TOP 5 CRYPTOCURRENCIES TO BUY/TRADE IN SEPTEMBER 2018: Analytics Based On The Current Market Trends


With all amount of dexterity, the cryptocurrencies as well as Blockchain Technology, together is revolutionizing the Fintech and the Internet of Things.

Dexterity huh – new word; means ability, capability, or mastery.


It has been a messy month for Bitcoin and all the top cryptocurrencies.

If BTC weekly charts were influenced by news items like ETF decisions by the SEC, how much more the other crypto coins in general?

By far, it was some of the biggest top cryptocurrency categories in terms of the total market cap that made some gains. Some of them were Tether, Ripple, and Bitcoin – on a low key.

But on a higher level, we saw recently Icon, Dash, Iota; all as a result of partnerships…


However, since these coins; Tether, Ripple, DASH and more are all mainly aim to be used as a store of value, transaction, and payments, they all depended on the appreciation of the number one coin which is Bitcoin.

So, what is the big lesson?

Many coins do not just depend on Bitcoin for survival, they all depend on it for relevance; a bitter truth though.



See this,

On August 26th, 2018, the BTC Dominance stood at 53.7% (+0.1%) wherefore the Total market cap still stood at $212.7 billion (- $2.6 billion). But after the ETF of a thing, it went down a little bit before gasping that the ETFs verdict was needless for a surge.

VeChain for an example was chilling at $2, even with more partnerships that would have pumped in the price, it slumped, yet its sister coin – the VeChainThor was trading in profits.

Let’s have a nice time with the CEO of VeChain

On August 20, 2018, VeChain CEO Sunny Lu went live on YouTube to chat with the community about the future of the company.

Lu began by thanking the community for their continuous support throughout the entire project, reassuring them that they “are not one of, but the best” crypto community out there.

He credited the community for quickening the process of obtaining Ledger support for their observe wallet function.

Lu also said he sees community members as part of the VeChain team, and he wants to have even more of a dialogue with them moving forward.

In appreciation for their ongoing support, 60 million VET have been awarded to winners of the daily lottery event, and a total of 220 million VET were awarded to X-node holders.

Since economic nodes are the foundation of the the VeChain community, the team is currently working on a method for rewarding node holders on a regular basis.

In August 2018, VeChain released a dapp on the popular Chinese social media platform, WeChat.

The release coincided with China’s Valentine’s Day, and allowed users to send a permanently stored love note as a transaction on the VeChain blockchain.

By using their Multi-Party Payment Protocol (MPP), VeChain was able to pay for the love note transactions.

Your verdict would be, even after all these and yet, VeChain was still sleeping like a rising giant?



So, the whole month of August was based on speculations, Fudstering, and a lot of uncertainties.

Now, look at this.

While a lot of people believe that BAKKT is the main solution to what the ETFs is struggling with, some also think that the media was promoting too much the ETF. But what else?

The main solution which came on by speculation was BAKKT.

The Bakkt’s CEO, Kelly Loeffler, explained that Bakkt is setting new standards for cryptocurrency exchanges, including:

“A consistent regulatory framework…transparent, efficient price discovery…and an institutional quality pre- and post-trade infrastructure.”

In the words of BAKKT, they said further

“A critical element to price discovery is physical delivery. Specifically, with our solution, the buying and selling of Bitcoin is fully collateralized or pre-funded.

As such, our new daily Bitcoin contract will not be traded on margin, use leverage, or serve to create a paper claim on a real asset.

This supports market integrity and differentiates our effort from existing futures and crypto exchanges which allow for margin, leverage, and cash settlement.

Coupled with a secure, regulated warehouse solution, you can begin to see how this market infrastructure can help more institutions and consumers participate in the asset class.”

The big question should be, why should you believe BAKKT?

I don’t know your stand but you want to consider an option of their backers. BAKKT is backed by Microsoft, Starbucks and Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE’s owner)


The big question about the monthly purchase is, should you buy these coins monthly, or should you trade them until the market is a little bit stable?




And before you make any decision, note that we are expecting the big day of another ETF which might mean, the end of all these speculations.

The big day is on 30th September 2018, when CBOE VanEck/SolidX ETF would be addressed. So, before we leap for joy, we want to take that into consideration. You can see the full list of upcoming ETFs



At the moment, we can see a lot of positive predictions for Bitcoin and crypto in general! What to note is that when once the media start to share positive news, start to look for a short opportunity and vice versa!

The truth is that Bitcoin might not be able to break even at $25,000 or another ATH this year – mind you, we have just 4 months to go…


Why Bitcoin is Bitcoin & not subject to WHALES predictions…


So, if we are expecting a rain down of 1BTC – $50,000, then we just signed up for a long walk to freedom; not so soon, not in 2018.


Your main focus now?

At the moment, you want to forget about all the ETFs and focus on growing your BTCs!

Here’s why!

You might follow the Top 7 Bitcoin Billionaires on Twitter without taking action.

