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Crypto trading is a myth to newbies…But for those making it big, they might have seen the bad side of the whole matter before you see them with Lamborghini bought with Crypto money.

The Big Question about making a lot of money in crypto trading is, can I make $400 to $5,900+ Per Day?

The first answer is that a  handful is possible daily if you follow a no loss proceeding.

Although a lot of crypto enthusiasts are raking a bit of $100 above daily, the question of making $400 to $5,900 daily? Hell no, else everyone will close his or her shop and start crypto trading in her sitting room.


However, let me not sound as if I know it all about how much each crypto trader makes because some of them can scalp for a living – day trade 5 or more times per suitable entry.

Also, using an handsome capital (which is not advisable). I mean, if I can use $5,000 and make $100 – $200 daily, a portfolio of $20,000 may give me a stipulated amount of $500 and above, but that is no near advisable in a volatile market like cryptocurrency.

As before, no matter the picture a person paints before you just to SELL his crappy crypto trading Course, do not believe him because I have tasted the bad side of the coin, so, I can confidently and incidentally  tell you that this is not a quick rich scheme industry – not crypto trading. (My falling of hands short story as we go on).


Just for the sake of summarizing your success points in crypto trading – if you are doing it on your own, see what you need.

In crypto Trading, always make sure you know:

#1. Why you’re entering

#2. What your ladder range is.

#3. What your stop is.

#4. And what your target is.

If you don’t know the above 4, you shouldn’t be in a trade – @Philakone

Do I really need to say that to get those set-out, you have to really know the crypto cards? Yes, of course. But if with the design we are about to see, you do not need too much of an experience.


You see,

Between times and seasons, one of the most complex and daunting tasks is the art of trading.

Even in the Stone Age, for you to have been able to trade successfully meant you were smart, very smart.

You can get a glimpse from the book; “The Richest Man In Babylon,”


Just about some days ago, I made a payment to opt my crypto trading success to another level. After the payment, I was like, oh, this is really cool; nothing good really comes easy as some people paint it on Facebook or Instagram pictures.


This is what I mean,

If you are going for Crypto trading (blindly), it is pure gambling (you win, you lose, you lose more, and even more, and the trend continues…) that is, if you don’t know what you are doing. Believe it or not, that is the truth.

If you say yes, then, you might have tasted the dead-end of what I am talking about.

And if you say no, then, see the chart below.


The whole truth is that you can go into a trade you think will be the best buy but yet, you lose wholly, I mean, wholly.

This is what you will never forget if you don’t have the heart for it. You will be filled with regret, hate, and anger.  👿  🙁

At times, when I experienced this, the question was, am I the only one always losing out immediately I push the buy Button or is there something else I didn’t know?

And let it not be so beautiful. If you do not know how to manage greed, you will surely learn it from crypto trading. My short pathetic story is that I have had my portfolio boil down to 3 figures after gunning for more – instead of breaking out.

In case you will take action and use this tool, get my advise now, When you get started, define how much you want to withdraw each week over a successful trading. For me, I have settled with $50 – based on my capital.

Yours can be $100, but whatever it is, set a strategy.

Of course, I know you will get your Cryptoblizz tool money back in a matter of time but yet, please set a withdrawal strategy so that you do not learn it the hard way as myself.,


In case we haven’t heard of a framework like CB, this is what I learned some weeks ago.

Like the man that paid for everything on the ship but didn’t go out for meal times (because he did not know that his initial payment covered all miscellaneous), I might be in a place where food is being shared in abundance, but, until I ask for it, I might starve to death because nobody can eat the food for me.

Same in crypto trading, unless you reach out to the design that is working, then, it is not something you want to do.


The big lesson?

We need to go the way of the Rich Dad ( a practical WHAT to do and get rich) and not Poor Dad that believes in a class room results – the “Only for survival”.

The big question…


Is Crypto Trading Profitable?

The simple answer is, on your own, yes, but technical.

While I have grown my trading portfolio 2X+ ( twice my capital – profits) over weeks of inconsistency because of writing here and there, I can still list a lot of successful traders today. Some of them are using the Cryptoblizz which you will see as we go on.


To show you that some of us are making some money here,

See this…

The other day, I went on Quora and I bumped into a crypto guy that was taking a fee of $900+. For what? Crypto trading course

After seeing that fee, I was like, if $900 is for a crypto trading course, then, some of the beginners and those that have budgeted about $1,100 to get things set up with $200 and maybe use $900 to trade the cryptocurrency are left out.

