Utility Tokens Vs Altcoins: The Gross Differences & Benefits of Security, Equity Token & Utility Tokens


A lot has been said about the top altcoins making sense, tokens, and shitty coins to stay clear. One of the said shitty coins to stay clear is ETC with reasons.

About the top altcoins, there are just few of the top altcoins that are mooning and of course, the top coins to invest in 2019.

With the consideration at hand, after about 12 days, we did a review of our top coins to buy in 2019, and got damm it, if you had invested as little as $1,000, you can see your Return in investment.

Wait for a minute… there is a question hanging.

There has been a confusion along the line with the difference between Utility Tokens and Altcoins. So, today, we want to do a summary of the Utility Tokens Vs Altcoins and all you need to do.


What is an Altcoin

First of all, you can check out to see what every crypto word meant from 2008 and beyond.

Altcoins or an altcoin is a digital currency made over by a cryptographic process. From the word Cryptography we have crypto, and currency makes it up as a crypto-currency. In other words, Altcoins are Cryptocurrencies which are digital coins or assets.

Altcoins are currencies that act as real-life currencies like Pound Sterling, Dollars and more.

Some of the top Altcoins are Bitcoin, Mr. Charlie coin – Litecoin, Zcash, Dash and a lot more.


Top Ways Altcoins are Used/Engaged

A core stand out factor in determining between Utility Tokens Vs Altcoins is in their usage. Let’s see how they are viable.


 #1. As a Unit of Payment

A Major Altcoin like Litecoin can be used as a unit of payment.


Litecoin can be used to pay and price various goods or services. An example is seen where Litecoin partnered with UFc wherefore it was the official currency for UFC fight payment/ticketing.


Utility Tokens Vs Altcoin


Top Altcoins mooning


#2. A Store of Value

Shout out to all the HODLERS….they know more about this.

Hourglass, Money, Time, InvestmentA lot of people were wondering why Bitcoin failed them in 2018. The truth is that Bitcoin wasn’t used as a store of value. See this a proof.

When I say “a store of value” what do I really mean? This is it.

Major Altcoins such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, and others can be used as a store of value in that they can be exchanged or swapped later on for something useful or fiat.

I mean, if you buy an Altcoin like Litecoin, you can exchange it for other altcoins, Fiat, – USD or EUR and on.


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#3. As a payment processor

Visa, Business, Buying, Card, Cellphone

Gone are the days I was fighting with SolidTrust e-payment and others.

Well, you might have experienced a similar situation with PayPal or as Square locked out Gab. If yes, then, Altcoins came in to breach the gap between all the authoritarian payment processors.

This is what I mean. With Altcoins, you can give and receive value using them anytime and anywhere.


Where To Buy Cryptocurrency Around You?

Don’t get things twisted. If you are in the US and its environs and Luno is among the legal places to buy Altcoin – Ethereum or Bitcoin, then, that is the best place.

Not like the best though in terms of capacity, but when you talk of being snappy, then, a no-strings-attached place to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum is Luno ETH & BTC exchange. You can even get started as low as $5.

However, if you want to buy other top Altcoins like Litecoin, 0x and so on, then you can use Coinbase and of course, Changelly – credit Card.


Don’t missTop places to buy Altcoins near you


Tokens; what are they?

From the word Utility, we can see a dividend of disparity.

If you’ve been calling Utility Tokens digital assets then you need to be busted. 😆 More on that later.



Tokens are created on existing Blockchains. The creation of these tokens are enhanced via smart contracts.

The most common Blockchain token platform is Ethereum. Tokens that are built on the Ethereum platform are known as ERC-20 tokens.

You might be wondering if anyone can make his or her tokens? If that is your question, then the answer is yes.

Anyone can make his/her custom token on one of the provided platforms which is the reason we have seen so many shitty coins.

See how they are created.


While tokens on the Ethereum platform are known as ERC-20 tokens, NEO uses tokens known as NEP-5 tokens.

One of the best Ethereum Tokens I support is Tron. And I am not paid to say that nor I’m I encouraging you to invest either but you can see what it did after 12 days.

The popular tokens are Tron, Civil, BNB and a lot more you can find at Coinmarketcap.


Token vs Coin vs Security Token, Equity Token & Utility Token


Credit: Coinmonks


♣ Utility Token Definition

Also called application tokens. They are used to provide people with access to either a product or service. They are also rare because most tokens are expected to gain in value based on their limited supply.

A utility token is a non-physical token (think of a Chuck-e-Cheese or Dave & Busters arcade token that you can’t touch, or hold in your hands) that has been created for crowdfunding purposes (think of KickStarter, GoFundMe — those types of sites).

This means that the buyer of a utility token has paid the issuer of the token money NOW so that the company can develop a product that the buyer of the token can LATER redeem for that good or service – Coinmonks.


♣ Security Tokens 

Most tokens issued by ICO are security tokens. The person buying them is investing their money in the ICO with the expectation of profit. Under Swiss law, these are treated in the same way as traditional securities.


