Total Guide To Trading/Using Binance Jersey Exchange In 2019: A New EUR/GBP Fiat Exchange

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It was an exciting news on 2019/01/16 when Binance introduced Binance Jersey Exchange: A New EUR/GBP Fiat Exchange.

Making the announcement on their official blog, the number 1 giant crypto exchange stated that Binance’s EUR/GBP Fiat Exchange,, is now online.


Trading/Using Binance Jersey Exchange


The trading pairs on the new Binance Jersey Exchange are BTC/GBP, ETH/GBP, BTC/EUR and ETH/EUR which are now open for trading.


Below was a sharp thank you message from CryptoFox

Thanks CZ for everything you do for the Crypto world! My money always goes through some BS place to end up on your exchange.

When USD deposit/withdrawals come to light Binance will truly dominate the market you’re already dominating. Much Love!

Transaction on Binance Jersey Exchange

Further on the announcement, the exchange made it known that registrations, deposits and withdrawals are now also available.

Just to toss the users’ to act quickly, they promised to offer the first 5,000 users to register and complete Account Verification (KYC) on a reward of 20 EUR.


Getting started on Binance Jersey Exchange


 Go get an account on Binance Jersey Exchange, go to and Sign up.

If you are asked about Referral ID – Please use ours here35011918


Trading/Using Binance Jersey Exchange


>> Click the link on your email and verify it.

>> Login to your account.


Identification Verification on Transaction on Binance Jersey Exchange

ID verification on Binance Jersey Exchange is simple when you have all the documents needed.


#1. Identity Authentication

For Binance Jersey Exchange, you will first need to verify your Identity Authentication. That means, you will have to provide them with your personal information and proof of identity.


Trading/Using Binance Jersey Exchange


#2. Address Verification

The next verification document needed is your address verification. So, all you need to do is provide your proof of address.

N/B: To complete Address Verification, you must verify your identity first.


Help How to get your verification done in about 5 minutes


Linking your BANK ACCOUNT to Binance Jersey Exchange

Go to Bank Account Management at the top right under FUNDS.

Just like Coinbase now, you can directly link your Binance account to your Bank account. All you need to do is first of all verify your account – see above. 

When done,  Please click the button indicted from Bank Account Management  (see below) and add your bank account wherefore you are free to transfer FIAT to your Binance account.


Trading/Using Binance Jersey Exchange


> To Withdraw your fiat/BTC, look up at the top right corner and follow the steps.


Trading on Binance Jersey Exchange

#1. Login to your account.

#2. Go to Exchange on your top left

#3. Select the coin Pair you want to trade with – BTC/GBP

#4. Enter your quantity and click on BUY.

To sell the coin after a purchase or profits, Click on BUY.



Trading/Using Binance Jersey Exchange

Technical Analysis on Binance Jersey Exchange

You do not need to worry about how go about using Binance Jersey Exchange in terms of Stop losses, limit losses and all that.

The good news is that I had already done that for you as if I knew that Binance will come up with this.


 ➡ How to engage Technical Analysis on Binance Jersey Exchange.


Setting up 2FA on Binance Jersey Exchange

In order to secure your account you will need to activate two- factor authentication. Don’t worry as it is very simple. See below.


>> How to activate 2FA on Binance Jersey Exchange


Contacting Customer support on Binance Jersey Exchange

Should you need to talk with the Binance Jersey Exchange team or any other business below are the best channels to connect them. And if you can’t find help, join here and I will figure it out for you.

Telegram: Binance_Telegram


Referral Program on Binance

Binance has come up with a nice referral program to encourage other users. Currently, they offer an 80% profit per referral which may change as they own that right.



Final Thoughts

Binance has finally done a nice job for the European crypto traders. Some users were so excited that one said “Awesome! Can’t wait for GBP/XRP, EUR/XRP, and USD/XRP”. Another said, boom! Bye Bye Coinbase!

With a big plan to diversify their approach to traders, I think Binance has done a great job with the Binance jersey exchange in 2019: a new EUR/GBP fiat exchange.

Welcome to a new era of EUR/GBP fiat exchange/trading.





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