What Are The Top 5 Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins To Buy & Trade In October 2018?│10 FUNNY CRYPTO EVENTS

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Welcome to yet again another month of the great tidings – The Top 5 Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins To Buy In October 2018.

Last year this time we saw an overflow of cryptos wherefore crypto men of honor gained a massive deal out of altcoins because they were all in high spirits.

Now, what does the month of October 2018 holds for the crypto enthusiasts who are just starting out, and the ones that are already trading cryptocurrency on their own?

In one word a lot.

#1. We saw how Ripple coin made you rich overnight which the trend is still lingering.

#2. We saw how Ripple coin overtook Ethereum to be ranked 2nd after Bitcoin on CEO’s Bullish Bet.

#3. We saw how Electrum coin rose to top 50 Cryptocurrencies.

#4. How Bitcoin copycat, Bitcoin Cash [BCH], became a biggest loser among top ten cryptocurrencies in the bear’s clutches.

#5. We saw many crypto enthusiasts using the Cryptoblizz to generate crypto trading profits.

#6. How Coinbase now lets users buy ‘bundles’ and launches a database of the top 50 coins + many speculations.

#7. We saw an analysis of where to buy Cryptocurrencies near you and safely.

#8. How Litecoin tried to make up for its loss of place value.

#9. There was an organized template to start your crypto blog in 7 minutes.

#10. We saw that a lot of people do not know the difference between Ripple and the Ripple Coin – XRP.

See, if you do not know the difference between Ripple and the Ripple Coin – XRP. Join here now and I shall send/explain it to you later on.


In case you are just starting out, we started this series way back in August.

Considering September’s top 5, we already laid the top 5-7 crypto to buy, so you might want to get a glimpse of them.

I want to believe you understand the difference between cryptocurrency and Bitcoin because those two are pretty enemies.

If no, this is the ultimate 2018 guide to cryptocurrencies and that of Bitcoin explained for Satoshi followers

A great question would be, apart from what is Bitcoin and Crypto, where do I start from?

Well, as a crypto analytics website, we believe in data, so, below are some of the holding points for you to get started.

#1. The Top 30 Best Cryptocurrencies Mooning: Giant List Of Blockchain Assets.

#2. Top Cryptocurrencies Of The Future That Are Worth 50 Blockchain Projects.

#3.  Idiots Guide To Copying And Pasting Crypto Trading Success By Automation


Top 5 Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins To Buy In October – What now?

Why should you care about the Top 5 Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins to Buy in October?

Well, I don’t know where you are coming from – your insight in Holding and Trading.

And if you don’t have a background on those, you might want to see the mistakes and how other crypto enthusiasts are holding on.

Hitherto, I might not suggest you just hold on totally to the coins when you can get maximum benefits before we see another surge or mooning of cryptocurrencies – like what XRP did.

And mind you, let’s look out for December 2018  if the same mooning will by any means take place.


Top 5 Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins To Buy In October – How to maximize it

How to maximize the about-to-be talked about coins might be by you buying and selling them intermittently. And in a simple term that is trading.

Wait for a second. You fear the word trading just like buying cryptos on your own, right?

Well, myself, I was like you until I had a final breakthrough with its fear. So, what you might want to do can be likened to buying the about-to cryptos and selling it.

However, if you don’t want to leave your comfort zone, the best option for you will be the Holding method.

All right. Here we go.


 Tools you need as a crypto Enthusiast

Top 70 Best Cryptocurrency Tools (Android & Ios) For Regular & Die Hard Traders

The Complete List Of Cryptocurrency Verification Tools You Need To Get Started In Africa, America, And United Kingdom


Top 5 Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins To Buy In October 2018



Take nothing away from Bitcoin because that is the king and will always be the king of altcoins.

Now, I know, if you had held Bitcoin, probably you sold it for more profits when it surged in the middle of last September 2018.

Be it as it may, Bitcoin is the first and the last cryptocurrency you want to always buy at all times before any other coin.

The good thing about Bitcoin is that you can easily trade anywhere. And talking about anywhere I mean, where it is safe and near you.



Buy Bitcoin and sell when it surges. Also, hold if for the future. And lastly, when the price goes down again, go ahead and re-enter and hold more.


Where to buy Bitcoin instantly?  

This is a nice spot for credit cards and CEX for a 5 minute Purchase.


