

And don’t be surprised if they are listed in the ranks of Malta and Switzerland. Possible though.

A Safer Place to Buy Blockchain Projects in Bermuda.


I mentioned CoinTracking.

Yeah, CoinTracking is a crypto tool that manages your taxation and other optional cryptocurrency options effectively.

One of the things that make them stand out is the vast options they have for normal crypto enthusiasts and advanced financial cases.

To say that you might like them is a bit salty. You will like them if they fit into your taxation/crypto needs. Check out CoinTracking/Tool.

#37. IRAN

Based on the economic development of Iran, the country has come up with her own cryptocurrency in a quest to settle for the poor economic situation.

And I just got it this morning that Iran has officially recognized Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency mining; a more reason to side with Iran, at least for economic survival.

But this is a complex one.

Before we see some comments from crypto enthusiasts about the Iranian currency, let’s not think there was no concrete moved behind the scene.

I did ask above if a US-ISRAELI ally can move a muscle. See below.

What Can A US-Israeli Ally Do?

What pushed Iran to her cryptocurrencies?

It was because Israel said the US should put a ban on Iran; meaning that the economic situation was also affected. And you know, those two are got damm one.

Hitherto, let’s hear what some crypto enthusiasts had to say about it.

#1. Actually this may be big

It may increase volumes since due to the sanctions imposed by the US by order of Israel, money transfers to-and-away from the country are made quasi-impossible via legal money transfers.

All the big banks pulled back afraid of said US-Israeli sanctions.

I haven’t seen details of their national crypto, but the free exchange of their token with other tokens seems important to both its internal acceptance, and international trade – Vidiii.

#2. True Crypto Is Borderless

From what I’ve read, it will be a centralized and private Blockchain they’re gonna introduce for their shitty currency.

You won’t even have access to check the transaction history!

In other words, stop cheering at totalitarian regimes like Iran or Venezuela adopting “blockchain” because it is nothing like the true cryptocurrencies ( BTC, for example ).

This is neither bearish nor bullish.

It’s just news about a shitty country trying to bypass some regulation for Its Own Good.

They don’t want to help people, neither do they care about transparency or people’s rights!

They’re simply in deep shit, their currency is plummeting and they’re simply trying some stunts hoping they’ll get out of the grave they dogged for themselves.

The True Crypto Is Borderless, Decentralized And Censorship Resistant.

Anything else is just shit having the word “blockchain” near their name in order to fool naive people – MasterBaiterPro.

 Hmmm, I feel it bro for Iran.  😥 

NATIONAL CURRENCIES HUH, What’s The % Of Survival?

Some crypto enthusiasts believe that National cryptocurrencies are pointless. Why?

Because Canada tried it with the mintchip project years ago, and gave it up after they realized there was no demand for a digital fiat currency.

Be it as it may, my stand is,

Even though Canada tried and failed, can we use that as a conclusion point that the Iranian and Venezuelan cryptocurrency won’t survive?

What do you think? Yes, it won’t, or No, it will? Tell me in the comment section.


Israel? Completely unaware.

I never saw Israel coming on as a top cryptocurrency/blockchain friendly country. But you know what?

A lot of us wants to be aligned with the current technology, so, it shouldn’t be a surprise if Nigeria turns an overnight Cryptocurrency Country; I mean projects being built on it.

With that being said, it is my pleasure to let you know that the Israeli Blockchain startup Orbs, having partnered with Kakao Subsidiary Ground X has opened her office in South Korea.

As we know, the Blockchain startup Orbs is expanding into South Korea with the opening of its Seoul headquarters, the company’s very first office outside of Israel.

To seal the deal, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was freshly signed with Kakao’s blockchain subsidiary Ground X for research, development and business cooperation.

More About Orbs?

Orbs, having raised over US$118 million in its initial coin offering (ICO) in June 2018 is building a hybrid blockchain.

The project has a built-in interoperability features that complements and scales base-layer protocols such as Ethereum.

Also, the blockchain project is designed to meet the needs of the popular large-scale consumer decentralized applications (dApps).

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain Friendly Countries

And to show how serious this is, according to, the startup’s new location in Seoul has already hired five full-time employees to manage marketing and community relations efforts, in addition to strategic partnerships and business development work.


Side talk… Wanna know about Kakao?

Okay. Kakao is a South Korean Internet giant which operates the country’s leading chat app Kakao Talk.

And if you want more, know that the startup has been aggressively making positive rounds into the blockchain business.

The company is also an investor in Dunamu.

And Dunamu?

Dunamu is the company behind South Korea’s cryptocurrency exchange platform Upbit.

A Safer Place to Buy Blockchain Projects in Israel.


Why Russia needed the Blockchain Technology so dearly?

#1. Violation Monitoring

Institute for Public Administration and Management’s department of labor and social policy, said labor violations are widespread among small and medium-sized enterprises in Russia.

Meaning, a new technology like the Blockchain will enable such situations to be monitored.

See this,

Prof. Alexander Shcherbakov, a professor in the Russian Academy of Science and Technology’s made it known that employers often violate employee rights as soon as employees apply for a job, through to when they are dismissed.

Scary Stat:

According to Rostrud, more than 465,000 appeals were filed in the past year from citizens concerning labor violations.