Do not get me wrong please nor am I judgmental. The fee okay, is worth it if the value is leveled, but know, no matter the value of the course, by all means, you will still learn more from your failures because you will get them coming when you are left alone with your trading account and your PC screen.   🙄

Therefore, for you to overcome the above and have crypto trading success defines where a tool called Cryptoblizz comes in. I mean, why we need Cryptoblizz.

To summarize it,


CryptoBlizz enables day traders and investors to build a pattern, manipulate, and customize their own automated trading systems with custom trading concepts and algorithms using a web-based framework.




The Homecoming Of Cryptoblizz

Cryptoblizz came on board in late 2017 when the mooning of cryptos was in high spirits – a time many early investors made pretty sums.

Cryptoblizz acts as the trading name of Emvee Solutions, which is a verifiable registered corporation based in the Netherlands under company code 58386130.

The main  Cryptoblizz address is Zalm 82, 2986PD Ridderkerk in the Netherlands.




How Cryptoblizz was Designed?

Cryptoblizz is a tool that was designed for beginners and those that are clueless when it comes to crypto trading TA.

When it has to do with TA, see below.

Before you enter a trade, ask yourself this: “If I would only be allowed to make 10 trades per year, would I still enter this position?

Or would I wait for a better set-up?”

Most of you would benefit greatly from entering less trades and waiting for better opportunities – @BitcoinMacro

The quote by BitcoinMacro is what Cryptoblizz has SOLVED…


Why You Need Cryptoblizz

Day traders who wish to get started and utilize CryptoBlizz’s effective algorithms are able to create their own trading bots instantly and select from a variety of parameters for their trading bot to utilize.

That design for a better crypto life is where Cryptoblizz comes in as a perfect match. Among the offered algorithms would be an Uptrend Scalper, Downtrend Scalper and Midpoint Scalper.

More on Cryptoblizz,



It is a company that has built a crypto trading tool which is a trading Bot. This Bot is a system on its own that is fully automated (working automatically) and dynamic for cryptocurrency trading.

I might not say, this is a 100% future of crypto trading, but I know it is the NOW TOOL of what you and I need to win in a porous crypto market – the action point is embedded in the proofs.

As Damon – another user – will put it, “Cryptoblizz is a great tool. An honest company that pays attention to their customers”

And if you have been around here, you know that we value things like #1. security of your assets first, #2. the user friendliness, and of course, #3. the customer support.


About Customer Support,

I hate bad customer support. For me, I communicate with them when there is need for an assistance or inquiry.



To wrap it up here, like other users have confirmed, I would say that Cryptoblizz is the game changer here as we need a new platform that has the potential to make our cryptocurrency investments a copy and paste success – not a quick rich scheme.


The Efficacy Of Cryptoblizz Tool

Why earning $400 to $5,900+ Per Day is NOT possible. Like I said before, you can use more capital and automate for more profits. But hey, you do not want to do that because I would say DO NOT.

Just like in the stock market, the cryptoblizz tool is created for you to make 1 -2% daily – at least. And by compounding, that is a 3,000+% a year.

Even though the judgement of 3,000% a year wouldn’t be possible, the judgment is between using what is suitable for your need as a beginner and of course, the profits.


How Can Cryptoblizz Help You More?

The CryptoBlizz platform is a success tool built for those that are hungry for success. And as a matter fact, it is one of the pioneering crypto trading automation companies which has stood out.

With over 2,640+ traders on board already using Cryptoblizz, the tool has been designed to answer your quick questions which might be, how do I make more returns from my crypto investment?


How do I even handle day trading the cryptocurrency markets?

The good news is that Cryptoblizz is automated for cryptocurrency trading which has answered the above questions.

The second question you might want to ask is, how do I create a crypto trading success using the cryptoblizz bot tool?

Again, this had already been answered with the highly intuitive and configured multi-currency trading platform Cryptoblizz offers every investor.

Thirdly, upon maxing out the opportunities above, you might want to ask, how do I optimize the system in case I don’t have all the time in the world to watch the market?



The answer to this question is contained in the fact that you are given the open option to use smart triggers to beat the crypto market time out – a feature seen on Binance which is a plus.



Fourthly, you might still want to ask, how do I really test out this tool and see the result I would get?

If yes, then, this is where the live trading section already built for you to run a back-test and even simulate your trading strategies come in.