#2. TRON

TRON is one of the controversial cryptos many think it won’t survive. But what they are not seeing is the supports and backers of TRON.

TRON as a cryptocurrency is an open source but powerful Chinese smart contract platform connecting entertainment content creators with viewers.

Some of the Tron darlings are:

1. The architecture itself provides elastic extensions, and no single company, government or organization can close it.

2. The distributed user registration mechanism is as secure as Bitcoin transactions, providing non-centralized content authentication.

3. Users are more eager to register early so they can select their favorite user

4. The common user naming method and discarding the long encryption hash
allow users to have a better user experience.

5. Public key substitution mechanism allows users to change their key pair when
security is threatened.

Well, I am not here to prove a TRON buying point. If you want to see what TRON is all about and the complete Team, you can see the top coins of the future.


Why You Should Buy TRON?

Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of Tron Foundation, recently appeared on a live stream to speak about advancements of Project Atlas.

He also announced that Tron has burnt about 98% of all ERC20 TRX tokens, which translates to about 97 billion tokens in total.

During the live stream, Justin stated that the Tron network has continued its growth for the 95 days since it launched.

According to the founder, the network gained more users in its first 95 days than Ethereum did in 2015 – ambcrypto.com.

The above is one of the reasons apart from the notion that with the tokenization of the network, peers will be able to pay other users with faster Internet connections to incentivize them.

Which of course, in turn, will prompt them to seed the torrents, thereby making it faster.

And lastly, TVM (Tron Virtual Machine) is about to be activated on the 8th of October. This again will be a pivot point for a surge.

In essence, you want to buy some TRON before the reasons become saturated…expires.


Side talk…

If you are still following and expecting a surge of your coins like TRON and more this year, one of the reasons would be an ETF vs SEC tussle.

We gave out the complete list to our members on our new Telegram Channel. And besides, we won’t be featuring Blockchain gossips here anymore but right there.

Reason: we don’ want to feature Crypto & Blockchain news here. – it’s purely an educational and crypto data blog.

Join other new members aright.


Some of the decision dates:

• September 30 – SEC ETF data
• October 17 – CBOE XBT Expiration Date
• October 26 – CME October last trade
• November 14 – CBOE XBT expiration date

You can join our new members and see the full list or get up-to-date crypto and Blockchain gossips.

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Crypto Predictions.

What do you think of them?

They are crab if you follow those that will make you sell off your coins unknowingly. Now, see the below for more.




How To Profit From Tron Asset

The option I think you should go with is buying it based on the factors above.

When done timely, you want to sell it when it surges to a certain point to get back your money.

But I bet you, you won’t sell it when the price goes up because you might be expecting more. But the surprise?

It might trigger back to where it began.

So, you can do yourself the good to beat being an Oliver Twist syndrome – wanting more – to sell it off for more profits.


Where To Buy Tron

You can buy Tron at Binance; Go to www.Binance.com/Tron


Where To Buy Tron – TRX

Register an account on Binance.

Get it verified > deposit BTC or ETH to your Binance account for the purchase > Search for TRX> select the quantity you want to buy > Click on Buy.

 Top 5 Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins To Buy In October



Results for TRON

TRX has peaked to our projection which means, if you had bought TRX as we said, you would have made more by selling it when it peaked at 429.


Check at Binance.


#3. BNB

Not Airbnb. Binance coin is one of such coins that is readily making men rich.

And believe me, even though it is making many rich, if you don’t know why you won’t know how either.


As we already stated on 30 assets in Detail, Binance Coin, is the native token of Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

The coin cushions a whopping 25% fee discount if you decide to trade on Binance.

Why the Rich Mechanism?

Since BNB is the Binance exchange coin, using it therefore, adds a special status in this exchange, as well as because of its indifferent relationship with other altcoins.

That is to say, as far as this exchange is concerned, all other coins are geared towards it.


The BNB coin is less likely to take strong hits when the market changes and will lose less of her value when the bears arrive.

And it if happens, it is negligible and will return to its place – this, I have seen by a study.

So, like Tron, you want to buy BNB at a certain point and sell it off when due. I tell you the truth you can do this every 48 hours.

If you want the time for entering and buying, we shall be giving it for our readers for now – free!

As of the time of writing, 3:34 am, BNB was at a good entry point.