And by all means, if your wallet is empty, even if BTC reaches a price of $50,000 in 200 days it won’t make any difference to you-you and I won’t be rich!

The bad news?

My purpose would have been defeated because you never took a smart financial decision that made me start all over again.



Should You Buy More Altcoins?

I think this is simple. Don’t take nonsense from Crypto Whales…Don’t compromise about vague coins.

I will be sending our readers what recently happened to me and how not be indicted for buying nonsense Altcoins by Fudsters. If you want to get it, go up here.



Compromise is when you take what you do not want because you wouldn’t fight for what you really want.

It is accepting less because you are tired of fighting for the good thing…

Refuse to take nonsense – David Ibiyeomie


This is a question I recently answered…

Question: Did people really invest large amounts of money in Ripple and Tron at all time highs?

First of all, it is not wise to invest in any coin when the charts are showing Green.

That is a big lesson I never knew then before I started…


Never buy a coin out of green or when you feel losing out because at the end of the day, you will still lose out - it might return from the Green light you bought to Red, so, be conscious of the time you buy…

Those are my mistakes which I regretted, but not all that…it’s a lesson I am telling you today…


So, should you buy the following altcoins?

YES, and NO.

Yes, if you have made more DYOR on them and seen what they have to offer. Start from here.

Yes, if you are going in for the long-term.

Yes, if you think they won’t be affected by the upcoming ETFs.


No, if you want short-term gains.

No, if you don’t know anything about the project.

No, if the charts are showing green…

No, if you won’t be trading on them.


And talking about trading, I think the best way to maximize this is trading with these crypto assets except Bitcoin and until the ETFs days are over – probably by September ending + some 5 more days.

Hitherto, believing that we are on the same page with the above points of mine on whether you should buy or trade the following cryptocurrencies, let’s see what the analytics will say.






Before Bitcoin made it to $7,000, there were numerous hits to outperform the $6,600 resistance by Bitcoin price against the US Dollar.

The BTC/USD match even attempted to pick up energy above $6,800 and exchanged a range. The last swing low was shaped at $6,560 before bitcoin price moved higher.

Bitcoin price exchanged over the $6,700 level and settled over the 100 hourly basic moving normally.

There was additionally a break over the 61.8% level of the last slide from the $6,777 high to about $6,559 low.

The verdict here is that since Bitcoin has broken over the $7,000 level, bitcoin price may well test $7,200. 😎


Buy All-In-One Cryptocurrencies Safely In Your Neighborhood_Countryd a little bit of body text




Crypto coin – Bitcoin

Market Cap – $121 Bln +

Market Volume – $4.5 Bln+

Current Price – $7,063.83

Rank – 1


We have seen above why this coin is vital. Nothing would make sense to buy other coins without Bitcoin first; it does not make the news. So, Bitcoin is the first before any other asset.

What we should know about it is that Bitcoin does not require merchants to change their habits. However, Bitcoin is different than what you know and use every day.




Bitcoin is a consensus network that enables a new payment system and a completely digital money.

As we know, it was the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that was powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen. From a user perspective, Bitcoin is pretty much like cash for the Internet.


More reasons you should buy Bitcoin.

Despite the sharp crash of the cryptocurrency market, the bitcoin network every day welcomes new mining facilities.

In August, the hashrate of bitcoin increased by 25%, and since the beginning of the year it has jumped more than twofold.

Bitcoin is like digital gold in that “gold has value solely because people say it has value; bitcoin is built on an amazing technology, there’s a limited supply of it,” – Novogratz de Billionaire

Because it will make you by far rich, not in a short term though…

Because it is the real Bitcoin. Does that make sense? The BCH followers understand better…

The CEO of Litecoin believes you should buy Bitcoin before buying any other coin.


Bitcoin Best Wallets – Ledger Nano S or Coinbase/wallet (free)

Where to Buy Bitcoin Coinbase/BTC or Binance/BTC


(2) USDT

Crypto coin – Tether

Market Cap – $2.8 Bln +

Market Volume – $2.9 Bln+

Current Price – $0.998849

Rank – 8


The USDT is not just a coin to trade, it is a great coin to hold because it acts as a cautioning against Bitcoin; like grease to stiffed machine joints. I have explained a bit here.

And of course, when you know the purpose of Tether you can easily see why it is still dancing at $0.89 -$1.

So, this is a great coin to trade with and hold against Bitcoin resistance.

Note: it is still dancing between $0.89 -$1. And I really believe if Bitcoin can dance like this, more adoption would be seen.


Tether Best WalletsLedger Nano S or (free)

Where to Buy Tether




(3) ICON

Crypto coin – Icon

Market Cap – $300 Mln+

Market Volume – $23 Mln+

Current Price – $0.92

Rank – 30


Icon has made recent gains in the market because of so many factors. The Iconloop of a thing and many more have added a bit of appreciation to it.

Do you know that ICON is a massive project? Start from here if you haven’t read about it.

This is what a crypto enthusiast thinks about it.

