What Is Uber Service Token, How To Buy It & Add The Token To Myetherwallet

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How would you imagine a perfect industry being created to solve the problems (frauds, exit scams, ineffectiveness, and client’s trust) experienced in the gambling market?

By and large, we have heard how the Blockchain has emancipated many activities such as voting (election in Switzerland), food distribution (Walmart) and thereby creating mammoth Fintech industries.

What to note is that there was a problem and as such, a solution which must be lasting stationed around the Blockchain and so, these industries were built to solve man’s problem.

If the Blockchain can address the above problems, so, can a new industry be created to solve the problems faced in the gambling market?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t gamble nor am I promoting gambling, the baseline is, as far as the utmost important asset for every participant is important, then there should be a system built around Secured Gaming Platform on a Blockchain Network.

Needless to say much because this is where the Uber service token comes in. The UBER Token is not a blockbuster yet to be featured on top mooning Blockchain projects, but as far as giving a solution faced in the gambling market is concerned then UBERT has the best fit solution


What Is Uber Token All About?

UBETR is a decentralized gaming platform which caters to gambling games.

One of its best benefits is a simple and appealing gambling games designed for anyone, even non-gambling gamers, with open and fair, honest game results. The Platform aims to unite game developers and gamers.


Uber Service Token

Like a bullet in a gun, the Uber Service Token denoted as
UBTR is the the official token that will be used in the UBETR Blockchain ecosystem.


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Uber Token ICO & Airdrop

Currently, the UBER token airdrop is going on a ratio of 75,000 UBTR per 0.01 ETH. Let me make that simple for you.

If you buy $10 UBTR today, you will have 75,000 + 30,000 bonus (50%) making it a total of 112,500 UBTR token.

Currently, 1UBTR – $0.00000966


To participate in the token sale, you will need to deposit Ethereum only. I mean, they only accept ETH for purchasing UBTR token during pre-sale and ICO.

However, the bad news is that you have few hours before the pre-sale is over


How The Team Plans To Utilize The Money From ICO

Based on their words.

All funds, collected during the crowd sale campaigns, will be used for development, promotion, and growth of the UBETR game platform. White Paper includes a detailed funds distribution.


Why Should You Trust Uber Service Token?

#1. If you invest $10, you get 100,000+ tokens?

#2. They are not yet listed on an exchange.

#3. If you invest $10 in Tron, you won’t get that much in BTT Airdrop on 11th February, 2019

#4. You want to make free money in cryptocurrency, there are 2000+ ways.

I know you might go for the first & the second options.

On a more serious note, I do not know the UBERT team which you can see them from their official website and secondly, I do not gamble which makes me a no investor, and the token is not yet listed on an exchange, right?

If I consider the above, I wouldn’t invest.


Get more understanding here – What to lookout for in a New Token?  


List of Token Exchanges

Some of the exchanges the UBTR token shall be listed on are Mercatox, Huobi, IDEX, and HOTBIT.


Disclosure: I am not recommending you buy UBETR but you want to look at their Road map and Whitepaper. If those two fundamentals give you a reason to invest, then go ahead.

#2. I do not have my Referral link here, so, you can register from their website directly. Let me help you out…


LIVE UBETR PRESALE + 50% BONUS ( Feb 6 – 9 )

Join UBETR presale and avail our limited bonuses!

.01 ETH = 75,000 UBTR (+50%)
1 ETH = 7,500,000 UBTR (+50%)

Click here: https://ubetr.com/selfdrop


:video_game:Refer and play: https://play.ubetr.com
:globe_with_meridians:Join Bounty: https://ubetr.com/bounty
:droplet:Airdrop Round 2: https://goo.gl/DysmuS
:fire:Token Giveaway: https://ubetr.com/giveaway


Wanna Join the Airdrop for a 50% more? You can check them out.

Did I invest? You just wait until I show you how to buy the Token.

Here is Uber Token Whitepaper. And see their Roadmap


How To Buy Uber Token

If you have not used an ECR-20 wallet before then this might be a bit tricky. But why am I here if not to help you out? I wonder.


What not to do

Never send ETH from an exchange to Ubert Airdrop Wallet.

If you do, you will receive your tokens. Nope!


What to do

Send your Eth from your wallet to an ERC-20 wallet like MEW, Imtoken, Metamask, and Mist, and from there to their Smart Contract Wallet.

Personal or Exchange Wallet > ERC-20 Wallet > UBERT Wallet 


Procedures TO BUY Uber Token

(Using Binance and MyEthereumWallet)

#1. Create an ERC-20 wallet like MEW, Imtoken, Metamask, and Mist.

I will use MyEtherWallet.

#2. Send Ethereum (amount you want to deposit) to MEW wallet

#3. Send the Ethereum from the MEW to UBETR Smart Contract Address.

#4. Wait for it to be processed and you are done. That’s is all.


Side note: if you don’t know how buy Bitcoin or Ethereum using your mobile phone, this is the complete children’s guide. 😆


I have already created MyEthereumWallet.  Get an account for free at myetherwallet.com/





Get a Binance account for free at Binance.com/


Between Binance and MyethereumWallet

#1. Login your Myetherwallet

You will see your Ethereum Token Address on the right hand side. Copy it out.


#2. Go to Binance.com/ and login


#3. Go to Fund > Withdrawal > Select coins > Ethereum


#4. Paste the MEW address in the space provided for ETH address.


Uber Service Token


#4. Enter your amount > Click Summit > Confirm via 2FA > Confirm via Email


#5. You must see “Withdrawal Request Success”  🙄

Uber Service Token

If not, you are a learner.

To help you out. See how to use Binance or Set up Two-factor Authentication.


#6. You should see your ETH deposited after some minutes.


Uber Service Token


Between MyethereumWallet and UBETR Smart Contract Address Wallet

#1. Login to your MEW

#2. Go to Send Tokens

#3. Copy the UBETR Smart Contract Address on this page and paste as provided.  


Uber Service Token


#4. Enter the Amount of Eth/Uber Token you want to buy

#5. Enter the Gas Limit; 60,000 is recommended (for instant deposit) d, but 50,000 is still okay

#6. Click on Send > Confirm by Clicking, yes, I am sure.


Uber Service Token


#7. That is all.

How to view your transaction and Token Delivery, click on Verify Transaction.

Uber Service Token




View your UBERT on Etherscan.

Uber Service Token


Uber Service Token


Final Thoughts

I like the fact that I missed out on Bitcoin, Ethereum and all the coins you can mention now. So, for the fact that I missed em all does not mean I should buy a coin I don’t know much about. I mean you.


Will the Gambling industry die off or sooner? That is a valid consideration.

To determine more if you should buy, look at the Roadmap and Whitepaper, and if you are convinced, your guess is as good as mine.

#Thank me later for showing you how to get 100,000 UBRT+ tokens using just $10.


Did I show you how to find that out? Go to https://currencio.co/eth/usd/ and enter 0.01 and you will see what I mean.

All right. That is all.


Question of the Heart

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(I pushed this out yesterday, not using our official telegram channel – so, it is a new room – just SIGNALS baby).

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