TOP 7 ACTIVE CRYPTOCURRENCIES FOR AUGUST 2018: Why CryptoCoins Rise & Fall Like Vultures!

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Ordinarily, analysis like this is based on the coinmarketcap list. But this coin analytics will take a different turn by going deeper to the decision pointers that will make these Top 7 Active CRYPTOS for August 2018 Mooning Eagles.

Wait a minute, why rise and fall vulture above?

Well, the truth is that these coins need to be mooning Eagles and not vultures. How? If at the end of August these coins are bullish, then, they are mooning Eagles. But if not, vultures.

But even if these coins turn vultures in August instead of Eagles, you want to wait for September for their Eagles nature.


Before we start. You know this is not a financial advice, right? Good.


I don’t want you to see me as a magical crypto man, No. While I will go on to tell you some pointers that cause major cryptocurrencies to surge, it is realistic to know that nobody knows the true turn of these crypto coin prices.

While that is ascertained, still, you don’t have to do anything from your end.


I have already signed up to teach-u-crypto, so, allow me to follow all the prospective charts, prices pointers, research and analytics, and all decision pointers which will add up such that we shall have 5 out of 7 wins if not more. Sorry, no 7/7 in the first month.

In case you are wondering some of the tools you might use as well, then use this primary decision maker, Secondary decision makers and the tertiary – for pro crypto traders.



No matter what you do, you want to start from the genesis and know whether you should go-for or for-go some blockchain projects. When that is done, go ahead to decide if you want to overcome fear and buy cryptocurrencies on your own, or whether you want to buy it near you – your neighborhood.

Again, if you are a beginner, you need to know the types of cryptocurrency exchanges you should stick to – pros and cons. Also, if you are already a pro crypto-altcoin trader, you can use 0% trading fee cryptocurrency exchanges (you will see as we go on), and lastly, you can see the quality of a pro marginal trading website.

With those, believe me, you are good to start –but never forget to add two-factor authentication to all your crypto accounts.

Stop reading this now and do it now!

You might not be told this elsewhere, but do this first. Never fail to open a new email account SOLELY for cryptocurrency projects – most advantageously, use Proton email account.

As for basic two-factor and crypto email setup, see this guide: it took me more than 6 hours to publish just for you to overcome hack and scam – I was a victim, you can learn here.  If you want more, you can see how Cody Brown lost his $8,000 Cryptocurrencies.


(I think I will write about Proton Email in Crypto wallet management part 2 because I found another way hackers can play pranks on your cryptocurrency – Start with Proton here)



First things first, you need to know how to overcome fear and buy any crypto on your own.

I have gone all the way to show you how to use super credit card exchanges – Coinbase as a beginner and Coinmama.

As a pro, now, go ahead and see how to buy 75 cryptocoins without fear from home (later on). And lastly, you want to see the safe crypto exchanges to USE listed by country.



This is supposed to be another post but I have a bulk of things to write about – so, let me summarize it using this opportunity.

Reason 1.

Because it is a bubble – the hearsay effect

There is no doubt that I am a crypto believer but yet, it is right to use the right word or what is popularly understood when it best fits.

Years ago I would have said no –bubble is not the right word. However, whatever you want to replace with bubble do, you know what?

Using bubble does not change the fact that cryptocurrencies have come to stay or that the effects already caused will die off? This is the evidence.


•The Hearsay Effect

Cryptocurrencies tank and moon because of the hear-say factors. For an example, an adoption of a Cryptocurrency by a body or startup can cause a sudden rise of the coin. (Note –sudden).

Apart from that, if a crypto startup has a major tangle with authorities like SEC, G20 and the likes, then, FUD and FUDsters can use that opportunity and tangle the Cryptocurrency project itself.

For an example, we saw the Coinbase tangle with the SEC. That news alone caused a sudden mooning of coins-Bitcoin notably. How it all happened?

There was a recent buzz that Coinbase gained SEC approval to list security tokens by acquiring three financial companies. You can guess what that “hearsay” caused. I know you know. Of course, we saw some coins gaining weight in a long stretched price shifts.

But the actual truth: like a man his wife has just been snatched from, Coinbase said it was wrong about SEC Approval of Acquisitions. Hahaha. What a marginal catastrophic of section 1 degree 23 of the crypto constitution.


