Cryptoblizz Review [2019]: My Personal Journey & Why You Need It Today

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First review  – September 2018.

Are you trying to trade cryptocurrency successfully?

Then I’m sure you will agree that trading and doing technical analysis and thereby knowing the right cryptos analytics at the right time to trade into profits is hard.

And getting yourself profitable in a long run? That’s even harder.

But there’s a simple secret to increasing your profits margin:

Crypto Trading Automation.

That is by creating your own defined crypto calls and triggers with backtestings, you can dramatically increase your trading profits and of course, reduction in losses that have no bound.

In today’s post, I’m going to introduce you to Cryptoblizz, the crypto trading software – tool I have worked with which I think can help you if you try it out.

You don’t need any super technical know-how to use it, and it will really change the way you engage crypto trading.

Plus: the customer care has done a pretty great job with standby video tutorials to guide you through in case you need to give them a beep.

Here is what I’m going to be covering in this Cryptoblizz Review 2019.

What is Cryptoblizz?


CryptoBlizz was created back in late 2017 when the mooning of cryptos was in high spirits – a time many early investors made pretty sums.

Since then the Cryptoblizz team has turned the tool into a useful crypto trading tool which is serving more than 2,500+ users with periodical updates.

Cryptoblizz acts as the trading name of Emvee Solutions, which is a verifiable registered corporation based in the Netherlands under company code 58386130.

The main Cryptoblizz address is Zalm 82, 2986PD Ridderkerk in the Netherlands.

At its core, Cryptoblizz is a software for building crypto trading portfolios by automation – the tool working automatically for you based on your setups.

With a bunch of added bells and whistles.

You can use it to:

♣ Create your own trading strategy – automation pattern.

♣ Select your variety of parameters for the trading bot to utilize.

♣ Create your trading Scalping patterns – Uptrend Scalper, Downtrend Scalper and Midpoint Scalper.

♣ Define your Backtesting format, also in comparison to formers trading patterns.

♣ Use smart triggers to beat the crypto market time out.

♣ Get Real-time notifications when your entry point is reached

♣ Pays attention to her customers.

If you look around (with the ones we will see), you will see various testimonials of users who engaged it in their crypto trading journey.

Plus, with a free framework to test out your winning prowess before you do the REAL live trading

That’s amazing.

My Journey with Cryptoblizz

In a search for a better crypto trading tool after I have lost a lot of money going natively which we know how it goes. You win today, lose tomorrow, lose again, lose again, win a bit with anxiety and the losses continue…

In all these, I wanted a system I can use which I was privileged to work with the tool after a set up by the Cryptoblizz team.

At first, I was scared. Of what?

Patience because crypto trading was like my day job that time. Does anyone day trade as a fulltime job? A question for another day.

Be it as it may, the essence of it was that I was reluctant to trying out new things because I was wondering if this could bring in the results I needed badly and immediately.

To cut the long story short. After series of contemplating, I summoned the courage to see the video tutorials on the website with some guides which I finally engaged it to see how it worked. Below is my dashboard in case you want to take a look.


What Are The Best Parts Of Cryptoblizz?


Best Feature #1: Interface Template Blueprints

If you have never created a trade using an automation tool before then Cryptoblizz has you covered.

The Cryptoblizz team has identified 4 different types of setups that a crypto trader needs most. Backtesting, Settings, Script Trigger Conditions, and Exchanges.  But there are some other special options like messages, developments, systems and logs.

They have added an “Add an automated trader” where you can go on to create a trade and test it out before the real trading.

More so, there is an option to Import a trader – this option helps you to import a trader from a file like JSON export generated with Cryptoblizz.

To Upload the file, all you need to do is click ‘Import’ it as a new trade. Then the new trade will be created as a concept trade.


#2. Connected Exchanges and Balances

With this option from the cryptoblizz team, you can easily add exchanges from a list of supported places as listed.

If you want to manage your portfolio using your preferred crypto exchange you can simply connect to the exchange using API key & secret authentication to view actual balances on the exchange and to start live trading. And as a matter of fact, exchange balances are updated every 90 seconds when this page is open.

#3. Backtest your Traders – Trade Entries


While Cryptoblizz gives you the opportunity to enter many testing trades, the Cryptoblizz “Backtest your traders” gives you an ample option to run your crypto race and see how you will perform without no risk or whatsoever.

When done, at the bottom of the page you will find historical backtest results so you can easily compare historical strategies.

#4. Trigger Script Conditions

The script conditions is an important tool you need as you can configure all kind of triggers and safeties with Cryptoblizz.

A certain defined trigger executes when a certain set of conditions is met – think about Stop losses.

Again, the Cryptoblizz team as defined this automated set up such that you can configure custom conditions using the Cryptoblizz interface on the trader’s detail page.

You may not need the below– but why not if not?

If you are able, you can take this a step further and write your own script conditions. Just like other tools, these are PHP scripts that can be used as conditions within triggers.

An example of your condition: Sell my coin when the market price is higher than the entry point.

See a typical condition using the cryptoblizz too “Your script condition is met once the BTC price is up 4% or more in last 24 hours” – you can always adjust to your liking – think about conditional Stop losses.

Apart from these front lining options, you have other setup like Real-time notifications, system & log, messages and more.

#6. Settings

Via the setting option you can set a framework of soft touches you want your trading tool to perform or look like. The good news is that most of the default settings is just what you need to get started.

What I Don’t Like About Cryptoblizz

Bad Part #1: Scary as a beginner who wants Fast money  

Upon setting up the cryptoblizz tool, you need to take a deep breath as a beginner else you may get scared.

For some reason, while the tool is clean as shown above, I still think a typical beginner will have to see the video tutorial or go through the guiding documentation before having the courage to engage it to work.

