The Top 5 Altcoins For March 2019 You Should Buy or Hold – With Current Stats

Welcome to the month of March. I was patiently waiting to match as a Gorilla into this month to pull down the top altcoins for March 2019.

We made a daring argument about how the Stocks mogul Warren Buffet said Bitcoin was useless. You can judge the matter here.

One thing stands tall in Cryptocurrency. What’s that? That no one really knows how far this industry can go. How do I mean? Some bitcoin whales tried their luck last year to predict Bitcoin’s price before 2018 was over. Can I say that they all failed? Well, it is somewhat shameful so check it out yourself.

Away from those issues, today, we want to see the best cryptocurrencies to buy or hold in March. But before that, we made some recommendations, I mean, the top altcoins to buy in February 2019. Let’s see how far they went; our profits so far.


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The Top Altcoins For February 2019


#1. BTT

Our very first altcoin for Month Feb was BTT. Why BTT came on board was that it was about to be listed on Binance and other major exchanges.

More so, there was an Airdrop which pumped the price of the coin to a reasonable height. Just as we speculated that BTT will go down after the airdrop and the buzzes, so it was.

As the time of recommendation; BTT was at 33 Sats

All time high for February – 37.

The result; in profits.

The profit wasn’t much if you bought at 33 but if at a lower price point, then that was a pretty little profit.


#2. QKC

Qkc has been accumulating for such a long time now. After the Chairman of QKC gave an update on the development of the project, the coin moved up a bit to 900.

As the time of recommendation; QKC was at 850 Sats

All time high for February – 980

The result; in profits.

Again, not so high but that was still in profits provided you used the right stop loss.

The rest(s)?. You can check them out. How?

Go to or login and go to Exchange > Enter the coins > scroll back to see the ATH of each coin.

The Top Altcoins For March 2019

Before you buy month March altcoins, note that when you talk about the best altcoins for 2019 we sectioned them out here. You can see the results so far as well.


#1. QKC

The CEO of Qkc came out to give some updates about the coin and the progress so far. One of those updates is the current Bounty Program launched with over 2,000,000 QKC rewards to build a more active, friendly, and valuable community. If you have been following QKC then you should have gained some more QKC. You can still partake in some here.

QKC, like last month, has been accumulating and there is no doubt that some will miss out on the spike of QKC to 1000 or more. Normally, I should leave it out but the surge will come soon, so, holding QKC for few bucks can bring a meaningful return.


Current Sat – 847

Buy – at 840+

Sell – when in profits

Stop Loss – 760

#2. ICX

ICX is coming back from a deep accumulation. But currently, it is at 770 which the Sats is expected to hit 800+.

Based on the potential use cases for ICX, we know that this project will be relevant when you talk about currencies, loans, intellectual property, and even personal authentication.


Current Sat – 770

Buy – now or below from 766

Sell – when in profits

Stop Loss – 740


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#3. CDT

CDT has a current supply of 1,000,000,000 CDT with 674,579,184 CDT in circulation. CDT has been up at $0.007450 USD, about 2.09% over the last 24 hours.

It is currently trading on 10 active market(s) with $102,027 USD traded over the last 24 hours.

Looking at the you will see the progress made so far. While the current Sat of CDT is at 192, it is expected to drop to 190 or 180. So, a buy at that zone will be okay.


Current Sat – 192

Buy – 180+

Sell – when in profits

Stop Loss – 150


#4. Waves

Waves is a project designed from scratch for storing, managing, and issuing digital assets. Waves (WAVES) is an open source decentralized blockchain platform that enables anyone to create their own internal digital currencies.

Based on the analytics, Waves had a resistance between 7750 -7850 which was pretty an indication for support, right? The support lagged at 7000 so, holding Waves will be a great idea if you can be patient a bit for it to surge at the projectory.


Current Sat – 7018

Buy – now or below 7015

Sell – when in profits or from 7350

Stop Loss – 6800

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Where to buy the above Altcoins? You can get them at



There is an exception here. UBETR token is not yet traded on major exchanges as the team is still mainstreaming the project. The essence of listing it among the top coins for March is because with as little as 1 ETH you can get as much UBETR tokens to hold in Millions.

If you do not want it that way you can still play some games and earn free UBETR tokens. The withdrawals has started already using the platform. Hope this helps.

Want to get started? This is what UBETR is all about and how to add the UBETR wallet.

You can learn more by joining the Team’s Telegram group.


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What to do

The list of the top coins to hold in March 2019 should be more but I’ve figured out that we can be okay with the few top coins to hold as far as making some profits is concerned.

Again, while the above projects are not the only best cryptocurrencies to invest you want to take the advantage they’ve got for some profits.

Take more advantage below.

#1. Getting Started in Crypto.

You can easily get started in crypto if you do not know how it works. Here is how to.

#2.  How to play win Massively

Should you not want to be scared of nothing, here is how to play safe and win like the whales.

#3. Winning In Crypto Trading 2019

This is the part that is interesting. In crypto trading, you are investing a bit of your money. The big deal here is that you don’t have to sink in $5,000 in crypto trading. No. you can test it out with as little as $500 to see your strengths. But if you know you can’t trust your trading strength, here is a free trial tool to use and see how to win.


Bonus: if you know how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, you can get a 2 week free crypto signals. Just test and see how you can make sense of this. Yes, it is free. Join here.


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Final Thoughts

There are many ways to make some bucks in cryptocurrency, not just buying the above coins to hold. You can start here or go here in advance.

As usual, the essence of the top altcoins for each month is always that we make some profits. It may not be $50,000 at a blow but with a little capital, some profits can make all the difference.

I like to say, if you do not know how to figure this out on your own, try a free premium tool and see how far you can win.

All in all, welcome to Month March. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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