This is a free framework to test it out your winning prowess before you do the REAL live trading.

And of course, if you ask me why the back test. It is simple. To ensure you fulfill the art of copying and pasting crypto trading success.

Being funny with more options as it seems,

On top of a time tracking and simulation options, the Cryptoblizz tool has again been designed in a way that you get instant notifications to your devices – Phone, PC, or an Email if you opt for it.

So, it is a simple user-in-mind tool for nerd crypto traders/investors.


Cryptoblizz Crypto Exchange Places  

It is for sure that there are places you can buy Cryptos near you & Safely.

And the good news is that some of them are featured using the Cryptoblizz tool, so, you were thought of.

It thus fulfills what Damon said, Cryptoblizz is a great tool. An honest company that pays attention to their customers”

The Cryptoblizz platform has also been designed to work with a multiple of crypto exchanges.

The essence of this is to automatically link you up to your desired exchange(s) and also able to view your transactions in real time.

As of the time of writing, crypto investors have the free option to work with Bittrex, Binance, Kraken, and Poloniex.

The best news is that these four major crypto exchanges have all the investors desired coins they might need in the world.

Binance, for instance, has over 250+, and Bittrex and Poloniex? A lot.


The Cons Of Cryptoblizz

#1. Fewer Crypto Exchanges

As we started above, as of the time of writing, Cryptoblizz has four listed crypto exchanges for your usage.

Even though they will be listing others, what you want to look out is that the four listed crypto places cover most of the individual places like Coinbase, Cex, and other individual exchanges.

However, if you would have loved individual listing of exchanges, then, Cryptoblizz is yet to do that.


#2. More Patience & Time To Install The PC Tool 

It is true that every new system needs more time to get it on.

Be it as it may, I want you to know beforehand that you will need a little bit of patience to set up the Cryptoblizz tool.

To make it lighter for us, we are given a well-documented step to carry this on.  And of course, with visuals for proper guidance.

To hack it further, you can reach out to them for more help because the support is impressive.


An exception to the #2 Con – Pc Installation

If you don’t want to use the manual installation process, with Cloudways, you can get it set up in few minutes. No over exaggeration or whatsoever.

To characterize it, this is how Andreas Kurdy gave in to it,


It’s really easy to use! Installed at Cloudways because you advised me (Cryptoblizz team) to and installation was completed in like 30 seconds.

For me it has definitely been profitable, but I have to say, last week I have stopped the trader because the Bitcoin lost lots of value. I will enable all traders as soon as the market starts going up a bit again.


How To Win With Cryptoblizz Crypto Trading ToolMany Pros (to list)

There are many pros to list out which many of them you will find out when you use it.

#1. Beginner Friendly With Great User Interface 

Using the Cryptoblizz tool means a beginner tool; that is to say, no matter what, you must know how to go about it. You can see it from the interface.

And if it seems daunting, the visuals and support desk will be your last resort.

Mark even affirmed as thus,

  I have tried several bots and Cryptoblizz definitely stands out when it comes to user interface.

♣  It is really easy to use and install.


#2. Resourceful Algorithm 

As I have already noted above, the algorithm Cryptoblizz uses is such that you get the result with varying simulation options.

In one word, it comes with a trading algorithm that have been effective ever since.

Going the way of Joaquin (another user),   

 Cryptoblizz is awesome!

I actually made nice profits within the first 7 days !

Already paid back for the investment. Good job!


#3. Trading Reverse Engineering

If you wish to make revisions to your previously created bots, you will be able to do so by selecting your desired bot and clicking on “Go to Trader Details,” where you will then be able to customize numerous features regarding your trading framework.

More so, in addition to being able to manipulate your trading bots settings, you are given access to seeing your employed trading bots historic performance and order details.

Like the other time(s), by clicking on “Go to Trader Details,” you are able to see completed fill orders, cancelled orders, your bot’s buy and sell graph, profit and loss history along with log history.

So, everything is designed for you to profit.


#4. One-Time Payment 

Unlike many other tools – competitors, which define the disadvantage of the monthly payments?

You pay more based on Bitcoin pricing.  😳

So, if Bitcoin was $6,000 in October, your monthly payment (Like Netflix Sub) will be based on the $6,000.

Again,  if by the next month – December, Bitcoin is $15,000, you are paying a monthly subscription based on the current price – $15,000.

