How To Get All Timely Cryptocurrency Trading Alerts Using Coindera Tool


What Cryptocurrency Trading Alert Tool would you say is the best for beginners or advanced users?

While these are the complete advanced tools for advanced crypto dudes, the good news is that the beginners can lift their hand in the air and get all the benefits this cryptocurrency trading alert tool will offer.

The big question is,

Have you ever wondered how you could get timely alert when your coin clocks a particular time for a sell out?

I mean, if you bought a coin at 300 SAT and you wished to sell out at 600, now, instead of marrying your computer screen for 600 to be clocked, with a simple tool like Coindera you can simply get things done right by getting an exact alert when the coin adds up to 600 for a sale.

This particular tool will alert you when you want alerts for projects such as Doge, QKC, TRON, BAT, XRP, XMR, more, and top coins of the future.

If you are excited then you have every reason to be because this will be a game changer in the 2019 crypto industry.


What will even blow your mind the more is the simple and intuitive interface this cryptocurrency trading alert tool has which makes creating alerts fast and super easy.

The truth is, having used it I can say that it will help the new 2019 Crypto Beginners. So, I present to you Coindera cryptocurrency trading alerts tool.



Cryptocurrency Trading Alerts Using Coindera

It is cryptocurency alert tool.  All it does is to notify you when your preferred coin reaches its target.




#1. Major Cryptocurrency Markets are supported

This crypto alert tool gives a detailed overview of the whole cryptocurrency markets (found on the website) such that the real understanding of the market is made simple and effective.


#2. Ability To Create Alerts Based On Advanced Options

From simple price alerts to advanced Percentage Change or Volume Change alerts

While most bitcoin alert services out there only offer alerts based on price changes. This cryptocurrency trading alert tool lets you create much more powerful alerts based on criteria such as trading spikes, percentage increase/decrease, volume increase/decrease and more.



#3. It is Flexible

Coindera crypto alert tool will help you monitor the markets for events such as price changes, volume changes or increases in price.

As of the last time of using it, I subscribed to notifications via my telegram app, so, all changes in the market based on your preferences will come there. An alternative medium is all notifications coming in via your email.

To round it up, the Coindera tool now has versions ready for both iOS and Android users.




While Coindera is great for what it was built for, however, if you want to go into crypto trading technical analysis, this is not a tool for you because you may need options such as RSI, MACD, BB and so on.



This is not really a con. However, for the sake of being straight, the Coindera does offer some higher features (lacking in the generic version)  which you get at about 10 bucks.

Going pro means you will have to pay $10 only to get all higher features such as a premium support, 30+ markets, unlimited price alerts and more. See below for details.


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So far so good the free version – $0 is okay for beginners, so, let’s pretty see how it works and how you can make good use of it.





This is an option to add your preferred cryptocurrency trigger point. For an example, if QKC coin is 12 and you want to get an alert when it gets t 60, where you set that up is at Add alert.



This is like a history of all your transactions on your accounts – An example on “how to use it”.



This shows your specific alert entered. Here, you will see the market you entered, coin, price and more. An example on “how to use it”.



This is a section that shows your option of getting the alert – via SMS, Email, Telegram and more.




First of all, if you are a mobile user, you want to get the Android or iOS version of the tool.

#1. Visit and create an account.

#2. After signing up, verify your account if need be and login.

When you sign in, you will see your dashboard and your activities enlisted.


#3. Go to Alert.

Our Crypto Target is – GNT at 1717 with BTC as a pair. I mean GNT/BTC.

What this means is that we will set GNT such that when its market price is 1717 it will alert us for a sale or a purchase.


Cryptocurrency Trading Alerts Using Coindera


#4. Click on Price Point.

#5. Select your Market

Market – crypto exchange

Currency – the crypto project

Alert me – choose your preference – when GNT_BTC

How should we notify you of this alert? – Select your options – email or SMS – (free version).

Buy Price – the current price of the coin.

Maximum notifications for this alert: select how many times you will like to be alerted.

Click on Create this Alert when done.


An example.


Cryptocurrency Trading Alerts Using Coindera


That is all that is to it. If you want to see your history, just hover to activities and you will see all your transactions.


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Coindera is a useful cryptocurrency trading alerts tool you want to use for effectiveness if you have been missing out from the market.

Luckily, for all those that are blown away with the challenge of watching the market or setting stop loss and all sorts, Coindera will help alert you out when your target is reached.

But then, note, you have to be online, I mean, you have to keep your mobile data on in order to get all the alerts via telegram app or email.



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However, if you want the paid version which is only $10, you don’t need to be online, the push notifications should get things up as the alerts will be dumped into your mobile via SMS.

So, that is all about using Coindera cryptocurrency trading alerts tool. I want to believe you like this tool, if so, please do us a favor by sharing this article with just one person.

Thanks for coming out.


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