Note: this is based on my study of the coin which has proven positive in terms of return: Join the IWTUC Telegram for Buying Entry Point.


Where To Buy BNB

You can buy BNB at Binance; Go to www.Binance.com/BNB


How To Buy BNB?

Register an account on Binance.

Get it verified > deposit BTC or ETH to your Binance account for the purchase > Search for BNB > select the quantity you want to buy > Click on Buy.


Top 5 Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins To Buy In October


If you had bought BNB as we said, you would have won………………See below.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins To Buy In October

Check at Binance.




Denoted as XLM, Stellar like BNB is a coin I bumped on recently and saw her movements.

Although Stellar was not as predictable as BNB, yet,  the advantage is the nice daily volume which in some way tend to always bring the coin back to a positive return.

To know more about Stellar, you can see the 30 mooning Blockchain assets.

So, if you want to go with Stellar, you are buying it low always and selling it back. When it gets low again, buy again and sell back.

That is the technique to win than buying and holding it for a full month – it’s not all that reasonable. Why?

There is no guarantee that the same price at the beginning of the month – October will tally at the end.

Again, why?

Because there are so many factors. You can see why some coins sky rock and die like vultures.

With the above established, the best way out (which I have found out) such that you will benefit more is buying low – based on the chart antics and selling it out when high – a certain crest.


How Many Times Can You Do This?

It depends on the times you want to make profits. However, note that all profiting ventures come with a risk, and if you cannot control the risk, you want to go with a tool that is working.

I would say, let’s give you a Stellar buying entry but nope.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins To Buy In October

We are not sure of it yet, still studying.

You can get it next month if you are good by joining the entry group for updates or below.



Where To Buy Stellar Cheaper

You can buy Stellar at Binance; Go to www.Binance.com/Stellar


How To Buy Stellar?

Register an account on Binance.

Get it verified > deposit BTC or ETH to your Binance account for the purchase > Search for XLM > select the quantity you want to buy > Click on Buy.


Top 5 Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins To Buy In October




One of the best but undervalued because the essence of it is not well known.

Some of the holders want it to make them $900 in one year, but, this isn’t happening any time soon.

I won’t go into the intro of Ripple.

You can read more about Ripple on 30 Cryptos.


We saw Ripple doubling her edged-sword to make it as a top coin to behold. And unsurprisingly, Ripple is still looking good for traders to enter.

The question is, should you hold Ripple coin?

The answer is that XRP had always been a top coin to hold onto. And if you had already, take high-five, at least, you made some money in the surge which is still ongoing.

So, what now?

Go ahead and buy Ripple and hold if you don’t have it.


How to Buy Ripple Coin – XRP

Register an account on Binance.

Get it verified > deposit BTC or ETH to your Binance account for the purchase > Search for XRP > select the quantity you want to buy > Click on Buy.


Top 5 Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins To Buy In October

Check at Binance.

An End In Point

All the sentences I have constructed above is geared toward making you WIN at the end of the day, else, I wouldn’t be telling you I studied two coins – maybe in my course.

So, I would say, if you are buying any coin, Bitcoin should be first – hold it.


When we talk about the bull and the bear run, it starts and ends with Bitcoin.

The Effect?

What happens to it – the head – is usually what will happen to every other coin following suit.

What can you do about it?

Nothing because that is just how it works. Bitcoin was the first, so, it deserves that dominion, I guess.


How To Approach These Coins For Your Benefits

There are some coins you have to hold and some you need to make money side by side. No need to repeat myself again, so, see below.

Bitcoin – Hold 70% and use 30% for other altcoins

Ripple – Hold more Ripple coins since it is affordable.

BNB – Trade with it and add the profits to your 70% Bitcoin.

Tron – Trade with it and add the profits to your 70% Bitcoin.

Stellar  – Trade with it and add the profits to your 70% Bitcoin.

That is it.


How Do I Get Into Day Trading?

The better way to really doing this is understanding what day trading means because to a lot of us, it might be a big deal.

Without going far, this is what it means,

Buy any cryptocurrency or asset low and watch the market and sell it high.

The high here means that you will make profit on top of it.

Now, the only thing that stands before you and success is knowing the right asset to get into.

In our top 5 assets to buy and trade in October, 2018, we showed the various ones to get in and if you had taken a step, you would have made a 50%+ profit because BNB had skyrocketed.