And if you ask me, that is NOT what I would want to do which I think you don’t either.

But with Cryptoblizz?

The payment is one-time; and that is a roll over forever. 



Still standing on the existing protocol, I cannot define all the pros of Cryptoblizz in one post, I believe that you will undeniably find out more when you get started with it. (Seeing is believing. right?)

Be it as it may, many pros does not mean you won’t find what you don’t like about it – at least, you might find a reason to contact the Support Desk

Okay, there you have it. Let’s see more how this can be a success to us,


The big question…

Can I Trust CryptoBlizz?

Quick answer: If you do not get the results, money back guarantee is the ransom. But I doubt you will apply for that because all settings are on ground for your wining strides.

The truth is,

Even with more positive results, CryptoBlizz plays down much community feedback which is a clear picture which shows the trustworthiness of the tool.

Also, an added reason is the operation with well-known cryptocurrency exchanges along with being transparent regarding their overseeing entity, which is rare commodity this day-and-age.

And as I said before, actively functioning as a trading name for a verified and registered corporate entity known as Emvee Solutions, CryptoBlizz’s trading bot promptly fills the void of a much needed cryptocurrency integration.

So, what more can I say?

Apart from the few CONS I have listed above, this is the BEST tool for making some money worthwhile in crypto. The cryptoblizz design is, they DO the Technical Analytics, you simply buy and sell for your profits as per the notifications.  


I will talk/list more about the testimonials, but below is a review given by after a review of Cryptoblizz tool.



Let’s see how to set it up for usage.

N/B: This can be done for you by the support after the one-time payment – if you view it as a technical big-deal or just lazy about it. 


Triggering CryptoBlizz for Profits 

Cryptoblizz framework has the ‘trigger only bot’  compartment for your benefit.

The essence of the option?

It allows the buying and selling actions to be initialized from triggers, instead of a trading algorithm.

On top of that, you can optimize and automate those algorithms using Cryptoblizz unique triggers and safeties mechanism.

When selected, a buy or sell order will only be created when a trigger tells Cryptoblizz to do so.


Manual Set up Of Cryptoblizz – Zero Costing


#1. Download The Cryptoblizz Crypto Trading Tool

The very first thing you will need to do is download and install the Cryptoblizz software.

The software is a PHP kind of web application, which is hosted just like any other website.

However, if the above seems like a big deal, you can also run Cryptoblizz tool from your PC.

And if you ask me, I would say, yes, use your PC to get started on your continence. All you need to do is set it out the first time and that is it.

The dashboard below.





#2. Install It & Get It Connected To Crypto Exchanges

Like I said, after downloading the tool, go ahead and get it installed on your PC. Or you can still use the other option available (with guide with Cloud Set Up).

Whichever option you chose, now, when once Cryptoblizz has been installed, you can easily be connected to the already supported cryptocurrency exchanges.

The setup below.



#3. Get Started or Back-Test It

Upon installing it and connecting to the listed crypto exchanges, you can go ahead and simulate it.

I mean, you can try out back-testing any of your trading strategies before going live onto live trading.

Note: to test it out, you don’t need to enter your API details.

The setup below.





#4. Start Live Trading

If you are satisfied with trying it out, you can go now and start the live trading. But to do that, you will need to add your API Key and Secret this time.

Upon entering it, you’re just a few clicks away to making your first investment by automation.

The setup below.



#5. Build Your Trading Strategies

After adding the existing crypto exchanges, now is the time to build your automation strategy the way you want.

The good news about this is that the guide to building your own bossy copy and paste trading strategy is well documented by the company.


On top of this, you are getting signals and notifications on Telegram app to make sure you are properly guided with specificity.



#6. Make Your First Profit

Here, you want to build your crypto pattern & make your first profit.

Making your first profit using Cryptoblizz is made possible via the algorithm (working framework) already put in place for you.

The first good news is that these working frameworks are very reliable.




So, the confidence here is that as an investor, you will immediately make some nice profits when once your trading pattern has been set up (which is well documented).

Yet, another good news is that the bot runs 24/7.

And yet again, while you are trading side-by-side, you can pause or cancel a live trader at any time, and most importantly, you can monitor the traders at all times.

So, I would say, it is a crypto trading framework which was built with you and me in mind.

Why the confidence?

Cesar even confirmed it, in his words,

I received great help on my questions about the trading strategies and the trading tool looks very promising to me!