♣ Payment Tokens – payment tokens have no other purpose than to pay for goods and services.


♣ Equity Tokens 

If a token represents some stock or equity in the company that issues it, it’s an equity token. However, few companies have attempted such an ICO because there isn’t much regulatory guidance about what is legal and what is not.

Credit on the above goes to BitDegree.com where you can learn more.


Getting Started in the Blockchain Industry

At BitDegree.com, you can learn how to create your own cryptocurrency, become a Blockchain expert, get certifications, and many positions to be filled which are too numerous to mention.


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Top Ways Altcoins are Used/Engaged

Most tokens exist to be used with decentralized applications, or dApps. One of the best ones is Tron whose partnerships now is overwhelming. See this guide for more.

As explained by BitDegree.com, when developers are creating their token, they can decide how many units they want to make and where these new tokens will be sent when they are created. They will pay some of the native cryptocurrency on the blockchain they are creating the token on at this point.

Once created, tokens are often used to activate features of the application they were designed for.

Having focused a lot about Tron, let’s see another token like BNB.


Even though I am biased about BNB utility in that it has no fundamental problem to solve except for the fact that it acts as a subsidized token for traders on Binance.

When users trade with BNB (Binance token), their fees are 50% less.

There are other good tokens apart from Tron, BNB, you can read about. See Buying Token. Also see WP.

Other Tokens can be seen at Coingecko or Coinmarketcap.


Cryptoblizz Review [2019]: My Personal Journey & Why You Need It Today


Do You Need To Invest In Either Utility Tokens or Altcoins To Make Money?

With all the shitty coins out there, the magic is in knowing the top assets to hold for profits. Wait for a minute, do you know how to act smartly? If no, see below as we start from the basics.


This is how to get started in Cryptocurrency in 2019

This is how to play and act smartly in 2019


On the other side, it takes time and efforts to DYOR to finding the best coin. In fact, you can pay more than $5,000 just to get a Token that can make you 500% in ROI.

If you want to see a Blockchain project that is capable of 1000% Return in investment, then you can get it today.


Crypto Wallet for Altcoins, Security, Equity & Utility Tokens

We already made a review of the top hackers’ wallets which helped a lot of us. But here is the good news.

Just about 2 days ago, the Leger Company announced a new asset wallet known as Ledger X.

This new wallet is able to manage all your altcoins, security, equity & utility tokens.

This new wallet comes with a Bluetooth and more than 1,000 coins and 100+ applications to make it work.

See the review of Ledger X and why you may need it.


How To Protect Your Altcoins, Security, And Equity & Utility Tokens

The first step to managing your assets is using a hardware wallet. And if you do not have the funds now for a hardware wallet, the best free online wallets I can recommend are Coinbase/Wallet and Binance/Altcoins/Wallet.

Between the two, Binance has a higher number of asset wallets you can manage.The authority is that both exchange/wallets have dangerous hackers to guide the asset vaults.


More on Security Management

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What if you can use a Paper wallet?

Before you use a paper wallet, you need to figure the fact that you can use it without losing your assets. This is what I am talking about.


Tools for Using Altcoins, Security, and Equity & Utility Tokens

I may not figure out your plans on cryptocurrency but you can interact with other here for free. And if you are planning something big then, you need the best tools to engage them.

In 2018, we did up to 70 viable tools you can use. And in 2019, we have yet again 110 tools you can still use for free; all to your benefits.


[sociallocker id=4694] 110 Crypto lord Tools [/sociallocker]


Trading Altcoins, Security, and Equity & Utility Tokens

I have lost hundreds of grams figuring it out how to trade and win. You can lose more if you want.

I mean, you can try things out for yourself haphazardly. But before you do that, just to help you out to avoid more losses, see some of best advice from experts below – I am your best paddy.


➡ How to be a successful cryptocurrency investor/trader in 35 steps

➡ The science of limit order, stop loss & trading on Binance  in 2019 


Engaging it more

Crypto trading talk is super easy.

Just as it is simple to talk about it, it is hard to win. So, if you want to engage and take it serious for a win, then a tool that can help us is Cryptoblizz/Tool.

The Cryptoblizz team serve a small number of excited customers with a good tutorial and customer support. You can get started at Cryptoblizz.com


This is the complete review.


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Final Thoughts

I am believing that by now you can clearly identify and differentiate between utility tokens and altcoins. Again, you should now understand the benefits of Altcoins, security, equity token & utility Tokens.

On top of that, you should also know the most common uses for all the assets.


To wrap it up,

Coins are most often used simply as money; however, some coins do have other uses. These include being used for varying purposes and applications.

Meanwhile, tokens on the other hand serve a different purpose. If they were created to be used on a dApp, then their purpose will depend on the application itself. An example is BNB coin.


So now that you know the definition of Altcoins and Utility tokens. In case you are still curious, come join us and Ask me anything.


Want to get the only ONE blockchain project that has a capacity of 1000% ROI? Get started now.


Image credit – Pixabay.com

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