Experts have noted that smart contracts will change the relationship between legal entities and individuals.

The contracts will be more transparent and help free people whose activities are impacted by the termination of agreements.

What more can we say? Russia is in for it.

Just to mean business as a major blockchain country, according to CCN, Russia’s FIU pension fund will use blockchain technology to integrate all of its information into a distributed registry.

That is not all.

According to Izvestia, they will also prepare proposals to integrate all systems into a single platform.

Why the move?

The FIU pension fund believes it will cut costs for servicing and storing significant amounts of data.

And also, the technology will also provide more transparency to labor relations agreements and help protect workers from having their rights violated by negligent employers, which experts have cited as a pervasive problem.

Well, it is not difficult to see why the transparency comes in, I mean, who doesn’t want the picture to be painted in black & white?


5 Definitive Reasons Bitcoin & Stellar Are Scams: THE BITCOIN Atheists Vs The Theists

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Lest I forget, should you want to see the beginning of everything, I mean why FIU wants to use the Blockchain technology. Let’s see below.

The FIU currently houses employers’ data about insurance premiums and tax deductions on centralized servers.

When once the distributed ledger technology is in place, all information will be stored on distributed databases.

Users will be able to record all agreements on the distributed ledger, and it will not be possible to edit the information retroactively.

The government chairman Dmitry Medvedev even said in June that the digital labor books will consolidate labor relations work electronically from 2020.

FIU said the use of smart contracts in labor relations will prevent compulsory exclusion in paper form.

Blockchain technology, the FIU noted, will enable information to be evenly distributed concerning employment contracts between employers and certifying centers.

This will protect citizens from illegal employment contracts as well as save the cost of servicing and storing large amounts of data.

A Safer Place to Buy Blockchain Projects in Russia.



Over the last few months, there has been a rapt interest in Cryptocurrencies in Latin America.

According to coinjournal, Latin Americans are increasingly turning to cryptocurrencies which many perceive as a more stable store of value and means of transaction.

And this didn’t come without a reason…

In a hyperinflation-crippled Venezuela, privacy-focused cryptocurrency Dash is rising in popularity among locals with some 200 merchants and thousands of wallet downloads per month.

To stamp the point.

@ Codiox [twitter] confirmed that the Venezuelan government will now force all banking institutions to disclose IP addresses from people who access their banking info from outside the country.

Citizens will now have to notify banks before traveling overseas. Users who don’t notify it won’t be able to transact. :mrgreen:

Below is the signatory to shows you how serious this is.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain Friendly Countries

A Safer Place to Buy Blockchain Projects in Venezuela.



#41. INDIA

Bitcoin-based charities are already creating trust through smart contracts and online reputation systems and allowing donors to see where their donations go through a secure and transparent ledger.

Thus, Blockchain can affect and change the world for good.

This is more or less why India has come to terms with adapting to the Blockchain Technology. You can see why they did here.

But for now, it is worthy to count India as a Blockchain country but not fully yet in terms of Cryptocurrency.

Even with the Blockchain tech that was finally adopted, a committee has been set up by the RBI – Reserve Bank of India to supervise and strengthen the emerging technologies such as Blockchain, digital currencies, and Artificial Intelligence.

A Safer Place to Buy Blockchain Projects in India.


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#42. CHINA

Who is tired of today hearing China is in and tomorrow out?

Well, are they fully in the Blockchain and not really Bitcoin (in particular)? Absolutely yes!

In a comment by a crypto enthusiast,

Sal. T said that it was like – More like China then India and then China again.

According to Coinjournal, it was reported that “China to Overtake US as Leading Blockchain Developer”: PwC Survey.

While the US currently stands as the world leader in blockchain technology, China could very soon overshadow America in terms of blockchain development, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

The above fact was contained in a new survey conducted by the firm that examines the views of 600 executives in 15 countries found that the US (29%) is perceived as the most advanced.

You see,

It is true and very easy to believe when it has to be the Blockchain technology but not the Bitcoin. Adaptation is not for the faint-hearted – @iwillteachcrypto. You might want to follow them.

Okay, we won’t go deeper about this so that they won’t change their minds. Let’s just see if China will overtake the US as a Leading Blockchain Developer.

A Safer Place to Buy Blockchain Projects in China.



Turkey, like India, is into the Blockchain business. And as a mark out, the government of Turkey has successfully established her country’s first university blockchain center.

The blockchain center is known as BlockchainIST. The Istanbul Blockchain and Innovation Center was inaugurated a few months ago at Bahçeşehir University (BAU).

And the sole purpose of it is to work with students and entrepreneurs who want to conduct academic studies in the blockchain area.

What does this mean to Students and entrepreneurs in Turkey?

Since the project will benefit mostly the students and entrepreneurs who want to conduct academic studies in the blockchain area, we shall be seeing not just an expansive, but an inclusive application of the Blockchain Technology.

A Safer Place to Buy Blockchain Projects in Turkey.

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Blockchain is the beginning of everything as far as Finance, Health, Security, Marketing and distribution, Ticketing, Real estate, and more are concerned.

Never to worry though because I am looking out for you.

In case there is more to this, then, I will send it to you.

What that means is that, if you liked the above crypto/Blockchain data, then, you can get another soon by going here.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think below. Please share for both of us to grow excitedly. 🙁

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