I would highly recommend this tool as it has a lot of features for the price.


And yet again,

Lawrence rounded it up, he said,

Best trading bot I have come across so far!

I made real profits with this, one day I made 60 trades on Poloniex exchange which generated a net 11% profit that day alone

. Have to adjust the offset and reference point settings every now and then for it to be really effective, but I absolutely would recommend this trading bot!


To round it up, you can customize your security options the way you want it.  All you need to do is enter a Username – at least 8 digits, and choose a password.

When entered, a popup will show forth prompting an entry of your Username and Password. If you see it like that, then, you are good to go.



The Cost of Getting Cryptoblizz

To get started with Cryptoblizz means you will have to get the tool with a one-time payment.

That means, after the first payment, there is nothing like monthly or annual billing as seen everywhere.

So, it is a one-time pay and trade tool.

The price of Cryptoblizz goes for only $185 (one-time payment forever – but our readers will get 7% off today – $185 . more on that later).




Instead f paying $300+ to subscribe to a one month trading calls on Telegram or so, see how  to maximize CryptoBlizz tool – less than $186…


How Other Users Are Getting Value 


“This tool really surprised me! It runs really smooth looks really promising.

Currently running simulation and back-tests and it works very nicely. Have done a few live trades on Poloniex, will try with more currency soon – James Andersson”




“Cryptoblizz is a great tool. An honest company that pays attention to their customers.

 I have had a great experience with both the tool and their service / support – Damon John”.



Just like to thank you guys.

The support is great and your software too! It’s easy to set up the trade bots and triggers. In 1 day I was already making a profit. Positive so far! – Lucas


Last Standby Virtues

It’s easy to set up the trade bots and triggers.

It runs really smooth looks really promising.

The support is great.

The above qualifies our recommendation of a tool at IWTUC. It must be user-friendly because we want to do it ourselves.


Ready For Automated Copy & Paste Trading Success With Cryptoblizz?

Get CryptoBlizz Now




Needless to say, this is the era of digital money…

And we know that making digital money is what many crypto enthusiasts/investors are using these days to travel around the whole world.

So, making sense of earning extra income through crypto trading by automation has been made simple for us – it’s simply a copy and paste dynamics.

I mean, who doesn’t want to use a sophisticated tool and win a daunting war like slippery crypto trading? Thank the Lord, it is automated.

Bur remember, have a withdrawal strategy, $50, $100, or $200 per week or as you find it great. Just define yours.



Like me, do not be moved by the following. Discount or no discount, the big deal is in the value at the end f the day.

But since a lot of people out there are charging over $300 for one-month subscription for trading calls, I met the CryptoBlizz team and they agreed to cut the cost. So, willingly, they offered a discount for our readers.

Because of the success of this tool, the guys at Cryptoblizz will give our readers 7% off the original price (discount for you), so, you are not paying $185 anymore.

All you need to do is enter the custom promo code at the checkout and 7% is off the hook.


The promo code to use –  IWTUC2019.

Getting the Tool  – This is the link. 


Ending it with Cryptoblizz,

Without painting a perfect 100% tool picture, it is very true that every new system needs more time to get it on. But with a 2% profit?. Of course, 3,000% a year might not be possible but a consistent 2% is able to make all the difference.


Nevertheless, you have seen how other users/beginner traders are having successes with it.

And again, with a great customer support and a simple set up of Cryptoblizz, you are rest assured of getting started right away.


To end it all, I would say, like me (paying for crypto trading result), if you need a POSITIVE result then you want to do what you’ve NEVER done before.


While other competitors are billing users and new investors monthly and annually (based on Bitcoin’s price value), with Cryptoblizz, you pay once and for all.

And the best news is that you are using a system that has already been built for you in mind.

So, all in all. If you find Cryptoblizz useful which I think, ya baby, pay once and get value forever. 


Get Started Today with 7% off. 


Just for your benefit, do have a withdrawal strategy, $50, $100, or $200 per week or as you find it great. Just define yours. 


Okay Elite,

Thanks for coming out and please share the post as other readers. Thanks…


Written by 

I am Offiong Isuamfon. I Value People 100% Over Profits. After being scammed my last BTC, I HAD to "Delete ALL my Articles" on 19th June 2018 to start ALL OVER AGAIN to protect Beginners against Crypto Vulnerabilities & Making Unsmart Investments in the Crypto/Blockchain Tech. More on meet-the-founder-page

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