How Do I Really Get Into Day Trading?

You may need to know the technical terms.

And if you want to be trading like a pro, you will need to know the TA like MACD, BB.

But trust me, you don’t need all those if you want to do it my way.

Now, this may not work for you but this is how it works.

I get signals for assets to trade on, on those signals, there will be options and the range to buy and stop.

With that, I can go in to look at how the coin had done the previous days.

However, to safe you, I want you to develop another way of trading. Just buy low in a day, and sell it the following day.

If you do this for 2 weeks, you probably will be able to day trade frequently on your own.


Note: nobody told me this as I lost out – but still hanging.


If you want to trade crypto assets.

You will need two great exchanges which are simple to use.

#1. Coinbase, CEX and #2. Binance

You will have to deposit some money to Coinbase or CEX wherefore you will exchange it to Bitcoin

Go to Coinbase – Buy/Sell Digital Currency


Go to Bitcoin Exchange, Trading BTC USD, BTC EUR – CEX.IO

When you exchange the money to Bitcoin, you will then transfer it to your Binance account.

Go to Binance – Blockchain and Crypto Asset Exchange

When those two steps are done correctly, all you need to do is Identify the assets you want to trade on, buy it low, and come back to sell it.

Or if you buy it low, inside the limit box, do this,

You bought ARMR for 0.00500,

Enter in the Sell order – Sell when at 0.00900,

If the assets gets to that point, it will automatically trigger a sell and the result?

You will make your profit, and from there, you can transfer it back to Coinbase or Cex to fiat, and then, to your Local bank account if you decide to withdraw the money.

Again, buy low and sell high.


Quick Footnote:

How To Use Binance Exchange To Trade 300+ Altcoins Professionally – THE SPARING TRADING TEMPLATE

Buy Bitcoin Near You


The Good News About Crypto Trading

It turns out that it is simple to say trade or spell the word T-R-A-D-E after all it is just 5 letters words.

But what?

When you start trading, an even easier word to spell is a 6 letter word: L-O-S-S-E-S.

A better hope I can give you is that all things work for your good if you are patient enough to learn.

But how will you learn when all your assets as gone – losses?

 Top 5 Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins To Buy In October

To avoid the above, this is where cryptoblizz comes in.

Now, cryptoblizz is not a mere crypto trading tool for experts. No.

Rather, it is for both crypto toddlers and the normal users who are tired of spelling the 5 letter words above.

You can check the cryptoblizz tool today or see how it will benefit you as there are more testimonials about it.



I was thinking about it yesterday. What?

The cryptocurrency dynasty is making many rich. It dawned on me that this is surely an industry that won’t fade away, at least not for now.

And the most beneficial?

Trading cryptos is by far better than stocks. With stocks, you lose like an automated machine.

So, before you are many opportunities. You can choose which path to journey based on your understanding of risk management.

If you want to hold your assets till they moon – a pretty good thing though – this may take a long walk.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins To Buy In October

Yet again, another group is trading on their own because $10 daily is not a bad money – it is dependent on the starting trading capital.

Imagine if you use $500 and have $10 daily. What of if it is about 1 BTC – $6,000+?

So, using an already copy and paste tool means, you pay for once – life tool while it continues to bear fruits for you.

The baseline is that it won’t be bad as a beginner to trade with confidence because that is what the tool does.

And why in the world do people keep on searching make crypto money online while there is a template to use?

You have to note that this is not a motivation article gearing to make you take action.

The point is, if you like what you are getting now or where you are, then, no need to be in any of the three categories.

And if you don’t, you can get started now.

#1. Buy Bitcoin and hold first, or,

#2. Learn how to trade  on your own and lastly,

#3. Use a tool that is working.

The last tool is a template and not your brain-work. I mean, there are proofs already.

So, you can see the tool for you own back-end profits – if it fits for your liking.

That is to say, if you can pay a one-time & lifetime fee, it’s not a big deal to make more from it than now.



All in all, it turns out that Bitcoin is the King.

It is the coin with the biggest chances of being the first to reach mainstream adoption, which is why you should be there when it does.


Okay, that is how far we can go on this. Have a nice day and take the bull by the horn while you can and while the tools are at your grasp.

Thanks for coming out and please share this with one person.

For Blockchain updates + BNB buying Zone, join our Telegram channel below.


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