Reason 2.

The Correction Game

We have all witnessed the Gangnam Style of Bitcoin over the last six months. While others call it a correction, I call it Gangnam Style because when it happens the views on Youtube is a wow – effect on other cryptocurrencies.

Well, sorry about that. If you had subscribed as our reader, you would have known that this correction ALWAYS happens after a big bull run no matter what – which we would have always told you  – get excited and join others that know the real-time when Bitcoin dance the Gangnam style dance – corrections + major vulturic natures.


Like I said, this dance will continue because you cannot go against the natural market movement shifts.

The way out? Just enjoy the ride and go with it because as your crypto tutor (if you want to join the free school), you cannot go against it.

Are you shocked or excited to know that? If you are shocked, don’t join to know more.

But if you are excited, then, you can experience MORE Crypto insights periodically when I Click the Send-Button to your …

Complete your email below and never miss the crypto Gangnam style dance and periodical motivations – once or thrice emails per 7 days.



I have already said a lot and I think I want to write extensively on this for you to know about it. Why? I have other major factors you might want to know. Some of them – Sentimental evangelists, Crypto Nerds foil, Blockchain Dicing and more.

I won’t write on it, but if you want, let me know below – comment below.




I couldn’t wait enough to get here.

But before we start, I am vexed up. Why should a crypto project like Maker be worth $600+ but it’s number 30+ on the coin market cap? I know the quick answer might be the volume and supply chains.

Yet, don’t you think it is more than that? Another temptation to say more but I won’t fall into it.

Let’s get into the game and see the prospective and top cryptocoins predictions for August 2018.



Crypto coin – Bitcoin

Market Cap – $100 Bln +

Market Volume – $4 Bln+

Current Price – $7,839.76

Rank – 1



There is no doubt that bitcoin is the father of all cryptocurrencies. Also, there is no doubt it commands the most reputable market cap and 24 hours market volume – a round of applause – maybe.

Even though Bitcoin was currently at $5,000, the first Crypto I would have recommended you buy is Bitcoin. Why?

Not just because money has shifted from tokens to BTC which we have seen in the last days. The truth is that it is the number digital asset; so, in one line, you can say that all other digital assets come after Bitcoin – not an argument because it is true.  🙄

Like I said earlier in 2017 when Bitcoin was at the range of $3,000-$3500, I told my then-readers before my site went down that if they buy $650 worth of Bitcoin, they would financially be buoyant or investment wise. Why?

Perhaps, with the price this asset is now, they would have spread the risk by buying other altcoins to maximize long term gains/results.



Be it as it may, it is my number one, but yet, you want some decision pointers right? Let’s see below.



Charles Lee Factor:

Now, this might sound odd but it is true. The founder of Litecoin believes you should buy Bitcoin before other cryptocurrencies. Do you think this is a plus to the recent surge or a factor wherefore it will surge more? The evidence is clear.


The Correction Game

Like we analyzed above, Bitcoin’s correction sometimes does take 6 months, and after that, a potential mooning is always experienced. No doubt, we have seen it.


Scalability Game

One of the problems of Bitcoin we know is scalability (understand it more). One of the reasons Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Classic came it play. But yet, we have seen a startup like Optech coming in to address this problem, and even more.

Now, the question is, has this added to the upturn of Bitcoin? Yes, I guess.



Needless of all the above. Even with a positive pointer like bitcoin holding recent gains amid a checkered market outlook,

Bitcoin will always rise to where it ought to be – $20,000+ (supported by Reddit co-founder). And even without major corrections, a “hearsay” event can cause it to surge.

The Coinbase event that took place was an evident (another can take place tomorrow). So, this is a coin you should always have as your first –number 1.



If you want to buy Bitcoin once and for all, sleep over it, else, I would say hold 5 BTC. If it is too much, start at $200. But if you ask me from the bottom of your heart, I would say, buy $500BTC x 5 times -$2,500.

Now, this should be a sure reason to buy up to 10 BTC. Bitcoin may Rise 500% within 250+ days After ETF Approval…

Yes, you can buy more if you want a short term gain, but yet, even though I am 100% sure it will hold, buy enough you can set your eye off. – Just being realistic. (In case all things are not equal).