"Everything that ICON the project/platform/company has done is easily verifiable, they are a legit professional project, they have been picked up by the government and are working to implement Blockchain tech in different government sectors in Korea.

ICX is one of the coins that CoinBase will be listing soon, CoinBase does a deep background investigation before listing anything on their platform".

Some of the factors for the surge and reasons you should hold, I mean trade with the coin? See more below; you will love it.



Icon Asset Wallet: Ledger Nano S or IConex (free)

Where to Buy Icon



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Top 25 Professional Cryptocurrency Analysis Tools For Portfolio Tracking & Market Info (Keep Off! Pro Traders Only)


Portfolio Investing

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Security Tools

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Crypto coin – WaltconChain

Market Cap – $165 Mln+

Market Volume – $7 Mln+

Current Price – $4.13

Rank – 50


The Waltonchain coin is one of the innovative assets which brings the vision of Blockchain integration with Supply Chain Management to life.

Initiating its operations in 2015, and of course, unofficially by the founders, the Waltonchain coin mainly aims to achieve two of its prominent goals.


The first one being, to improve the Supply Chain Management by introducing a collaboration between the RFID as well as the Blockchain technology.


The crypto project is to integrate two of the best Technologies that exist today, that is the Internet Of Things (IoT) as well as Blockchain technology in order to create which they call it as Value Internet Of Things.

Both of these roadmaps are expected to be achieved through Waltonchain masternode as well as Guardian Masternode -[a vision to hold it?]


Waltonchain Best Wallet – Trezor/Wallet or WaltonChain Wallet (free)

Where to Buy WaltconChain



Crypto coin – IOTA

Market Cap – $2 Bln+

Market Volume – $127 Mln+

Current Price – $ 0.75

Rank – 10


It is always expected. A coin surges when there is a reason for it. And in the case of IOTA, the Price Spiked by about 21 Percent after Partnership with Japanese Giant Fujitsu.

And just to note, Fujitsu featured here, is a Tokyo-based multinational IT equipment company.

When they released a paper, they talked about the use of IOTA-focused blockchain as an immutable data storage medium for their audit trail process.

The IT giant expects to integrate IOTA into its manufacturing and supply chain verticals to enable better transparency, data trust, and data security.


IOTA Best Wallet Ledger Nano S or Gui Wallet (free)

Where to Buy Iota



I told ya not to use a free wallet; you finally lost ya coins…let’s go for free Airdrop!!!

On Free wallets: I am not recommending the free wallets. I am putting them in case of a beginner.

Instead of it, use a paper wallet (if you can use it ) until you buy a crypto hardware wallet.



As far as the crypto market is concerned, the best coin to hold now is just Bitcoin. And if you think you should hold another, get how not to be indicted by Fudsters and see why not – to be published soon.

Just to review, after the ETF showdown, the market recorded an appreciation of all top cryptocurrencies. I mean, almost all of them made a positive remark because Bitcoin showed the way (image above).


So, if you want to trade with other crypto assets, good and fair, but if holding, I wouldn’t recommend that.



The truth is, there is a sense of an improved buying sentiment in the market, but I still wouldn’t recommend that. If you are in, you want to be sure it will last the next 4 day for you to trade it off.

If you are a beginner that wants to learn how to start trading crypto assets (buy and selling) without losing, you need a simple trading platform like Coinbase, and if you are a higher and advanced user, then Binance cryptorial exchange is what you want.



Starting crypto trading is relatively easy.

Making money off it… well, not so much.

To start your own profitable Crypto asset trading, all you have to do is get the best tools, a good automated tool, and create your portfolio profitability indices on trading platforms like CryptoBlizz/trades and CryptoHopper.

CryptoBlizz comes with a onetime payment which after the first purchase, you are done. But CryptoHopper comes with a monthly subscription meaning you get value on a monthly basis.

If you want to see how this work in a more proactive way, then CryptoHopper free trial is what you want.


On the Blockchain of Things

Do you know that the top Blockchain countries have added weight? It gained 50 more pounce, ya baby.

Image result for lose weight: funny bro cartoon


I know you saw that India and Turkey couldn’t say no, who are the other 3 that made it 40 Blockchain Countries as of now?

The truth is, when people talk about Blockchain Technology being an internet of NOTHING, it is evident that they don’t really understand it as a nerd. Even the World Bank like India cannot stand it.

See this.

😉 The World Bank to Settle a $73 Million Bond on Blockchain…So, how about the new countries?

💡 China to Overtake US as Leading Blockchain Developer?




The letters start with K, T and…it might be your country or region, who knows? Find out soon.

If you want, Get it without costing you a dime! free!




If you want to hold or trade some this coins,

The best way to go about it is Buying coins on Coinbase and trading them on Binance.

Get Started on Coinbase – for beginners (get $10 free on your first transaction of $100).

Start trading on Binance for higher and advanced users – (low fee trading).


Disclaimer: this analytics is not a financial advice but just educational.

We pay bills if you use our links. Thanks to that.


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