Bad Part #2: Limits on Crypto Exchanges

As of the time of writing, Cryptoblizz tool has four listed crypto exchanges for your usage.

Although it might just be a minor inconvenience, on the other way round, what you want to look out is that the four listed crypto places cover most of the individual places like Coinbase, Cex, and other individual exchanges.

The listed exchanges are Binance, Polonies, Bittrex and Kraken.

#2. More Patience To Install The PC Tool 

The scope of what Crypoblizz can do is pretty huge, and I can definitely see it intimidating some of her competitors that are flashy.

Be it as it may, you will need a little bit of patience to set up the Cryptoblizz tool if you are using your PC or MAC.

To make it lighter for us, we are given a well-documented step to carry this on. To hack it further, you can reach out to the team for more help because the support is impressive.

N/b: my cryptoblizz tool was not set up by me. The team did a pretty job for me, so, you can get the worries off if you are ready to use it as they will fix for you.

Again, if you choose the alternative option which is using your server, it is pretty easy.

Here is what Mark had to say about the setup.

I have tried several bots and Cryptoblizz definitely stands out when it comes to user interface

Cryptoblizz Pricing Plans

Unlike other competitors that have up to 2-3 different pricing tiers, the Cryptoblizz team has put their house in order with just one plan.

In a more understanding manner. They have since consolidated their would-be separate plans into 1 which is forever.

Again, unlike their competitors that charge users monthly, with Cryptoblizz, you pay once and use the tool for life.

So how much is Cryptoblizz now?

Currently, the only one-time payment for Cryptoblizz is $185 for life.


On this plan, you get access to all the automated creation tools, unlimited trading bots, and license with all exchanges supported, email & telegram real-time notifications and more.

Cryptoblizz does make it easy for you to get started with a discount price if you want.

If $185 (one-time payment) sounds like too big a commitment for your current budget, there’s also a semi-secret, unadvertised Discount plan that you can also get access to with 7% off.

The Discount Code plan to use is IWTUC

Once you use the Discount code – IWTUC at the checkbox you get yourself a freemium payment with 7% off.


Go to Cryptoblizz


Everything Else You Need To Know About Cryptoblizz

How is their Support?

Cryptoblizz support is good in my experience.

Here is it. The only time the support did not reply the same day was when they were updating the tool which they explained that to me. So, if you can say they are fair because of that one time experience, then it is still okay.

However, if you’re looking for a faster support, another route is going through their Twitter handle. But for me the email communication is pretty okay.

Do They Update Their Tool?

While I can’t say YES or NO for another automated tool, but the cryptoblizz team does a very good job in making sure the tool is always updated. As of the time of review, my tool had the current version

So, yes, they update their tool when due accompanied with announcement for users.

Do they Allow Trading Reverse Engineering?

The cryptoblizz team has come up with the freehand for traders who wish to make revisions to their previously created bots to conduct it with ease.

Can You Run Cryptoblizz on Your Windows / MAC computer?

 Although they recommend hosting Cryptoblizz at a hosting provider which is simpler. On the other hand, you can go manual as it is certainly possible to run Cryptoblizz from your Windows or MAC computer.

Is Cryptoblizz Secure?

Cryptoblizz is created by veteran programmers with years and years of experience. That being said, when it comes to code, Cryptoblizz framework is absolutely secure.

Also, when your account is created, you can customize your username and password as you want, so, you are on top of your tool.

Do They Offer Money Back Guarantee?

The cryptoblizz team offers a Money back guarantee in case you do not get the result as stated. So, your money will give you the value paid for.


First of all, you need to have a quest to take your trading journey to the next positive level. If you don’t have that knack, then don’t even bother looking into Cryptoblizz before you do.

Next, you need to be willing to invest time and money into creating your crypto trading ladder and building out your entire portfolio.

That means utilizing all the options presented to you. And then coming up with appropriate uptrends, backtestings and triggers you want to use.

If you’re unclear how to start, you want to see the video tutorials and of course, other information you may need which the team has made available as contained in an installation guide on the website.

Once you’ve gone through the guide, then you can take the parts that apply to your own pattern and create a plan for your own crypto trading process.  Again, when you have that in place, you will be ready to start making money with Cryptoblizz.

Final Thoughts

Going with a crypto trading automation software like Cryptoblizz means you want to get to the next level with the willingness to invest in your crypto journey.

Although many of you are using guessing signals or pump and dump trades, the question is, are you willing to put in the effort required to create a high winning trading pattern?

If not, then Cryptoblizz might overkill you. You can simply select a trade more cheaply using alternative services.

However, if increasing the average lifetime value of your crypto trading win process is important to you, then I really recommend giving Cryptoblizz a try.

Not only will you get access to the software but also because the guides, videos, and of course, working with a team like Cryptoblizz will both be inspiring and enlightening.

Take advantage of the Cryptoblizz Discount with 7% off, and see if you can use it to increase your crypto trading portfolio.

Discount code – IWTUC

Cryptoblizz Pros

♣ Best software for creating automated trading

♣ Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

♣ Simple Definition of your own trading pattern.

♣ Variety of parameters for the trading bot to utilize.

♣ High Even Scalping patterns – Uptrend Scalper, Downtrend Scalper and Midpoint Scalper.

♣ Free Backtesting process

♣ Smart triggers to beat the crypto market time out.

♣ Ability to simulate the market

♣ History of trading patterns.

♣ Real-time notifications when your entry point is reached

♣ Pays attention to her customers.

Cryptoblizz Cons

♣ Limits on the number of exchanges

♣ Lots of things to learn, progressive Backtesting and simulating patterns

♣ Manual set up needs patience.

♣ Not popular

Get Cryptoblizz Discount with 7% off,

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