Just know that investments about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are volatile, else, cryptocurrencies is not what you want to invest in.


If you buy crypto in hope of SnapChat kind of result – fast growth, the big question are:

Will you withstand the effects of buying a coin at $3 and in 2 months’ time you see it dancing salsa dance in your free crypto wallet at $0.5?

Can you, and will you withstand it? If yes, then let’s go on, but if no, just enjoy this post and don’t take action at the end.

 But why not?

When you look at these men, there were just like you – they had the same Bitcoin ambition as you did but the difference?

They took action maybe when you were still in your mother’s womb, doubting, or you never knew a thing in Cryptocurrency. So, if you want to have the long term result they had, go ahead and follow their footsteps but wisely. These men I mean.


To summarize them

25 Questions on How To Be A Good Crypto Investor and divide your portfolio sparingly In 2018

How to be a successful cryptocurrency investor/trader in 35 steps; based on experts recommendations.


Confident already? Let’s go on.



Crypto coin – Stellar

Market Cap – $5 Bln +

Market Volume – $100 Mln+

Current Price – $0.296822

Rank – 6



Talk about the servers that run a software for the protocol implementation and uses the internet to communicate with others and I will point at Stellar.

Even more, ask me a project that is built on an open system where people of all income levels can access financial services, I will also point a finger at Stellar. Check 5 reasons you should consider Stellar.





Like EOS, there are Blockchain projects you cannot just ignore. One of them is Stellar. We have seen this coin moved from the list continuum to raking number 6 on the CAC tables. A fight that has downsized assets like Litecoin and DASH.

Wha……….t? Ripple be serious and zip up…

Why this? Apart from what the coin is used for (usability), we have seen a massive adoption and listings on safe crypto exchanges which of course the evidence is clear –  it has added up to what it is now.



IBM has played a major key to the movement of Stellar. How? IBM just confirmed the adoption of Stellar. And who does not know IBM?

Known or unknown, the basic pointer is that with this adoption and movement on the CAC list, crypto traders using 0% fee websites to trade won’t let it rest a bit – and it has made the new……..s. Behold the new coin to trade.

The result? More cents will be added to it.

Very strange?

Who would have believed that Steller would add up to 10 cents from ashes? Well, that is the power of adoption and function.

(From me to you: Better come up with a great project. If you have one, let me know so that I can advertise for you –free!).



Surprised? Well, I don’t just write posts, I make diehard researches in order to make sure you are safe with smart investments.

While Stellar is just 20 cents, what you want to look at for is that the IBM stocks will also surge.

That is to say, should you be on a low budget or you are not motivated, and if you had bought the IBM stocks, don’t worry, you might not need to buy Stellar coins again (if you are satisfied).

What to do?

Let’s wait for the price jump from the crypto community back end. With that, you will still have your day- wise investment. Thank me later. 😉 



Disclosure: I am a Coinbase startup number 1 fan. I can recommend THAT you open an account with them now! When you do, you will be given $10 this August for your first purchase. If you want to be given instantly, here is the best link.


There is an ongoing consideration of Coinbase listing Stellar. And if they do, forget it, and don’t be surprised if it adds up 20 cents more. Yes, you heard me right and tight – $0.4 –possible.

So, If you have an account there (Coinbase), it will be easier for you to buy some stellar in 1 minute.

To enjoy the benefits –this is the steps on how to buy Cryptocurrencies on Coinbase from home.



Stellar as of now is the real deal.

Since the coin is still in its cents, you want to dash out a comfortable amount and buy it. If you will be comfortable with $50 good, if $100, great, and it $…more, better. At the end of the day, I think you will be happy that you did.



If you plan big, sleep over it, but if you ask me, $200 will be okay to test it out if you don’t have the IBM stock. But why not if you can have both? Not bad at all. 😮



Crypto coin – VeChain

Market Cap – $1 Bln +

Market Volume – $8 Mln+

Current Price – $2.2

Rank – 18



How do you rate a cryptocurrency that has a lower daily market volume yet its price is on the high side? Relax I know what you want to say. Let’s continue.

At times when we talk about intelligence, people say it is all about being brainy. Hahaha. A story for another day.

If you say intelligence, then VeChain is one of the Blockchain projects that have that feature. This is a project that is purposed to create a trust-free and distributed business ecosystem that is self-circulating. And on top of that, it is scalable.

See 5 more reasons why VeChain is innovative.




VeChain has been surging on a continuous rise in the last days because of the function it has played.

Recently, we saw what its one year anniversary resulted in – the evidence is clear in the price positive gains. And now, the X Node Binding Lottery Event? What else will it do? Keeping fingers crossed…



I did say intelligence. Now, I want to change it to function. The function of VeChain has seen it adopted by many startups. Let me list some of the startups in case you want to know.



Who are PricewaterhouseCoopers?

I don’t know more about them but see this. PricewaterhourseCoopers (PwC), is one of the “Big Four” tax and accounting companies employing nearly 250,000 people across the globe, as well as one of VeChain’s largest partners, and intend to integrate VeChain’s platform & services into their infrastructure. PwC was actually the first Big Four to buy VEN.



DNV GL will use VeChain’s platform (“Blockchain X”) to improve the transparency of product and supplier information, significantly increasing the efficiency of supply chains. DNV GL was the first company to report ownership of an Authority Masternode.


InfoCorp’s Sentinel Chain

Sentinel Chain is a blockchain-based international marketplace for cross-border financial services and the world’s first platform to accept the use of livestock as collateral.

VeChain will integrate with Sentinel Chain to publish livestock provenance data on to VeChain’s public blockchain platform.




These are some of the partners of VeChain which has added to its value in price. And of course, you know that when a project is projected by and to the Asian market, it has no alternative than to go on the rise –massive support and adoption.

All in all, these are some of the reasons we have seen VeChain rise to the price it is today – a reason you should buy some as well.



VeChain is already at $2. So, if you go for $100, you might have a fraction of 40+ pieces in your wallet –not bad.

However, if you want to buy VeChain in a larger quantity, I recommend you sleep over it, but if you ask me, $150 won’t be bad to test and see how far it will go.




Other Top 4 Coins To Buy

The other coins I would go for are:

4. Binance coin.

5. Steem.

6. Cardano.

7. Mandala – ICO.


Why Not All 7

I told us above that I don’t want to fake what I am not. I make deep researches based on the factors I outlined. Now, if these top 7 active cryptos for August 2018 turn out positive, it means the metrics I used were positive, then, I shall be basing my reasons on these factors.

What will tell? Time…

I will see how it will go next month. I mean Top 7 Active CRYPTOS for September 2018.

The Big question? Who wants to miss out? You? I doubt. Cement your place below.



There is no doubt Bitcoin is still number one. The value it is today can shift a bit downward or upward. Why? You cannot control it. However, some factors add to it.

For an example, Bitcoin Price shifted backward after SEC Rejected Winklevoss ETF. But that is not all. It has a potential of $10,000+

About Steller, there is no doubt that the function of the project will surge even more. With IBM adoption and prospective Coinbase listing, who can say that this Blockchain project might not add up 20 cents more? But what will tell? Time…

About VeChain, okay, it is intelligent, no doubt about that. Also, we have seen massive adoption –listing above. Good and fair, while the adoption is much in Asia for now, the question is, will it also affect the price universally? – American(s) and European Actors – as continents.

Well, we can not say never after all we have seen the current price it is now.

I was once beaten, and yet again twice shy; don’t ever make my mistake while building your projectLearn from my mistakes…



The SEC might reject or not reject Bitcoin’s ETF, the truth is; nothing can stop Bitcoin, at least not the number one coin for now.

All in all, what will determine the force behind the results we are expecting is the time and factors we have stressed on. So, if you want to buy these projects, buy now, else, before you close your eye and open, you might find them at 10% market value –added.


I can’t say enough that I enjoyed doing this. Already at 3,509 words and I don’t feel like stopping – this is crazy!

I honestly think next month’s Top 7 Cryptos to Buy – I mean – Top 7 Active CRYPTOS for September 2018 – will be exciting. And if all things are equal – you might want me to turn this site to a crypto clap clap site.

See you on the winning side. It’s been nice doing what I enjoy doing. #Love writing.



Isuamfon Offiong

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